Five Scum Gongs Get Crazy Jealousy For Me Chapter 37

Chapter 37 Xi Zhitong’s Impulse

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Shan Weiyi bent his knees, trying to retract his feet, but unexpectedly, his ankles were caught by Xi Zhitong. Xi Zhitong had a tall body, and his fingers were slender, bending into a circle, enough to wrap around Shan Weiyi’s ankle bone.

Shan Weiyi’s feet were cold, and he could feel the heat from Xi Zhitong’s fingers even more.

“Master,” Xi Zhitong’s voice was as usual, “This massage has not been completed, are you sure you want to cancel this service?”

Shan Weiyi listened to Xi Zhitong’s mechanical speech, not knowing whether he was angry or amused.

Shan Weiyi didn’t answer, as if he was waiting for Xi Zhitong to make his own choice. However, Xi Zhitong had long been used to putting all the choices in Shan Weiyi’s hands. Therefore, if Shan Weiyi didn’t answer, Xi Zhitong would not move.

The two kept such a funny but ambiguous posture, and looked at each other for a long time in silence.

After an unknown amount of time, the bamboo curtain swayed, and a slender figure turned into the room – it was Shen Yu, the owner of this mansion.

When Shen Yu came to the inner room, he saw such a scene: his new but untouched little madam wearing a loose nightgown, his feet bare, and his soles as soft as cat’s paws, stepping on the resident doctor’s thigh. The resident doctor didn’t show any politeness either, he held the little madam’s feet with his hand and remained motionless.

Shen Yu suddenly felt that this room was a little too green because it was made of bamboo.

Seeing Shen Yu, the righteous husband, coming, neither Shan Weiyi nor Xi Zhitong had any intention of panicking, and they still maintained their original positions generously. None of them had a trace of guilty conscience on their faces, which made Shen Yu wonder if he was overthinking.

If these two people were not too strong in mind, then nothing really happened.

Shen Yu remained calm, and asked with a smile, “What are you doing?”

Xi Zhitong replied calmly, “My lord, this is a foot massage.”

Shen Yu’s depressed chest was able to breathe a little: “So it’s a foot massage.”

As he said that, Shen Yu pulled a bamboo chair with a smile and sat down, looked at the jade feet in Xi Zhitong’s hands, and said with admiration in his eyes: “Can I observe to learn it, and then I can treat my wife every day.”

Before Xi Zhitong answered, Shan Weiyi said coldly: “Wife? I remember that the Taifu has not yet married a wife. Where is the wife in this house?”

“Shen Yu will not marry in this life.” Shen Yu teased lightly, saying an affectionate oath in a picky tone, “The little madam is the only madam in the house.”

Shan Weiyi rolled his eyes at him, and said coldly, “I can’t bear it.”

Shan Weiyi looked like the most pampered little madam. In front of the new doctor who entered the mansion, this concubine dared to roll her eyes at her husband directly. Shen Yu completely enjoyed it and said to Xi Zhitong: “Teach me quickly.”

Xi Zhitong looked at Shen Yu, nodded, and began to teach with his head down.

His fingers rubbed and pressed Shan Weiyi’s feet lightly or heavily, and there were light red marks on the pampered skin of Young Master Shan, and the red marks faded quickly, like a carmine-colored fish swimming quickly under the thin ice.

Shen Yu watched obsessively.

He didn’t know how much time had passed, Xi Zhitong let go of his hands and said: “The massage is over.”

Xi Zhitong’s tone was still serious, and his delicate face brimming with something inhumane was expressionless. This made Shen Yu believe that he was just doing medical treatment without personal feelings.

Shen Yu asked the little madam, “Do you feel better?”

“It feels good,” Shan Weiyi said coldly, “If no one was looking at my feet with sticky, disgusting eyes like slugs.”

The insulted Shen Yu let out a dull laugh from his throat. He raised his smiling eyes to look at Xi Zhitong, Xi Zhitong was still expressionless, playing the same role as a decoration, without any emotion, a very qualified server.

