FMEA Chapter 42

Chapter 42 The evil capitalist

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The imperial court’s Prince Rui was acting as the guard for the border, but had colluded with the country of Xue and intentionally sold out his own country. As one of the subjects of the imperial court, he had conspired with the enemy’s senior civil and military officials to obtain official positions in exchange for land. He has taken advantage of his position for personal gain, and led harm to the common people. All for the sake of one’s own wealth and rank, he had recklessly plundered the people’s blood, sweat and tears. Furthermore at the border, he has acted without regard for the life of his countrymen, kidnapping women, and committing any imaginable misdeed.

The emperor taking into consideration Prince Rui’s status as a member of the older generation had already exercised so much forbearance and had given him countless warnings, without any punishment. Who would have guessed that Prince Rui not only did not exercise constraint but in fact intensified. Being a member of the imperial family and having its blood line flow in one’s vein, to repeatedly attempt to assassinate his emperor, to want His Majesty to face death, and to even get more and more unrestrained to even collude with the enemy country. Intentionally plotting a rebellion to steal the title of emperor, your ambition is too high.

At the end of one’s patience, while pondering over this painful experience, His Majesty has decided to place righteousness before family. Leading the people towards Prince Rui’s residence to catch the person and not wanting to act without thinking and clash against Prince Rui without receiving ironclad evidence; they soon discover numerous spare long paos within Prince Ruis residence.

A day after Prince Rui’s setback, Shun Tian govenment’s gongs and drums resounded throughout the day and night. The countless commoners who had suffered from Prince Rui, once hearing about Prince Rui’s matter, roused up their courage to strike the drum to cry injustice. The rest of the people who had witnessed unpleasant matters immediately reported it as well. Each falling over each other in eagerness to imitate the others in reporting injustice.

In a short while, in the front yard of Shun Tian government, all the common folk had laid out a bunch of different facts that were all extremely shocking. The magistrate of Shun Tian reported all this back to the royal court with extreme fright. His Majesty, the monarch, who once angry would cause millions of deaths to ensue, threw down a cold statement: “Prime Minister, Grand Tutor, Division 6 high official go assist them to investigate!”

Within a short time, all the officials who was in good relation with Prince Rui all without exception changed their expression. During the turbulent times within the royal court, everyone was in danger. In two days, three of His Majesty’s most capable subordinates decisively resembling the autumn gale that sweeps away the fallen leaves, thoroughly swept through the imperial court. Any civil or military official who had a somewhat secret relation with Prince Rui, even going so far as having three seniors being immediately sacked. No one will be protected these nights, thus within the imperial court a large exchange of blood started.

After three days, the political situation had an earth turning change. There was no longer anyone who would dare look down on the recently ascended onto the throne, that young emperor who seemed unsteady. As for Prince Rui, under the imperial censor of His Majesty for the charges claimed by the common people, they assessed him to have committed ten major crimes thus with such a grave sin committed, he was sentenced to be beheaded. Once the news was released, everybody rejoiced. With one move, Feng Tingye was able to gain power and reputation. Even more he gained the will of the people, this was an overwhelming victory.

Once Xia Yuqing knew about that these matters would be settled after three days, she thought about that tormenting wolf. She had already been laying around for the past two days and finally just started to slowly recuperate. Finally understanding the truth, Xia Yuqing was furious!

How dare he, that lying, weak beast. No matter what you say about that night, about myself making a move on him, conspiring together, eating him up like tofu so much that he was too tired to go to court thus mistakenly becoming known as an incapable ruler who immerses himself with wine and women. All this had caused her to feel so ashamed that she wanted to dig herself into a hole.

Could it be…. That night he clearly confronted the assassin for over three hundred rounds, fighting harshly the entire night. How could she have done anything!?

“Niang Niang, please calm down. Nu Bi heard that the night His Majesty met the assassin, Niang Niang was also at Qian Qing palace. It was after that incident that His Majesty sent Niang Niang back. His Majesty… probably wouldn’t lie to Niang Niang.” Lu Rui wiped her sweat and quietly advised her.

“Then what was with the morning court? He obviously ran over to investigate the assassin. He went as far as to deceive me saying that it was because I was clinging onto him…. I thought I was to be condemned by history. I was anxious the entire time, this evil capitalist has gone too far. I could endure my uncle, but I can’t endure my uncle’s wife. Move aside, today I must find him and get a clear explanation from him.” Slapping the table, Xia Yuqing stood up, regardless of Cui Er and the rest trying to stop her.

“What uncle and uncle’s wife? Ai…. Niang Niang, you really are going? Please wait for Nu Bi.” Cui Er was completely stupefied with those strange words. Recollecting her mind once again, as they advanced in a great hurry, her face that was originally filled with worry and concern changed into a consoling glance. Then she quickly ran ahead to catch up.

Cui Er was looking at Xia Yuqing’s back as she left in an overbearing manner. Her eyes were fierce, both hands clenched into tight fists, with a blink of an eye they had given off a cold severe light within them.

Within Qing Qing palace, three ministers who with great difficulty sweeping through the entire governement, was currently tired and recovering by having hot tea. They were waiting for the ruler to look at the list of names within their hands and issue their order.

Reading the list ten lines at every glance, Feng Tingye quickly finished looking over the paper and threw it aside, smiling in contempt. “What did they say?”

“Has anyone who has been arrested ever not say that they were accused wrongly? Pushing the responsibilities and attempt to clear themselves from any accusations, obviously not knowing that we had found all the incriminating evidence long ago. Their nature of being afraid of death, besides dragging more people down with them, they really can’t change at all.” Shao Zitang thought about how ugly those seniors faces became when they were thrown into prison, his face looking down upon these kind of people. People can be afraid of death, but to struggle at death’s door and survive by sacrificing others so much that they are willing to step on their own dignity and honour. If these people were to speak, they wouldn’t even be able to lift their heads, how could they ever have someone’s trust and respect?

“But it was all due to them being afraid to die. Look at those, most of them were people we never even thought of. Tsk Tsk. Being able to hide it so deeply is a type of skill, too bad they chose the wrong alliance.” Yan Ran sneered as he said these words.

Feng Tingye looked askance at the few people: “What about the songstress at Prince Rui’s mansion?”

“She acted before the news and escaped. We’re currently searching throughout the city for her.” Leng Ruofeng frowned and replied. “Moreover, we have already caught the spy from Xue country that was the middle man for Prince Rui. We discovered… it wasn’t the man that Shao Zitang had accidentally bumped into, that person who met up with Jiang Zhaorou.”

Feng Tingye’s face was austere, his eyes stirring, and slowly sketching out a somewhat dangerous appearance. “Then speak, there’s still another who was secretly waiting to fish out an opportunity to make a move to get some benefits?”

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