FMEA Chapter 238

Chapter 238: Marrying You Off!

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Xia Yuqing’s smile froze for a few seconds, and her mouth twitched as she asked, “Miss Yu Xue, what do you mean?”

“Exactly what it sounds like,” Yu Xue set down her teacup, placed her hands on the table, and held her face, smiling brightly. “I have taken a liking to him. Whether he likes it or not, he’s getting married today. If he refuses, he’s still getting married.”

Yu Xue’s face was actually quite delicate. Unlike Yu Ying, Yu Xue had a bit of lingering baby fat on her face, giving her a cute and lovely appearance. Despite being a few years older than Yun Xi, she appeared to be of similar age. She lacked Yu Ying’s maturity and steadiness but had an added touch of charm.

However, facing this face, Xia Yuqing suddenly felt a chill down her spine. She had an inexplicable sense of foreboding, as if there would be unforeseen consequences if he didn’t agree to her request.

D*mn it, how did this overbearing CEO aura appear on such a little girl? And it didn’t feel out of place at all, which was just unscientific!

“Ahahaha, well… Yu Xue, you are so beautiful and in control of this Nine Palaces and Sixteen Strongholds thing, it’s obvious that you have both wealth and appearance, as well as power. How can you worry about finding a man to marry? As for my second royal brother, well, he may appear refined and elegant on the surface, but let me tell you something you don’t know, this guy is actually a coward. He can fall off a horse just by riding it, and he managed to poke a hornet’s nest while flying a kite and ended up with his head covered in welts.”

As Xia Yuqing spoke, Xia Mingxi couldn’t help muttering, “The horse-riding incident was clearly caused by that person from before, and the hornet’s nest incident was deliberately orchestrated by those little devils. How can you blame me?”

Although he said that, Xia Mingxi also understood that Xia Yuqing was indirectly trying to save him, so he endured and let Xia Yuqing smear his face.

Xia Yuqing secretly glanced at Yu Xue and continued, “Not to mention, he’s really timid. Once it gets dark, the slightest movement or breeze can scare him to the point of insomnia. He’s not as glamorous as he appears. Yu Xue, you deserve someone better. What do you say…”

“Whether he deserves me or not is not for you people to decide. If I think he does, then that’s enough,” Yu Xue interrupted Xia Yuqing again before she could finish. “Falling off a horse is not a big deal. I’m skilled in horseback archery, and I’ll be careful to protect him. As for poking a hornet’s nest, that’s not a problem either. I’d actually like to see which hornets dare to sting someone under my watch. And as for his fear of the dark, that’s not a big deal either. After we get married, we’ll share the same bed. If he can’t sleep, I have ways to make him fall asleep. These are not issues. Anything else?”

Yu Xue looked up at Xia Yuqing, revealing a half-smile that seemed both mocking and playful, exposing her slightly sharp teeth, which made Xia Yuqing instinctively shrink back.

Do you have to be so queen-like? Xia Yuqing looked at Yu Xue’s domineering and intimidating appearance, secretly wiping away the cold sweat on her forehead. She finally realized it.

Although both were queens, Third Royal Sister’s arrogance was superficial, while this girl’s arrogance ran deep in her bones. If Third Royal Sister could be considered an ordinary chili pepper, then this girl was undoubtedly the legendary Carolina Reaper! Don’t be fooled by its small size; just a touch and it would make you suffer for the rest of your life.

The Iceberg Prime Minister could still manage to keep Third Royal Sister in check, but it seemed hopeless for Second Royal Brother to control her.

Xia Yuqing felt a chill run down her spine from Yu Xue’s gaze and forced out a couple of dry laughs. “No… nothing else.”

“Since there’s nothing else, then it’s settled. Wife, your clothes have gotten a little dirty from the commotion just now, I’ll have someone bring you a new set.” 

“Pfft…” Xia Yuqing couldn’t help but burst into laughter upon hearing her words. She covered her mouth in embarrassment, but when she looked up, she realized that everyone around her was also struggling to hold back their laughter. They were all enjoying the joke at Xia Mingxi’s expense.

