FMEA Chapter 246 Part 2

Ch 246 Final – First Half

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Su Wuduan quickly recovered his usual handsome and charming appearance. Recovering, he was seen leading a stunningly beautiful woman into the palace.

“Oh my, I was wondering why the magpies outside were chirping so loudly today. It turns out Senior Brother is here. Who is this?” Xia Yuqing noticed Su Wuduan coming and couldn’t help but feel surprised and curious, hastily getting up to greet him.

With a surprised and curious expression on her face, Xia Yuqing couldn’t help but wonder if this girl Su Wuduan brought was too good-looking, to the point of being overbearing. She wanted to find someone who was decent-looking and had an acceptable temperament to make Cui Er feel uneasy, but this girl… wasn’t she too good-looking?

The girl Su Wuduan was holding had a stunning appearance, with a pair of phoenix-like eyes slightly upturned at the corners, exuding a faint charm that made her whole face come alive. At the moment, the girl was tightly holding Su Wuduan’s hand, completely nestling in his embrace, looking like a little bird that had found its home. From a distance, she looked just like his sweetheart.

“Ahem, this is… a good friend of mine who just arrived in the capital recently,” Su Wuduan said awkwardly. His gaze inadvertently glanced at Cui Er, who was not far away and hadn’t turned around yet.

“A good friend?” Lu Rui didn’t know Xia Yuqing and the others’ intentions. Seeing Su Wuduan bringing another girl and saying she was his good friend, she looked a bit displeased and sneered, “Senior Brother is truly fortunate. One leaves, and another comes. It seems like you treat girls like changing clothes. You don’t mind the hassle of changing one girl every day, do you?”

Su Wuduan’s face grew even more embarrassed upon hearing this, and he sought help from Xia Yuqing. However, Xia Yuqing was using all her strength to give him a meaningful look, with countless question marks popping up above her head. She didn’t know how to react.

But the girl in his arms broke the silence first. Gently and pitifully, she asked, “Brother Su, is what she said true?”

“…” Xia Yuqing and the others shuddered when they heard the girl’s sweet and affectionate “Brother Su,” and goosebumps covered their bodies.

Su Wuduan’s smile stiffened, and under everyone’s burning gazes, he hesitated to speak. Before he could even respond, the girl in his arms had already grabbed his waist and pinched him hard.

Su Wuduan’s face twitched for a moment, but he had to forcefully maintain his appearance and put on a tender expression. “Yi Yi, don’t listen to their nonsense. How can those superficial girls be compared to you?”

The girl was even more upset upon hearing this, coldly snorting, “So, you really had other women?”


“Hmph!” The girl, named Yi Yi, saw Su Wuduan hesitating and stomped her foot in frustration before breaking free from his embrace and running outside.

Su Wuduan felt somewhat helpless but, after seeing Xia Yuqing’s signal, he clenched his teeth and chased after her.

From afar, they could still hear Su Wuduan’s somewhat submissive plea, “Yi Yi, don’t be angry, don’t be angry. Those are all things of the past. Now, there’s only you, only you.”

Listening to the commotion between the two, Xia Yuqing and the others shuddered. Xia Yuqing even had goosebumps all over her body.

Lu Rui coldly sneered as she listened to the commotion between the two: “Hmph, calling her a ‘good friend’ and dares to bring her here for our Niang Niang to see. How could she be an ordinary confidante? Her temper is quite large, and she has the appearance of a fox. Even in her actions, she’s so affected and vexing. Honestly, the more I look at her, the more annoying she becomes. And Young Master Su, too! ‘In the Past? Ha! Didn’t he use the same excuse when pursuing Sister Cui Er? All those women were just in the past tense! Now, in the blink of an eye, he’s hooked up with another beautiful girl. Hmph, I see it clearly! This fellow is nothing but a fickle radish!” 

Earlier, Lu Rui had heard that Su Wuduan was completely distraught for several days because of Cui Er. She had thought he unintentionally offended her and was pitiable. She had even intended to speak a few good words for him in front of Cui Er. However, she didn’t expect that just a few days later, he would cozy up to another beautiful girl. What was worse, he even brought her to Xiefang Palace as if he wanted everyone to know he had found someone else. Lu Rui couldn’t bear it! 

