Five Scum Gongs Get Crazy Jealousy For Me Chapter 16

Chapter 16 The Workers are My Brother

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As the saying goes, money can make a ghosts grind*.

* anything can be done as long as you have money

This ancient law still applied today in the interstellar age.

Shan Weiyi spent a lot of money, so the limited edition white shirt was delivered the next morning.

In order to speed up, Shan Weiyi gave a very generous tip, far exceeding the level of his peers.

After the buyer received the money, his eyes were wide open: Didn’t they say that Young Master Shan was at the end of his rope? How is he even more generous than before? Great!

Shan Weiyi can only express: Thank you Taifu Shen Yu for your strong support for my card drawing app.

In order to show respect for money, the buyer personally brought the shirt to Young Master Shan for delivery. However, the doorman robot said: “Young Master Shan hasn’t woken up yet, you can store the item first.” 

The buyer was about to send a message to Shan Weiyi, when he looked up, he saw Shan Yunyun walking over. Shan Yunyun asked what was going on, and was surprised to hear that Shan Weiyi actually spent money to buy a white shirt.

However, he quickly suppressed his surprised expression and showed a polite smile: “Okay, I know, you put the things down, and I will pass them on to him.” 

The buyer knew that Shan Yunyun’s status was not low now, so naturally he did not dare to say anything. But at the same time, he also heard that Shan Yunyun and Shan Weiyi were not getting along well, so he kept an eye out and sent Shan Weiyi a message to explain the situation.

Shan Weiyi didn’t get up until mid-afternoon, and when he saw the message left by the buyer on the light screen on the wall, he knew that the shirt he bought at a big price had fallen into Shan Yunyun’s hands.

That clothing probably didn’t end well.

But Shan Weiyi didn’t pay much attention to it, he yawned and washed up before leaving the bedroom. It was already lunch time, and Shan Weiyi went to the dining room alone, only to see that Shan Yunyun, his parents and his parents were already sitting at the table, waiting for him.

Seeing Shan Weiyi’s laziness, Father Shan said angrily: “Look at what you look like! You didn’t wake up until so late, and you didn’t get rid of your laziness in the military academy?”

Shan Weiyi made no objection, and lazily pulled out a seat and sat down, leaning his chin and squinting at Shan Yunyun, and said, “You took the shirt I bought yesterday?”

Shan Yunyun smiled and said: “I was just about to tell you. A buyer came to deliver clothes today. I saw that you haven’t gotten up yet, so I put them away for you.”

“Hurry up and bring it.” Shan Weiyi said angrily.

Shan Yunyun asked the robot to take out the clothes, but unexpectedly there was a hole in the collar of the white shirt. Seeing this, Shan Weiyi was annoyed and said, “Okay, Shan Yunyun! Why are you acting like this?”

Shan Yunyun said innocently, “I don’t know either! Maybe the robot’s hook got caught.”

Shan Weiyi wanted to scold him, but Father Shan opened his mouth first: “What’s the hurry? Isn’t it just a piece of clothing? Is it worth your fuss?”

Shan Weiyi said angrily: “This is not ordinary clothes. It’s a limited edition that I want to return to Jun Gengjin. There are only ninety-nine pieces in the entire universe!”

Hearing that it was going to be returned to Jun Gengjin, Father Shan was a little more concerned. But he still said in a mediating tone: “That can’t be blamed on Yunyun! Didn’t you cause the trouble yourself?” 

Before Shan Weiyi could speak, Mother Shan became angry. She glared at her husband and said, “Our Xiao Yi got the clothes back the next day, how efficient! What sincerity! It’s just that the sincerity was ruined in one fell swoop! You still blame him?” 

The scene was about to get worse, so Shan Yunyun hurriedly said: “Madam is right, all of this is my fault. It’s my fault. I shouldn’t let the robot hold such expensive clothes.”

Father Shan hurried to comfort him: “How can this be your fault?” 

Mother Shan had a disgusted expression on her face: “I heard that Yunyun has the material for doing business, and I thought he was such a grand character, how do you speak with a tone of voice, that is not like a boss, but like little honey.”

These words were almost humiliating, and Shan Yunyun’s face turned pale.

Father Shan was also annoyed: “What are you talking about? Is this what you should say as the wife of the house?”

“Okay, stop arguing.” Shan Weiyi patted the table to attract everyone’s attention, “Shan Yunyun, didn’t he admit that it was his fault? Then let him figure out a way to compensate Jun Gengjin. “

Hearing this, Father Shan and Mother Shan were quiet for a moment, as if they were thinking about the feasibility of this proposal. But Shan Yunyun was overjoyed in the middle of his heart, and hurriedly said: “Okay, it’s settled. I’m sorry, I will definitely deal with it. Leave this matter to me, don’t worry!”

Since Shan Yunyun was willing to take over, Shan parents were also happy that this matter had passed.

Shan Weiyi said again: “Since there’s nothing for me, I’ll go back to the academy first. I have to go back to class.”

Father Shan frowned: “I haven’t talked to you yet, why are you causing trouble in the academy?”

“I didn’t cause trouble.” Shan Weiyi shrugged.

“We heard that you offended the crown prince again.” Mother Shan said.

“If I really offended the prince over and over again, can I still live with my whole tail intact?” Shan Weiyi asked rhetorically.

