Chapter 34

Chapter 34 Biao Ge, take care!

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With great difficulty, Liu Yixiang’s nosebleed finally stopped once again. Seeing it finally stop, Xia Yuqing didn’t dare stimulate her again. After multiple times of tormenting Liu Yixiang, without even realizing it, it was already the afternoon.

Taking one look at the weather outside, Lu Rui ran over to Xia Yuqing’s side to remind her. “Niang Niang, it’s almost lunch time. Did you forget about your promise with Your Majesty yesterday that you  were going to personally make him his lunch today? Nu Bi seeing that His Majesty has already spent most of his day at the study room talking with the several Da Ren’s about government politics, it shouldn’t be long before it’s time for us to go over. If you don’t start preparing for the task now, I’m afraid that we won’t make it on time.”

After Lu Rui’s reminder, Xia Yuqing then finally remembered that she did indeed promise that Big Bad Wolf who kidnapped her, to personally make lunch for him. The only thing is…

“Prepare for lunch? You are going to personally make a meal for Biao Ge’s lunch? Qing Jiejie, do you know how to cook?” Having heard what was said, Liu Yixiang asked Xia Yuqing while she stuffed two cotton balls up her nostrils.

“Yes. Yesterday, when we returning back to the palace from Gorgeous Tutor’s residence, he did say I needed to personally make him a few dishes, or else….” Or else she had to prepare to once again use those positions from that book and have it fall on her own body.

Liu Yixiang suspiciously glanced at Xia Yuqing: “There’s so many imperial kitchens, why does Biao Ge want to eat the dishes you made that badly? You didn’t do something to provoke him and make him unhappy, did you?”

Looking blankly, Xia Yuqing tried to carefully recall everything. “That’s unlikely. It couldn’t be because of yesterday when we visited Gorgeous Tutor and I had brought over those Red Date Ginseng Pork Trotters? Right? Because that is obviously for the sake of people who will be breastfeeding. Unless His Majesty also wants to ….”

“Pu…” Liu Yixiang almost choked on her own saliva, coughing a few times. “Qing Jiejie, Biao Ge probably doesn’t have those kind of hobbies that would stick out from the masses. Let’s forget about the Red Date Ginseng Pork Trotters. You should just choose whatever you are good at making.”

In any case from what that person was saying, her narrow-minded Biao Ge was probably just feeling jealous that Yan Ran was able to eat something that he hasn’t eaten before, thus felt uncomfortable in his mind.

Once she began thinking about Feng Tingye and Yan Ran, Liu Yixiang once again though about the matters that had just happened. Becoming muddle-headed, an idea flashed through her mind. I can’t say for sure…. But maybe Biao Ge was jealous. The only thing is that the feeling of jealousy he has might not be for the person before my eyes. Rather it’s Yan Ran! And it’s all because someone gave him supplements which caused him to be upset!

Wait, there seems to be something strange mixed in with all of this! Realizing what she was thinking about, Liu Yixiang turned even paler than before.

“Xiang Er, what’s wrong? Why do you look so unsightly? OMG, it looks like blood is coming out of your nose again!”

“It’s nothing, it’s nothing.” *Cough Cough* Liu Yixiang wiped her nose, then changed the topic. “Aren’t you supposed to be cooking about now? I’ll come with you and take the opportunity to see how your cooking skills are.”

“Ok. Today, I’ll let you see what a talented Master Chef in the present age is like!” Xia Yuqing nodded her head with no doubt in her mind, then cheerfully dragged Liu Yixiang towards the kitchen to have her act as the supporting role.

Wholeheartedly devoting herself towards the kitchen, pondering what she should make to fully display her capabilities, Xia Yuqing did not discover what Liu Yixiang did right before they left. With her deftness and an embarrassed face, from the above the bed Liu Yixiang had grabbed the tiny yellow book that represents everything that is evil… and stole it!

“Qing Jiejie. My Biao Ge, that person. His appearance, temperament, arts, riding, and shooting is all good. There’s only one thing that the people that are relatively closer to him knows. What Gu Mu and my intentions are, especially rather than letting you find out later on and misunderstand my Biao Ge, I might as well tell you ahead of time, so you will be mentally prepared.” Walking on the road towards the kitchen, Liu Yixiang recalled the purpose of her visit today, then pulled on Xia Yuqing and spoke in a low voice.