Before she could finish, someone on the side couldn’t help but tug on her sleeve. 

“Why are you pulling me? Did I say something wrong?” Lu Rui turned her head in annoyance but found a little palace maid pulling on her sleeve persistently. When the palace maid finally caught her attention, she pointed to a certain direction. 

Following the palace maid’s finger, Lu Rui saw someone standing not far away with an expression that froze her in place. “Ahaha, well, Sister Cui Er, what I just said was all a joke. Don’t mind, don’t mind.” 

Cui Er nodded expressionlessly, and seeing her slight relief, Lu Rui added, “Sister Cui Er, don’t be too sad. There are beautiful women everywhere in the world. Young Master Su doesn’t seem like a faithful person; he’s not suitable for you. So, don’t be too heartbroken.” 

Cui Er tightened her grip on the cloth, forcing a smile, “I’m not sad. I knew it from the beginning.” 

Without waiting for others’ reactions, she turned and left, leaving everyone standing there, looking at each other in confusion.

Xia Yuqing and the others watched the scene unfold, and Xia Yuqing decided to slip out of the palace while everyone’s attention was on Su Wuduan and Yi Yi. She ran in the direction Su Wuduan and the girl had left earlier.

Once Su Wuduan and Yi Yi left Xiefang Palace, they slowed down their pace, not going too far. Xia Yuqing searched for a while and finally found them in a secluded area near some bushes.

“Senior Brother, Senior Brother!” Xia Yuqing waved her hand, calling out to Su Wuduan and successfully stopping them.

“Junior Sister, why did you come out? Just now, did she… did she have any special reactions?” Su Wuduan was overjoyed to see Xia Yuqing running over, anxiously asking.

“Let’s set that aside for now. Senior Brother, I asked you to find someone decent and comparable to Cui Er in appearance and temperament. Why did you find someone so beautiful? Just by looking at her, it feels like she’s… a seductress!” Xia Yuqing couldn’t help but feel that she resembled a fox spirit trying to seduce people!

“Can I take that as a compliment from you?” Xia Yuqing hadn’t finished speaking when she heard a voice tinged with laughter coming from the side.

Xia Yuqing turned her head to see the girl who was by Su Wuduan’s side, who was no longer acting like a weak and pitiful little bird. Instead, she had a playful and interested expression between her slightly raised eyebrows.


Su Wuduan saw Xia Yuqing startled and cleared his throat, saying, “Little Sister, this is the current Saintess of the Miao tribe, my Senior Sister Feng Jiuyi.”

Xia Yuqing widened her eyes, looking surprised. She thought Su Wuduan would bring an acquaintance from a brothel to save face, but she didn’t expect this girl to be his senior sister and the Saintess of the Miao tribe!

“Senior Brother, the rabbit hasn’t eaten the grass at its burrow’s edge yet, but you can’t resist even your own senior sister!” Xia Yuqing said, crossing her arms and taking a step back. As his fellow member of the same sect, who knew what this guy might do if his head got hot. He wouldn’t be able to wash himself clean even if he jumped into the Yellow River.

Su Wuduan choked, his face turning black: “… Junior sister, my senior sister is already married, she…”

Before Su Wuduan could finish, he was interrupted by another exclamation from Xia Yuqing: “Senior Brother, not only do you pursue your fellow disciples, but you also won’t even spare married women! You’re simply a beast!”

“Haha…” Xia Yuqing’s words hadn’t even finished, and Feng Jiuyi couldn’t help but burst into laughter, making Su Wuduan’s face even darker.

“I’ve heard my junior brother talk about how interesting his little junior sister is. Today, Senior Sister finally got to witness it. Little sister, don’t worry. With Su Wuduan’s flirtatious nature, I don’t find him attractive. Also forcibly pursuing someone, hehe, he doesn’t have that kind of ability.” 

“Senior Sister!” 

Xia Yuqing looked at Su Wuduan, who was both angry and embarrassed, but dared not lay a hand on the person in front of her. She couldn’t help but believe Feng Jiuyi’s words a little. With a smirk, she said, “I was just joking, just joking.”