Upon hearing the low laughter from the others, Xia Mingxi’s face suddenly darkened. He felt embarrassed, his face turning red, and in anger, he shouted at Yu Xue, “What exactly do you see in me? Can’t I change?”

“No, you can’t,” Yu Xue calmly replied. “I’ve fallen for your face. If you have the ability, go ahead and ruin your face. Then I won’t marry you.”

“…” Xia Yuqing and the others were left speechless by Yu Xue’s straightforward words. Truly, she was a queen. Her speech was incredibly direct and to the point!

After a momentary shock, everyone simultaneously looked up, speechless, and sighed. It was indeed a world that judged based on appearances!

“You!” Xia Mingxi was so furious that he couldn’t find the words to express himself. His face turned red, and he pointed at Yu Xue, trembling with anger.

Yu Xue lazily glanced at him and sneered, “You were the one who provoked me first. After provoking me, you thought you could just leave like that? Where in this world can you get away with such an easy deal? My wife, you better prepare yourself and obediently become the wife of this husband who rules the land. Stop making a fuss. Even if you try, you won’t escape from the palm of my hand.”

“!” What? It was Second Royal Brother who provoked her first? And it seems like Second Royal Brother was the one who started it and then abandoned her? 

Xia Mingxi’s face alternated between pale and green, regretting his actions. If he had known that this cute and gentle girl he thought could be his true love was actually such a terrifying demon, he wouldn’t have provoked her even if he chopped off his own claws!

Who could have known that beneath her doll-like face, there hid a mischievous soul? That adorable little face concealed a tyrannosaurus rex! He had been played by this world full of traps!

“Xi Er… Xi Er…” Xia Yuqing, realizing that Yu Xue was determined to marry her second royal brother, turned her pleading gaze towards Yun Xi, who had grown up with Yu Xue since childhood. But unfortunately…

“I… I support Yu Xue’s efforts to pursue her own happiness!” Yun Xi said with a serious expression.

“…” Alright, this person has clearly betrayed her.

Xia Mingxi looked at Yu Xue, who remained unmoved, and finally rushed in front of her. He slammed his hand on the table, growling, “If I don’t want to, then I don’t want to. No matter how you force me, it won’t work. I would rather die than submit!”

Once those words left Xia Mingxi’s mouth, Xia Yuqing and the others could clearly feel a tremendous shift in the atmosphere of the room.

The burly men standing by immediately reached for their weapons, ready to engage in a bloody battle at a moment’s notice.

Yu Xue twirled her teacup, her eyes gleaming with a hint of chilliness. She made an indistinct hum, which instantly caused Xia Mingxi to soften a bit. But even so, he stubbornly prepared to continue holding on.

Sensing the danger, Xia Yuqing exclaimed, “Wait!”

She swiftly rushed to Xia Mingxi’s side and grabbed his hand, saying, “Give me fifteen minutes.”

Without waiting for anyone’s reaction, she quickly pulled Xia Mingxi into a small compartment at the side.

Yu Xue glanced at the suddenly empty table, sneering coldly. She made no effort to stop Xia Yuqing and the others and slammed the teacup forcefully onto the table.

After casting a glance at the shattered teacup, she picked up another intact cup from the table, poured tea into it, and moved it in front of Yun Xi, saying, “Drink.”

Yun Xi picked up the tea silently and started drinking, although her heart was already filled with rivers of tears. Sobbing silently, she realized how terrifying Sister Xue could be when she became angry. No wonder Jin Lao always flaunted his power and wasn’t afraid of anyone but was afraid of Sister Xue! Qing jiejie, don’t leave me behind, take me with you!

Xia Yuqing dragged Xia Mingxi into the compartment, but before she could catch her breath, she noticed that the already cramped space had become even more crowded.

“Why did you all follow us in?” Xia Yuqing looked at the suddenly appearing group behind her, wearing a bewildered expression, and asked in exasperation.

Feng Tingye raised an eyebrow and spoke earnestly, “Given the current tense situation, how can I be certain that my Ai Fei won’t have a change of heart and take extreme measures, cooking raw rice into a cooked meal with the Second Royal Brother, and thus betraying me? That’s why I’m keeping an eye on my Ai Fei.”

