FMEA Chapter 36

Chapter 36 Drink a cup of alcohol to boost your courage

Medicine that would cause one to purge everything out similar to laxatives are capable of causing a person’s consciousness to float among the clouds!

After suffering three days of her conscience being criticized, Xia Yuqing pondered about her painful experience. She felt that the Ultra Seme lord had only ended up in this tragic state because he possessed an indelible responsibility. Being a citizen who was brave enough to take responsibility for their own actions, if she didn’t express her opinion, she would feel rather uneasy.

Although it could be said like that, Xia Yuqing nevertheless decided to strike the drums to signify her retreating from the hall. “Lu Rui, I’m scared.”

If the Ultra Seme lord doesn’t forgive himself, if he gets too furious, he might let someone chop his head off. Then what would we do?

Wah wah wah. Furthermore there are still a lot of amazing delicacies I haven’t eaten yet, loads of yaoi books I haven’t read yet, and so many dirty movies to watch. How could I possibly let myself die! Most importantly, I’m scared of pain, I don’t want to die not fully intact!

Lu Rui watched the snot and tears flow down as her master acted as if she was about to go to the execution grounds. Vulgarly she rolled her eyes at the sky. Since she has followed her master, she had discovered that she has gradually become more and more like an older female servant. If this continues on like this, she definitely would age prematurely!

“Niang niang, please feel reassured. Nothing will happen. Think about it. If something were to happen, it would’ve happened long ago. The big crime of regicide garners a punishment of getting your head chopped off, but if His Majesty wanted to sentence you to that, he would’ve already made his move. Why would he need to wait until now? You should just obediently go over and accompany His Majesty to apologize and amuse him. Then wouldn’t everything be just fine?”

Xia Yuqing with tears gleaming in her eyes, looked at Lu Rui in a lovable but pitiful manner. “Perhaps the reason that His Majesty didn’t come over the past few days was because he was preparing to settle the scores at the most opportune moment. If I go over now, wouldn’t I be just walking into a trap?”

Lu Rui once again rolled her eyes. She grasped Xia Yuqing’s hand to encourage her. “If that’s the case, then all the more reasons you have to go. Think about it. Take advantage of the fact that His Majesty still hasn’t convicted you of crime. If you go over and admit to your mistake first, even if His Majesty is still a bit upset, if he saw you admitting your and acknowledging your mistake, it would definitely cool his temper. Besides, it wasn’t like you did that deliberately. If you go admit your fault now, if His Majesty still wants to come look for you for justification then that would inevitably cause everyone to look at him as if he was narrow minded. For his own reputation, he definitely wouldn’t dare to do anything to you. Don’t you agree?”

“The way you explained it seems to really make sense…” Xia Yuqing relaxed a bit and nodded her head. Afterwards, she swept her eyes all around the room, then lowering her voice she asked.  “Where’s Cui Er?”

“Niang Niang, please don’t change the topic. Every girl has those few days every month, don’t you already know? Cui Er Jie Jie for the past few days has been feeling uncomfortable, thus will not be coming over. Before she left, she had instructed this Nu Bi to take care of Niang Niang. Therefore Niang Niang must go today.” Xia Yuqing’s intentions were easily discovered by Lu Rui. Showing no quarter, she extinguished Xia Yuqing’s idea of delaying the talk.

“I really have to go?”

Lu Rui turned her neck and looked serious as she spoke. “You have to go, this is not up for discussion.”

“Lu Rui, recently it seems like you are becoming more and more fierce. Take care, girls that behave in this manner might not be able to get married.”

“…….” Lu Rui’s heart was about to blow it’s tops. Who was the one who caused her to behave like this?!  

Taking in a big deep breath, Lu Rui gently said. “Actually, if Niang Niang is really scared, Nu Bi does have a plan.”

“What is it?” Both of Xia Yuqing’s eyes suddenly lit up.

“Nu Bi heard that alcohol is able to strengthen one’s courage. If Niang Niang really is scared, Nu Bi could help Niang Niang get some alcohol back and allow Niang Niang to strengthen her courage.”

Xia Yuqing thought that this suggestion of Lu Rui’s was actually not too bad. As a result, proceeding with Lu Rui’s idea, she poured an entire jug of alcohol into her mouth. Wiping her mouth dry, she went straight to Feng Tingye’s Qian Qing Palace.

Unfortunately, Xia Yuqing had only thought about how alcohol was able to help increase her courage. She had totally forgotten about how besides suppressing her being scared, it would also be capable of giving her a countless number of side effects. Therefore creating a tragedy….. would not be strange at all.

Within Qing Qing Palace, the light illuminated from the candles were swaying in the shadows and the atmosphere was quite chilly. Expressionless, Feng Tingye was sitting in front of the desk listening to a few people reporting the activities that has occurred the past few days. After everyone had spoken, the corner of his mouth lifted up a bit, turning into a sneer. “After all is said and done, Prince Rui still lost his cool. These past few days of pretending to be in a flimsy delicate state has not been in vain.”

“Yes. Since that Jiang Zhaorou had met Xiao Tangtang by accident, she has been exerting all her strength to make Prince Rui to make a move ahead of schedule. At that time, she had also spread the news that Your Majesty has suddenly became sick and has become increasingly weak in health. Because Prince Rui has been harboring devilish thoughts all this time, he definitely will try to stir up some trouble.”

Shao Zitang glanced at Yan Ran, then laughed coldly. “Once he makes a move, we would be able to get information to use against him. At the imperial court, at that critical moment, we would have the will of the people. At that time, all those officials would  willingly accept our new emperor and would cast aside that snake. Ruofeng, how has your evidence gathering been going?”

“These past two days, those old chancellors that had been occupying a position in the imperial court for many years have been too quiet. Even if evidence of crimes were discovered, they aren’t profound ones. It will be hard to strike them out in one move. However luckily due to them living like princes’ the past few years, with a bit of negligence, some matters were still able to be discovered.”

“In this world there is no such thing as a wall that does not leak any wind. If you don’t want people to know, you would have to run the entire show by yourself. Those old batards, unfettered for so long, they naturally wouldn’t think that there would be a day where people would dare to make a move on a Tai Sui’s head.” Shao Zitang snorted, evidently regarding those old things as stubborn and obstinate.

“Tai Sui? How could they be considered to be a Tai Sui?” Feng Tingye lazily lifted his eyelids and smiled coldly.


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