Five Scum Gongs Get Crazy Jealousy For Me Chapter 35

Chapter 35 Cry

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The shadow of the prince stretched extremely long on the white porcelain floor, like a slender ink mark. On the other side of him was a snow-white wall. Shan Weiyi leaned his back against the wall, his eyes drooping slightly, and the moonlight sprinkled on his feminine outline, making him look like Virgin Mary in an oil painting. In the arms of the Virgin, naturally there was the suffering saint.

Shen Yu fell on Shan Weiyi’s lap like a victim. Entering the palace today, he purposely dressed appropriately, and chose a pressed satin green shirt, the color of green bamboo, full of sparkle, looking like a star. But now he was in a state of distress, and the bamboo silk and satin was covered with bloodstains mottled like peach blossoms.

The knife marks on his body appeared one after another. There were knife marks of different shades on his ankles, calves, flanks, shoulder blades, and even his face, from which red blood flowed out.

He was originally an S-level reformer, so he should have stopped the bleeding quickly, but because of this special dagger, he was bleeding profusely. However, none of these stab wounds hit the vitals, so as an S-level reformer, he couldn’t die even though he was bleeding like this, and his vital signs could still be maintained at a fair level.

But he still looked very weak, he lost a lot of blood. His face was pale, his body was weak, and he was lying on Shan Weiyi’s lap like a puppet. Shan Weiyi supported his limply drooping head with one hand, and occasionally touched his long blue hair lightly, as if he was a lover – if you ignore Shan Weiyi’s other hand holding a knife.

Shan Weiyi was stabbing Shen Yu’s shoulder blade with the knife in his hand. Seeing the prince coming in, Shan Weiyi turned the handle of the knife viciously. The blade turned around in Shen Yu’s flesh and blood like a blade in a blender, squeezing out more dripping blood.

Shen Yu let out a muffled snort, but he didn’t resist, as if he was struggling weakly.

Shan Weiyi didn’t look at Shen Yu, but just raised his head towards the prince, showing a mischievous smile.

His smile made the prince stop in his tracks.

The prince had never seen such a Shan Weiyi.

In his impression, although Shan Weiyi was vicious, he was not as vicious as he was now… savage.

The prince was fixed there, until this moment, he realized that he had never understood Shan Weiyi.

Shan Weiyi resolutely pulled the knife out of Shen Yu’s shoulder, and a bloody hole immediately appeared on Shen Yu’s shoulder. This time, Shan Weiyi stopped paying attention to Shen Yu, and just pushed him away from his lap, like pushing away a tired toy. And Shen Yu turned over and fell to the ground like a toy that was broken by a child.

There were bloodstains on the white tile floor under Shen Yu.

Seeing such a tragic scene, the prince suddenly felt pity and sympathy for the Taifu. At the same time, he felt somewhat proud and grateful. The picture of Shen Yu and Shan Weiyi’s true feelings coming out due to suffering did not appear from his imagination. They did choose to kill themselves… Ah, no, judging from the situation at the scene, this was a unilateral “killing”, but there was no fighting between them both at all.

If Shen Yu decided to fight Shan Weiyi, Shan Weiyi would not be unscathed, and Shen Yu would not be so miserable.

Seeing this scene, the prince was very surprised: he really didn’t expect Shen Yu to be so… stupid.

He actually doesn’t care about his life for Shan Weiyi!

Is he crazy?

When the prince looked at Shan Weiyi again, the meaning in his eyes changed. It seemed that he can no longer underestimate Shan Weiyi as before.

Shan Weiyi bowed to the crown prince: “I remember the crown prince’s oral order that only one person between me and the Taifu can get out alive.” 

The crown prince sneered, “You really can do it.”

“Why can’t I do it?” Shan Weiyi looked puzzled, this doubt was full of innocence, but it was also extremely cruel, “Since it was stipulated that one must die between me and him, of course I can do it. Would I sacrifice myself for others?” 

The prince sneered: “He’d rather sacrifice himself for you.”

“Nothing to mention.” Shan Weiyi had ruthlessness and injustice written on his face, “It’s just that the skills are not as good as others.”

“The skills are not as good as others…” The prince let out a soft snort from his nasal cavity .

It had to be said that Shan Weiyi’s ruthlessness towards the Taifu pleased the Prince. The prince suddenly discovered that although Shan Weiyi didn’t like him, he didn’t like Shen Yu either. What was Shen Yu? Shen Yu was worse than himself.

At least he can still control Shan Weiyi through life and death, so Shan Weiyi still respected himself. What about Shen Yu? Like a dog, Shen Yu gave Shan Weiyi his bones and flesh, but Shan Weiyi just kicked him viciously.

But what the prince didn’t know was that Shen Yu just liked Shan Weiyi trampling him.

