FMEA Chapter 41

Chapter 41 You have to be responsible for me!

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When Xia Yuqing finally awoke once again, it was already the afternoon of the next day. Covering her head with her hand, she could feel the throbbing after effects of her hangover causing her to groan out loud. Intermittently recalling the events of yesterday, she just remembered that after drinking the alcohol she had gone over to Qian Qing Palace to apologize. At that time she had met the three Da Ren inside Qian Qing palace, then afterwards… afterwards there was no afterwards!

Xia Yuqing covered her face getting a bit emotional, what was wrong with her brain to have listened to Lu Rui’s nonsense that drinking alcohol would strengthen one’s courage. She didn’t get wildly drunk and stepped over bounds, right? Did she, for example….do sexuals acts under the influences of alcohol?

Xia Yuqing placed her hands behind her hand, her lifetime of innocence!

“Ai Fei has finally awaken? Zhen had thought that Ai Fei would be sleeping until sunset.” The familiar banter being heard immediately after waking up that was somewhat languid and laid back had a sex appeal that no one could be able to oppose.

Having heard what he said, Xia Yuqing’s body shivered. Her neck seemed like it was a coil spring that was rusting, gradually becoming increasingly stiff as she turned her head.

Entering her eyesight was the emperor’s clothing, half opened, charming eyes giving her a coquettish glance. His face also appeared to show that he had also not awaken not long ago with his languidness that showed signs of weariness. Casually lying on his side above the crimson bed, his posture was extremely attractive.

Smack! Xia Yuqing covered her nose in a great rush trying to prevent her nose from bursting out like a dam with blood once again. Seeing this kind of restricted image first thing in the morning, it is too provoking!

Xia Yuqing’s face was completely expressionless as she stared at the Feng Tingye who was completely different compared to usual. She did not blink her eyes once at all until Feng Tingye who had a smile on his face spoke: “Ai Fei, you’re drooling.”

Xia Yuqing calmly wiped her mouth acting as if that never happened. In a astonished manner she asked: “Why are you here, Your Majesty? It’s already noon, does Your Majesty not have to go to morning court?”

“Yesterday evening, Zhen and Ai Fei worked too hard, so today I suspended court for a day to catch up on some sleep.”

“……” Ultra Seme Lord, how could going to court be so casual? What are you doing to your people? Because the emperor wanted to loiter in the chambers of his imperial concubines, he decides not to go to court? This is a sin, a big offense! Wait….

Xia Yuqing extended her hands to support her own waist, feeling something, then wrinkled her eyebrows. Not right. Not sore or in pain, nothing could’ve happened yesterday! When the Ultra Seme Lord said that he worked himself too hard, could it be….

Xia Yuqing suddenly recalled her last impression of last night, it was the three Da Rens’! Is it possible that yesterday… the Ultra Seme Lord dragged the three to do some foursome action and got too tired. Then in order to fool people and for the sake of allowing the three Da Ren to rest, he decided to use her as his shield. Dismissing the court for one day, in the end, this is all for his deep love! Although she was entirely willing to act as the Ultra Seme Lord and those several Da Ren’s lubricant in between and also don’t mind acting as their shield, but Ultra Seme Lord, you toying around like this, aren’t you scared of X someone to death?

Looking at Xia Yuqing’s quick witted pair of eyes gradually become confused, he became aware that she had started to indulge in her fantasies yet again. Feng Tingye narrowed his eyes, in front of himself, she could still start daydreaming. This is seriously **!

Xia Yuqing was still within her gay fantasy and haven’t snapped back to reality yet, when Feng Tingye magnified completely within her eyes becoming super close.

“Ehh…. Your Majesty…..” Why are you coming so close to me? I won’t be able to contain my nosebleed anymore! Please let me go!

“Yesterday night, Ai Fei’s drunk appearance was definitely a different distinctive flavour. Bold, unconstrained, and passionate. It nearly made Zhen unable to resist.”

Rumble…… Having heard what was said, the top of Xia Yuqing’s head seemed to struck by lightning, electrifying her until she was burnt. As expected…. As expected she did get wildly drunk. Sure enough she must have made an exhibition of herself.

“Your… Your Majesty…. Yesterday night, did Chen Qie….”

“Last night, Ai Fei’s passion was like fire. Making so much noise the entire night, grabbing Zhen and refusing to let go, you even weeped while crying and tearing off Zhen’s clothing. Zhen taking pity on Ai Fei forgetting her manners because of her being drunk, I did not bother with it. Who was to know that Ai Fei when given an inch, she wanted another foot, completely overwhelming Zhen to **. Stubbornly tearing off my clothes, up and down, inside and outside, you touched Zhen everywhere. You even hugged Zhen’s waist so hard that Zhen wasn’t even able to get up for court this morning. Ai Fei, you speak… how are you going to compensate Zhen?”

Beast! From the strike of Feng Tingye’s couple of words, Xia Yuqing was unable to lift her head, she completely prostrated herself and couldn’t wish more for death as she apologized.

Yesterday night, after she got drunk, she unexpectedly…. Unexpectedly assaulted the Ultra Seme Lord, you don’t need science to understand! Tearing clothes, removing pants, and flirting, wahhh! Being a fujoshi, how could she take the initiative to get a share of all the world’s uke’s ideal emperor seme lord. My precious uke’s, if they found out they would all definitely cry! She has sinned, in fact she has committed an unforgivable sin!

While Xia Yuqing was secretly at a loss, thinking about how if she died, it might be used as a means of appeasing the gods, a certain someone’s uncontent claws had already secretly reached out towards her waist. By the time Xia Yuqing had realized, it was already too late.

“You…. Your Majesty. What are you doing?” Don’t tell me that he is planning to calculate everything from the start, coming to gather up all the debt she owed? Wahh, even if she had several lives, would that be enough?

“Ai Fei, last night, you had tangled Zhen for so long, causing Zhen the greatest disturbance, and treating Zhen…. No matter how you say it, Ai Fei, you have to be responsible for Zhen.”

“Responsibility!” Xia Yuqing’s complexion became rigid. Why do these words sound like the song of the day after a young wife’s day of pampering: Wah, official, this servant is your person, you have to take responsibility for this servant!

Xia Yuqing’s entire body quivered. Feng Tingye was not prepared to let her off this easily. “That’s right. Returning politeness with politeness, whatever Ai Fei did to Zhen yesterday, today Zhen will reenact the entire thing for Ai Fei. Would you say that this way, it will be fair?”

“…..” Seeing Feng Tingye’s deadpan appearance, she unexpectedly…. was left utterly speechless.

“Your Majesty, let’s talk over this. How about you give me some discount, haha….” All of Xia Yuqing’s ability to protest was completely swallowed away by Feng Tingye.

Therefore, originally hearing the sound of people and wanting to knock on the door to serve them, Lu Rui, hearing the interior sounds gradually become unharmonious, her extended hand immediately stopped. Flushed red, she quietly retracted her arm,

It seems that Niang Niang and His Majesty doesn’t need their afternoon meal. She immediately went to the kitchen to inform them, allowing the kitchen staff to prepare an extra sumptuous dinner for them. En, she is definitely gentle and considerate, a Ya Tou who is good at understanding others, hahahaha…..

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