Su Wuduan let out a sigh and explained, “My senior sister came along with my mother. When she heard about my situation with my wife and your idea, she volunteered to help. I thought that if I needed someone’s help, I’d rather choose someone who knows the whole situation, so that’s why… it turned out like this.”

Xia Yuqing suddenly understood, “Oh, I see. Thank you, senior sister, for offering your help.”

Feng Jiuyi smiled, “You’re welcome. I’ve watched this little brat grow up since childhood, so if he’s in trouble, as his big sister, I naturally want to help. So, how was my performance just now? Did it work?”

“Senior Sister’s acting was fantastic! It’s just that Senior Brother’s acting was a bit inferior. Thankfully, you were there to fill in the gaps; otherwise…”

Su Wuduan rolled his eyes, not because his acting was terrible, but because since he met Cui Er, he hardly interacted with other women and almost forgot how to flirt with girls. Especially when his wife was present!

Feng Jiuyi nodded in agreement, feeling the same way. She scolded, “This brat freezes like a statue when he sees a girl. Sigh, I have to remind him.”

Su Wuduan touched his nose guiltily, and Feng Jiuyi continued, “What about my future sister-in-law?”

“I observed Cui Er, and she didn’t seem completely indifferent. But she’s always been good at hiding her emotions. So, keep up the pressure, and you’ll surely force her to admit her feelings.”

“Alright, understood. As long as it works. I’m just worried that the girl won’t show any reaction at all.”

Xia Yuqing grinned mischievously at Feng Jiuyi, “Then, we’ll rely on you next.”

“No problem.”

And so, the “sinister” group came to a consensus. From then on, Su Wuduan and Feng Jiuyi often visited Xia Yuqing’s palace, which made Lu Rui’s group of maids feel annoyed and itch to give someone a good beating on Cui Er’s behalf.

Their frequent visits to the palace drew attention even from the Emperor, Feng Tingye.

On this day, after handling state affairs, Feng Tingye returned to the palace just as Su Wuduan and Feng Jiuyi had left. He smiled as he embraced Xia Yuqing’s waist from behind and said, “What kind of tricks is your Senior Brother playing? Why has he come to you so often recently? Didn’t he stop coming for a while before? I heard he brings along a very beautiful unfamiliar woman every time he comes?”

Xia Yuqing looked around and made sure that everyone in the hall had discreetly left when they saw Feng Tingye approaching. She then lowered her voice and replied with a mysterious smile, “During the past few days, Senior Brother has been having a dispute with Cui Er!”

“A dispute?” Feng Tingye raised an eyebrow, a glint of interest shining in his eyes.

“Yes, at a recent banquet hosted by the little Shangshu, Cui Er suddenly told Senior Brother not to pursue her anymore, saying that they had no future together. After that, Senior Brother became despondent and lost his appetite for several days.”

After hearing Xia Yuqing’s explanation, Feng Tingye narrowed his eyes slightly, “So, your Senior Brother was rejected by Cui Er, and unwilling to accept it, he found someone new. Now he’s showing off in front of his ex-lover with his new flame, trying to save face?”

“No, it’s not like that. The woman he brought is actually his senior sister, who is currently the Saintess of the Miao region, and she is already taken.”

“Oh?” Feng Tingye’s eyebrows raised again. “That’s interesting. So, what is your Senior Brother trying to do? Is he seeking help from his senior sister after being wronged outside?”

“Well, not exactly. He brought his senior sister here because I suggested it.”

“You suggested it?” Feng Tingye was even more curious now.

Xia Yuqing nodded and explained everything from the time she saw Su Wuduan looking so disheartened in the Xu Mansion to how she advised him and how his senior sister intervened to help.

After listening to Xia Yuqing’s account, Feng Tingye couldn’t help but laugh. He reached out and pinched Xia Yuqing’s chubby little face as he whispered, “Are you sure your idea will work?”

“How could it not? I also gave the same advice to my third royal sister and the Prime Minister before. Look at how happy they are now.” Xia Yuqing lifted her head, huffing proudly, as if challenging anyone to question her.

