Five Scum Gongs Get Crazy Jealousy For Me Chapter 1

Chapter 1 It’s your body

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The space bridge was completely transparent, making the passage like a glass straw floating in an ocean of stars.

The imperial crown prince floated in it calmly, like a leaf of duckweed.

As an interstellar aristocrat, the prince was a reformed person, with smooth and flawless skin that can resist the damage of space rays, and a pair of purple eyes that can look directly at the burning sun.

Even so, he still dressed himself very conservative. The rigorous suit wrapped his muscular body properly, with the buttons buttoned up to the top, a man’s silk scarf tied around his slender neck, and long boots on his feet. He also wore a pair of black leather gloves on both hands, revealing no trace of skin, except for his handsome cheek.

Crossing the bridge, he reached the gates of the Imperial Military Academy.

The military academy was a floating space city, which simulated the same gravity as the earth through rotation.

Therefore, when the prince entered the academy, he was immediately on the ground because of the simulated gravity, and the leather boots stepping on the ground, made a dull sound.

The person who greeted him lowered his head and did not try to get close to him – everyone knew the prince’s taboo.

His taboo was touching.

No one can touch his skin.

At the same time, he had a hobby: swimming.

It was a big problem for ordinary people to like swimming and reject physical contact. But it wasn’t a problem with him at all.

The academy gymnasium had reserved a private heated swimming pool for him, which was on the third floor of the academy swimming pool. The changing room associated with the swimming pool was also dedicated to the prince.

Beside the swimming pool, the prince took off the silk scarf around his neck, the three-piece suit that wrapped his body, black gloves, socks, and high boots, and was naked in the empty space besides his pair of swimming trunks.

After special military training and technological transformation, his body was perfect, and even the curvature of the muscles was just right, as if he was an ancient Greek sculpture that grew out of flesh and blood.

He closed his eyes and jumped into the swimming pool, swimming among the blue waves like a nimble silver fish.

If you looked carefully, you should be able to notice that there was a small silver round magnet attached to the crown prince’s ear. It looked like a stud earring, but in fact, they were wireless earphones that were fireproof, waterproof, space ray proof and can maintain excellent signal even during space war.

After the prince swam three laps, the communicator vibrated. The prince signaled his agreement to answer with his brain wave, and a voice message came from his ear: “Prince, we caught the guy who trespassed in the swimming pool last time. He is now outside the locker room, waiting for you!

Hearing this, the prince surfaced out of the water, his violet eyes glowing darkly.

A week ago, a male student from the academy somehow appeared in the prince’s private swimming pool. The student named Wen Lu hugged the half-naked prince while he was thrashing and struggling in the water, and had very close contact with his skin. After coming back to focus, Wen Lu felt very frightened and ran away immediately after climbing ashore.

The prince was shocked to find that he did not reject the contact of this stranger, and let Wen Lu slip away without paying attention. But he didn’t intend to let the matter go, so he asked his followers to find the person who broke into the swimming pool by mistake.

At this moment, outside the locker room.

“Why are you in a daze?” A rough voice sounded above Wen Lu’s head.

Before Wen Lu could answer, he felt a pain in the back of his head——the owner of the rough voice grabbed Wen Lu’s hair and pulled his head back, forcing him to look up. Then he saw several people standing in front of him wearing the male student uniform of the Imperial Military Academy with a smirk on their faces.

If it was the original Wen Lu, his face would turn pale with fright.

But the current Wen Lu was played by a quick transmigrator, and he doesn’t have any fear in his heart.

While trembling, Wen Lu maintained a trace of stubbornness, biting his lower lip tightly, expressing despair and unwillingness. Such emotions were mixed on his pure and beautiful face, making him so beautiful that people couldn’t take their eyes off of him. Even the naughty student who was grabbing his hair had a flash of surprise in his eyes: Why didn’t I think this guy was a bit pretty before?

When the stubborn student was in a daze, the door was opened, and the figure of the prince appeared beside the door.

A group of bad students who had just turned their nostrils up in the sky immediately turned into flattering dogs when they saw the person coming: “Prince, we have arrested this short-sighted guy, how do you think we should teach him a lesson?” 

The prince had just swam. When he came back, the flawless artificial skin exuded the unique smell of a swimming pool, filling him with a cold vapor, like his violet eyes.

However, those purple proud eyes still reflected Wen Lu’s figure.

