FMEA Chapter 37

Chapter 37 It’s better to be drunk when handling work

Yan Ran’s entire body trembled, in a great rush he changed the topic on hand. “Speaking of this, it seems that this operation could make such great progress this time without a hitch, it seems we have to thank that little kitten…. Cough cough, I mean Imperial Concubine Qing Fei Niang Niang’s meal…..”

Recieving a death glare from Feng Tingye, Yan Ran lightly coughed a few times, then tactfully changed how he addressed Xia Yuqing.

His heart lamented. As expected, today is not like our former days. If it was as before, how could this man in front of me stare at me with such cold eyes for a woman. It’s seriously no joke when one has a wife, your brothers are just spoilt milk!

Feng Tingye’s eyes glanced over at Yan Ran for a second, then laughed. ‘It appears as if the Grand Tutor especially liked the red date ginseng pig trotter stew that was given to him a couple of days ago. Fine, if that’s the case, Zhen could get Consort Qing to make a couple more and send it over to the Grand Tutor’s residence. This would be to reward all of Grand Tutor’s efforts and meritous services for this country. To display my sincerity, I will instruct Consort Qing to personally cook for the Grand Tutor to enjoy.”

Feng Tingye intentionally emphasized the words ‘personally cook’ causing Yan Ran’s originally smiling expression to stiffen. Forcing a smile he replied, “Imperial Consort Qing is such an invaluable person of status, how could this Chen dare to even consider having Niang Niang to personally cook for this official to enjoy?”

“The Grand Tutor is one of the state’s accomplished officials, a few trifling dishes is no matter. Besides, Consort Qing has recently been fairly passionate about cooking. Zhen is sure that it would be little effort on her part to make those simple dishes. My beloved Ai Fei’s kind intentions, when the time comes you better make sure you eat every little scrap, otherwise if Ai Fei finds out she would definitely be hurt.”

So you’re deliberately using me as a shield to save yourself from having to suffer, spared getting ruined! Even though he did not know Xia Yuqing’s cooking skills but so what? Just looking at Feng Tingye’s complexion the past few days, it is clear to all how it is.

Although it wasn’t as bad as rumoured outside, but they were all brilliant individuals. From birth until present they had never been sick before, their valiant physique was as strong as His Majesty’s. Yet, it was the undeniable truth that they have been lying here the entire day!

Yan Ran scowled miserably, unwillingly replying: “Chen obeys the emperor’s decree.”

Leng Ruofeng and Shao Zitang looked indifferently at Feng Tingye tormenting Yan Ran. Their lips twitched into a smirk as they looked towards Yan Ran, rejoicing in his misfortune.

Fully aware that a certain person is incredibly narrow-minded and you still decide to joyfully bump against this loaded gun. If he didn’t drag you into this mess, could he still be called Feng Tingye? That is the reason why that certain person could be so tyrannical!

In that moment where those several people were still speaking, a sudden knocking sound from outside could be heard. Following right after, Feng Tingye’s personal eunuch came over to make a report. “Reporting to His Majesty, Imperial Consort Qing has requested to meet you.”

“Why would she be coming over at this hour?” Feng Tingye was stumped for words. “Allow Consort Qing to come in. As for you guys….”

Receiving Feng Tingye’s expelling glance, the three gave each other a meaningful glance then bowed down and retreated: “This official asks to be excused.”

“Niang Niang.” The three of them walked over to where Xia Yuqing was coming from and courteously greeted her.

Somewhat bewildered, she glanced at the three and saw that they also had a similar blank stare. Slightly smiling, she nodded her head towards the three.

Being accustomed to Xia Yuqing’s over affectionate appearance every time they encounter each other, seeing Xia Yuqing’s indifferent attitude now, the three all felt a bit unused to it.

Leng Ruofeng and Shao Zitang brushed past Xia Yuqing’s shoulder assuming that everything had been concluded, yet who would have thought Yan Ran seeing Xia Yuqing’s unusual appearance would decide to use her as entertainment. During the moment he was brushing past her, he sighed. “Alas, it is indeed true. When people have a new lover, they will forget about their old ones. Public morals are degenerating with each passing day, people’s feelings truly can’t last!”