Feng Tingye chuckled, “Ruofeng and your Senior Brother are different. Ruofeng is used to being aloof and pure. Your Senior Brother, on the other hand, is a playboy who has experienced numerous love affairs. If you let him flaunt his new love interest in front of Cui Er all the time, Cui Er might actually think he has moved on. Knowing Cui Er’s personality, you might end up with a net loss in the end.”

“But I said it’s not a new love interest…”

“But in everyone else’s eyes, it is.”



Xia Yuqing looked up at Feng Tingye, puzzled. “What?”

“You taught your Senior Brother the strategy of ‘capturing while releasing,’ but bringing his new flame in front of Cui Er all the time, how is that ‘capturing while releasing’? At least he should leave Cui Er hanging for a few days to make her anxious.”

Xia Yuqing was taken aback for a moment, touched her chin, and pondered for a moment. Her eyes brightened, “You’re right, ‘capturing while releasing’ requires some ‘releasing’ to achieve the effect. I will go tell my Senior Brother not to come to my place for a few days.”

Xia Yuqing was eager to run out and inform Su Wuduan and Feng Jiuyi about the plan, but Feng Tingye pulled her back.

“Now it’s getting late. Why rush? We can tell them tomorrow. Besides, I just finished handling state affairs and came back. You should spend some time with me instead of focusing on others,” Feng Tingye sighed lightly, somewhat helpless.

Xia Yuqing blinked, looking up at Feng Tingye. She noticed that there were faint black circles under his usually radiant phoenix eyes. It suddenly dawned on her that he had been busy these days. He often left early and returned late, and she hadn’t been able to see much of him lately. He would be gone by the time she woke up, and sometimes she could only sense his return late at night when he held her in his arms. The next morning, he would already be gone. Today was the earliest he had returned.

“Is there a lot of work in the court recently? You seem busy,” Xia Yuqing asked with concern, nestling in Feng Tingye’s embrace.

Feng Tingye gently stroked her hair and smiled faintly, “It’s alright. I just ran away several times, and the accumulated work piled up. It will be fine in a while.”

“Oh…” Xia Yuqing nodded obediently, refraining from asking further. Although Feng Tingye said so, she couldn’t help but feel that he was hiding something from her.

Feng Tingye held Xia Yuqing close, enjoying the warmth of her presence. A trace of an imperceptible cold light flashed in his eyes. Before Xia Yuqing noticed, the cold light sank back into his gaze, leaving no trace.

“I heard that Ye Shuyan came back recently?” Feng Tingye asked softly. He always found Ye Shuyan unpredictable and irritating. He wished the guy would disappear completely, but he always managed to appear again unexpectedly, causing headaches.

“Yes, he came back,” Xia Yuqing replied in a low voice from Feng Tingye’s embrace.

“That guy is too unpredictable. Don’t get too close to him when there’s nothing to do. Keep your distance!” Feng Tingye frowned and admonished her with displeasure.

“Okay,” Xia Yuqing replied obediently, but she couldn’t help but sigh in her heart. She knew that Feng Tingye didn’t like Ye Shuyan and didn’t want her to get too close to him. But she couldn’t control if Ye Shuyan wanted to see her. Even if she wanted to stop him, there were probably not many people who could stop him.

The next day, Su Wuduan listened to Xia Yuqing’s advice and stopped bringing Feng Jiuyi to her palace for several days.

This made Lu Rui even more unhappy. When Su Wuduan came to see her, she despised him for being fickle and showing off his new flame in front of his old lover. Now that he stopped coming, she began to resent him for being unreliable. Men were indeed not to be relied upon. When they pursued you, they overflowed with sweet words, but once they didn’t want you, they couldn’t even be bothered to see you.

“Hmph, I knew it from the beginning. Su Wuduan looks like a short-lived playboy with a peach blossom face. He’s not a good person. It’s a pity that such a good person like Sister Cui Er is targeted by this fickle guy. Initially, I thought he was genuinely interested in her and was changing for the better. But who would have thought that after only a short while, he…” Lu Rui stood at the door of the hall, indignantly expressing her thoughts.

