Chapter 33

Chapter 33 The world’s fujoshi’s companion  

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Inside the Imperial study room, the atmosphere was cold and heavy. Inside Fragrant Palace Hall, there was a completely different kind of bustling that was out of the ordinary.

“Xiang Er, I’m telling you. You not being there at Gorgeous Tutor’s residence, was a great loss. You totally missed out on the Gorgeous Tutor’s delicate, fragile appearance which is hard to come by. That appearance would have led anyone who saw it to be lost in wild and fanciful thoughts. If it wasn’t for the fact that he had his flower ravaged by those devilish hands, huhuhu, I don’t believe nothing wouldn’t have happened.”

Liu Yixiang looked at Xia Yuqing, completely confused on what she was currently thinking. A face showing she was currently in a daydream with saliva dripping out of the corner of her mouth, Liu Yixiang couldn’t help be a little startled. Within her heart, she gave a short silent tribute to Yan Ran then coughed a bit to break Xia Yuqing’s trance. “Qing Jiejie, even if Grand Tutor is completely useless, he could still be considered a man. Although he does resemble a woman a bit, how could it go as far as to have that bandit go to that ‘something something’ step. In addition aren’t bandits usually into lovable, good looking girls who are at the age suited for marriage. Even if the Grand Tutor is incredibly beautiful, I don’t think the bandit would go as far as to be that wicked and treat him like that.”

After finishing speaking, Liu Yixiang was startled by the sudden approach of Xia Yuqing with her disapproving gaze.

“Xiang Er, that kind of thoughts of yours is completely wong!” Xia Yuqing spoke with utmost confidence. In spite of Liu Yixiang’s flabbergasted expression, Xia Yuqing grabbed her hands and dragged her off towards her own personal lady’s chamber.

Liu Yixiang completely baffled, looked at Xia Yuqing’s mysterious expression as she was fishing left and right underneath her bed seeming to be in search for some particular item. Unable to hold back her curiosity, she asked. “Qing Jie Jie, what are you searching for?”

“Wait a bit, I’ll find it immediately.” After contemplating for a brief moment, Xia Yuqing stepped onto the bed and reached her hand on the edge of the bed where a small crack existed. Reaching within and feeling around, her pair of eyes suddenly lit up. “Found it.”

Liu Yixiang stared blankly, then rushed forward to see that Xia Yuqing had from that crack fished out an item wrapped tightly with a silk cloth. Subsequently, her cheeks blushing a bit, lifted up the silk cloth to reveal the hidden item’s true identity.

“Eighteen… Eighteen Styles of Dragon Yang?” Liu Yixiang’s expression became blank for a moment. Pointing at the illustrious book cover’s dazzling title, her eyes fixed and her face stained red.  

Although Liu Yixiang grew up by her maternal grandfather’s side, her temper was not like the average government official’s young lady, weak and feeble. But she still grew up in a family with a literary reputation. The family rules were strict and rigid thus thoughts were somewhat conservative. Therefore even if she had heard of talks of homosexual relationships, she has still not genuinely seen it before. Even this king of limited edition yellow book was her first time seeing it. Hence, one could not blame her large reaction.

“Xiang Er, here. Make sure you are careful when flipping over the pages. This book wasn’t easy to obtain. I had to call Lu Rui to find it outside in the city and bring it back into the palace. If it is ruined, then there will be nothing left.” Xia Yuqing warned her in a low voice.

Last time after having Feng Tingye discover and taking it away, it caused Xia Yuqing to wring her hands for a good deal of days. The current book she had was something that she had gotten Lu Rui to hunt down  after the incident, spending quite a bit of effort. This was her treasure. Were it not for Liu Yixiang coming over this time, she would not easily bring out her secret personal collection.

Liu Yixiang looked at a page in the book showing a life-like depiction of a seductive, touching picture of two men. She had never thought that one man and another man could be like this…. Her complexion turned more and more red. Finally unable to restrain Xia Yuqing’s hand, she stammered: “That’s enough. Let’s not look anymore. In broad daylight, if anyone saw us looking at this, that wouldn’t be the best.”

