FMEA Chapter 45

Chapter 45: Not a man or a woman, that is the way of the king

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If Lu Rui didn’t ask it would have been better, but now that she asked, Xia Yuqing became distressed and laden with grief. Hugging Lu Rui’s waist, she sighed in despair begging to be hugged and consoled.

Early this morning, she had seized Feng Tingye to speak about the beautiful prospects of the entire world. From her body to her heart, she was obscurely hinting at a series of advantages of being homosexual.

For example… ukes could handle going to events and can also cook well. They could be brought to the bed and brought out of the room and one wouldn’t even have to worry about xxoo babies being born. To massacre one another, even though brothers might quarrel, they would band together against outsiders. Another example… men all had the desire to conquer. Pushing down a woman couldn’t be considered as anything big; however, being able to push down a man on the other hand would be really demonstrate a man of character! The most effective way to be able to subdue a man is to have him become your uke forever conceding to you. During the day, expanding lands; during the night, warming the bed. Could it be more intimate? The most important thing is…. a world without bromance to a fujoshi…. was like a world without heaven.

Lu Rui looked at her master’s appearance of wanting to cry but not crying. Her thought’s sound out alarms, it couldn’t be that she had actually guessed correctly? His Majesty finally couldn’t stand Niang Niang’s naive, without guilt, lively, and frank’ nature? Was he going to seek happiness elsewhere and abandon this husk of a wife?

Within her mind, her brain was already thinking of things to say to someone on the verge of tears. Entering into a state of resenting the beautiful things in life, Lu Rui held Xia Yuqing’s head and consoled her. “Niang Niang, don’t be broken-hearted. All men are like this. Today they would say one thing and then tomorrow they will say something completely different. Say one thing do another, they wouldn’t be able to do it.”

“Really?” Xia Yuqing distratracted for a bit, lifted her head up to look at Lu Rui expectantly.

Not feeling any mental burdens or responsibility at all, she quickly nodded her head. “Obviously that’s real. It’s even more real than pearls!”

Xia Yuqing contemplated for a short period of time. Her eyes suddenly showed a firm will. “You’re right. I can’t give up this easily.”

If Xia Yuqing’s goal before was to help the Ultra Seme Lord snare all the ukes in the world, now her goal has changed to…. cursing the Ultra Seme Lord until he became gay!

Lu Rui didn’t know what was on Xia Yuqing’s mind, yet she still understood her own suggestion. She delightedly continued to guide her patiently. “Niang Niang, Nu Bi can see that His Majesty might not necessarily be trying to mean that. It can’t be certain but maybe because Niang Niang had charged in too often these days causing too many disasters and had provoked His Majesty causing him to be dissatisfied. That’s probably why His Majesty deliberately thought of this plan, to give Niang Niang a lesson. This would permit Niang Niang to exercise some restraint in the future.”

“Teach me a lesson? Could it be that His Majesty only said those words to teach me a lesson….” to warn himself that he can’t yy his several Da Ren all day. This would result in them exposing their hidden secret to the whole world causing them a worldly disturbance.

“Yes, Niang Niang think about the numerous times that you’ve made the emperor mad. Not even speaking of all of them, just that afternoon meal, Nu Bi heard that His Majesty was sick for a long time because of it. Afterwards, you not only didn’t apologize to His Majesty, but today you still have the courage of your convictions. Acting as if you were a fiend, you ran over to His Majesty to argue, no wonder His Majesty is mad.”

Xia Yuqing thought about it and that made total sense. Recently, she indeed had done numerous things that had provoked the Ultra Seme Lord. That’s not good. Wahh, the Ultra Seme Lord is flipping out, he’s even stripping himself of his yy privileges.

Lu Rui seeing that Xia Yuqing was actually listening to her words, continued to speak satisfiedly: “Niang Niang, Nu Bi can’t help you with these matters. It all depends on you. Lately because of Prince Rui’s matters, His Majesty’s mood isn’t merry at all. If Niang Niang once again… but Nu Bi can see that His Majesty always indulges Niang Niang. As long as Niang Niang takes advantage that His Majesty is grieving over Prince Rui’s matters, acknowledge your mistake, praise His Majesty, His Majesty just might….”

Xia Yuqing’s eyes flashed, then nodded her head in approval.

The master and servant continued to speak for a long time, both not understanding each other. They had completely no idea that the subject that they were each talking about were completely different.

Cui Er who was coming back after just finished changing clothes heard Lu Rui urge Xia Yuqing to apologize to Feng Tingye. Her pair of eyes slightly revolving with a smiling expression floating up onto her face, she asked. “Niang Niang, are you going to Qian Qing palace?”

“Niang Niang must be worried that His Majesty might hurt his spirit from thinking about Prince Rui’s matters. This morning when you had that misunderstanding with His Majesty, to avoid His Majesty from being hostile, Niang Niang must have been thinking to go over during the evening to explain everything. Isn’t that right, Niang Niang?”

Xia Yuqing nodded her head. Cuie Er smiled. “Then please let this Nu Bi accompany Niang Niang. Lu Rui, you stay. Don’t you have to go to the medicine room to pick up some inscriptions for medicine?”

“If Cui Er Jiejie didn’t remind me, I would have forgotten it completely. Niang Niang, then please let Cui Er Jie jie accompany you. Remember what this Nu Bi said, try not to clash with His Majesty.”

As the curtain of the night gradually fell, the evening wind of autumn nights brought out a refreshing feeling on one’s face.

When the court eunuch in charge of guarding Qian Qing place saw Xia Yuqing bringing her Ya Tou from afar, his entire body began to shake. Seamlessly, he went to find a place to hide.

But who knew that Xia Yuqing’s eyesight, no matter what time of the day, would be so extraordinary and immediately caught the eunuch and asked him. “This Gong gong, is His Majesty inside?”

“Consort Qing, His Majesty is indeed inside…” Before he could finish his sentence, a hurricane swept by. This small eunuch’s mouth dropped open.; in the end, he wasn’t able to say the words that he had originally planned out. In any case, Consort Qing had charged in so many times, yet he still hadn’t seen His Majesty mad, or punish her at all. It should be fine, hopefully….

Because of this eunuch’s inevitable thoughts, a certain someone was about to face another tragedy.

“Your Majesty, Chen Qie brought your favourite bird nest soup, come and ….” Once Xia Yuqing pushed open the doors of Qian Qing palace, she happily called out but she saw that the people within the room had gone rigid.

“…. try it.” Xia Yuqing spat out the final two words then subsequently swallowed her saliva.

An ice-cold slab was spread on the ground of Qian Qing palace with Feng Tingye rigidly pressing down a pretty, delicate eunuch underneath him. Hearing Xia Yuqing’s voice, he couldn’t help but look up at the voice he just heard.

One hour went by. Four pairs of eyes staring at each other. Absolute silence.


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