FMEA Chapter 38

Chapter 38: The assassin who broke through the fortress

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Second time…. it was the second time!!! Feng Tingye’s vein popped twice consecutively because of a certain someone. That certain narrow minded, egotistical Majesty has thoroughly…. been stomped on.

Thump….. Xia Yuqing who was currently bewildered was once again thrown onto the middle of the soft bed. A pair of eyes innocently stared at Feng Tingye laughing in a crazy manner: “Your Majesty, I came to apologize?”

Feng Tingye extremely angry snickered. “Apologize? What did Ai Fei do that requires an apology?”

“That is…. that is last time…. that food poisoning incident” Belch! Just at that moment Xia Yuqing was speaking, she let out a large alcoholic burp directly at Feng Tingye’s face.

As a result, that certain someone’s face got even darker. Tightly gripping Xia Yuqing’s hand to prevent her from doing anything else inappropriate. “Huh, Ai Fei was preparing to apologize to Zhen? If there isn’t any sincerity, Zhen might not so easily forgive Ai Fei.”

“Sincerity? What do I have to do to show some sincerity?” Xia Yuqing leaned her head to the side and confusedly stared at Feng Tingye with her eyebrows knitted. Why do those words… sound so familiar?

Feng Tingye revealed his wolfish smile like he was about to kidnap a small bunny. His hand slowly reaching out below, he lightly laughed. “Zhen thinks that if you use body to show your devotion that would display the most sincerity.”

“Use my body to show devotion?” Xia Yuqing repeated that line again, at a complete loss. Then her eyes lit up, realizing his intentions, smacked that certain someone’s wolf claws away with all her strength. “Stop fooling around!”

“…..” Feng Tingye looks at the distinct handprint on the back of his hand, gritting his teeth. It was his blunder! How could he forget that this drunk little kitten is also capable of revealing her claws to scratch people!

As Feng Tingye was contemplating whether or not to change his intentions, when he was about to force himself, he suddenly heard Xia Yuqing abruptly shout out in surprise. Lifting her head, her two eyes were wide open like two full moons, she stared at Feng Tingye. “I know what to do. Your Majesty…. Belch…. I’ll dedicate a song to you to apologize!”

“Dedicate a song to me?” The memories of Xia Yuqing’s past performance Automatically resurfaced into Feng Tingye’s mind. His mind trembled, a bad premonition immediately came over him causing his body to stiffen. “Ai Fei, its getting late now. Since Ai Fei also drank earlier, if you were to also sing a song now, it would probably disturb the peace and tranquility of the palace. Zhen would also worry if Ai Fei might accidentally damage your throat.”

“I don’t mind! Disturb the palace’s peace and tranquility? I think that those palace guards outside probably won’t mind either.”

But this Zhen minds! The corner of Feng Tingye’s mouth twitched. He must be having a brain fart to even attempt to speak logic to a drunkard!

Seeing Feng Tingye still havn’t spoken for a long time, Xia Yuqing made a pitiful yet lovable appearance. “Your Majesty, do you not want to hear me sing?”

Feng Tingye choked. Seeing the rare appearance of Xia Yuqing admitting to her own mistake, his heart started to weaken. He lightly coughed. “That’s not the case but….”

“Then it’s decided!”

“….” Feng Tingye mouth opened and closed, then opened and closed again. After all has been said and done, he still didn’t have the heart to strike down that certain someone’s enthusiasm. Secretly consoling himself, he thought the worst case scenario would be just having another taste of that crazy windstorm again. Worst comes to worst, he could stuff another two cotton balls into his ears so he won’t be able to hear anything. But soon, he will discover that he was incredibly wrong.

“Ah! I can see a mountain, a plain of mountains, a series of connected mountains….. aahhh laaa but that is the Qinghai Tibetan Plateau… cough cough. It’s too high pitched, this is too difficult to sing. Let’s change the song. That coral lily’s brilliant red…”

In the dead of the night, occasionally spreading over from Qiang Qing Palace, an indescribable ghost-like wails could be heard. Accompanied with the howling of the winds, it almost resembled hell. This caused any palace soldier walking past that perimeter to get goosebumps. Clenching their fists as if they’ve seen a real live ghost, they would break into a wild sprint away from this area.