“…” Do you think I’m as despicable as you are? We’re siblings, after all! You, Ultra Seme Lord, are still holding a grudge over the slip of the tongue earlier. I despise you!” Xia Yuqing thought to herself, glaring at Feng Tingye’s self-righteous expression.

Xia Yuqing shifted her gaze to the people beside her. They looked at the sky, the ground, and the scenery outside the window—anything but Xia Yuqing.

She couldn’t help but feel exasperated once again. Fine, she already understood that these people were just here to watch the show.

Taking a deep breath, Xia Yuqing turned to Xia Mingxi and said seriously, “Second Royal Brother, what exactly happened? Why did Yu Xue say that you were the one who approached her? Be honest, or else we’ll just leave you here and go.”

“Wait!” Xia Mingxi exclaimed, taken aback. He looked at Xia Yuqing’s serious expression and hesitated as he said, “Well, it was when we had just arrived in a nearby town. I encountered that demoness at the market. I initially thought she was a cute and gentle little loli, you know I like that type. Plus, I’ve been mentally exhausted lately due to Royal Father’s actions. I thought, instead of waiting for Royal Father to choose someone I don’t like, why not find a suitable bride for myself? So… so…”

“So you actively flirted with her?” Xia Yuqing’s mouth hung open in shock and disdain as she glanced at Xia Mingxi.

This is what they mean by courting death! Second Royal Brother, you’re clearly rushing towards your own demise. What can I do about it?

Feeling guilty under Xia Yuqing’s gaze, Xia Mingxi became frustrated and said, “I know I was wrong! I never expected that little girl to be a cunning gang leader, a top-notch mobster. Sob… Little Royal Sister, I know I was wrong. I won’t dare to do it again. Please help me this time. I don’t want to marry her! Sob…”

Xia Yuqing stiffened her face and pushed Xia Mingxi’s tear-streaked face away from her arm. Helplessly, she said, “Second Royal Brother, it’s not that I won’t help you, but this time you’ve messed with the wrong person… cough, and it’s your own fault. Since things have come to this, you should just accept your fate.”

Xia Mingxi’s tears suddenly stopped, and he looked at Xia Yuqing in disbelief, his big eyes accusing her of not helping him when he needed it.

“…Little Royal Sister, you just said it yourself, forcibly plucked fruits are not sweet!”

“Cough, that’s not necessarily true. Look at our eldest royal brother and Xiang Er. They used to quarrel and despise each other, causing a huge commotion but now? They are inseparable and even have two children. How blissfully happy they are!”

“…Elder brother and sister-in-law’s relationship is far from blissfully happy! They argue every three days, have major fights every five days, and resort to family disciplinary measures all the time. I’ve lost count of how many times the Royal Prince’s Residence has been renovated!”

More importantly, you should take a look at what Elder Brother has become. All his arrogance leaks out now! When he sees sister-in-law, it’s like a mouse meeting a cat. If sister-in-law tells him to go east, he won’t dare to go west. He’s nothing more than a slave. I don’t want to end up like him, sob…

Seeing that Xia Mingxi remained silent, Xia Yuqing thought he was wavering and continued, “Didn’t you say last time that you like a girl with a personality, even if she’s not as pure as Aria, she should have Louise’s tsundere charm? And even if her face isn’t as cute as Yuzhi, it should have the freshness of Qianshi Fuzi. As for the figure, even if it’s not as perfect as Yi Yuan Youzi’s, it should be as alluring as Robin’s. I just looked at that Yu Xue girl, her face is definitely cuter than Yuzhi, her figure is definitely better than Aria’s, and her personality is definitely more perfect than Qianshi Fuzi’s.”

“…” Little Royal Sister, you’re twisting my words. Yes, that girl is indeed cute, but what you said about the other two is… weird! A combination of Aria’s figure and Yi Yuan Youzi’s personality would be a human tragedy, okay? Attributes shouldn’t be randomly mixed and matched. A slight mistake can make a world of difference! Well, well, ancient times are terrifying. I want to go back to the modern era!”

“I don’t want to, I don’t want to…” Xia Mingxi murmured softly, refusing to surrender.

