FMEA Chapter 49

Chapter 49 There’s mosaics everywhere!

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Hearing Xia Yuqing’s whispers, Feng Tingye stiffened and his face became dark from being pried on.

“Besides Consort Qing, everyone get lost. Whatever you saw or heard today, if you let Zhen find out that you have leaked out a single word…”

“Nu Bi (Nu Cai) didn’t see or hear anything.” Speaking one by one like a frightened bird, just like a hurricane passed through the country, they all disappeared without a trace.

Xia Yuqing looked at the frantic servants and extended her hand out, but before she had time to say a single word, she just saw everyone’s figure getting farther and farther away. She was thoroughly stunned, until….

“Ai Fei, shouldn’t you be explaining to Zhen, what exactly is going on here?”

Feng Tingye’s voice wasn’t like its usual cool nip in the air, but instead a freezing gust that caused Xia Yuqing to shiver.

Xia Yuqing’s mind immediately thought this was not good. Hurriedly laughing, she spoke as if she was wronged. “Chen Qie just wanted to see if what Xian Er said was really true.”

“Xiang Er? Xiang Er told you this?” Feng Tingye’s eyebrows lifted up, but his mind had already roughly guessed what had occurred.

“Xiang Er said that His Majesty has a small ailment where you couldn’t recognize faces. Many times the faces in front of Your Majesty is vague and unclear. The only reason why this hasn’t been discovered for so long was because there was an eunuch that helped. She also said…” Xia Yuqing looked at the increasingly gloomy face of Feng Tingye, and her voice became smaller and smaller. “She also said that Chen Qie tolerate Your Majesty and not… give up on His Majesty.”

Good!! Really good! Liu Yi Xiang, you’re really smooth! When you sold out Zhen, you still didn’t forget to slander Zhen. Zhen will remember you! When Feng Tingye heard Xia Yuqing speak, he silently began to grind his teeth. This fierce appearance caused Xia Yuqing to become alarmed and immediately retreat two or three steps.

At the same time, Liu Yi Xiang who currently lying in the sun and taking an afternoon nap was suddenly covered in cold sweat and woke up from her sleep.

“Hey, what’s going on? The sun was originally so big, why did it suddenly become so cold? Forget it, it’s probably best to go back to my room to sleep.” Then she quietly picking up the book she had dropped, “Longyang Eighteen Styles”. Entering her room, she continued to catch up on her sleep.

“When did Ai Fei know about this?” Feng Tingy’s mind was wildly stepping on Liu Yi Xiang’s heart for a thousand times, but turning around he saw Xia Yuqing’s thoughtful expression.

Xia Yuqing carefully looked up at him and stammered: “Wasn’t it just yesterday evening during the little eunuch’s assassination, the emperor called out Lu Rui to protect the Chen Qie? But that person who stood beside Chen Qie was obviously not Lu Rui and it was actually someone who had coincidentally worn Lu Rui’s clothes and had a similar body build to Lu Rui….. Cui Er.

Feng Tingye looked blank for a moment, not believing that he had let the cat out of the bag. Lowering his head to look at Xia Yuqing, he continued to ask. “If that was the case, that still doesn’t prove anything. Perhaps Zhen was in a moment of desperation and accidentally called out the wrong name because Zhen was too rushed. There’s so many palace maids, how could zhen remember each and every single of them?”

Having heard what was said, Xia Yuqing’s eyes brightened and happily replied. “If it was other palace maids, Chen Qie naturally wouldn’t have noticed. However Cui Er and Lu Rui aren’t normal palace maids. Cui Er was a palace maid who was brought in with Chen Qie’s when she married in. Lu Rui only came to my side after Chen Qie had entered the palace. His Majesty had no reason to have mixed them up. That was when Chen Qie remembered what Xiang Er had said…. On top of that when Your Majesty just saw Lu Rui, you weren’t even able to recognize her, that’s why Chen Qie…”

Feng Tingye didn’t speak for a long time. Then finally he choked out a phrase: “Ai Fei, it seems that while you are learning how to cook, you also need to be this focused. If you’re able to obverse such fine details, why can’t you make a few good dishes?”

Xia Yuqing’s guiltily smiled. Feng Tingye took in a deep breath and continued to speak: “What was with that Ya Tou earlier? Why was it that after Zhen followed along the lines of what you were saying, did those Ya Tous react like that and Lu Rui even got mad and stormed off?”

Xia Yuqing’s attempt to get away without answering by giving a smile was defeated as Feng Tingye stared at her with a slightly harsh look. Then she mumbled: “It wasn’t anything big. It was just that the other girl’s face was a bit of a… tragic sight, so hearing that His Majesty say the girl was similar to her just broke her heart and her emotions got out of control.”

“A bit of a tragic sight? How tragic of a sight could it be?”

“Well… her entire face is covered with pocks, she had two prominent front teeth, and she had a bit of a cross eye… Looking at each part separately, it’s not a big deal. But, if you put it altogether, it’s a little bit…shocking, ahahahaha…”

Xia Yuqing laughed twice and hurriedly lowered her head to silently roast him. How could she have known that his face blindness has already reached this heaven-defying point. Even with those two faces that were as different as the earth and the sky, he was unable to distinguish them apart. This caused her to inadvertently hurt the young soul of Lu Rui, but it wasn’t her fault!

“…” Feng Tingye was speechless. No wonder Lu Rui had given such a big reaction. Being compared with such a tragic face and being told that they looked similar. As long as they were a woman they would go crazy!

“That…” Xia Yuqing carefully took a look at Feng Tingye whose appearance seemed to be sinking into the water. Not sure if it was due to her unable to contain her curiosity but she asked: “Your Majesty, how serious is your inability to recognize faces? It wouldn’t be like what Xiang Er said that no matter who you look at…. They would all be a blur?”

“…” Feng Tingye continued to act cold and refused to respond. Taking this as his response, Xia Yuqing clapped her hands together and exclaimed: “So it really was like this! So does this mean that everytime you see me, when we go to banquets together, eat together, and even when we do things together, my face is like a mosaic in your eyes?”


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