Chapter 31

Chapter 31: People with poor sense of direction are unbearable

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“To answer master, everything is under control. That Prince Rui is a complete idiot. After this subordinate uttered a few words to deceive him, he was willing to reveal everything. At that auspicious day, I can certainly make him obediently follow this subordinate’s demands.”

“How could I be unclear of your capabilities? That Prince Rui obviously isn’t some intelligent genius, otherwise he wouldn’t have fallen into someone else’s scheme without even noticing and still be wholeheartedly living his unrealistic dreams of one day rising to become the emperor. In the end, he’s just basically helping others obtain that position. Compared to him, the new emperor of the State of Ye is completely different. He had just recently ascended to the throne, but was still able to decisively root out all the outsiders, I’m afraid that his plan wasn’t just formed in a short moments time. Instead it must have been a strategy planned for many years. Is it true that this Ye Country’s emperor is really young?”

“Yes, Ye Country’s new emperor has just turned 20.”

“Just turned twenty, but he could already make such strategies. Proficient in a monarch’s schemes, understanding the significance of patience, able to retreat at times, in the future he will definitely become a danger to us.  Zhaorou, this time your inability to enter the palace is one of your biggest mistakes.”

Jiang Zhaorou trembled, her tone indicating the fear in her voice. “This subordinate is incompetent, I am willing to accept my punishment.”

“It’s fine this time. Do not let this be repeated. You go back and make sure you keep an eye on Prince Rui. At the same time, keep a look at his trusted aides as well”

Hearing what he said, Jiang Zhaorou inquired. “Master are you suspicious that there might be another spy arranged near Prince Rui’s side?”

“Both the previous emperor and the current emperor had never trusted Prince Rui. How could they ever be at ease to allow him to guard the border? There has to be some countermeasures in place.”

Jiang Zhaorou eyes widened in surprise then respectfully nodded. “Yes, this subordinate understands.”

“Zhaorou, after all these years, it must have been exhausting for you. After these matters, I will speak to the Emperor and allow you to return to the country. When the time comes, glory, status, a life of luxury, whatever you want you will get. No one would ever look down on you again.  Everything in this world could be attainable. As long as you are able to incite disruptions for Ye Country’s little emperor……” Speaking hither, the man suddenly stopped his tongue.

Jiang Zhaorou puzzled, lifted her head to see a person. She saw a slant of moonlight who knows when, was shifted to the man’s feet creating a shadow flickering, not at all graceful.

Swiftly, the black clothed man’s hand hit the side of his ear while Jiang Zhaorou drew a cold breath. Her face was deathly white. Above her head she could see some of the rice straws that the man was holding from the rooftop fall through the gap.

“Zhaorou, today you have made another big mistake. Not just a small mistake, you made an enormous mistake. To go as far as to bring in a mouse…” His dim, cold voice seemed to reverberate within the empty house.

Shao Zitang’s instinct immediately sensed that he was in danger, his body unconsciously leaning back a bit.

In the next moment, a strong internal energy sent some unknown object resembling a knife to come flying towards Shao Zitang cutting open a small wound. If at that moment, Shao Zitang had not sensed he was in danger and unconsciously leaned back, then that energy would have directly stabbed through Shao Zitang’s eyes.

Turning his head to look at the not so distant hidden weapon, Shao Zitang realized that the hidden weapon was in fact the small piece of rice straw he dropped earlier. Using grass to hurt someone, anyone can see that this man’s martial arts is extremely strong.

Shao Zitang’s mind was completely frightened. His eyes lit up ready to battle it out. Unfortunately this time, he could only endure it since he has encountered a master. Flipping his body around, he escaped from the rooftop.

The man wearing the cloak lifted his head to look at the small hole on the rooftop, and then expressionlessly said one word. “Chase.”

Dense moonlight, howling winds and birds calling, the shadows of trees swayed from the evening breeze. Whistling sounds coming from a shadow resembling a falcon swooshing from a treetop could be heard, flying across housetops.

“Damn it! How could those ghosts still not disperse?” Shao Zitang cursed. A small shadow was nimbly shuttling across rooftops with a group of black clothed people following tightly behind.

“Big Brother, that person seems to be leading us around in circles. Look at that window in front, didn’t we just pass by that house earlier?” After stifling this thought for a long time, one of the black clothed people pointed at a brothel and couldn’t help but utter his thought.

Responding to him was the leader heading the group. “You smelly youngster, you could be lecherous on an ordinary day, but at this time you are still thinking about going to the brothel. Do you not want your life?!”

“….’ The innocent black clothed brother touched his head feeling wronged but kept silent. Thus, the people following Shao Zitang once again made another circle around this area.

Making another circle for the eighth time and passing by the brightly lit brothel once more, the group of black clothed men could hear a drunk guest’s complaint.

“What’s wrong with tonight? Why are there so many crows tonight, flying around in circles around the brothel continuously? It’s not the case that you guys met something unclean by accident, is it? Bad luck, this is really bad luck. I’m not playing anymore.” After complaining, he pushed the woman whose clothes were in disorder away, and staggered downstairs to leave.

“…..” It just happened that the few black clothed men including the leader heard what was said causing them to slip their feet, falling from the window opening.

“Pah pah, how could it be this absurd!” The leader of the black clothed men, spat out some of the weeds in his mouth, his face filled with indignation.

“Boss, you have to stay cool-headed!” The black clothed youngster from earlier patted his back comforting him.

However, he didn’t expect the leader to slap him and reply with a “How are you planning for me to calm down?”

Touching his hurting head, he mumbled to himself. “I told you that we were going in circles, you were the one who just didn’t believe me.”

Before he could finish speaking, he got slapped again. “All the brothels in the capital look about the same, how could this old man know that it wasn’t your terrible habits? How dare that guy play with us like this! This is just…. intolerable! Wait until this old man catches him. I’m going to peel off a layer of his skin!”

Seeing his boss suffer such a defeat, the black clothed youngster couldn’t bear not to remind him. “Boss, there’s a thing I don’t know if I should remind you.”


“Just now when we all fell down, I think we lost the person we were pursuing. Moreover, we went around in so many circles, the former route is kind of unclear. *Cough Cough* That’s why boss… I think we are lost.”


Therefore there’s that saying that people with a bad sense of direction could be contagious. If you aren’t careful and get dragged into the gutter, it would be really unbearable!

“Lost him?” Standing outside at the balcony, the man was revolving the wine cup in his hands while remaining calm and collected. A great wave occurred, yet he wasn’t startled; it made it hard for others to distinguish whether he was happy or furious.

“Yes,  Yan Er’s group had chased him for the entire night. Finally at the end…” The man kneeling on the ground started shivering from the cold air emitted from the man standing in front of him.

“Able to use the capital’s complex topography to shake off Yan Er’s group,  he definitely has the capital within his grasp. Tell Jiang Zhaorou to be careful and to not expose anything again. If she messes up again, even if she has multiple lives, it still wouldn’t be enough.” The man resolutely threw his cup aside, turned around and left.

“Yes!” The black clothed bodyguard watched the man’s figure from behind. With lingering fear he wiped off the cold sweat on his forehead.

Who would have known that at this same moment, the man, Shao Zitang, who was being complimented as having the capital within his grasp and being able to run distances away from the group of black clothed men, was only two streets down. Two eyes staring at the unfamiliar streets in front of himself, he was about to blow off his top.

AAGHHHH! Where is this place! Who could tell him where the Grand Tutor’s residence is located?!?!

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