Observing his reaction, Xia Yuqing’s eyes suddenly turned cold, and her face became serious. She reached out and patted Xia Mingxi’s head, saying, “Stop dragging your feet. Deal with the mess you’ve created yourself. You said you don’t want to marry her, but she made it clear that you can’t escape her grasp. What else can you do?”

At this point, Hua Nongying chimed in with a “kind-hearted” remark, “The Nine Palaces and Sixteen Strongholds are spread throughout the entire country, and their influence is everywhere. Even my Assassin’s Tower has many concerns about them. If Second Royal Prince wants to run away, I’m afraid he won’t be able to escape that girl’s grasp, no matter how far he goes.”

“…”, Xia Mingxi stiffened for a few seconds, then turned to look at Xia Yuqing. Something flashed through his mind, and his gaze suddenly became intense.

Xia Yuqing felt a shiver down her spine from Xia Mingxi’s stare and asked in confusion, “What’s wrong?”

“Little Royal Sister, why don’t we follow what Brother-in-law just said and turn the uncooked rice into cooked rice.”

“!” Everyone was shocked by Xia Mingxi’s unexpected remark, and Feng Tingye’s face immediately darkened, revealing a hint of murderous intent in his eyes.

Before Feng Tingye could take action, Xia Yuqing snapped out of her initial astonishment. She raised her hand and knocked Xia Mingxi to the ground, repeatedly stomping on him with her feet.

“You beast, scum, trash! We are siblings, real siblings! I never expected you to stoop so low and be so desperate. I’ve truly misjudged you. Go die, go die, go die…”

Caught off guard, Xia Mingxi realized he had been knocked down and beaten by Xia Yuqing. Hearing her words, he realized the misunderstanding and hurriedly covered his head, calling out, “Stop, stop! Little Royal Sister, you misunderstood! I didn’t mean to turn uncooked rice into cooked rice with you. I was asking if I should find someone else to turn uncooked rice into cooked rice and get rid of that demon’s idea. Please, stop beating me, sigh!”

Xia Yuqing paused her actions, froze for a moment, and then said, “Why didn’t you say so earlier? Is it so deadly to say a few more words? Clearly, you were the one who gave such a misleading statement! “

After speaking, as if remembering something, she unexpectedly kicked Xia Mingxi once more.

“Why are you kicking me again?” Xia Mingxi groaned in pain, feeling angry.

“What’s wrong with kicking you? You acted foolishly, don’t drag me into it. Are you sure you want to find someone else to turn uncooked rice into cooked rice? Hmph, considering Yu Xue’s temperament, if she finds out that you’ve turned uncooked rice into cooked rice with someone else, do you think she’ll give up and not completely sever the source that turned uncooked rice into cooked rice, making your life miserable forever?”

As Xia Yuqing said this, Xia Mingxi’s face turned pale, and he instinctively covered his lower region, feeling a sudden chill there.

Xia Yuqing noticed Xia Mingxi’s reaction and smiled. She crouched down, getting closer to him, and said, “Second Royal Brother, have you watched those police gangster movies in modern times? The big bosses in those movies, when they get angry, they dismember people and throw them into the river to feed the fish. Is that what you want?”

Xia Mingxi trembled all over, looking at Xia Yuqing with fear in his eyes, and stammered, “What should I do then?”

Xia Yuqing patted his shoulder heavily, speaking with a serious tone, “To maintain your innocence or to lose your life, Second Royal Brother, you choose.”

When Xia Yuqing and the others walked out of the room again, precisely fifteen minutes had passed.

Yu Xue heard the commotion, raised her gaze, and smiled lightly. “Have you reached a decision?”

“We have.” Xia Yuqing pushed someone out.

Reluctantly, Xia Mingxi said, “Alright, alright, I’ll marry you.”

Yu Xue raised an eyebrow, crossed her arms and supported her chin, saying, “You’ll marry me? Huh, it’s me who’s marrying you.”

“You!” Xia Mingxi couldn’t contain his anger and was about to step forward, but Xia Yuqing pulled him back, restraining him. “Fine, you’re marrying me, you’re marrying me.”

“Bring the new wedding attire for the madam.”

