Father, Mother Escaped Again Glossary

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Ai Fei = endearing/ affectionate way to call his imperial concubines (loved concubine)

Ai Jia = I, me/ self-referring by a widowed empress

Ben Gong = I, me/ self-referring by people of royal heritage

Biao Ge = older male cousin via female line

Chen = State official or subject in dynastic China; I, your servant (used in addressing the sovereign)

Chen Nu = saying I your servant. Different from Chen qie in that Chen qie is usually used by the imperial concubines.

Chen Qie = I, your servant; self-appellation of a lower-rank female (usually one of the emperor’s consort) when speaking to the emperor

Da Jiu Zi = your mothers brother; your oldest uncle

Da Ren = Title of respect toward superiors

Er Chen = I, your servant (usually used by the sovereign in addressing himself when speaking with someone with a higher status than himself)

Ge = brother

Gong gong = eunuch

Gong zi = son of an official; son of nobility; your son (honorific)

Green Tea B*tch = a person who acts innocent but isn’t; actually superficial

Gugu = paternal aunt

Gu Mu = father’s sister; paternal aunt

Gu Niang = young lady; young woman

Gui Fei = senior concubine; imperial consort; basically Prince Rui’s wife’s chair

Gui nu = maiden; unmarried woman

Hu = completed a winning hand in Mahjong

Huang hou = Empress; Emperor’s wife ranked number 1 in status (power wise)

Ji Guan Shu = technique for operating mechanisms

Jian Guo Huang Shang = Greetings people say to the emperor

Jianghu = world of martial arts or underground world of martial arts

Jie jie = elder sister

Jiu Zi = your mother’s brother; uncle

Kao Ru Zhu = Burned to death like a roasted pig

Lang Jun = my husband/ master; or significant other

Lao Chen = Old official or subject in dynasty China

Lao Er = Second child (brother or sister)

Lao fu = old man

Lao nu = old slave/ servant

Lao Yeye = paternal great-grandfather or a way to address an older senior

Lao Yezi = polite appellation for an elderly male

Ling Chi Chu Si =Execution by a thousand mini cuts

Long Pao = way to call the outfit the emperor wears/ dragon robe; how they referred to the emperor’s outfit

Mei Mei = endearing way to call a girl younger than you that you are close to or how you call your little sister

Mu Hou = Emperor’s mother

Nai Niang = wet nurse

Niang Niang (娘娘)= Consort; usually how a person of lower status calls

Nu Bi = slave servant

Nu Cai = slave

Shi Fu = Master

Shi Gu = Junior female student of Master (Shi Fu) at martial art’s sect

Shi Shu = Junior male student of Master (Shi Fu) at martial art’s sect

Shi Zhi = student of your senior/junior brother or sister in martial arts sect

Qie = I, your servant (deprecatory self-reference for women)]

Qian Bei = senior; older generation

Tai Sui = nickname for who is the most powerful in an area

Wang Ye = prince; marquis; nobleman

Wei Chen = Humble servant; small official

Wu Ma Fen Shi= Separated into five pieces by attaching a rope to one’s head, arms and legs to a horse and have them run away from the body

Ya Tou = girl/servant girl (used deprecatingly, but sometimes also as a term of endearment)

Yan Su Ji = Deep fried salted chicken

Zhen = I (emperor’s tend to uses this)

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