The prince walked to Shen Yu’s side and looked down, only to see that Shen Yu, who was covered in blood and was in a mess, did not have the demeanor of the usual Imperial Taifu. The prince’s respect and love for this teacher cannot be lowered anymore. A contemptuous look was on his face. He looked down at Shen Yu, and said, “Are you still alive?”

Shen Yu leaned on the ground trembling with blood stains all over his body, and saluted reluctantly: “Thanks to Your Highness, I’m still alive.” 

The contempt in the prince’s eyes was even worse: “I really despise you like this.”

“Your Highness please excuse me.” Shen Yu replied.

At this time, Shen Yu still abided by the etiquette of a courtier. The prince had to agree with the emperor’s instruction, but the prince’s heart was even more depressed. He can only use the least caring attitude to conceal his care and aggrievance. He then said in a light tone: “What is Shan Weiyi? Is he worth your attention?”

Shen Yu replied in a humble tone: “I was confused.” Shen Yu’s attitude became more and more respectful, because his heart knew that he was getting closer to victory.

After the crown prince became suspicious of the Imperial Taifu, Shen Yu knew that he would face such a problem. After temporarily covering up the matter of the collar with a brocade bag, he not only began to work hard to destroy the evidence, but also went to the central hall to plead guilty in private.

Before he could state what crime he had committed, the emperor said, “It’s a small matter, how is it a crime?”

Shen Yu had already guessed that the emperor would not be ignorant of this, and he also guessed that the emperor would agree to give Shan Weiyi to himself.

Hearing the emperor say “a small matter”, Shen Yu knew that he would not die.

Capital punishment can be avoided, but other punishment cannot be avoided.

In order to let the prince vent, Shen Yu knew that suffering was inevitable.

Therefore, even though he was pushed into the palace and instructed “You and Shan Weiyi, only one can live”, Shen Yu did not show any panic. He knew that the emperor would not let himself die.

It’s not that he was sure that the emperor was tolerant to him, but that, as a Taifu, Shen Yu knew the emperor’s education policy better than anyone else. He knew that the emperor would definitely use this to give the prince an education. Just like two children fighting for a toy, the emperor, a parent, would choose to force his own children to give up the toy to another.

Therefore, Shen Yu can also devote himself to the game of being hurt by Shan Weiyi without any worries.

Shan Weiyi stabbed himself one after another, but only cut the flesh, never went deep or hit the vital point – this kind of behavior showed tacit romance in Shen Yu’s eyes.

This made Shan Weiyi’s every knife wound tinged with honey, so sweet that Shen Yu was like a drunk ant, willing to run around for him.

Now, the appearance of the prince declaring the end of the game, the outcome was decided.

Shen Yu’s little trick allowed him to successfully steal incense and jade from the prince. He was overjoyed inwardly, but his expression became more apprehensive and respectful.

Sure enough, the prince pronounced a sentence in an arrogant tone: “Since you like it so much, I’ll reward you.”

It seemed that he really dismissed Shan Weiyi and was going to be generous to Shen Yu.

Shen Yu pretended to be in reverence and said: “Shen Yu is terrified.”

“What are you terrified about?” The prince said coldly, “You will be rewarded. If you are rewarded, it’s yours, why is there so much nonsense!”

Shen Yu knew that no matter what his answer was, it would be deemed not appropriate. If he agreed happily, he would definitely make the prince unhappy and it would be bad if he pretended to decline. Therefore, Shen Yu simply closed his eyes and tilted his head, pretending to have passed out due to excessive blood loss.

Seeing this, the prince asked the mechanical guards and internal servants who had been waiting outside to carry Shen Yu to be healed.

Everyone rushed to carry Shen Yu away, leaving only the prince and Shan Weiyi in the palace.

The prince looked back and saw Shan Weiyi’s expressionless face. The prince had never seen Shan Weiyi’s cold appearance before, and he found it both novel and regretful. The prince deliberately said with a straight face: “You are heartless, you didn’t follow to see him?”

The prince looked at him, feeling reluctance, loathing, liking and anger in his heart. After a long while, he only let out a cold smile: “I’ll let you be with him, are you happy?”

“It can’t be called happy.” Shan Weiyi said indifferently, “But it’s true that I’m not as reluctant as with you.”

These words ignited the dynamite bag that had been stuffed in the prince’s heart and the crackling fire made the prince’s eyes burst into flames. The prince laughed hard and said: “How dare you destroy my intentions!”

Shan Weiyi said indifferently: “It was clear that you destroyed me first.” 

The prince saw the resentment in Shan Weiyi’s eyes. This bit of resentment was like a basin of water, extinguishing his anger again. He asked: “I doted on you like that, how can you say that I destroyed you?”

Shan Weiyi sneered and said: “If it wasn’t for Your Highness, I would be living happily as a son of a noble family, how would I break my leg and sink into the lake? Because you rewarded it with just one word! I was turned into a play thing by myself, yet I still have to thank you?” 