“So soon?” Xia Yuqing and the others were collectively stunned.

Yu Xue narrowed her eyes slightly, a hint of impatience in her tone. “What’s wrong? Do you have any objections?”

“No, it’s just that today’s auspicious day should have passed, and besides, according to the traditions of parents and matchmakers, shouldn’t this matter be reported to the family of the Prince?”

Yu Xue furrowed her brow, glanced at Xia Yuqing, and said impatiently, “Aren’t you his family now? You already know, so why can’t it proceed?”

“Ahem…” Xia Yuqing cleared her throat and said, “Although our father passed away recently, we still have an older brother. As the saying goes, an elder brother is like a father, and an elder sister is like a mother. My status as a younger sister doesn’t count for much, so it’s better to inform Eldest Royal Brother, otherwise, it might not go well in the future.”

“Father passed away?” Xia Mingxi was startled to hear this.

“Yes, half a month ago.”

Xia Mingxi fell silent upon hearing this. Although he was a transmigrator and didn’t have deep feelings for his nominal father, Xia Haotian, he still held some respect for him. He had always thought that the man could live for a long time, never imagining that he would suddenly…

It would be false to say that he felt no sadness at all, but when he thought about it, the person who forced him to marry was already deceased, yet he had willingly jumped into the fire pit himself. He felt incredibly foolish and wanted to cry!

Seeing the change in Xia Mingxi’s expression from surprise to sorrow, Yu Xue assumed he was grieving over his father’s death. After hesitating for a moment, she finally asked, “How long will it take?”

Xia Yuqing was taken aback and realized that Yu Xue was asking how long it would take for the notification. She smiled and said, “Not long, not long at all. If we use the mechanized birds, it will be very quick. Senior Brother, I believe you have a few mechanized birds with you?”

Su Wuduan stretched lazily, feeling proud, and said, “I have brought a few. I have improved their speed, and they are even faster than before. Little Junior Sister, let me tell you…”

“That’s settled then,” Xia Yuqing didn’t give Su Wuduan a chance to ramble and interrupted him immediately.

“…” Little Junior Sister, is that the way to ask for help? Be careful, or I won’t lend them to you if I’m not pleased!

“Ten days. I’ll give you ten days. After that, it will be our auspicious day. Regardless of the outcome, I want to see him in my new room.”

After leaving that statement, Yu Xue took Yun Xi to the room arranged for them.

Xia Yuqing and the others couldn’t help but breathe a sigh of relief when they saw her leave.

Later, after Xia Yuqing released the mechanized bird, she couldn’t help but ask Feng Tingye, sensing something was off, “Your Majesty, why didn’t you help me in front of Miss Yu Xue? You just stood by and watched.”

“What could I do to help you? I am optimistic about the marriage between her and your Royal Brother.”


“With your sister-in-law being the leader of the Nine Palaces and Sixteen Strongholds, it will be advantageous in certain places in the future, won’t it?”

“…” This d*mn scheming person actually sold off my adorable Second Royal Brother for this. Second Royal Brother, rest in peace. Sigh…

Ten days may seem not long or short, but it was enough time for Su Wuduan’s mechanized bird to make a round trip to Xia Kingdom.

When Xia Mingyuan received the letter from Xia Yuqing, he initially thought something had happened to Xia Yuqing and the others on the way. However, when he read the contents of the letter, Xia Mingyuan’s face turned black on the spot.

At first, Xia Mingyuan was unwilling to let Xia Mingxi marry a bandit leader, especially to have his Second Royal Brother, a grown man, be married by her*. It was simply improper! Although his Second Royal Brother often caused him trouble and made him worry, this kind of lifelong matter couldn’t be taken lightly.
* married by her = he follows her; whereas other way around = he marries her so she follows him and marries into his house

But as Xia Mingyuan read on, he realized that his future sister-in-law was not just an ordinary bandit leader. She was the leader of the Nine Palaces and Sixteen Strongholds, a flying thief among bandits, a fighter jet among bandits.

When someone reaches the pinnacle of a certain endeavor, even if that endeavor was initially looked down upon, it can change the perspective of many discerning individuals. Banditry was no exception.

