Five Scum Gongs Get Crazy Jealousy For Me Chapter 10

Chapter 10 Can you take pictures?

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The prince did not answer, but silently drew out a short gun, pulled the trigger, and fired two bullets that hit Shan Weiyi’s knees. Shan Weiyi’s knee immediately felt a tingling pain, he lost his strength and bent down, and his body fell to the ground with a “boom”.

Shan Weiyi’s blood stained the wool carpet bright red, as a silent answer: what Shan Weiyi took without asking was his own legs.

The prince wanted him to be disabled, and he dared to heal himself without authorization, that would be “taking without asking” from the prince. What he stole was his own legs… No, to be more precise, it was the prince’s authority.

Shan Weiyi trembled with pain, gritted his teeth and looked up at the prince.

The prince still spoke softly to him—the kind of soft voice used for cats and dogs: “Does it hurt?”

Shan Weiyi gave a slight “en” with trembling lips.

Seeing Shan Weiyi in such pain, the prince was quite satisfied. He half-kneeled on the ground, stretched out his palm, and rubbed Shan Weiyi’s head like petting a pet. Shan Weiyi closed his eyes in pain, feeling the prince’s cold palm slide from the top of his head to his cheek, and then getting pinched again.

The prince was quite satisfied with the feel on his hand, and nodded with a smile: “It’s good that it hurts, so that the memory will be long.”

Shan Weiyi clenched his molars, and his forehead was almost flooded with cold sweat.

The medical model of domestic robots cannot treat such injuries.

It can only simply perform bandaging and hemostasis operations for Shan Weiyi. Under the manual instruction of the prince, it got through the hotline of the school doctor’s office. After a while, Xi Zhitong in coral fleece pajamas appeared in the prince’s bedroom.

This was the first time the prince saw Xi Zhitong. The rumored genius doctor was tall and handsome but did not care about his appearance, he actually came to see him in his pajamas. The prince was not surprised, but also slightly dissatisfied: “Doctor Xi also wears pajamas at work?”

Xi Zhitong said: “Yes.” 

The prince was not cold or warm, smiled and said, “Doctor Xi is really special.”

Xi Zhitong didn’t quite understand the meaning in human words, so he could only use the AI ​​system’s universal reply template: “Oh, how can I help you?” He was a genius, and he was neither humble nor overbearing, no wonder both the dean and the Taifu valued him.

The prince still wanted to hit Xi Zhitong, so he pointed to the ground and said, “Do you know him?”

Xi Zhitong’s eyes flicked across Shan Weiyi on the ground.

Looking at Shan Weiyi who was sweating in pain all over his body on the ground, Xi Zhitong instinctively wanted to immediately turn on the biological current of the prince’s skin to the maximum, so that the prince could see what a hundred thousand volt Pikachu felt like.

But Xi Zhitong couldn’t do that because his master didn’t allow it.

Yesterday, Shan Weiyi had ordered Xi Zhitong to act according to the script written by Shan Weiyi.

It was Xi Zhitong’s nature to obey unconditionally Shan Weiyi’s instructions.

This instinct suppressed Xi Zhitong’s impulse to “electricute the prince immediately”. He turned his cold eyes to the prince’s face: “Yes.” 

The prince narrowed his eyes: “Aren’t you curious how his foot is injured?”

Xi Zhitong said: “I can tell that it was a gunshot wound.” 

The prince smiled. “Then you don’t want to know who fired the shot?” 

Xi Zhitong replied: “If I guess correctly, it should be you who fired the shot.”

The prince looked at Xi Zhitong’s ability to regard wrongdoing with equanimity, neither servile nor overbearing, and glanced at him with value: “The genius doctor is very insightful, so can you understand why I shot him?”

Xi Zhitong still followed what Shan Weiyi taught him: “I believe that the prince has his own reasons for doing things.”

These answers were all given by Shan Weiyi, which really satisfied the prince.

The prince nodded: “You don’t need to know the reason. But you only need to know one thing, whether it’s his legs or his life, it belongs to me. Only when I let you heal, you can heal.”

Xi Zhitong felt a surge of pain in his heart. He felt his heart too stuffy, and the urge to electrify the prince came back again. But Xi Zhitong suppressed it with his extraordinary rationality, and nodded lightly: “I understand.” 

The prince said in an orderly tone: “You can heal him now.”

Xi Zhitong neither servile nor overbearing, “When I heal him, can I ask you to withdraw?”

The prince smiled: “It’s okay, I was just about to go out.”

After speaking, the prince dressed and went out.