Like a regular person, Wen Lu showed panic and stubbornness, blended into a pitiful beauty. As a common man, he stared at the noble prince with clear eyes, but in fact, he paid more attention to the prince’s 25% favorability for him.

25% favorability right from the beginning?

Wen Lu was quite satisfied in his heart, it was different to have the halo of the protagonist.

He was a quick transmigrator, and he had already learned the background information of this space-time character through the system. He knew that the prince rejects skin contact, and he also knows that he can make the prince like him.

However, facing this unique Wen Lu, the prince still looked indifferent, looking at Wen Lu as if he was looking at a dead thing.

If it wasn’t for the system prompt, no one would have known that this indifferent prince actually had a secret affection for this common man whom he only met once.

Wen Lu’s eyes showed appropriate fear, and he said tremblingly: “Prince, I… I didn’t mean it… Please forgive me.”

His big deer-like eyes were full of tears.

The prince still looked at him calmly: this man was too special.

He gently lifted his foot, exposing his feet still dripping with swimming pool water, and stepped on Wen Lu’s face.

Wen Lu was startled, but he didn’t dare to disobey, so he crawled on the ground, turned his pretty face sideways, and let the boy’s feet rub against his face.

Wen Lu closed his eyes, his crow-blue eyelashes fluttered, creating a lovely and pitiful posture.

He knew that he was special, and the prince rejected contact with others, but in the accident at the swimming pool, he found that he did not dislike Wen Lu’s touch.

At this moment, stepping on the face of the deer with bare feet was also to confirm this point.

When the prince was in close contact with Wen Lu’s skin and rubbed him repeatedly, his whole brain was filled with satisfaction and joy, just like stroking a cat.

When touching other people, the prince will only feel disgusted, but when he met Wen Lu, the pleasure was so great that it was difficult to ignore.

Him encountering Wen Lu, was like a child encountering a bear stuffy, like a cat owner meeting a kitten…

No, this was not accurate.

It should be a child with fluff allergies encountering dolls that do not cause allergic reactions, and cat slaves who are allergic to cat fur encountering a cat that does not cause allergic reactions.

The prince squinted his eyes happily, his violet pupils glowing like jewels.

Wen Lu heard the system’s notification sound: Favorability 30%

Wen Lu was also happy: Sure enough, the halo of my protagonist was not a joke. The next moment, the prince withdrew his noble feet, and said leisurely: “Not bad, take him to the human body laboratory, peel off his skin and make me a quilt.”

Wen Lu turned into ice: I knew you were a scum Gong, but not this much of a scum.

Although he was a quick transmigrator, Wen Lu can only get the plot outline and character design. When he was in the high-dimensional space, he was like a “god”. Looking at this small world was like reading a book. But when he entered the small world, he became one of the characters. Although he had more information than anyone else, it doesn’t mean he can perfectly predict the development of the plot.

Just like now, he didn’t expect the prince to be so cruel when he maintained 30% favorability with him.

Even the bad students were so shocked that their jaws dropped to the ground when they heard what the prince said.

Wen Lu was so frightened that tears fell to the ground, his face was full of panic, pitiful and cute, even the bad students next to him felt pity. However, they didn’t dare to disobey the prince, so they had no choice but to agree, and hurriedly pulled Wen Lu down.

Ignoring Wen Lu’s yelling, the prince returned to the locker room without haste and closed the door.

The corridor outside the dressing room was cold, and several people dragged Wen Lu out. Wen Lu had the setting of a protagonist. In addition to the big eyes like a deer, he naturally had a weight that was “light as a feather”. It was too easy for several new space humans to drag him, effortless.

While Wen Lu was thinking about how the problem came up in this mess, an uninvited guest came from the other end of the corridor.

Because of Wen Lu’s prostrating posture, he could only see the other party’s feet wearing a pair of brogue leather shoes with elegant and intricate dovetail carvings.

In front of the owner of this pair of exquisite leather shoes, the “princelings” who were dragging Wen Lu restrained their temper, stopped, and said respectfully: “Imperial Taifu.”

Wen Lu paused in his heart: Taifu!

The Imperial Taifu of the empire was a senior official of this autocratic dynasty, ranking among the three princes, and at the same time, he was also the prince’s teacher. With this level of status, it was conceivable that the students of the princeling party would be obedient to him.

Knowing that the Imperial Taifu has come, Wen Lu felt at ease: It’s really bright!

In the original plot, the Imperial Taifu fell in love with Wen Lu at first sight. Secretly falling in love with Wen Lu, he was an infatuated male partner.