After reading Feng Tingye’s detailed description of the Nine Palaces and Sixteen Strongholds and their accomplishments, Xia Mingyuan boldly made the decision to proceed with the marriage between the two.

With the decree from the parents and the endorsement from the matchmaker Yu Xue added on, Xia Mingxi had no choice but to agree to the marriage.

Xia Mingxi found out about this while having a meal. In an instant, his appetite vanished, and he silently looked up to the sky, tears flowing as he lamented, “I must not be their biological child!”

Upon learning that Xia Mingyuan not only didn’t oppose the marriage but actually supported it, Xia Yuqing was quite surprised. Filled with curiosity, she immediately went to ask Feng Tingye about it.

Feng Tingye seemed to have anticipated her question and smiled knowingly, saying, “I didn’t do anything. I simply informed your Royal Brother about the power of the Nine Palaces and Sixteen Strongholds and the benefits of forming a marital alliance with Yu Xue. Your Royal Brother is a clever person and naturally knows what to do.”

“…” Xia Yuqing felt speechless upon hearing this and silently lit a row of candles in her heart for her Second Royal Brother. In the end, Second Royal Brother, you were indeed sold!

Regardless of Xia Mingxi’s unwillingness, the ten-day deadline quietly arrived.

Unlike the previous direct approach, this time the wedding was grand and extravagant due to ample preparation time. Even the leaders of the Nine Palaces and Sixteen Strongholds were in attendance.

Xia Mingxi found himself surrounded by these extraordinary individuals, resembling a little white rabbit that accidentally stumbled into a wolf’s den.

“Tsk tsk, this bride is really beautiful. If I didn’t know that Yu Xue is a girl and the bride has an Adam’s apple, I would have thought you, Yu Xue, had married a gorgeous girl.” A graceful woman scrutinized Xia Mingxi from head to toe for quite some time before chuckling with a meaningful smile.

Xia Mingxi dared not speak up despite being mocked by others; he couldn’t afford to provoke any of them. A wise man doesn’t seek trouble, so he had no choice but to lower his head and silently grit his teeth, pretending not to hear the comments.

Today, Xia Mingxi wore the same bright red wedding gown as before, still captivating with his exquisite beauty. However, this time, he wore a magnificent phoenix crown, as Yu Xue insisted on it to compensate for the losses she suffered in the previous incident. According to Yu Xue, although she didn’t plan to pursue the matter any further, she had incurred significant human, material, and financial costs. To make it up to her, Xia Mingxi had to wear the phoenix crown on this occasion.

Xia Mingxi firmly believed that Yu Xue did it deliberately. She knew there would be many people present today, yet she intentionally made him wear the phoenix crown to embarrass him in front of everyone.

Wearing the phoenix crown, Xia Mingxi exuded an uncommon grace. Combined with his lack of speech, from a distance, he truly resembled a beautiful bride. This scene made Xia Yuqing’s heart itch once again. Ah, the ancient times had this drawback. Such rare and beautiful moments should be captured with a camera and preserved as treasures forever.

Yu Xue seemed to sense Xia Mingxi’s embarrassment and discreetly stepped forward, blocking him, and smiled lightly, saying, “Aunt Sun, he’s sensitive. Please don’t tease him. If you scare him away, where else can you find such a beautiful bride for me?”

The person referred to as Aunt Sun, the one who had just teased Xia Mingxi, burst into laughter, shaking with amusement. She pulled the sleeve of another person beside her and smiled faintly, “Look, look, look, they haven’t even entered the door yet, and Xue Er is already protecting him. It seems Xue Er is genuinely interested this time.”

The person whose sleeve she pulled was a handsome man in his forties or fifties. Upon hearing her words, he couldn’t help but smile indulgently and tapped her nose, saying, “Indeed, she’s genuinely interested. Although we’ve heard about Xue Er getting close to various boys before, which boy has ever gone to such lengths as having her arranging for all of us to be present to get married?”

“You better treat our Xue Er well, young man. If you dare to bully her, the people from the Nine Palaces and Sixteen Strongholds won’t let you off.”

“…” Big sister, it would be great if that demoness doesn’t bully me, how could I dare to bully her? Seriously?!