Shen Yu was very satisfied with his attitude, and became more determined to keep Xi Zhitong in the mansion as a personal doctor. It was important to have a skilled and trustworthy personal doctor.

Shen Yu said to him: “Since the treatment is over, Dr. Xi, please wait outside.”

“Okay.” Xi Zhitong turned around and left decisively, all actions were in line with Shen Yu’s wishes.

After Xi Zhitong left, Shen Yu moved his body away from the bamboo chair and sat in Xi Zhitong’s position just now – beside Shan Weiyi, on the beauty couch.

Shan Weiyi subconsciously wanted to kick Shen Yu away, but his ankle was captured by the Taifu, who was both skilled in civil and martial arts, and was held in his hands like shackles.

Shan Weiyi glared at him.

However, Shen Yu approached him, his eyes glistening like animal pupils: “Little madam, the occasional push and pull is flirtatious, but only blindly refusing is insensitive.”

Shan Weiyi sneered: ” ‘Insensitive?’ What the Taifu wants to say is…’I don’t know how to flatter you’?” 

The Taifu looked at the beauty with a smile and didn’t deny it, but the animalism in his eyes became more intense silently.

Shan Weiyi broke into Taifu’s life as a dom and became a unique existence. However, how can Shan Weiyi completely dominate Shen Yu?

Before, Shan Weiyi was able to restrain Shen Yu because he acted recklessly by relying on his status as the prince’s pet. Every time Shen Yu was on the verge of breaking through, Shan Weiyi would make the prince appear in a timely manner to suppress him silently.

However, now, the little fox Shan Weiyi can no longer rely on the power of the tiger. Shen Yu, the old fox, was even better, calculating to get the prince, a newborn tiger cub who wasn’t smart enough, out of the game. The little fox fell into the lair of the old fox, and their status was naturally reversed.

In the first few days, Shen Yu still assumed a sub position, allowing Shan Weiyi to be domineering. But today, Shen Yu suddenly tore off his gentle mask, and the tiger in his heart came out, destroying the flowers and willows.

The Taifu has never been a domestic dog, he was like a wolf. If you can hold him down, he will show a gentle and pitiful appearance. Once you show your flaws, he will immediately show his fangs and bite your throat.

——Now was the time!

Shen Yu’s body was pressed against Shan Weiyi, and Shan Weiyi struggled, his bare feet kicking on the bamboo and rattan surface, as beautiful as a dance.

Shan Weiyi didn’t seem to dare to meet Shen Yu’s fierce eyes, so he turned his face and looked sadly at the bamboo curtain hanging by the door. Hidden by the bamboo curtains, Xi Zhitong’s outline leaked through the narrow gaps.

Xi Zhitong’s physical parameters were adjusted very high, and his physical fitness was no less than that of the protagonist Slag Gong. His ears were very sensitive, of course a mere bamboo curtain can’t cut off the movement inside.

He obviously knew what was going on in the room behind the bamboo curtain.

Usually, Xi Zhitong can gently ask in Shan Weiyi’s mind: Do you need to turn on the protection of a quick transmigrator?

The quick transmigration game had protections for their employees, such as pain shielding, life-sustaining rebirth, and brainwashing immunity, etc. Of course, the restriction of intimacy was also indispensable in the romantic scripts.

Some quick transmigrators were very coquettish, and felt that they won’t suffer a loss and may even profit by attacking the top protagonist, so they will fight head-to-head.

However, there were also quick transmigrators who were unwilling to sell their bodies, so they can activate the protection.

Whether the protection can be turned on or not depends entirely on the will of the quick transmigrator.

Because the executor of the protection was the system, the system generally asked.

However, now that Xi Zhitong no longer lived in Shan Weiyi’s mind, he was unable to inquire.

He wasn’t sure if Shan Weiyi was willing.

As a system, unless it was a very rare special case, without the authorization of the host, it cannot perform any operations without authorization, including the protection opening.