Xiao Bai by her side also couldn’t stand being left out and barked a few times, drawing a disdainful glance from the nearby Xiao Hei, looking arrogant.

Before Lu Rui could finish her rant, she was once again interrupted. She turned her head and saw the same maid from before, who now had an embarrassed look and was tugging at her sleeve while gesturing behind her.

Lu Rui’s heart sank as a bad feeling washed over her. She turned her head and saw Xia Yuqing’s half-smiling face, along with Cui Er’s calm gaze behind her.

“Hehehe, Niang Niang, when did you arrive?” Lu Rui forced a smile and took a step back, trying to appear nonchalant.

Xia Yuqing smiled, locking her eyes onto Lu Rui, “When you were saying that my Senior Brother is a short-lived playboy.”

“…” Lu Rui’s eyes welled up with tears, feeling like the most tragic person in the world. Every time she spoke ill of someone, she would undoubtedly get caught. What kind of luck was this?

“Ahahaha, Niang Niang, I didn’t mean it that way. Su Wuduan is… very good. How could he be a short-lived playboy? I really didn’t curse him, truly!” Lu Rui said hurriedly, trying to sound sincere.

Seeing Lu Rui’s bitter and forced expression, Xia Yuqing sighed lightly, looking pained, “Lu Rui, how could you lie with your eyes open? Haven’t I taught you before? Truth can be unpleasant to hear, but it’s still the truth. Those things you just said, though unpleasant, make a lot of sense. Do you think I would blame you just because you told a few unpleasant truths? Do you really think that I’m such a petty and unreasonable person?”

Lu Rui was stunned, quickly taking a step forward and hugging Xia Yuqing’s arm, fawning, “How could Niang Niang be petty and unreasonable? I have never seen anyone with such a broad mind and unique insights as you.”

Xia Yuqing looked at Lu Rui and grinned mischievously, “Don’t think that saying a few truths will save you from making up for defaming my Senior Brother. Some things are better left unsaid. By the way, I want to eat your specialty, the Buddha Jumps Over the Wall, tonight.”

“…” Your Majesty, what happened to being broad-minded and discerning right from wrong? Your words are so two-faced and contradictory; it will only lower your credibility! Although your credibility has long been in negative territory! And as for the Buddha Jumps Over the Wall, it’s probably just because you have a big appetite!

Seeing Lu Rui’s petrified look, Xia Yuqing pondered for a moment and added, “I must say, Senior Brother really is shallow. He not only looks short-lived, but he might even cause his wife’s death! Fortunately, our Cui Er came to her senses in time. Otherwise, who knows how she would have died.”

“…” Niang Niang, you are only allowing the officials to set fires while forbidding the common people from lighting lamps. I won’t cook the Buddha Jumps Over the Wall!”

After finishing her words, Xia Yuqing secretly glanced at Cui Er and noticed her calm expression without any reaction. She furrowed her eyebrows, quickly concealing her emotions on her face, and cleared her throat, saying, “It’s getting late. Let’s go, everyone, and visit the Xu Mansion.”

“Is Niang Niang going to Xu Manor?” Lu Rui was taken aback, looking at Xia Yuqing and Cui Er behind her with uncertainty. She asked, “Niang Niang, why are you going to Xu Manor so early in the morning? Could it be to see… Su Wuduan?”

“Of course not!” Xia Yuqing adjusted her expression and said seriously, “My Master’s wife has recently come to the capital to visit Master and will stay at her Master’s residence for a few days. Since my Master’s wife rarely comes to the capital, as her disciple, I should naturally pay my respects and visit her, taking her out for a stroll.”

Xia Yuqing looked at Cui Er and added considerately, “Cui Er, you don’t look very well. How about resting in the palace while I and Lu Rui go?”

Cui Er was taken aback, forcing a smile and saying, “It’s alright, I’d rather accompany Niang Niang. Lu Rui doesn’t have any martial skills. It’s better for me to be by Niang Niang’s side. I’m worried if she follows you alone.”

“Alright then.” Xia Yuqing made a concerned look on the surface but was overjoyed in her heart.

