FMEA Chapter 50

Chapter 50 The Ultra Seme Lord is cheating!

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It’s no wonder that all the countless beauties around the world, whether female or male, were unable to affect the Ultra Seme Lord! It’s no surprise that all those people of the best quality that revolve around the Ultra Seme Lord would not be able to seduce or distract him. So it turns out that everyone in the Ultra Seme Lord’s eyes merely has a nose and two eyes and all look about the same. This is really a…. tragedy on Earth!

Ever since, he himself has inadvertently tried to hide this tragedy?

“Horse? What horse? How would Zhen seeing you relate to a horse at all? When Zhen looks at a horse, it is basically a fuzzy appearance.”

“…” Xia Yuqing silently burst into tears. Ultra Seme Lord, you cow. This is already not just face blindness, but it has crossed borders into blindness of the race of all living creatures!

“Cough, you have misunderstood, Your Majesty. Chen Qie was trying to ask since whoever you look at is a blurry face, then do you also see my face as a…”

“No!” Xia Yuqing wasn’t finished speaking and she was already interrupted by Feng Tingye.

Looking up at him puzzled, she saw Feng Tingye was somewhat embarrassed that he spoke so loudly then mumbled: “Zhen can see your face clearly.”

When he saw Xia Yuqing for the first time, it was in the hot springs of Ganquan Palace. With dense mist and steam in the air, he was lazily lying on his side on top of a white jade stone. Looking far away, everything was a blur. He could only rely on the exotic clothing she had on to recognise her identity. He thought that this woman would be like everyone else and wouldn’t be memorable at all, forgotten after one glance. But this was not the case.

The first time he had noticed her was because of her disregard for him. That day in the hot springs, the only men in there was him and Yan Ran, but her two eyes only stared at Yan Ran. It was also at that time that he realized that she had a pair of eyes he could remember, bright and lucid. Although her face had the impression that she was about to start drooling, but her eyes didn’t show any bit of frivolous of typical outsiders. In fact, it was really… pure appreciation.

Yan Ran perhaps was also aware of this, and thus did not bother himself with that rash woman who had burst into their private chambers and had even pushed her onto him. At that time, he didn’t know why, but he had an unpleasant feeling breeding within his heart. Why didn’t the eyes of that person chase him?

Given the sudden series of events in Gan Quan palace, he was astonished to discover that he was gradually beginning to see the face hidden behind the water vapor. Seeing the unspeakable joys and sorrows on her face, her time to time unexpected and surprising actions, her strangeness completely different from her family’s virtuous dignified generations of history. This seemed to inadvertently lift the veil over the cold moonlight, to allow him to see an exquisiteness he had never seen before that was a bit addictive.

So after finding that he was able to sleep peacefully beside this woman, he decided that this woman has to be his! Because… he could clearly see the other person’s face!

Xia Yuqing blinked and confusedly asked, “Ah, what did you just say, Your Majesty?”

Feng Tingye stared at Xia Yuqing’s muddled expression. Frowning, he grabbed her shoulders and furiously said: “Zhen said… Zhen can see your face clearly. In this entire world, except for my mother, Zhen can only see your face clearly!”

“…” Xia Yuqing stayed frozen for a long while before she could react. Oh My God. What is this “I don’t care about anyone in the whole world, my eyes are only for my wife and mother”? Cheesy . What is this sense of swelling? This dreamy romantic setting hasn’t been set yet, but if it crosses over to this world won’t it mess with my fujoshi world?

Feng Tingye lifts his eyebrows and looks at Xia Yuqing’s who looks like she is figuring out whether she should cry or not. Going right beside her ear, Feng Tingye adds: “Ai Fei, let Zhen repeat this one more time. I do not like men, I do not like women. Zhen only likes…. you.”

“…” Ultra Seme Lord, are you in the disguised area of ​​sarcasm? Are you not a man or a woman? No, this is not the point. The point is, Ultra Seme Lord are you… confessing to yourself?

“Thump thump…” From out of nowhere, her heart which had stopped beating for the longest time, after living two lives, being in her early twenties but still very innocent and pure, her gorgeous face …. blushed!

“Ai Fei, you look like a boiled shrimp.”

The ridiculous and humorous words from Feng Tingye successfully pushed the burning red area of ​​her face to the peak. Ultra Seme Lord, what is this beautiful man scheme? This is cheating!

With great difficulty, Xia Yuqing restrained her small heart, to disperse the ** on her face. Then Xia Yuqing didn’t dare to look at Feng Tingye in his profound eyes. Coughing twice, she tried to change the topic: “Well, since His Majesty is only able to see Chen Qie and Empress Dowager clearly, then how did you recognize the assassin last night?”

“That assassin…” The eyes lit up with a sly look in the corner of his eyes: “Of course, I couldn’t recognize his face. Unfortunately for him the little eunuch that he knocked out just so happened to be the little eunuch who has been following me forever and was in charge of helping Zhen to identify people, so…”

“…” Today she had asked why wasn’t the little eunuch that was always following by Feng Tingye’s side wasn’t here. So originally if the little eunuch had came, she would have had to devise a plan to lead him off. But who would have expected that …. even the heavens would help her!

As for the assassin, far-sightedness ~ this was the proof. It turns out nowadays being an assassin is not easy to do. After finally knocking out the emperor’s personal eunuch, easily disguised but he had unfortunately encountered a face blind target. Once he appeared on the stage, he was revealed immediately, it is really unfair for these individuals, simply unbearable!

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