“Ha?” Xia Yuqing stared at Liu Yixiang puzzled.

Liu Yixiang swallowed her saliva, with great difficulty trying to organize her words, she leaned over to Xia Yuqing and whispered into her ear.

“What?” After hearing what Liu Yixiang said, she cried out in alarm. Having lingering fears, she looked all around her then lowered her voice. “Are you saying… but why is it that ordinarily you never see him like that?”

“Well that’s obviously because he’s hidden it well. Have you noticed that palace eunuch that is usually following by his side? Ordinarily, that eunuch would be by his side to help him cover up that fault. You could try to carefully observe him a bit or …” Taking joy in her calamity, Liu Yixiang approached Xia Yuqing and whispered something within her ear.

Xia Yuqing’s eyes brightened. “That’s possible too? Ok, hehehe. Next time, I’ll try that.”

Without knowing that he was sold out, Feng Tingye who was currently in the study room with Leng Ruofeng negotiating some countermeasures suddenly felt a shiver up his spine. Temporarily not restraining himself, he let out a loud sneeze.

“Tsk Tsk. Your Majesty, do you have a cold? Or is it that Consort Qing is missing you again just like last time?” Yan Ran whistled and began teasing Feng Tingye. Watching this, the corner of Leng Ruofeng’s mouth lift up. His mind thought, this fellow inevitably would have a day where he will die due to his nasty mouth!

Feng Tingye coldly smiled. “Zhen needs to return to the Fragrant Palace Hall to enjoy the meal my Ai Fei has specially prepared. So, we’ll stop here for today. Let’s all depart.” After speaking, he threw the accounts book he was holding to the side, turned and departed.

Yan Ran stared blankly for a long time to then pointed at Feng Tingye’s figure from behind. “Did we just get stood up again? Paying more attention to his lover than his friends, this is too excessive!”

Shao Zitang feeling it was beneath him bestowed Yan Ran a roll of his eyes, then arrogantly spat out two words. “Idiot.”

“Who are you calling an idiot? Xiao Tangtang, I’ve borne with you for too long. Today, you have to give me a clear explanation. What part of me provokes you? Hey, don’t just keep silent…”

“Actually…..” Seeing the two beginning to argue, Leng Ruofeng coughed out loud interrupting the two. “Actually I’ve always wanted to ask this, Tingye, he… can recognize Qing Fei Niang Niang’s face?”

One that last word came out, the study room fell into a deathly silence.

After a long while, did Yan Ran lightly cough, not entirely sure. “Should… he should be able to.”

Enthusiastically, Feng Tingye brought his gang of Nu Cai and headed towards Fragrant Palace Hall. Standing at the entrance of Fragrant Palace Hall he paused, hearing an endless disturbance within.

“Niang Niang, don’t hold the vegetable knife too close, or else you might cut your fingers.”

“Niang Niang, don’t blow the fire like that. Those trivial matters should be handled by this Nu Bi. Agh, fire, fire, put out the fire!”

“Ah, Niang Niang, the water is boiling. Don’t get too close or else you might be scalded.”

“Wah… Qing Jiejie, are you cooking or are you trying to murder someone!”

Inside the palace hall’s kitchen ** Liu Yixiang’s scream in alarm dropped the curtain to the chaos. Feng Tingye who was standing at the palace hall doorway for a long time, suddenly heard a burst of urgent footsteps.

Following the sound, it was Liu Yixiang frantically trying to extinguish the black clothing that was caught on fire with her hair all astray.

Seeing Feng Tingye, Liu Yixiang was startled. Subsequently complexion changing, she rushed over to his side and patted his shoulder, sympathetically saying. “Biao Ge, take care! Your little sister has to leave first!”

Without waiting for Feng Tingye to respond, she took one glance behind her, holding her clothing and bringing a group of Ya Tou who were also in a sorry state, ran off as if a monster was chasing her.

Feng Tingye’s face sank. At long last, he lifted his feet up and advanced towards the kitchen where Xia Yuqing was.

Slightly extending his head in to peek in on what Xia Yuqing was up to, Feng Tingye didn’t expect that in the next second, a gloomy cold gale would rush out towards him. Startled, he hurriedly retreated a few steps back.

BOOM! That strong gale finally stopped not too distant away on the top of a pillar. Staring at it, Feng Tingye shockingly saw the object that was gleaming in the afternoon sunlight was …. a bright vegetable knife.


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