FMEA Chapter 94

Chapter 94 Group forced to tease 

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Touching her hungry belly, Xia Yuqing dejectedly nested herself on the bed. She acted pitifully like a discarded animal.

Runaway? She didn’t dare. The moment the door was opened, she glanced outside in vain. There were at least a dozen strong men outside. If there wasn’t that small matter, she could have tried to escape. But now with that, it may be dangerous to run a few steps, let alone escape from the pursuit of those people!

Fortunately, according to Jiang Zhaorou’s statement, this child was very useful to her. She won’t hurt the child, which made her a little relieved. At least she is now safe and secure, mother and son. As for the future … they can only take one step at a time.

Xia Yuqing was thinking like this when she heard the sound: “Growl ~”


After a pause, her stomach moved. It was obvious that the baby in the stomach was also hungry and was protesting against the inhumane treatment with action.

“…” Xia Yuqing was in tears, waaaaahhh, those people are made of iron and steel. Missing a meal is really sad, especially when its two missed rice bowls added up. That’s a rice jar!

When Xia Yuqing was weak and lying on the **, within her heart she was constantly pricking that Feizao* person. Suddenly she heard the door squeak ….. and a small crack was opened.

* Not sure why there is the two ** but was added by authour

Did that Feizao person return? Could it be that she couldn’t get over her trauma and wanted to come back and scratch her face? The defence antenna above Xia Yuqing’s head suddenly stood up tall. She stared at the door crack with scorching eyes, thinking whether to find a weapon in the room first to gain the upper hand.

Nervous for a long while, she then saw a white shoe step in tentatively. A fair little hand rested on the edge of the door. Coming in sideways, a figure dressed as an attendant came into Xia Yuqing’s eyes.

“You are?”

“Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…” The youth had a fair complexion and smooth skin with a small face that was very flattering. His droopy eyes gave him a trace of cuteness that made him naturally look lovely. This made Xia Yuqing instantly be charmed. When he arrived, she felt as if an arrow was shot to her heart, so….. so….. adorable!

The teenager poked out his small head and looked around the door. Making sure that everyone was led away by himself or went out to eat, then did he let out a sigh and closed the door.

“Ah … how did you come down?” As soon as he turned around, Xia Yuqing’s face was almost within reach, making Yun Xi startled. Before he could shout out in surprise, the small face fell into someone’s claws. 

“Hey, wha…d aarr… yyeeww… ddoo..iinn..?”The small round face was kneaded vigorously by Xia Yuqing.

Xia Yuqing was a little intoxicated. Ah, it really is soft. If Xiao Yuan’s face was an onigiri, then the face of the person in front of her was a bean paste bun! Soft and plump, touching it made her so comfortable.

When Xia Yuqing’s conscience finally realized what she was doing, someone’s little face was finally let go. Yun Xi’s white face had a few red marks and his eyes were filled with tears which made him look more and more pitiful.

Xia Yuqing resisted the urge to hug him and bring him back home to raise. A little embarrassed she grinned: “Cough, are you okay? I didn’t do it on purpose.”

“How could I be all right? My face is swollen!” Yun Xi glanced at Xia Yuqing fiercely, but unfortunately with his “swollen” face and teary eyes, he looked even more lovely.

Xia Yuqing’s eyes were red, she tried to suppress the inner wolf howling and caused the words in her mouth: “Actually, your face has always been a bit swollen!” to be stated in a straightforward manner.

“Actually I just want to see if you were an acquaintance with a human skin mask.”

Yun Xi paused, then looked up and asked, “….. and the result?”

Xia Yuqing gave her a dismissive glance: “Garbage, obviously not! ”


“So, who are you exactly?”


Yun Xi froze and grinned: “I was just passing by……passing by.”

“Passing through the house?”

“…” Yun Xi coughed awkwardly, “Well, to be precise, I’m with the people who kidnapped you outside.”

This time it was Xia Yuqing who was speechless. She took two steps back and hurriedly guarded her stomach. “You are with them? So what are you doing? Could it be …?” You want to get Ye country’s secrets out of my mouth? “

“…” Yun Xi twitched, looking at the woman who was shocked in front of her. “Your brain contains the secrets of Ye Country? Also what cliche have you seen in which once they enter the door they would explain their role? “

“…” Xia Yuqing pondered for a moment and shook her head awkwardly. “Speaking like that, it really doesn’t seem like the case. Then what do you want?”

Yun Xi took a deep look at Xia Yuqing and then sighed, “To tell you the truth. I was also kidnapped by them.”

“Nani*?” Xia Yuqing stared suspiciously at Yun Xi’s white face, her eyes flashing with precaution and surprise.

* Japanese for what

Upon seeing this, Yun Xi looked behind, then he pulled Xia Yuqing’s hand to hide in the corner. “I won’t hide this from you but this…….. Gong Zi’s* family is originally a rich family … I just ran out to play, but I didn’t expect to be caught by this group just after running out for a while. “

* usually term to refer to wealthy young lords

Yun Xi finished speaking bitterly, but found Xia Yuqing had been staring at his hand. His eyebrows twisted: “What are you doing?”

“Oh, nothing, nothing.” Xia Yuqing hurriedly let go of Yun Xi’s hand, covering her eyes to think about something that didn’t make sense. “No, you said you ran away from home. If you ran away from home and didn’t wrong them, why did they catch you?”

“Uh…..” Yun Xi froze for a moment, but fortunately, he quickly recovered. Looking at Xia Yuqing: “How can you be so naive? Those people are not as simple as you think. At that time, I just walked past them and caught their interest. Then with the knock out drugs, fainted….”

After hearing the word “drugs”, Xia Yuqing suddenly became awake. It turned out that the youth was also caught by being drugged. Waaahhh, a comrade in disaster!

“So, have you ever thought about escaping from here?”

Yun Xi froze and then his face suddenly collapsed like a defeated c*ck: “Of course I thought about it, but I don’t dare. Do you know those people are famous for killing without blinking? Before there was another person who was arrested with me and tried to run away. In the end, they were caught by that evil woman.”

“Jiang Feizao?”

“Feizao? Pu……” Yun Xi was caught unaware for a moment and was stunned by Xia Yuqing’s title for the woman. He couldn’t help laugh but also knew that laughing too much would lead people to come. He covered his mouth causing his small face to turn red!

“Laugh … I’m going to laugh to death! Jiang Feizao, hahaha, there is nothing wrong. It is Jiang Feizao.” Yun Xi panted and leaned against the wall after laughing, “It is that Jiang Feizao. Don’t look at her being all delicate and weak, her heart is poisonous. The little brother who ran away was caught shortly after he ran out, and then that B*tch broke off his leg. “

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