FMEA Chapter 40

Chapter 40 History’s most powerful torture (Part 2)

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Last time the assassins from the assassination at Ganquan palace had all committed suicide by taking poison once they were captured. Neat and tidy, none of them were left alive for evidence. They had gone through such great troubles to get that information, but wastefully they had let it slip away causing a few to wring their wrists incessantly. This time if they missed this opportunity which was delivered to their front door again, then that lesson they had received would have all been in vain.

“Tingye, be careful. He wants to bite his tongue to commit suicide.” Before Feng Tingye had finished speaking earlier, Yan Ran was fiercely glaring at the assassin thus noticed his movements, and yelled.

Speaking is slow, actions are fast. Everyone just felt a fast breeze of wind blow by and a flash of a shadow flit across their eyes.

With a big kacha sound, the assassin who resolutely was about to bring his lower jaw up was easily stopped by Shao Zitang who effortlessly dislocated it.

Everyone who saw this couldn’t help but let out a sigh of relief. Feng Tingye’s eyes dangerously narrowed together, the smile on his face not diminishing but on the contrary expanding even bigger. The few people who knew his temperament knew that, that certain person was getting angry. Without exception, each and every one of them retreated back a few steps. In their hearts, they all gave a silent tribute to the assassin, all of them unable to resist looking at him in sympathy.

“You dare try to commit suicide even in front of Zhen? You really don’t know how to shed a tear until you see the coffin** ” Gripping the dislocated jaw of the assassin, Feng Tingye spoke while pulling the jaw out, immediately causing that person to feel so much pain that his face distorted and couldn’t help but scream out. Yet because he couldn’t articulate properly, he was only able to let out a few distorted groans. This made everyone who saw it can’t help but break out into cold sweat for him.
** [chinese saying: refuse to be convinced until one is faced with grim reality]

“You guys are death warriors, your lives are worthless. You guys are ready to die at any time. Since this is the case, then Zhen doesn’t want to let you die. Within the prison there are numerous of procedures that would make you feel like dying would be way better than living. However on your body we would probably need at least three days of torture to get everything out of you. Unfortunately, Zhen is not in a carefree mood to wait for you for three days. So how about we do it like this, Zhen will choose the cruelest method, the one that would cause people to be terror-stricken to take care of you.”

Feng Tingye swept his eyes over the prison cell, looking at the assassin who remains untamed, his eyes filled with bitterness. Faintly smiling, Feng Tingye leans close to his ear and whispers: “Do you still remember the lady who sang last night?”

Feeling all his subordinates becoming rigid due to his words, Feng Tingye continued to speak: “That was Zhen’s Consort Qing. It just happens that she had come by today as well. Since I caught an assassin today and feeling quite happy, why don’t I invite her in here to have her present you a song. She could harmonize and reconcile this gloomy atmosphere within the prison cell, what do you think?

Suddenly hearing the mention of that name, everyone started to tremble from head to toe. Having lingering fears from their trauma, they took a quick peek outside then spoke some empty words they didn’t feel at all: “Chen thinks that Zhen’s suggestion is extremely good.”

“Come, open the door. Release Consort Qing.”

Plop….. The imperial bodyguards who were standing outside the door almost couldn’t stifle their laughs. Even the few inside who were entertaining thoughts of anxiousness couldn’t help but laugh. Your Majesty, are you certain what you said just now wasn’t “close the door and release the dogs”? If Consort Qing knew about this, she would definitely break down and cry!

Sobs…. That assassin wasn’t in any mood to appreciate these funny words spoken by Feng Tingye. Once he heard the two words ‘Consort Qing’, his eyes revealed an obvious sign of horror. Now hearing that Feng Tingye wanted to allow her to come and play a song, his dangerous pair of eyes became extremely dark.

After regaining his mind, he began to spare no effort to struggle free. Wanting to let out sounds as well, unfortunately he was unable to speak due to the state of his jaw. He could only continuously shake his head, his unclosable mouth sporadically emitting some groans out.

It was really as said, seeing people suffer bystanders would shed tears. Unfortunately this certain someone was known to have a heart of stone.

Feng Tingye joyfully appreciated the assassin’s final struggles, then shamelessly spoke out in a merciful manner. “You don’t want her to come over?”

In a great rush, the assassin nodded his head. “Then Zhen will give you a chance. Honestly tell me who the mastermind is, then I’ll give you a way to live. Otherwise, Zhen doesn’t mind accompanying to listen to a song until you’re satisfied and ready to speak. Nod your head if you’re going to speak, shake your head if you won’t speak.”

After hearing what was said, the assassin didn’t even have the slightest of hesitations. He was nodding his head so fast that he looked like a diligent chick pecking at rice. He was completely different from earlier when he looked so determined to die.

“…….” Everyone who heard the two speak were completely stupefied!

Satisfied, Feng Tingye backed up a few steps. “Zitang, fix him.”

Shao Zitang knitted his eyebrows together. His eyes revealing a thread of disapproval, but he complied and followed his orders, assisting the assassin in correcting his jaw.

Seeing the assassin lightly cough a bit to clear his throat and his eyes looking all over the place as if he was unsure of where he was, it was hard to tell what he might be scheming.

Unperturbed, Feng Tingye walked to the side of the table and sat down. Raising up a cup of freshly poured tea to his mouth to take a sip, composed, he indifferently looked at the assassin. “Don’t even think of babbling nonsense and even more don’t think about taking your own life. Otherwise, Zhen will permit Consort Qing to sing for your funeral for three days consecutively. This time Zhen will allow her to sing… the underworld song.”

“….” Your Majesty, just using an underworld song to threaten this blood soaked martial artist within Jianghu. Isn’t this a bit too negligent of you?

“I…. I’ll speak….. I’ll tell you everything, please, I’ll speak!”

“…..” Were they crazy? Or was the assassin crazy? Waaahhh, it must be that the way they approached it wasn’t right. Big brother assassin, how could you just surrender so easily? How could you give up on your personal integrity like this?!

Feng Tingye looked at everyone’s extremely astonished expressions, then coldly sneered. Devil’s music penetrating through one’s brain is extremely terrifying, but only someone who had actually experienced it, had the right to say anything. A bunch of idiots. If that Ya tou’s song is capable of killing people, then singing a dead person back to life shouldn’t be seen as something strange.

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