FMEA Chapter 43

Chapter 43 We are obviously straight!

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“It certainly appears to be the case. Furthermore from the appearance of Prince Rui and the rest, it seems evident that they treated the songstress as a person from Xue country, but had no idea that they were being secretly made a fool of.” Yan Ran unwilling to be left out stated that sentence then looked at Feng Tingye’s gloomy, cold expression.

“Double-sided spy?” Within Feng Tingye’s eyes, it was streaked by a sliver of surprise. Contemplating for a while, he sneered: “Notify the guards at the city walls to take note of the movements around the city gates. Increase the speed of the investigation, we must seize that songstress. Zhen wants to see who is the one playing all these tricks behind the scenes. This time the assassin was arrested and Prince Rui’s mansion was seized, but not even one night has passed and the songstress was unexpectedly able to make a move beforehand and escape. Within this palace, I’m afraid that there must be a fish that escaped our detection…”

Hearing what was being said, the three complexions all at once became heavy. There has already been two times an assassin has came. If it was said that within the palace there wasn’t anyone able to come to the rescue, then the imperial army had no use, especially if it allowed two consecutive assassinations. As the proverb says, it’s easy to avoid a public gun, but a hidden arrow is hard to defend. It seems there is such a person, lying in wait at Feng Tingye’s side. This person hidden in this secret place is indeed rather problematic.

The atmosphere between the few became increasingly heavy, when suddenly they heard a noise from outside. “Consort Qing, the several Da Ren are currently inside discussing official business with His Majesty, you can’t go in.”

“Oh, the other Da Ren’s are there as well. Then, that’s perfect. This Ben Gong was just going to look for these Da Ren to discuss something.”

“Ai, Consort Qing….”

With a bang, Xia Yuqing had already pushed open the door. The small eunuch behind her trembled in fear, he couldn’t pull on her, but he couldn’t not pull her back. Cold sweat started to gurgle as it flowed down. Nowadays, being a gatekeeper was definitely not easy at all!

“You can withdraw. It just so happens that Zhen also has a matter to discuss with Ai Fei.” Feng Tingye looked at Xia Yuqing’s tumultuous momentum, both eyes narrowed, he could already guess the reason why she was here. His thoughts taking a turn in direction, the corners of his mouth lifted up into a fox like smile. His mind had already thought of a response.

The small palace eunuch hearing what was said and acting as if it was a pardon from a mistake, faced everyone, bowing and demonstrating his proper etiquette, then looking as if his butt was set on fire, he rapidly escaped.

The door of the room once again was closed. Xia Yuqing looked at the several people present. Taking in a deep breath, she roused up her courage to speak: “Your Majesty, Chen Qie has something she wants to say. Chen Qie….”

“What a coincidence. Zhen also has something that he wants to say to Ai Fei.”

Before Xia Yuqing could finish speaking, she was already interrupted by Feng Tingye. Suddenly astonished, she lifted her head up to look at him to see that his face was smiling in a charming manner. “Ai Fei, please listen to what Zhen has to say before you say anything, okay?”

Being charmed by his beautiful smile, she nodded her head in a daze. After regaining her mind, she regretted it heavily. How can she have already made such a blunder? Thus she could only hold back her temper and ask: “Your Majesty, what did you want to say to Chen Qie?”

“Ai Fei, Zhen isn’t homosexual.”

“…..” Preparing to see the drama of these people, then to hear this sentence, she nearly choked on the tea that was just entering into her mouth.

Viewing this from another angle, Xia Yuqing was only startled for a moment before she revealed a ‘Your Majesty, why are you speaking nonsense’ sort of expression.

Feng Tingye, didn’t speak anymore. He just used his pair of eyes to stare at Xia Yuqing not evading a single bit. The two stood opposite from each other for a good while. Then Xia Yuqing finally was defeated, swallowing her mouthful of saliva. “Your Majesty… really isn’t homosexual?”

“Naturally, Zhen is upright and completely straight. There are some matters that Zhen would not refuse or admit. But on the contrary there are some things, that Zhen would not silently accept some person’s denouncement for no reason.” Feng Tingye spoke in a righteous manner.

“….” The several people sitting down upon seeing this, became rigid from head to toe. Their pupils slanted and looking suspiciously at Feng Tingye, their minds silently roasting him.

Who was it that when they were at the age of three, fished out a bird’s egg and dropped it on their Father’s face and who immediately after ran off by himself so he was nowhere to be found. Leaving Yan Ran who was currently stuck suspended on the tree embarrassingly to serve as his scapegoat? Who was it that when they were at the age of four when they were playing hide and seek, in a panic, chose to hide within his Mother’s wardrobe and damaged the empress’s most beloved feather dress. Afterwards kidnapped Shao Zitang who was incapable of recognizing routes into the wardrobe, allowing the pitiful high official to be unjustly blamed. And who also was six and wasn’t careful thus knocked the two year younger Miss Liu into the frozen river. In the end before they even fished the person out, he had already broke out into a run. Leaving behind Leng Ruofeng who was unable to leave her alone and had to throw himself into the water to fish her out. This not only caused his face to freeze thus giving him facial nerve paralysis, but Miss Liu as a result also had a serious illness. This debt ultimately was also given to that benefactor….

Those kinds of numerous crimes, people would all say it was brothers sacrificing themselves for their friendship. But being brothers with Feng Tingye, from time to time, they had to put up their guard against being stabbed by a knife. Them being able to be safe and sound up until not was not easy.

Now this person who has piles of previous convictions dare says that he is upright and completely straight, acting as if he was courageous enough to take responsibility for his actions…

Their mouths pulled out into a line and decided to filter what they just heard. They did not see or hear anything! That scene was too beautiful, they truly did not dare to look!

“That…” Xia Yuqing was subdued by that person’s dignified expression. After a few struggles, she asked: “When Chen Qie first entered the palace that night, I clearly saw that His Majesty and the gorgeous Grand Tutor….”

“Cough, that was a misunderstanding.” Hearing his own name being mentioned, Yan Ran couldn’t help but cough and explain. “That night it was because we received the news that there was going to be an assassin who was going to harm His Majesty. Trying to beat someone at their own game, we decided to draw out the assassin. But who would have thought that right at the critical moment, we unexpectedly ran into Niang Niang. Niang Niang, this is why at that time you were able to see that sort of scene. It was because….that assassin had several concealed needles shot towards His Majesty and Chen in a rush to receive them for His Majesty thus I… Cough cough, would push down His Majesty.”

“The way you say it, does this mean everything was just all a misunderstanding? That night that I ran into you guys, you guys weren’t doing xxooo…. **?”

“Of course not! How could men and other men form such improper relations? Niang Niang, Chen and His Majesty are truly innocent. We truly aren’t homosexuals.”

Rumbleeee….. Xia Yuqing only felt that there was a burst of a deafening loud sound within her ears, what just collapsed and made a loud bang!?

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