Five Scum Gongs Get Crazy Jealousy For Me Chapter 12

Chapter 12 Beautiful Passionate Picture

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Mother Shan put her finger on her lips: “Shh.”

Although Jun Gengjin was in an office, he was also a reformer, with sharp eyes and ears, and he could hear Shan Weiyi’s complaints even in the corridor. And not only Jun Gengjin, Shan Yunyun and Father Shan also heard it.

Father Shan’s face changed slightly: This brat, he doesn’t know how to make people not be worried! From the prince of the empire to the richest man in the Federation, he offended them all! Does he have to be happy with being an enemy of the universe?

Shan Yunyun was secretly happy, the more Shan Weiyi did, the happier he was. But Shan Yunyun still pretended to smile awkwardly.

The three walked into the room, and Shan Weiyi finally saw the third capture target. Jun Gengjin’s appearance was naturally superior, but unlike ordinary people’s impression that elites must wear suits, he dressed quite casually. White shirt with khaki casual pants, refreshing and clean, he also looked younger.

But interstellar people, who can tell the age?

As long as money was in place, a two-hundred-year-old can look like a twenty-year-old.

The moment Jun Gengjin saw Shan Weiyi, there was a trace of surprise in his eyes, but he quickly covered it up calmly.

However, Shan Weiyi has already seen through everything: were you dumbfounded, do I look exactly like your white moonlight?

“This is a dog, spoiled by the family, and he speaks freely, I hope you don’t mind.” Although Father Shan was dissatisfied with Shan Weiyi, he still introduced him with a smile.

At this time, several guests came one after another, all of whom were celebrities and wealthy businessmen. Everyone was a little surprised to see that Shan Weiyi was there, but they didn’t say anything, they just regarded Shan Weiyi as a transparent person and ignored him completely.

They sat, chatted and ate. There were also some singing and dancing performances. Shan Yunyun warmly greeted and took care of the guests, and chatted and laughed happily with Jun Gengjin, showing good communication skills. Father Shan liked him more and more, and felt that Shan Yunyun was much more reliable than Shan Weiyi.

Mother Shan couldn’t stand it anymore, and signaled Shan Weiyi with her eyes to toast Jun Gengjin as well.

Shan Weiyi walked over angrily, holding the wine glass and moving forward. At this time, Shan Yunyun came over and bumped himself deliberately. This Shan Weiyi was a vicious male side character, how could he not see what Shan Yunyun was going to do?

But Shan Weiyi respected his brainless personality and allowed Shan Yunyun to hit him from behind. He staggered and spilled the wine on Jun Gengjin’s clothes.

Jun Gengjin was wearing a white shirt, which was completely ruined after being splashed with his wine.

Shan Weiyi looked at Jun Gengjin in a panic: “I’m sorry…I…”

Mother Shan was also very anxious when she saw this scene. She lifted her skirt and hurried over, scolding the child for the outsiders to see: “What’s the matter? How old are you to be this reckless? You still haven’t made an apology to Mr. Jun.”

Shan Weiyi apologized in a nonchalant and unwilling manner.

Jun Gengjin smiled and said, “It’s okay.”

“Look, Mr. Jun’s clothes are all dirty…” Mother Shan said.

“It’s nothing, it’s just a federal limited edition handmade natural fabric white shirt.” Jun Gengjin said.

Mother Shan: ………………

Shan Weiyi was set up to be a person who worshipped the high and trampled the low. It stands to reason that Jun Gengjin, as the richest man in the Federation, was high, but Young Master Shan, a feudal son, stuck to the class classification of “scholars, farmers, businessmen” and felt that a profiteer like Jun Gengjin was the lowest level, so Shan Weiyi’s displeasure towards Jun Gengjin was in line with his personality.

Shan Weiyi lowered his eyelids, and said proudly, “I have about a hundred shirts like this in my closet, and most of them have never been worn. If you don’t mind, you can come and pick whatever you want.”

Jun Gengjin glanced at Shan Weiyi looking at him: He obviously had almost the same face as “him”, but his temperament and character were far worse, what a desecration of that face.

Jun Gengjin sneered: “This shirt of mine is limited to 99 pieces in the entire Federation, and Young Master Shan has 100 pieces, it is really admirable.”