The prince was stunned, not knowing what to say, and lost his temper.

If it was before, the prince would definitely not listen to Shan Weiyi’s complaints, he would only think that Shan Weiyi was petty, hypocritical and petty. But today…today was different.

Today, everything was different…

Ignoring the battle between heaven and man in the prince’s heart, Shan Weiyi bowed to the prince perfunctorily: “Then I will withdraw.” After speaking, Shan Weiyi walked away.

The prince looked blankly at Shan Weiyi’s leaving back. It was rare for Shan Weiyi to raise his head and chest up in front of the prince, his eyes full of arrogance, and his slender figure even more upright. This was the first time the prince discovered…it turns out that Shan Weiyi, who looks like a kitten in his eyes, was also quite tall. He was tall, tall and imposing.

Speaking of that, the prince still found it hard to believe that such a Shan Weiyi can scar Shen Yu’s body all over.

Shen Yu had multiple stab wounds and blood all over his body, making him look very scary. But in fact, this kind of damage was not a serious problem for S-class reformers. He was sent to the emergency room of the Imperial Hospital and he recovered after lying down for half a day.

However, he knew that if he came out alive and kicking, holding Shan Weiyi, he would be very disrespectful to the prince and make the emperor feel that he was not sensible enough.

The Imperial Hospital also received hints from the emperor to deliberately exaggerate Shen Yu’s condition in the medical records so that the crown prince would be able to smooth out his anger.

While writing the medical record, the Imperial physician sighed inwardly: the emperor really loves his son as much as his life, and he has taken all the details into consideration.

One should know, the emperor seldom goes to court now, and most of the specific government affairs were left to the capable ministers below. The emperor holds a meeting every month, every quarter, and every year to make a summary and assessment. The courtiers have a high degree of freedom, but once they step on the emperor’s bottom line, they will be executed immediately.

The most frightening thing was that when the big crimes committed by the courtiers were revealed, they had no idea how the emperor, who stayed in the central hall every day, knew so clearly. Even if they absconded ahead of time, they would always encounter Imperial law enforcers on the road, as if the emperor who stayed at home could fully grasp their whereabouts light-years away. Therefore, many people believed that the emperor established a strong secret intelligence agency in the central hall. Because of such a powerful intelligence network, the emperor could strategize without listening to court.

In short, there were very few things that the emperor would take care of in person, and the emperor personally intervening in the details of the prince’s affairs, showed that the prince had a high status in the emperor’s heart.

The emperor granted the Taifu a half-month sick leave, which was said to be for the Taifu to recuperate, but in fact it was for the prince. This half month was for the prince to heal the wound in his heart and tidy up his mood.

The Taifu got a half-month vacation, so he should find a way to mend the relationship with the Prince. Like the emperor, the Taifu had to hope that the prince’s interest in Shan Weiyi was just a whim, and he would be able to wake up later.

After all, it may be difficult for Taifu himself to wake up.

The interior decoration of the Taifu’s residence was elegant, with tables, chairs and beds made of bamboo and rattan. The sunlight fell on the simple bamboo utensils without oil or lacquer, creating a natural color like the passage of time.

Shen Yu also pretended to be sick in front of Shan Weiyi, maybe he wanted to win a little more tenderness or compassion in the eyes of this unfeeling lover. With a white face, he lay reclined on the bamboo bed, covered with a thin camellia green quilt, looking like a beautiful sick beauty.

Shan Weiyi sat on the bamboo chair next to him, fiddling with the light screen on his wristband boredly.

What Shen Yu didn’t know was that Shan Weiyi was drawing cards for other men under his nose.

Shan Weiyi: This activity should be the last wave in the near future. There may not be more film coming out.

Jun Gengjin: How much money do you want to add? Tell me the number.

Shan Weiyi: …

What does this capitalist think of me? He thought I was looking for an excuse to raise the price? He was also too good at judging others by himself.

Shan Weiyi had no choice but to reply: Dear player, don’t get me wrong, honest game developers like us will not make excuses if we want to increase the price.

Jun Gengjin thought about it, and asked, “So what’s the reason?”

Shan Weiyi: I was bestowed to another by the shameless feudal emperor, and now I am the concubine of the Taifu family, cry.

Jun Gengjin was really surprised when he saw this sentence, and didn’t know what to reply for a moment.

Shan Weiyi was in a good mood: we have Emperor Xuande, Emperor Mingde, and Emperor Wude in our history, and just lacking Emperor Quede* entering the Imperial mausoleum together, so that they will not be missing one of them in the underworld.

* lacking in moral sense, respect for others, and virtue

Jun Gengjin: …Actually, the emperor can see every word you post on the Emperor Star Network, do you know that?

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