Hearing this, Xia Yuqing originally glazed over because of the alcohol suddenly had her eyes cleared up. Was the Grand Tutor feeling jealous? Was he actually feeling jealous?!

Astonished, Xia Yuqing turned around to look at Yan Ran walk away nonchalantly. Turning back around, her eyes filled with condemnation for betraying one’s love were burning lasers towards Feng Tingye.

The vein on Feng Tingye’s head burst, his mind resolutely once again noting Yan Ran’s revenge.

Shao Zitang and Leng Ruofeng stopped moving their feet and astonished, turned their heads to take a quick glance towards Feng Tingye. Subsequently, they picked up their pace to leave this dangerous area. Yan Ran, that guy, had already left so quickly, they definitely do not want to be left here to replace him as the sacrificial lamb.

Seeing that most of the people have left, Feng Tingye coughed slightly. Making a supreme effort to ignore Xia Yuqing’s resenting eyes, he asked: “Ai Fei, why have you come to Zhen’s palace this late at night? Is there something urgent?”

“Something urgent?” Xia Yuqing became blank again because of the effects of the alcohol in her brain. Hanging her head, she mumbled to herself, “Oh, let me think, what am I doing here?”

Hearing what was said, his eyes stirred slightly, finally realizing that Xia Yuqing is exceptionally abnormal today. Standing up, he walked over to Xia Yuqing’s side.

Just as he approached her side, he could sniff out that on Xia Yuqing’s body there was a mix of perfume and a faint smell of wine. Eyebrows arching up, he asked. “Did you drink alcohol?”

“Alcohol?” Xia Yuqing’s dazed state was suddenly broken and her eyes brightened. “Yes, I did drink some alcohol to strengthen my courage! But, I’m not drunk, okay. I’m not. I’m definitely not drunk!”

As expected, all of the drunkards in this world would never admit they were drunk! Feng Tingye didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. Staring at Xia Yuqing’s face wrinkle up to deny being drunk, he coaxed: “Okay, okay, I believe you. You are not drunk at all. Now can you tell Zhen, what you are here for? To even have to drink some alcohol to build up your courage, you wouldn’t have done some shameful deed that would make you feel apologetic to Zhen, did you?”

“Yeah, so what if I did come here to do that?” Distressed, Xia Yuqing began nibbling her own finger. Dropping her head, it just so happens that she exposed her pale smooth neck.

Being a rare occasion to see such an obedient appearance from her, Feng Tingye’s eyes slightly lit up. If a delicacy was delivered straight to your mouth, if one were not to eat it, it would simply be letting oneself down.  

Feng Tingye made some calculations within his head, then perking up his head, he revealed a cunning smile of a wolf. He quietly spoke in a manner like he was about to abduct someone. “If you can’t remember, don’t worry about it. The sky is getting dark anyways, let’s go get some rest first. Let’s wait until tomorrow morning when you sober up from the alcohol to continue to speak. It wouldn’t be too late to speak then.”

Finishing his words, he grabbed the bewildered little bunny’s hand and went straight to the inner chambers. Placing Xia Yuqing on top of the bed, the wolf claw extended itself and gradually, little by little, it stretched out to enter the front of her lapel.

Not violently resisting compared to usual and without the little bunny’s stammering furious curse words to him, she only acted like an innocent lovable child. In addition, Feng Tingye seeing that the alcohol has given her a captivating red blush on her cheeks, he couldn’t help wish that later on in the future he has to make sure that he lets this Ya Tou drink a bit more often. Although during the day those minor struggles are quite entertaining and delightful, but occasionally having compliancy is quite an enjoyable taste as well.   

Just when he was preparing to attack that little bunny, one little accident happened. The originally quiet and peaceful Xia Yuqing bursted up with sudden strength and vigour. Using incredible strength, she lifted up Feng Tingye who had her pressed down to the bed.

“Ah! I want to stand up! I came here to apologize!” Xia Yuqing’s brain which was several beats slower than usual finally had recovered to her original state. Her right hand slapping her forehead, she had a massive smile on her face when she spoke.

After completing her sentence, she seemed to sense that something seemed wrong. Lowering her head to look at the bed, then looking at the astounded Feng Tingye lying on the ground, she innocently asked. “Huh? Your Majesty, did you fall off the bed again?”


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