Shan Weiyi choked for a moment, and said: “Isn’t it just handmade natural fabrics?” Aren’t they all the same?”

Natural fabrics were nothing new on ancient earth. But natural animals and plants were rare in the interstellar era, and any pure cotton shirt was a luxury, not to mention that this one was purely handmade. However, as a feudal aristocrat who was extravagant and voluptuous, Young Master Shan certainly did not lack these luxuries, so he can make such bold words.

Mother Shan quietly pinched Shan Weiyi, glared at him, and then cursed: “What do you know, kid! This is a joint model of Master O and the X brand, how can you compare it with the ones in your closet?”

Shan Weiyi disapprovingly said: “Okay, then I’ll buy a new one and give it to Mr. Jun as an apology, okay?”

Jun Gengjin twitched his lips, “No need.”

Looking at Jun Gengjin’s back, Mother Shan was so angry that she punched Shan Weiyi: “What’s the matter with you child?”

Shan Weiyi nuzzled: “Didn’t Mr. Jun say it’s fine?”

“Why are you so ignorant of etiquette?” It’s okay if people say it’s okay?” Mother Shan said angrily, “I don’t care, you have to buy the white shirt and give it to Mr. Jun to make amends within three days, otherwise, your account will be useless!”

Shan Weiyi froze for a moment, and said: “Mom, you won’t let me use the account, where can I get the money to buy the shirt?”

Mother Shan rubbed her forehead: “Your father froze your account just to teach you a lesson, not to really turn you into a pauper. Go and apologize to your father, and you will have money.”

Shan Weiyi nodded helplessly.

After the banquet was over, Shan Weiyi went to Father Shan’s study to apologize, but unexpectedly, Shan Yunyun was also standing there. Seeing Shan Yunyun, with the personality of a Young Master, Shan Weiyi couldn’t help but have a dark face. In this way, Father Shan was also angry: “Look at you, what do you look like? Look at Yunyun, who is younger than you, and has never received aristocratic education, he is thoughtful about everything. Why do you cause everyone to be worried?”

Shan Weiyi sneered and said: “Since father likes Shan Yunyun, why did you call me back?”

After speaking, Shan Weiyi turned and left.

Shan Yunyun said “Ahhhhhhhh”, then hurriedly chased after him, pulled Shan Weiyi and said, “Brother, don’t be angry. I have seen what happened today. You probably can’t afford to buy a shirt now, right? Why don’t I… “

“Why don’t you shut up!” Shan Weiyi waved his hand and left angrily.

Shan Yunyun watched Shan Weiyi leave in anger, with a sneer on the corner of his mouth.

The prince and Shen Yu, who had many eyes and ears, also heard about what happened at the dinner today. The prince only smiled and said to Shen Yu: “It seems that what you said was right, Shan Weiyi is probably going to cry and beg me for money. I just want to see what the situation is, it must be interesting.”

Shen Yu couldn’t help it. He kept thinking: will he find the prince first? Or find me first?

While thinking this way, Shen Yu found the wristband trembling again. He lowered his head and nodded, only to see a message from Shan Weiyi surfacing.

Glancing briefly at the prince, Shen Yu put his wrist down, pretending not to care, but in fact, it seemed as if a feather had swept across his heart. He coped with talking to the prince for a while, then left with an excuse.

After leaving the prince’s dormitory and returning to his closed room, he raised his wrist, activated his fingerprint, and the wristband projected a light screen towards the white wall.

The light screen showed that Shan Weiyi sent an extremely blurry photo, with a line of words below:

“Passionate and beautiful photos, pay to unlock.”

There was also a payment code at the bottom.

A slight smile escaped Shen Yu’s lips, while shaking his head, he still confirmed the payment.

Looking at the amount proposed there, Shen Yu had to admit that this kid was really superficial and greedy for money.

But he didn’t seem very smart and calm when he confirmed the payment in a few seconds.

After unlocking, the photos become very clear. An enlarged corner of the fabric was displayed on the screen.

There was also a description in small print below: This is a fragment of a photo.

Congratulations on unlocking [Passionate Beauty Photo SR Fragment*1]

Collect all the fragments to unlock a high-definition photo.

Click here for the card draw link.

Shen Yu chuckled, and turned off the light projection screen on the wristband.

But after a while, he still opened the card drawing link.

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