“In this palace hall, there’s only you and me. Without our permission, who would be able to enter this place?” After saying this, Xia Yuqing approached Liu Yixiang’s ear, with a inquisitive face ready to ridicule, she asked. “What? How do you feel after looking at it? Did you feel your heart beating faster, your blood burning with excitement, your heart’s mind scratching against the walls. Making a person want to howl out loud like a wolf, stirring oneself incessantly. Don’t you think so? Come on, you can’t deny it!”

Being gazed up and down by Xia Yuqing like a searchlight machine gunning her down, Liu Yixiang felt her mind tremble. Recalling the erotic picture she just saw earlier, her little face turned red, flying into a rage out of embarrassment. “How could looking at that give me any kind of feeling? Those things that would offend public morals, it really, it really is….”

“It really is what?” Xia Yuqing had a faint smile looking at her. “You sure there really is no feeling at all? Then why is your face so red?”

Liu Yixiang sucked in a cold breath. Holding her neck, she tried to cover up but only made the matters worse. “Those kind of things, so long as your heart is a tiny bit shameful, if you saw those things then your face would turn red.”

“Yes? You really can’t feel even a tiny bit of feeling?” Xia Yuqing frowned, knitting her eyebrows. Taking back the book then flipping through a few pages, she clicked her tongue and exclaimed in admiration. “Bringing it up, it is true that the person in the drawing is indeed not really particularly good looking. Not able to make your heart palpitate with eagerness at first glance doesn’t seem to be too strange…”

Xia Yuqing pinched her brows in deep thought. All of a sudden, her eyes brightened. She turned her head with a sinister smile on her face and approached Liu Yixiang.

Getting goosebumps from her stare, Liu Yixiang moved both her hands forward in a defensive stance. “Qing Jiejie, you… what are you planning on doing?”

Xia Yuqing mischievously laughed as she opened the book to the most erotic page, both her eyes sparkling brightly. Then she spoke in an enticing manner. “Try having a fantasy for a moment. Just imagine the two people in this image, one being your family cousin and the other being the Gorgeous Tutor. Your cousin is on the top while the Gorgeous Tutor is on the bottom, hurry up, hurry up.”

Xia Yuqing excitedly urged Liu Yixiang causing her to frown. Her brain then unconsciously followed Xia Yuqing’s instructions and imagined the two men within the picture as her cousin and Yan Ran….


Drip drop, drip drop. As if it was rain drops dripping onto the ground, the sound echoed throughout the lady chamber. Subsequently, the busy groups of maids and eunuchs heard the extremely familiar panic-stricken shriek coming from the government cabinet.

“Xiang… Xiang Er, why is your nose bleeding. Come, someone, someone quickly come!”


Within the Fragrant Palace Hall, after the turmoil and chaos, Liu Yixiang’s nosebleed that resembled a stream of water flowing out at long last finally stopped.

Having both her nose stuffed with two white round cotton balls, both of Liu Yixiang’s eyes had no spirit at all. Her face extremely pale from the excessive loss of blood earlier.

Very carefully, Xia Yuqing sat down near her and stole secret glances at her. Seeing that she was in a state of poor health, her heart gave rise to a trace of guilt and shame. Sure enough, once she told her to let her fantasies run wild about the Ultra Seme Lord and the Gorgeous Tutor, it was too much stimulation! She couldn’t deny it at all!

“Qing Jiejie….”

“Yes.” Suddenly being called, Xia Yuqing’s body quivered a bit. After responding she gave her a forced smile. “Xiang Er, are you alright?”

After asking Liu Yixiang that, she saw Liu Yixiang pull out the blood soaked cotton ball. After pulling out both the cotton balls, she spoke in a quiet voice. “I’m alright. Isn’t it just a small nose bleed? When I was younger and practicing martial arts one time, I fell off a tree head first, that was dangerous! So, this nosebleed, it’s nothing big at all.”

When Lu Rui who just silently floated by at this moment heard what was said, the corner of her mouth lifted up. Seeing the floor scattered with blood-stained white dango like cotton balls, she distantly looked up towards the sky.

“Nothing is good, nothing is good.” Xia Yuqing rubbed her nose and laughed out loud. Finally not being able to hold it back any longer, she curiously asked. “Xiang Er, just now….”

Before she had finished asking her question, she heard someone cry out in alarm: “Ah…. Miss Liu, why are you bleeding again? Quickly put those cotton balls back in there!”


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