“Aunt Sun, can’t you see that the bride is almost crying because of you? Enough, enough. Don’t meddle in the affairs of this young couple. Xue Er can’t be bullied by anyone, right?” Another person nearby chimed in with a hearty laugh.

“That’s not necessarily true. It’s common for young couples to have small quarrels and disputes in their daily lives.”

The group of people chatted happily, but it was tough for Xia Mingxi, who was caught in the middle. Just as he was about to collapse under their teasing, he heard someone shout from not far away, “The auspicious moment has arrived. The bride and groom should pay their respects to heaven and earth.” Finally, he was saved from the ordeal.

In fact, this wedding ceremony was similar to any other, except for the mix-up in their roles. But Xia Mingxi’s cross-dressing didn’t seem out of place at all, and Yu Xue was adept at dressing as a man. As for their slight height difference, everyone chose to ignore it selectively.

If there was something unusual, it would be after the couple paid their respects to heaven and earth, Yu Xue patted Xia Mingxi’s shoulder and said, “Now that you’ve entered my family, you must abide by the Three Obediences and Four Virtues, fulfill your duties at home, and not attract attention outside or flirt with others. Otherwise…”

While saying this, Yu Xue glanced at Xia Mingxi’s crotch, making him feel an instant chill. While feeling a bit alarmed, he also felt slightly relieved. Thankfully, he had listened to the advice of the little princess and didn’t act impulsively, randomly choosing a woman to settle down with. Otherwise… cough cough…

During the subsequent banquet, everyone was in high spirits. Along with the influential figures from the Nine Palaces and Sixteen Strongholds, Feng Tingye and others engaged in conversations with them, going with the flow.

Impressive individuals always find it easy to blend in and adapt to the conversations of others. The palace lords and Stronghold chiefs, who usually held themselves high, casually responded to Feng Tingye and the others and quickly realized their exceptional qualities. They dropped their condescending attitudes and engaged in earnest conversations.

The more they talked, the more they found a connection, and the atmosphere at the banquet became livelier.

Laughter and joy seemed to fill the entire banquet, except for one person who was currently in a precarious situation, feeling incredibly miserable.

“Ah… Don’t touch me! It hurts… It hurts so much! Ah…”

Xia Yuqing stood in a small courtyard in the backyard, listening to the commotion coming from the bridal chamber. She was nearly frightened to death by the continuous screams.

“Oh my god! Is this a bridal chamber or a murder scene? Why is there so much noise?” What’s more important is that the one screaming is her Second Royal Brother, not that Yu Xue girl!

Could it be that they’ve been mistaken all along, and Yu Xue is actually a man? And now she’s dealing with her Second Royal Brother…

Although this kind of imagination was quite entertaining, Xia Yuqing’s eyes weren’t blind. Yu Xue may have a slightly flat chest, but she could not be mistaken for a man. That means her Second Royal Brother is the one being suppressed, unfortunately, by a woman.

Xia Yuqing silently covered her face. Second Royal Brother, you’re so unreliable. You truly are a perpetual bottom, destined to be suppressed by both men and women in your life. Let’s mourn in advance for your future and light a row of candles for you.

The next morning, Xia Mingxi got up from the bed with a haggard expression and a heavy head. He saw off Xia Yuqing and the others, and accompanying them was the refreshed and energetic Yu Xue.

Xia Yuqing and the others took a glance at Xia Mingxi’s clearly exhausted appearance and mentally drew a cross for him.

With Xia Mingxi’s matter resolved, Xia Yuqing and the others couldn’t stay any longer. They would return to the palace after a few more days, and Xia Yuqing and the two children couldn’t help but feel excited.

Seeing their excitement, Feng Tingye and the others couldn’t help but be infected by their mood and were in high spirits throughout the journey. However, if that person didn’t appear walking beside them, their mood would have been even brighter.

“The Night Clan Chief is busy with numerous affairs. How do you have the leisure to accompany us and wander around?” Feng Tingye narrowed his eyes and looked at the pseudo-youth who suddenly appeared behind them after they left Yanping Stronghold and had been following them closely. His eyes were icy.

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