In the plot where the prince abused Wen Lu, the Taifu, as a spare tire, would always help Wen Lu when Wen Lu was covered in bruises. Wen Lu was rescued by the Taifu many times, but returned to the Prince for various reasons. In the end, Wen Lu was determined to have a happy ending with the prince. Once “The Domineering Prince F*cks Me Up” is over, the series “I Don’t Love This White Moonlight Anymore” will start. It was about a man named Ruan Yang who has a crush on the Taifu, but the Taifu loves Wen Lu. Ruan Yang crazily chased after the Imperial Taifu, abused for n chapters, and decided to give up only when he was covered in bruises. After Ruan Yang turned and left, the Taifu found out that he had a deep-rooted love for Ruan Yang, and he just had an unreal longing for Wen Lu. The Taifu turned around and chased his wife’s crematorium, impressing Ruan Yang with his sincerity, happy ending.

——However, this has nothing to do with Wen Lu.

Wen Lu only knew that the Taifu was a very important tool in his plot.

Finding that the Taifu was coming, Wen Lu quickly raised his head to trigger the “love at first sight” plot.

But he saw that the Taifu had long blue hair tied up at the back of his head, and his eyes were peacock blue. He had a thin and fair face, looking like a gentleman teacher, and had gold-rimmed glasses on the bridge of his nose—this was purely for decoration, because in the new century, technology was highly developed, and the rich live a long and worry-free life without myopia or disability or cancer…

But scholars wore glasses, like gentlemen wore kerchiefs, just a symbolic attire.

The Taifu’s clear blue eyes looked at Wen Lu who was being detained through plain lenses, and saw a young male student’s pale face, flustered expression, and teardrops on his cheeks, he was really pitiful and cute.

The Taifu couldn’t help asking: “What’s going on?” 

The students told him what happened in a few words.

Hearing that the crown prince was going to skin Wen Lu, the Taifu frowned imperceptibly, showing faint sympathy. He said: “Although this is the prince’s intention, it is too cruel.” 

The only one who can say that the prince was too cruel was probably the Taifu alone.

Although several students felt the same in their hearts, they didn’t dare to go along with it. They could only shut up and respond with an embarrassed smile: “Taifu is really kind-hearted.”

Wen Lu breathed a sigh of relief: Hey, it really was a reliable male supporting role.

The Taifu sighed softly: “Maybe I will displease the Crown Prince by doing this, I hope you guys don’t feel that you are being put in a difficult spot…”

Several students hesitated whether to answer: The Taifu wants us to release the person, the Prince wants us to abuse the person, d*mn, are we not human? !

But the Taifu continued: “When peeling the skin, ask the operator to apply more anesthetics.” 

The students were relieved after hearing this: “Oh, was it just like this? Then we can do it, no problem, no problem!”

Wen Lu was struck by Lightning: F*ck, was this the difficulty of a retirement transcript! ?

Taifu’s eyes lingered on Wen Lu’s face. Seeing his stiff face, he smiled lightly. He half-knelt down and leaned in front of Wen Lu. The distance was so close that Wen Lu could smell the fragrance of lily of the valley that seemed to be absent on his body.

The Imperial Taifu said in a voice that only the two of them could hear: “Child, don’t be afraid, wait for me.”

After finishing speaking, the Imperial Taifu stood up again with the same gentle but indifferent expression on his face.

Wen Lu was stunned, but had already been dragged down.

The Taifu walked into the dressing room with steady steps.

When he knocked on the door and entered, the prince had already put on his clothes, and even his wisteria-colored long hair had been blown dry, hanging on the side of his face like a waterfall, making his purple eyes even deeper.

The Taifu said softly: “What’s the matter with that person outside?”

“About that question,” the Prince replied quietly, “I’m as curious as master.”

——The tone was more suspicious than curious.

A student of unknown origin who appeared suddenly and allowed the prince to feel strangely fond of him after touch, the prince’s first reaction was to suspect that there was fraud. Therefore, the prince decided to send him to the laboratory and peel off his skin for research.

The prince asked the Taifu to sit down, and said: “I suspect that he appeared in the swimming pool on purpose to seduce me.” 

The Taifu raised his eyebrows: “If he is not out of his mind, he should know that that is a murderous thought.”

The Taifu’s words were easy to understand: everyone knows that the prince had a taboo to touch to his skin, so he was still a golden virgin until now. No one would try to seduce him.