Shan Parents were taken aback for a moment.

Seeing Shan Weiyi pull up his trouser legs, he pointed to his intact long legs, and said, “Look, the crown prince asked a doctor to treat my leg, isn’t this the best proof that the crown prince has forgiven me?” 

Father and Mother Shan looked at each other in blank dismay, and had to believe Shan Weiyi’s words.

“Dad, Mom, don’t always listen to those little villains telling stories.” When Shan Weiyi said “little villains”, he looked at Shan Yunyun from the corner of his eyes, explicitly scolding, “In this world, there are some dirty stuff who can’t allow others to be happy.”

Father Shan waved his hand and said, “Okay, don’t carry a stick with you. Don’t you know what kind of virtue you are? If you didn’t have a record, would your parents be so worried?”

Shan Weiyi shrugged: “Okay, can you restore my bank account?”

Father Shan was dissatisfied with his attitude, and said coldly, “It will depend on your performance!”

“Oh.” Shan Weiyi didn’t really care too much. After all, the money from Shen Yu’s gold was enough for Shan Weiyi to buy a ship in cash.

Shan Yunyun didn’t say much. He only thought that if the shirt was destroyed, the intersection between Shan Weiyi and Jun Gengjin would also be destroyed.

After lunch, Shan Yunyun took out the prepared white shirt and prepared to take it to Jun Gengjin to create more contact opportunities.

Before he went out, he saw that Shan Weiyi was also preparing to leave.

From last night to now, from splashing wine to losing clothes, Shan Yunyun always succeeded. He naturally felt that he had the upper hand.

He guessed in his heart: Shan Weiyi was probably in a hurry to go back to the academy to attack the prince and the Taifu. Judging by his appearance, the progress of the attack must be very slow, so he was so anxious that he couldn’t spare a hand to compete with him.

The richest man in the Federation came to the empire at this time, and he came with a friendly trade mood. As a rich man, he was an uncrowned king in the Federation, and his status was higher than that of the president.

So when he came to the empire this time, he was personally received by the emperor to discuss matters of cooperation and exchange.

When he and the Emperor had finished their lunch, they returned to the station to attend to business. Halfway through the matter, they heard the secretary say that Shan Yunyun was here.

Regarding Shan Yunyun, Jun Gengjin’s perception was quite contradictory. He heard that Shan Yunyun was a business genius with outstanding achievements, so he has always admired it. When Jun Gengjin came to the empire, he went to see the emperor before meeting him. But he didn’t expect that Shan Yunyun himself looked…so…well, not smart.

But Jun Gengjin thought again: Maybe he was deliberately being clumsiness? Or maybe great intelligence appeared stupid?

He hasn’t made a conclusion yet, so he still maintained a certain degree of curiosity and affection for Shan Yunyun.

Without making Shan Yunyun wait for a long time, Jun Gengjin put down his work and asked the secretary to invite Shan Yunyun in.

The automatic door opened, Shan Yunyun walked in with a smile, and said, “I didn’t bother Mr. Jun Gengjin with his business, did I?”

“What are those words? It’s just some trivial matter.” Jun Gengjin said.

Shan Yunyun looked up, and saw Jun Gengjin’s secretary’s eyes were swollen, and it looked like he had stayed up all night and worked overtime. Shan Yunyun greeted cordially: “Xiao Wang, are you okay? Why didn’t I see you at the banquet last night?”

Xiao Wang said with a wry smile, “I worked overtime last night and didn’t go to the banquet.”

“That must have been hard work.” Shan Yunyun said.

Xiao Wang didn’t dare to say hard work in front of the boss, so he had to say: “What kind of hard work is this for me! The brother workers below, that is the real hard work. They had to work regardless of day and night.” 

“Does it matter whether it was day or night?” Shan Yunyun was surprised.

“Yes. However, Mr. Jun Gengjin still takes good care of the workers and brothers. He is afraid that they will be depressed when they work after sunset. Therefore, in the industrial city, the artificial sun is always hanging and will not set. The light is very sufficient!” Xiao Wang expressed his gratitude. 

Shan Yunyun asked doubtfully: “That means there is no night? Doesn’t that affect the quality of sleep?”

“Mr. Jun Gengjin has equipped the workers with the most advanced sleep cabins. They can sleep for an hour and work all day!” Xiao Wang continued to introduce, “Besides, there is no arable land in the industrial city, and there is a problem of food shortage, but Mr. Jun Gengjin still ensures that the workers can eat balanced nutritional supplements. Considering the problem of the bad dining environment, Mr. Jun Gengjin deliberately created instant nutrition powder. No need to add water, just pour it into your mouth when you want to eat. This kind of nutrition is relatively light, so it is convenient for the workers to eat, and the meal can be completed in a second.”

Shan Yunyun frowned: “I have tasted that kind of nutritional supplement, it seems to have no taste and no feeling of fullness.”

Xiao Wang said: “Yes, because there is no feeling of fullness, it can keep the workers from getting sleepy. Research proves that a proper sense of hunger can keep people awake and can greatly reduce the incidence of factory accidents.”

Shan Yunyun was greatly moved when he heard the words: “It seems that Mr. Jun Gengjin really cares about the workers.”

Jun Gengjin even smiled modestly: “What’s the matter? The workers are my brothers.”

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