FMEA Chapter 39

Chapter 39: History’s most powerful torture (Part 1)

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First thing in the morning, news have already spread throughout the palace about the assassin. Yan Ran not wanting to waste time having someone prepare him a meal grabbed something that was readily available and burning with impatience rushed over to the palace. Unexpectedly, right as he entered he was received by the cold expressionless Feng Tingye who seemed to be stuck in a world of injustice.

Looking at the desperate person suspended on the shelf, Yan Ran gave out a whistle of delight. He laughed and smiled insincerely, clicking his tongue: “Your Majesty, this time your move is rather vicious. Seeing this assassin’s delicate state, I’m afraid if he doesn’t die then in the future he will definitely become handicapped.”

Feng Tingye looked at his infuriating expression, coldly smiling: “Grand Tutor, at this time you can still have such a sympathetic heart? Not even stating the fact that Zhen had not even lifted a single finger, what if it was Zhen who had beaten him to this state? For him to become like this was a punishment well deserved.”

“Ah, you haven’t even laid a single finger on him? Then how did he become this injured?” Yan Ran looked at the assassin who looked like he was beaten half to death, asked in surprise.

Feng Tingye didn’t reply. It was Leng Ruofeng who was looking pensive that was the one who interjected. “Earlier when I was entering the palace, I vaguely heard some maids bring up that when His Majesty encountered the assassin last night, he was together with Consort Qing.”

“Together with Consort Qing? If it wasn’t His Majesty who took action, could it be Consort Qing? This assassin no matter how you look at him doesn’t seem to be weak at all. Consort Qing with her tiny physique was capable of injuring him to this state. She really hid her strengths well. You really can’t judge a book by its cover!” After speaking Yan Rans face changed slightly, then cautiously looked over to the not so distant Feng Tingye. No wonder that certain someone had such an unsightly face. It was probably because he just discovered that the little kitten on his pillow who he raised aas actually a life threatening female tiger. His mind must be struggling with some pent up frustrations.

Yan Ran’s gaze was too obvious. Being friends for so many years, Feng Tingye had long ago already had a good grasp of his thoughts. Too lazy to care to explain the situation, he directly turned his back on him, ignoring his goosebump raising sympathetic gaze.

Shao Zitang stared coldly at that certain someone who was currently indulging themselves in their fantasies, then walked forward a few steps. Pinching his eyebrows together while glancing over at the assassin a few times, he spoke in a profound manner. Yan Ran, are your two eyes grown on the top of your head? Look at the assassin’s pale complexion and weak vitality. From head to toe, he is covered with sweat, not to mention he would have small twitches from time to time. It is clear that he has the signs of Qi deviation. Have all these years of practicing martial arts been all just in vain for you that you couldn’t even tell?!”

“Qi deviation?” Yan Ran stared blankly for a moment. After resembling a person who had just thought of something, the smile on his face for some unknown reason stiffened. Then giving out a hollow laugh, he turned towards Feng Tingye’s direction: “Your Majesty, yesterday night when the assassin appeared, it couldn’t be that Consort Qing was… in the midst of playing the zither for you to enjoy could it?”

When these words were spoken, the two people at the side face changed. They immediately turned towards Feng Tingye.

Bestowing him a look of disapproval, he gave him a knowing smile. “Of course not.”

Just when the several people there were about to let out a breath of relief, he added: “Merely, it was even more dreadful than that.”

The slightly stretched corners of Yan Ran’s mouth stiffened and his lips became dry and parched. “Then excuse me, Your Majesty, Consort Qing at that time….”

“Ai Fei at that moment was issuing an apology to Zhen in regards to her lunch that exceeded all expectations. She decided to sing a song of her deep love in order to ask for forgiveness.”

“…..” Offer a song?! It wouldn’t be what they are thinking, would it?

Perfectly satisfied from staring as the faces of his bad friends’ change, Feng Tingye unenthusiastically supplemented a few words: “Actually….. there were three assassins last night.”

With great difficulty, Yan Ran swallowed his saliva. In a conspicious manner he asked, “Then what happened to the other two assassins?”

“After the two assassins heard Ai Fei’s heavenly sound, being overcome with emotions, they had an internal strife and died leaving only one assassin left alive.” Feng Tingye smiled indifferently at the sudden abrupt paling of the three. Hearing that there were additionally two assassins last night and not knowing when they passed away, it completely astonished those people in front of his eyes.

After being astonished, they immediately remembered that before the assassin had bursted in, there was the pitter pattering of the sword sounds. Now the truth has been revealed.

“…..” Two dead, one injured! Their hearts immediately trembled, then looking at each other directly in the eyes, they inwardly decided that in the future when they encounter that certain someone they must definitely go the other way. It’s not that they are afraid to die, since the ancient times when does one not die. However, dying in this sullen manner, if one were to hear about it they would definitely lose face!

While the three were dwelling in their own thoughts, their thoughts feeling like it was overturned, during this moment of complex feeling, with a crash, a faint sound seem to spread over from a not so distant location successfully interrupting these three’s confusion.

Feng tingye waved his hand to dismiss the imperial guard that just spilt water. Staring at that distressed, unreconciled, and unwilling assassin who had just became conscious again, he smirked. “Finally awake? If you’re awake then it’ll make things easier. Trying to infiltrate Ye Country’s palace late at night with the intention to assassinate Zhen, your courage really isn’t small. Speak, who was it that sent you?”

Being drenched by cold water, the black clothed assassin’s body shook uncontrollably. In addition to hearing Feng Tingye’s loud shout, he completely woke up. Taking in his surroundings, he began to struggle with all his might to discover that all four of his limbs were bound tightly by iron chains. Dangling in mid air, he looked exactly like a lamb waiting to be slaughtered.

After the brief moment of struggle, the assassin’s eyes lit up. Slightly opening his mouth, he was planning on biting the poison packet hidden within his teeth, but he suddenly stopped.

Seeing the flabbergasted state of the assassin, Feng Tingye gave him a mocking smile. “Want to die? It’s not going to be that easy, Do you really think Zhen would make the same mistake twice?”

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