Her intention was to bring Cui Er along to find someone. It had been days since they last saw Su Wuduan. It was about time to catch him. If Su Wuduan didn’t come over, she could go over herself. As a matchmaker, if this matter with her Senior Brother worked out, she would deserve a big red packet as a reward. Wahaha!

Xia Yuqing sat in the carriage heading to Xu Manor and suddenly remembered something. She looked at Lu Rui and asked, “Lu Rui, do you know what’s been happening at the court recently? I see that the Emperor has been quite busy lately, always too occupied to be seen. Moreover, he seems quite haggard. Has he encountered any tricky matters?”

Lu Rui was momentarily stunned and hesitated, “Niang Niang, I’m just a small maid in the palace. How could I know about court affairs?”

Xia Yuqing glanced at her and retorted, “Aren’t you quite familiar with the little eunuch by the Emperor’s side? I heard you even inquired about the size of the black chicken in the old Grand Tutor’s house. You know about such trivial matters, but you don’t know what’s happening at court?”

“…” Niang Niang, the reason I inquired about the Grand Tutor’s black chicken was entirely because you suddenly wanted to eat Eight Treasure Black Chicken. Unfortunately, all the palace chickens were eaten by you and the little princess, and the new ones were not fat enough. I had no choice but to come up with this plan to borrow some from the Grand Tutor temporarily to save the day. Whose fault is this in the end? Can you stop making it sound like I secretly conspired with the little eunuch against you? Also, why would I care about the court affairs!

Feeling mentally and physically exhausted, Lu Rui sighed and suddenly remembered something, her eyes brightening, “Ah, I remembered something. It seems that something big has happened at the court recently.”

“What happened?” Xia Yuqing’s interest was piqued, leaning closer to Lu Rui with curiosity.

“I overheard a few palace eunuchs in the Qianqing Hall saying that there has been a snow disaster in the northwest border recently, and many crops were frozen to death. And this summer, there was a drought in the northeast border…” Lu Rui hesitated.

Xia Yuqing’s heart trembled, her eyes suddenly narrowed, her face turned grim, “Drought in summer and snow disaster in winter. Wouldn’t the crops in the northeast and northwest yield almost nothing?”

Lu Rui pursed her lips, seemingly recalling something, and her expression also became serious, “Not only that…”


“I heard that many people have died in the northwest due to the snow disaster, and there are rumors that an epidemic has broken out.”

Xia Yuqing’s eyes tightened suddenly, an epidemic… even in modern times, it was a feared word, not to mention in this ancient era with backward medical conditions. Once it spread… who knows how many people would die.

This is a natural disaster, a catastrophe that cannot be defied by human power. No wonder… no wonder even the Ultra Seme Lord is so helpless…

Xia Yuqing’s hand clenched on her knee, and her expression became unusually unpleasant.

“Niang Niang, are you alright?” Lu Rui looked at Xia Yuqing with some concern.

Xia Yuqing suppressed her unease and forced a smile, “I’m… I’m fine…”

Before Xia Yuqing could finish her words, the carriage stopped, and they heard a voice from outside, “Niang Niang, we have arrived at Xu Manor.”

“Okay, we’ll get off now.” Xia Yuqing took a deep breath and turned to look at Lu Rui, “Let’s go down first. We’ll talk about this later when we go back.”

Lu Rui nodded, helping Xia Yuqing to get off the carriage.

Su Linlang heard the commotion and hurried out to greet them, smiling, “I wondered what brought the Empress here today, blowing into our little temple. Could it be that you came to see the Emperor? Unfortunately, our little temple can’t accommodate the great Buddha.”

“Master’s wife, please don’t make fun of me. How could I come here to see the Emperor? I came to see you.” Xia Yuqing blushed at Su Linlang’s straightforward words, giving her a reproachful look.

Su Linlang raised her eyebrows, teasingly smiled, “Looking for me? What for?”

“Master’s wife rarely comes to the capital, so I thought of paying my respects and taking my Master out for a stroll to experience the local customs and have some fun in the capital. And, where’s Master? Invite him to come out as well, more people will make it livelier.”