How could the prince not understand, this was what he was most afraid of: he did not reject Wen Lu’s touch, and he can even say that he enjoyed it quite a lot. This made the prince feel very dangerous. But he won’t tell anyone this secret. He knew that this might become his Achilles’ heel.

“His appearance is too strange.” The prince said lightly, “The private swimming pool was locked. How did he, a poor student with no background, get in?”

“I have already checked this.” The Taifu replied.

The prince leaned forward slightly, subconsciously showing a posture of seeking knowledge: “Master, please tell me.” 

The Taifu said: “Wen Lu accidentally offended Shan Family’s Young Master. Young Master Shan asked someone to throw him into the swimming pool.”

“What Young Master Shan?” The prince didn’t seem to have any impression.

The Taifu said: “He is the nephew of Imperial Concubine Shan.”

In this way, the prince had a little impression of this man: “He is the nephew of an Imperial Concubine, and his status is not low. Him wanting to punish Wen Lu, there are many ways. Why does he have to be so roundabout? Is he not afraid of offending me?”

“I’m afraid he was not afraid of offending you, and he deliberately offended you.” The Imperial Taifu replied, “You may have forgotten that in the palace banquet not long ago, you publicly taunted the imperial concubine and him. He must be feeling resentful.” 

The prince smiled and said, “So that’s how it is, really interesting.”

So, the next day, when Young Master Shan went out, his leg was broken.

In the new century, breaking a leg hurts, but it’s not fatal. In this era, technology was highly developed, even if your head falls to the ground, the doctor can attach it back for you. Besides being poor, there was no disease.

Young Master Shan was naturally not poor, his family’s money was enough for him to connect his legs to make an octopus.

However, none of the doctors in the empire were willing to treat Young Master Shan’s legs.

The originally mighty young master Shan became disabled.

His parents who loved Young Master Shan went to the palace to find the imperial concubine to uphold justice, and the Imperial Concubine knew the whole story earlier than Shan’s parents.

She scolded: “Stupid! You actually want to protect such an idiot? Do you have to be ruined by him to know the fault of lax parenting?”

Only then did the parents of the Shan family realize how serious this was, and they dare not continue to seek medical treatment for their eldest son, they just let him drag his crippled body to fulfill the majesty of the prince.

The eldest son of the first son had become an outcast of the family, and Father Shan took advantage of the situation to recognize a second son and raise him as his eldest son. The whole family gradually only respected the new young master and disrespected the eldest son.

This was the situation when the S001 quick transmigrator Shan Weiyi arrived.

At this moment, Shan Weiyi was sitting on a soft dark brown sofa, propping his chin with one hand, staring blankly at the ceiling, as if in a daze, but in fact, he was talking to the system in his brain.

The voice of the system was a mellow male voice that he spent 10,000 points to adjust, which made it different from the mechanical voice of other systems.

It was impossible for a normal quick transmigrator to spend 10,000 points on tuning the sound of a system. You know, three thousand points were enough to buy advanced skills in the system store.

Shan Weiyi believed that the sound of the system was very important.

A voice exuding a luxurious atmosphere sounded in his ears: Your personality is “vicious and superficial, dislikes the poor and loves the rich, praises the high and tramples the low, shameless and obscene, and has a low IQ”, please follow the character setting, any OOC move may lead to you being punished, even eliminated.

Shan Weiyi: So the quick transmigration game requires me to eliminate the five SSS-level scumbag Gongs just like this with no strategies?

System: Yes.

Shan Weiyi: Is the bureau’s finances very tight? Can they even pay the retirement pension?

The system replied calmly: Sorry, this question is beyond my authority. Do you need me to transfer you to the financial office?

Shan Weiyi: …No need. Just tell me, what props can I use?

System: Since you chose to wipe out five scumbags at the same time, the quick transmigration game has enabled the “clone” permission for you. You can use the prop body to attack different characters at the same time.

Shan Weiyi: I can use that avatar as I like, right?

System: Yes.

Shan Weiyi started to open the avatar bar on the control panel, operated it, modeled a handsome face that was not realistic, and set his body data of 191cm x 191mm.

The system gave an intelligent suggestion: Hello, according to the intelligent analysis, this body setting does not conform to the Scumbag Gong’s aesthetics, which is not conducive to your task completion. Of course, my suggestion is just for reference, after all, this is your body…

Shan Weiyi: it’s your body.

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