Flying Ash Chapter 55

Chapter 55

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Yi Hui groped for the mobile phone in Zhou Jinheng’s pocket, but after a few attempts, he couldn’t unlock it.

Blood coated the screen, quickly coagulating and drying up, and his fingers could not wipe it. Yi Hui’s mind was a mess; he was breathing in shuddering gasps. He finally pressed the emergency call, but after it connected, he was so nervous that he couldn’t describe the situation clearly.

Zhou Jinheng raised his hand to hold his wrist and moved the mobile phone to his ear: “A refrigerator truck, license plate number 7903, departed from near No. 98 Muxiang Road. There is also a victim knocked out in the alley… Another victim and I are heading towards Qingdai Mountain. You can locate this mobile phone to check the location, but the temperature here is too low, it might automatically turn off, please do it as soon as possible.”

After saying this, Zhou Jinheng suddenly let go of his hand and laid down on Yi Hui.

Yi Hui leaned back against the car wall, put one hand around Zhou Jinheng’s waist and pushed his shoulder with his other hand: “Wake up, don’t sleep, no, you can’t sleep.”

He forgot where he saw it: the more dangerous the situation, the more one had to stay awake. Once you fall asleep, you may never wake up again.

Yi Hui swallowed dryly, dropped the mobile phone and shook Zhou Jinheng’s hand hanging on his side. He inserted his fingers between Zhou Jinheng’s, clasped the back of his hand tightly and tried to pass his body warmth to him.  Zhou Jinheng’s mouth pressed against his collarbone constantly exhaled heat.

Zhou Jinheng’s body temperature was high; he wouldn’t be cold in winter wearing a single coat. But now even his palms were cold, the rise and fall of his chest almost imperceptible.

Yi Hui was frightened. He let go of his other hand to untie the scarf around his neck. Halfway through untying it, his hand with their fingers clasped was lowered gently. Zhou Jinheng tightened his fingers, pulled his hand back and slowly supported his head buried against his shoulder. 

In the dark, Yi Hui didn’t know if Zhou Jinheng had his eyes open, he only knew that he must have been looking at him.

“I’m awake.” Zhou Jinheng pretended to be relaxed, “If you don’t let me sleep, I won’t sleep.”

He wanted to take off his coat and put it on Yi Hui, but Yi Hui held down his hand to stop him. The knife was inserted very deep, close to the heart. Yi Hui did not allow him to move, and he did not dare to move.

Fortunately, Zhou Jinheng didn’t have the strength at this moment and couldn’t defeat Yi Hui. He could only let Yi Hui carefully wrap the untied half of the scarf around his neck. The two of them had their foreheads pressed together, leaning on each other to keep warm.

Sitting so close, no matter how faint the sound was, it was impossible not to hear it. Zhou Jinheng murmured ceaselessly, “HuiHui’s hands are so soft” and “HuiHui’s body smells so good”. Yi Hui couldn’t listen to it and said in embarrassment: “I, I’ll ignore you if you talk about me again.”

Zhou Jinheng actually smiled, his warm breath spraying on the tip of Yi Hui’s nose and then spreading to both cheeks: “You’re finally willing to talk to me.”

Yi Hui was afraid that he would physically exhaust himself talking all the time and would pass out, so he occasionally responded, indicating that he was listening.

“I bought you two pots of flowers and put them in the flower garden near the tree where we went to make a wish last time. One pot of snowflakes and one pot of iron jasmine, if you like them, remember to pick them up.”


“Remember the restaurant I took you to last time? From now on, you will be the boss there, so you can go there to eat, paint, and bask in the sun.”


“The ring is customized for you and our names are on the ring. You’re the only one I’ve ever asked to marry me, don’t get any ideas.”


“There is a jewellery box with the ring. It was left by my mother to her future daughter-in-law. Keep it.”


“It will be your birthday at the end of the New Year. There will be a car to pick you up at seven o’clock in the evening. If you still live at home at that time, remember to eat first and then watch the fireworks when you are full.”

Hearing this, Yi Hui could no longer reply. He remembered the fireworks that belonged to him on his birthday this year and the cake for one person. How desolate he had felt then, and how panicked he was now.

Before Zhou Jinheng said the next sentence, Yi Hui raised his voice and said, “Stop talking.”

Zhou Jinheng took a few breaths and insisted: “Let me finish… your paintings, Doraemon dolls and the things you have thrown away are all in the storage room in the attic. If you really don’t want them, let Auntie throw them away…”

“I want, I want them.” Yi Hui opened his eyes wide, cut off his unfinished words and said quickly, “I want them, you are not allowed to go!”