Xi Zhitong stood stiffly outside the door.

Just like when he held Shan Weiyi’s foot, he didn’t know how to act without permission, so he could only stay in a state of waiting stiffly.

Like waiting for Shan Weiyi to give orders every time.

As a system, he didn’t hate waiting, and even, in the master’s silence, he could feel the peace as if embraced by a warm wind.

But this time was different.

His heart was beating so fast that he was not used to it. He was clearly aware of the changes in his body, the blood seemed to be rushing up to his head, and he felt hot, which was a sign of irritability.

“No…you get lost…” Shan Weiyi’s voice came through the bamboo curtain, and there was also the sound of something being beaten.

Shan Weiyi was not a weakling, he and Shen Yu could still fight – then he would be crushed again. However, according to the slag Gong’s law of victory, Shan Weiyi will soon be pushed down onto the bed.

Shan Weiyi’s scolding may have revealed his reluctance.

But it may also be an excellent performance as a quick transmigrator, which was exactly how the saying goes, “the mouth says no, but the body is honest”.

Xi Zhitong should not make arbitrary judgments or assertions without receiving clear instructions from Shan Weiyi.

A gust of wind blew, and the bamboo curtain lifted a corner slightly.

Xi Zhitong opened his eyes and looked inside, and saw Shen Yu pushing Shan Weiyi down on the bamboo bed, and his eyes were fixed on Shan Weiyi’s loosened lapel. As for Shan Weiyi… While yelling fiercely, he raised his eyes to look at Xi Zhitong, with a faint smile on his lips.

As if to say: Come quickly.

Perhaps Shan Weiyi did not mean this.

But as an AI, Xi Zhitong learned impulsiveness and recklessness in the human body for the first time.

Before the curtain blown up by the wind was completely lowered, Xi Zhitong, who was surging with blood, rushed in, the speed was astonishing. He hit Shen Yu from behind with lightning speed.

Shen Yu fainted and fell limp on the ground.

Shan Weiyi kicked Shen Yu away like trash, let out a breath, looked at Xi Zhitong and said, “Why were you so slow?”

This seemed to have been said many times after Xi Zhitong became an independent adult.

Xi Zhitong felt extremely guilty, knelt on the ground, and said: “I’m sorry, I’m sorry for causing you a bad experience. Do you need to add command entries or change the activation logic items?”

Shan Weiyi: ……… Why recite the apology template in an affectionate tone?

But Shan Weiyi had no choice but to touch his cheek affectionately, and say, “I didn’t activate the command, why did you come in? Are you going to activate the protection without authorization?”

“I didn’t activate the protection.” Xi Zhitong said with an as a matter of fact attitude, “I just knocked Shen Yu unconscious.”

Shan Weiyi: …It makes sense, I can’t refute it.

The rules state that the auxiliary system cannot activate functions without authorization, but it does not stipulate that they cannot violently attack scumbags without authorization.

So, the AI did not foul.

Shan Weiyi smiled helplessly, and asked, “Then why did you act without authorization?”

Without Shan Weiyi’s instruction, the system could be labeled “acting without authorization” no matter what it did. 

Xi Zhitong was also quite at a loss, and replied slowly: “I judged that you may need help.”

“Do you think that judgment is appropriate?” Shan Weiyi soothed Xi Zhitong’s furrowed eyebrows.

Xi Zhitong said: “Maybe it’s inappropriate.”

Shan Weiyi smiled: “Since you know, why did you still do it?”

Xi Zhitong’s voice was dry: “I was wrong.”

“No, you were not wrong. You did a good job.” Shan Weiyi held Xi Zhitong’s cheeks in both hands, bent down and lowered his head, and gave him a light kiss between his brows, “I like it very much.”

Shan Weiyi said again: “Turn on the protection.”

Xi Zhitong closed his eyes slightly. After a while, he shook his head.

“Sorry, the protection cannot be turned on,” he said.

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