Feng Tingye powerlessly reached out his two hands from the couch beside the bed. Two eyes turning dark, he stared at Xia Yuqing wailing by herself.

If last time’s performance could be considered as off key then this time Xia Yuqing’s wailing could be said to be completely off the melody. It’s simply so horrendous it would make people cry!

Feng Tingye felt regretful. He discovered that since he had met Xia Yuqing, it has been a constant series of regrets. That woman absolutely had to be his dark star, there isn’t a single doubt about it!

“Enough…..” After resisting several rounds of that fishy smell of liquor spreading over, Feng Tingye finally couldn’t hold back hollering out, interrupting Xia Yuqing’s wailing.

The devil’s music stopped with a grunting sound. Feng Tingye heaved a sigh of relief. Unfortunately, he heard Xia Yuqing sobbing, feeling aggrieved. “You’re so mean to me…. Waahhhh. How dare you be mean to me! You were the one who originally told me to show some sincerity. I’m already singing for you, how dare you be mean to me!”

While she was speaking, she rolled towards the bed. Silently crawling to the corner, she resentfully drew small circles on the ground. “Xiao Bai Cai, the ground has turned yellow. You’re only around two/ three and you’ve already lost your mother.”

While singing, she would automatically and frequently switch songs. Brandishing her resentment to her surroundings, she got more and more worked up while she was singing. “I am just a small bird, wanting to fly but no matter what I do I am unable to fly up high.”

“Ah…..” Feng Tingye covered his ears with his hands. “Zhen forgives you…. I forgive you so just please stop singing. i beg you!”

“Your Majesty forgives me? Xia Yuqing rubbed her nose in a pitiful manner, then turned her head around to look tenderly at Feng Tingye.

Feng Tingye stabilized his shaking body. He spoke in a righteous manner: “Ai Fei’s apology was rather sincere. Let bygones be bygones. Zhen… will no longer pursue that matter.”

“Really?” In an instant, Xia Yuqing jumped up from the ground. Both her eyes were like stars sparkling in the dark. “Your Majesty is so broad minded and generous! It’s decided, I will sing another song in celebration. That man on the horse, you are formidable and majestic. Galloping on his horse moving like the wind…”

Feng Tingye almost sprayed out a mouthful of blood. His mind couldn’t help screaming out: save me!

Wait a second. That sound doesn’t seem like my own. Its seems like… its coming from outside.

“Save me! Please stop singing!” With that thunderous sound, Feng Tingye’s ear twitched minutely. He could only hear a fit of sword stroking sounds. Subsequently after a cat calling sound, a shadow slipped in from the window.

Feng Tingye looked stared at the shadow. Then discovered that the shadow that was completely outfitted in black, had a long sword covered in fresh blood. Reeking of evil, it was clear… that he was up to no good.

Feng Ting’s face sank then coldly stared over towards that certain someone who seamlessly broke through the window and entered the room causing Xia Yuqing to stop her singing

That black clothed person gave off a dark stare as he swept across the room. Without waiting for Feng Tingye to speak out, he fixed his line of sight onto Xia Yuqing and howled in grief: “Stop singing!”

Afterwards, that black clothed person who had already lost his mask suddenly distorted his face. Retching out a mouthful or brilliant red blood, he fell to the ground and didn’t get up.

“What’s wrong with him?” Hearing the sound of activity, she rocked back and forth bending over towards the man. At once, Feng Tingye supported her. Silently looking up towards the sky, this time even he didn’t know how to explain this situation!

Bang! Outside Qian Qing Palace, the imperial soldiers who fainted because of Xia Yuqing’s singing suddenly woke up from the sounds of the swords strikes. Forcing open the door in a great flurry and taking in the scene within the palace hall, they immediately yelled out: “A… Assassin, there’s an assassin!”

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