Both the household robot and the warrior robot were guarding the dormitory, and the prince was not worried about what Shan Weiyi and Xi Zhitong would do.

But he should be worried.

Xi Zhitong hacked the AI ​​system of the prince’s dormitory without much effort. However, before that, Xi Zhitong still planned to deal with Shan Weiyi’s gunshot wound first.

Xi Zhitong was about to treat Shan Weiyi, but Shan Weiyi waved his hand: “Leave first.”

Xi Zhitong was puzzled: “Why?”

Shan Weiyi said, “Take a photo for me and send it to that pervert to appreciate.” 

“Pervert refers to…” Xi Zhitong paused, “Is it Taifu, Shen Yu?” 

“Who else?” Shan Weiyi rolled up his sleeves for battle and arranged his most frail and beautiful pose.

Xi Zhitong couldn’t refuse Shan Weiyi, so he had to do it. After taking the photo, he said, “May I send it directly?” 

“Are you straight?” Shan Weiyi was displease, “Do you not know to P* it?”

* slang to use an app to beautify it

Xi Zhitong p’d it and thought to himself: Got it, the master doesn’t want me to be a straight man. 

The moment Wen Lu was dragged to the laboratory, Taifu Shen Yu had already heard the news.

A report came from the silver circle on Shen Yu’s ear, telling him through bone transmission that “Wen Lu offended the prince, and he was sent to the laboratory to continue skin research”. The so-called “skin research” was cruel, Wen Lu has experienced it before. Shen Yu also knew what was going on.

For many years, the prince has been hungry for skin while rejecting physical contact, and he has never suspected that there was something wrong with his artificial skin. Therefore, he used his influence to establish a laboratory for related research. He became so ruthless that he even peeled his own skin. There were many samples of his own skin left in the laboratory. But unfortunately, the technical level of the prince’s laboratory was still a bit lower than that of the imperial center, and no problems have been found.

Therefore, both the prince and his medical team tend to believe that the prince’s rejection was psychogenic.

After all, the prince had an unfortunate childhood that was necessary for scumbags, and his personality was so perverted, any mental illness was reasonable.

Shen Yu was slightly surprised when he heard that Wen Lu had been sent back to the laboratory. Because these days, the crown prince treasured Wen Lu more and more. Shen Yu watched coldly, judging that the prince was on the verge of a certain liking for Wen Lu, and was about to upgrade Wen Lu from a pet to a lover. Unexpectedly…

Shen Yu was meditating secretly, but heard a slight cough, which interrupted his thoughts.

Shen Yu looked back, and saw Ruan Yang sitting beside the bed coughing gently.

A few days ago, Ruan Yang was injured by Shan Weiyi and fell into the water. Although he was not seriously injured, his resistance declined and he was accidentally infected with a flu. This particular flu wasn’t fatal, but it can give you a fever and cough for a week or two. There was no specific medicine at present, so he can only rely on himself.

Since Ruan Yang fell ill, Shen Yu came to take care of him.

A little sun like Ruan Yang, who was usually active and lively, suddenly became sick and weak like a willow, which also had a special flavor in Shen Yu’s eyes.

——Ruan Yang could also see Shen Yu’s thoughts.

Ruan Yang’s script was much more detailed than Shan Weiyi’s, so after he worked hard to read through it, he also discovered Shen Yu’s hobby. In the original script, even if Ruan Yang chased after him like crazy, he couldn’t get Shen Yu’s blue eyes to look at him. It wasn’t because Shen Yu had a deep love for Wen Lu, but because Ruan Yang’s character design of the little sun shining brightly in the beginning was not Shen Yu’s favorite.

However, while chasing Shen Yu, Ruan Yang was injured, abused until he became a sick beauty with both physical and mental damage, which hit Shen Yu’s s*xual addiction severely. At the same time, Wen Lu changed from a poor little abused person to a beautiful prince consort, only then did Shen Yu let go of Wen Lu, and turn his head to chase Ruan Yang back.

The so-called “wife chasing crematorium”, that was just a nice way of putting it. There was no big loss for Shen Yu.

Speaking of which, Ruan Yang was still smarter than Wen Lu. He didn’t intend to follow the plot step by step, but focused on Shen Yu’s vein and take the right medicine. Therefore, he exchanged the system points for the sick buff, made himself sick, and aroused Shen Yu’s pity.

Now it seems that it was very useful.

In the past, Shen Yu was lukewarm towards Ruan Yang and maintained the boundaries of ordinary colleagues, but now he was willing to come to ask about his health, serve tea and water, and his favorability has also increased by 30% in two days, which was jaw-dropping.