Su Linlang’s gaze swept over Xia Yuqing and her companions before finally resting on Cui Er behind Xia Yuqing. She shrugged, saying, “Let’s forget about it. I am getting old, not as robust as you young people. If I go out for a walk, my back might ache for several days afterward. As for your Master, he’s busy with those wooden blocks. Where would he have the time to accompany you all around? Even if he had time, he’s not young anymore, it’s better for him to stay at home. Going out among the crowds can be uncomfortable. How about this, I’ll let your Senior Brother accompany you. He’s been quite idle lately, always staying at home. He might grow moss soon.”

Xia Yuqing received the hidden message conveyed by Su Linlang’s eyes, and her eyes lit up. She suddenly understood that Su Linlang was helping them.

It made sense; if Feng Jiuyi was the current Holy Maiden of Miao, she must know about Su Wuduan. Su Linlang, as a mother, should know as well. It was highly possible that Feng Jiuyi was willing to help, and Su Linlang might have suggested it or even condoned it.

“That’s fine. Where is Senior Brother now? Come to think of it, I haven’t seen him for a few days. What has he been up to? Busy lately.” Xia Yuqing’s eyes sparkled, suddenly realizing Su Linlang was helping them.

Su Linlang’s gaze glanced at Cui Er as if realizing something. She smiled charmingly, “What else can he do? With his personality, you know him. If he’s not causing trouble outside and making me worry, I’m already grateful. I heard that he has fallen for a pretty girl recently. I was thinking of helping that child and bringing that girl in as his 36th concubine. Sigh, having a son who is so popular is also a distressing matter.”

“…” Master’s wife, what Master said is right. Mother’s indulgence ruins the child. Most likely, you’ve spoiled him like this. Where else can one find a mother like you who feels proud instead of ashamed when her son attracts butterflies everywhere!

Xia Yuqing and the others hurriedly followed, and Su Linlang led them to the door of Su Wuduan’s room, where Xia Yuqing had been a few days ago. Su Linlang didn’t knock, but pushed the door open with a bang.

Seeing Su Linlang’s actions, Xia Yuqing was a bit surprised. Master’s wife, are you this bold? Does Master know? Well… I guess he does, otherwise, he wouldn’t have let you, a little woman, oppress him so miserably.”

“Wuduan, it’s already this time, and you’re still lazing around in the room like this. Get up quickly, your little junior sister is looking for you.” Su Linlang’s bold and loud voice suddenly stopped when she saw the scene inside the room, and she froze at the door, looking shocked.

Seeing Su Linlang’s expression, Xia Yuqing and the others peeked inside and also froze on the spot.

Inside the messy room, there were scattered clothes of both men and women, tangled together on the floor without distinction.

At the end of the room, hidden behind a curtain, one could still see a fair hand slipping from the bed and touching the edge of the bed as if trying to block the dazzling sunlight that had entered the room when the door was opened.

With the sunlight streaming in, the person who was sleeping seemed a bit uncomfortable and moved, raising a hand to shield the overly bright sunlight. Slowly, the person opened their eyes.

Su Wuduan squinted at his surroundings, but when he noticed the hand lying on his chest, he suddenly jerked, swiftly sitting up.

As he sat up, the woman lying beside him rubbed her eyes, muttered a few words in a daze, and then seemed to realize something, her eyes widening in disbelief as she looked at the person next to her.

As the two of them sat up, the people at the door finally got a clear view of the scene that had just been exposed.

A spacious bed, and the two of them lying side by side, both wearing only their undergarments. In addition to their current ambiguous positions, it naturally led everyone to imagine what might have happened between them last night.

With a loud bang, a huge thud came from the door, shocking Su Wuduan and the woman at the same time, as well as everyone else who was completely dumbfounded by the scene.

Su Wuduan’s eyes widened as he looked at the door, and he saw a pale-faced Cui Er standing there.

“Niang Niang, I suddenly feel unwell, I’ll go back first,” Cui Er said, her face as pale as paper as she took two steps back and bowed before turning around and rushing outside without waiting for Xia Yuqing’s response.

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