Zhou Jinheng’s bloodless face turned pale in the dark. Even if the other party couldn’t see him, he still smiled: “Okay, won’t… I won’t go.”

Even after receiving the reply, Yi Hui was still not at ease: “You said you wanted to watch the fireworks with me, you said it.” He took a deep breath, “You lied to me so many times, you can’t lie to me again this time, don’t lie to me again.”

He was so scared that he just wanted not to let Zhou Jinheng go; he didn’t want to hear this kind of thing from him, which was the same as saying farewell.

So he didn’t care about anything and ignored everything. He wrapped his arms around Zhou Jinheng’s neck, straightened his upper body, and raised his face towards Zhou Jinheng. When their mouths touched, he pressed his lips against his and kissed and licked.

In the icy trunk, only the two of them were hot.

Yi Hui kissed Zhou Jinheng without any rules, their teeth clashing, the tip of his tongue reaching the root of the other’s tongue, as if he was using the physical connection to transmit between each other all the uncertainty, pain and fear that couldn’t be talked about for all these years.

There was still so much love and reluctance that they were almost overflowing.

The raging emotions generated by this interaction mobilized the dying cells in his body and Zhou Jinheng’s pale lips were colored with bright red. He clasped the back of Yi Hui’s head with one hand and wandered upward along his back with the other.

Their breath blended together inside the scarf that wrapped the two of them tightly. When their lips that had been joined for a long time were separated, Zhou Jinheng wiped away a drop of tears with his thumb and asked Yi Hui, “Uncomfortable?”

Yi Hui shook his head.


Yi Hui shook his head again.


With a thin whimper in his throat, Yi Hui bit his lip and shook his head.

Zhou Jinheng was amused by his hypocrisy: “Then… you like me?”

After a moment of silence, Yi Hui leaned in his arms and nodded softly.

Zhou Jinheng suddenly smiled: “Do you think I’m dying and comforting me?”

Yi Hui shook his head again.

Closing his eyes, Zhou Jinheng breathed a sigh of relief.

He waited for this day for so long, but he himself did not dare to believe it.

The car was still driving fast to some unknown destination.

Time passed minute by minute, and the temperature in the cargo trunk had already dropped below zero. Yi Hui was ice cold, his limbs stiff from freezing, his hands and feet curled up, his trembling breath as thin as a gossamer.

Zhou Jinheng calmed down a little bit. The wound that almost penetrated his chest seemed to freeze along with the knife, or perhaps because of the slow loss of blood, he didn’t weaken as much as he did earlier and got back control of his limbs.

He untied the scarf and carefully wrapped it back around Yi Hui: “At that time, was it so cold?”

Yi Hui moved in his arms but the motion was too small, he didn’t know if he nodded or shook his head.

Zhou Jinheng asked again, “Do you remember what I just said? Just before you rushed up to kiss me…”

The hands on his waist tightened, which was Yi Hui’s reaction when he was shy. Zhou Jinheng pulled the corners of his mouth into a smile. Knowing that he had heard him, put his hand on his waist, closed it in the palm of his hand and stuffed it into his arms.

“Never again,” the hot air exhaled from his nose became thinner and thinner. Zhou Jinheng was afraid that it would be too late and he kept talking in a hurry, his voice low, “Your husband will never lie to you again, will treat you well, and only have you alone in his heart …… Come home with me, okay?”

With his fingertips touching the hot place on his chest and his consciousness drifting erratically, Yi Hui instinctively wanted to withdraw his hand, unwilling to absorb Zhou Jinheng’s little remaining warmth, but he was firmly pressed by him and could not break free.

The blood in his body was obviously almost frozen, but tears still rushed out of his eyes and dripped all over his face.

Yi Hui opened his mouth with difficulty, nestling in the warm world that belonged to him in the ice and snow, and said quietly: “Okay.”

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  1. How was ml immediately able to come to the scene, yet don’t have anyone to support him. Or the police. And they both get stucked inside that trunk. Even mc’s friend was spared and left alone and not killed 😅 when the hired men planned to kill mc. What if that friend lived to recognize them, talk to the police, find allies, and take revenge??

    Welp. At least this situation is the catalyst that got them together again. Good for them. Sweetness all the way after this.

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    How was ml immediately able to come to the scene, yet don’t have anyone to support him. Or the police. And they both get stucked inside that trunk. Even mc’s friend was spared and left alone and not killed 😅 when the hired men planned to kill mc. What if that friend lived to recognize them, talk to the police, find allies, and take revenge??

    Welp. At least this situation is the catalyst that got them together again. Good for them. Sweetness all the way after this.


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