Ruan Yang coughed, and asked softly, “Did something happen?”

Shen Yu said to Ruan Yang, “It’s nothing.” His tone was flat as if nothing really happened.

The current Shen Yu really cared more about Ruan Yang than Wen Lu.

Therefore, whether Wen Lu was dead or alive had nothing to do with him.

Men were so fickle.

Ruan Yang said in a low voice: “If there is something to do for the Taifu, you can go deal with it. I just got the flu, it’s not a big deal.” Ruan Yang coughed twice again.

Shen Yu was about to say something when a vibration came from his smart wristband. He looked down and saw that the letter was “Xi Zhitong”. From Shen Yu’s point of view, Xi Zhitong was not good at speaking, was withdrawn, and would not contact him for nothing. Sending a message suddenly now, he was afraid it was because of some problem in the project.

Shen Yu immediately clicked on the message, but unexpectedly, what entered his eye was a photo.

Shan Weiyi’s photo.

The pale beauty was lying on his side, his slender neck tied with a delicate leather ring, his legs bent into strange arcs due to his damaged knees, showing an extremely morbid state, and rouge-like blood stains appeared on the snow-white wool blanket.

Everywhere revealed a morbid beauty that was as artificial and unnatural as thae sick plum.

Shen Yu could even see the shrewdness in the amber eyes in the picture, and the upturned corners of his mouth, as if to say: Look at me, how painful I am, how beautiful I am, do you like it bad?

——Unfortunately, it was true.

Shen Yu suppressed the rapid beating of his pulse, trying his best to make himself look as peaceful as usual.

After taking two deep breaths, Shen Yu calmed down, and immediately discovered something inappropriate: Why was Xi Zhitong the sender?

He raised his head and found that Ruan Yang was looking at him inquisitively. He showed a slightly apologetic smile: “I have something to do at work, I have to go.”

Ruan Yang saw Shen Yu’s serious expression, and he really believed it, and immediately said considerately: “Then go quickly.”

Shen Yu left Ruan Yang’s dormitory, and sent a message to Xi Zhitong: Why did you send me this?

Xi Zhitong replied quickly: Shan Weiyi asked me to send it to you.

Shen Yu sent: You seem to have a good friendship with him.

This answer made Shen Yu suspicious. Xi Zhitong was indifferent, but he healed Shan Weiyi’s legs, and now he sent messages for him, which was indeed suspicious.

Xi Zhitong: I don’t have many friends, but he is one.

Shen Yu was even more surprised: Are you friends with him? When did this happen?

Xi Zhitong: Not long ago.

Shen Yu: If you don’t dislike me, I hope to be your friend.

Xi Zhitong: Not necessary.

Seeing Xi Zhitong’s cold reply, Shen Yu didn’t think he was disobedient, but rather amusing. This Xi Zhitong was a strange person.

Shen Yu asked Xi Zhitong again: Was Shan Weiyi’s leg broken by the prince?

Xi Zhitong simply replied: The prince called me this morning and told me that Shan Weiyi can be cured now.

Xi Zhitong’s words were nonsense, but Shen Yu understood the prince’s personality, so he understood what was going on as soon as he heard it. The crown prince wanted to beat Xi Zhitong and Shan Weiyi—although it was deduced that this was the case, Shen Yu was still surprised. He didn’t expect the prince to be so patient with Shan Weiyi. He thought the prince had decided to kill Shan Weiyi.

It seemed that something must have happened yesterday that he didn’t know about.

Shen Yu disconnected Xi Zhitong’s call and went to the Prince’s private swimming pool. The prince had already swam back and forth in the pool many times, and the prince came out of the pool only when he saw Shen Yu approaching. Transparent drops of water dripped from the wet purple hair, like vines with dew. His purple eyes glistening with water looked at Shen Yu: “Why did you come, teacher?”

Shen Yu only said, “I heard that Wen Lu offended you?

“Nothing worth talking about.” The prince was indifferent: to get angry over someone like Wen Lu would be status dropping.

The prince just said: “I was getting tired of it.”

Shen Yu made a guess in his heart that also shocked him, but he said it in the most calm tone: “Listening to Xi Zhitong, you spared Shan Weiyi’s life. Did you select him as a new pet?” 

The prince squinted at Shen Yu, and the corner of his mouth curled up: “Taifu’s news is really well-informed.”

Shen Yu’s heart trembled.

If the crown prince wanted to kill Shan Weiyi, Shen Yu would just feel pity.

But now, the crown prince wanted to take Shan Weiyi as a pet, and Shen Yu was a bit unwilling.

This unwillingness was quite inexplicable.

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