Flying Ash Chapter 57

Chapter 57

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Yi Hui wouldn’t kiss him.

Not only did he not kiss, but he also did not allow him to talk more. Fearing that he would pass out again after waking up from a coma, he shoved the peeled apple into his hand and ran away with the kettle.

Recalling the kiss in the refrigerator truck, Yi Hui was so embarrassed that he wanted to dig a hole to hide. He stayed in the water room for a while, but he was worried that Zhou Jinheng would be alone in the ward, so he went back in a daze.

When he walked to the door and heard the laughter inside, he thought Xiao Lin was there. Walking in and seeing Yang Chengxuan stand in front of the hospital bed, Yi Hui was taken aback for a moment, then strode in with his head high, placed the water bottle on the floor heavily and sat down closest to the bed.

Yang Chengxuan seemed to have just gotten off the plane. His suitcase was still at the door. Seeing Yi Hui’s cold face, he smiled, teasing Zhou Jinheng, “You risked your life to save a guy but I see that the rescued one does not seem to be very appreciative ah.”

Yi Hui didn’t make a sound and took another apple to peel, with a serious expression and in a dignified manner.

Yang Chengxuan looked outright happy: “You don’t need to mention it, but this one really is quite like the previous one.”

“What’s the ‘previous one’?” Zhou Jinheng frowned, “Call him sister-in-law.”

Yi Hui’s hand twitched, and Yang Chengxuan became even more happy: “If you call this one sister-in-law, then what do you call that one?”

Zhou Jinheng didn’t bother to explain to him that it was the same one, and said, “Also sister-in-law.”

Yang Chengxuan gave a thumbs up: “Awesome, awesome, he is here and you’re not afraid of him losing his temper.”

Yi Hui, who was holding two identities, couldn’t get angry, but he was so embarrassed that he couldn’t peel the apple steadily and the peel broke halfway through.

Zhou Jinheng didn’t mind. He took it and bit it with the peel, and hurriedly reminded while eating: “I’m fine, and those who are done visiting can get out.”

Yang Chengxuan squinted at him: “Now that you have someone, you don’t want friends, do you?”

“You avoided your old man and finally came back, but you certainly didn’t come to see me.” Zhou Jinheng said, “Hurry over there, don’t make him wait.”

Yang Chengxuan patted his thighs, stood up, stretched out his waist and yawned, as if he was taking his time and not in a hurry. Before leaving, he didn’t forget to tease Zhou Jinheng: “Don’t be stupidly happy, go back online and see what kind of rumors are going around. It says that you first had your face ruined and then suffered internal injuries. The official blog of the TV series you just took up also issued a termination statement, so I’m afraid your acting career is going to be over.”

When he left, Yi Hui picked up an orange and peeled it. After peeling two pieces, he couldn’t hold back anymore: “That TV series, are you really not going to play male lead number one anymore?”

Zhou Jinheng, who was lying on the bed, didn’t know whether to laugh or to cry: “I thought you wanted to say something. I have played a lot of male leads number one, no big loss with that one.”

Yi Hui was not sure if he was talking big, blinked, and asked, “What did you think I wanted to say?”

“I thought you…” Zhou Jinheng changed his mind, “I thought you were going to ask me if it hurts or not.”

This was what Yi Hui wanted to ask too: “Then does it hurt or not, is it difficult or uncomfortable anywhere? Do you want to lower the backrest further… Hey!”

His speech was interrupted by an exclamation when Zhou Jinheng grabbed his wrist, put it to his mouth and kissed it: “Does it still hurt?”

He kissed the marks left by the rope on his wrist. Yi Hui couldn’t pull his hand away and his face felt hot: “It doesn’t.”

“It really doesn’t hurt anymore?”

Yi Hui was in a daze. He didn’t know which “hurt” he was asking about. He was still deep in thought when there was a movement at the door of the ward and someone came to visit again.

It was Jiang Xuemei who came accompanied by the nurse.

Yi Hui didn’t expect her to come in person and witness such an embarrassing situation. He led her to sit down and stood by her side, twisting his hands behind his back.

Jiang Xuemei was hospitalized for a few months and recovered well after the surgery. She looked much better after her long illness than Zhou Jinheng, who was bedridden. She smiled and said, “This is Mr. Zhou, right? Yihui was hiding it from me for a long time and I only recently learned that you are the gentleman who came to our house last time.”

Yi Hui explained everything to Jiang Xuemei on the phone, so Jiang Xuemei only recently merged the “benefactor” and the “person who pestered my son” into one. Now this man had saved Yi Hui’s life again. Even though her mood was complicated and confused, Jiang Xuemei was still more grateful than anything else.

Zhou Jinheng instead felt a bit embarrassed, propped up to sit and greet his elders but was stopped by Yi Hui: “Don’t move, stay put.”

“Yes, you’re injured, you should lie down and rest.” Jiang Xuemei said, “I’m just coming to have a look and will leave in a while.”

When Yi Hui got married in his previous life, Yi Hui’s mother had passed away and his father was only interested in business and did not care about his family. Therefore, in a strict sense, this was the first time Zhou Jinheng was meeting his mother-in-law.

He tried his best to ignore the embarrassing incidents of breaking into other people’s homes several times last year and introduced himself: “Hello, Auntie, my name is Zhou Jinheng, and I am an old… old friend of HuiHui.”

He hadn’t received Yi Hui’s formal approval yet, so he didn’t dare to talk nonsense.

Jiang Xuemei smiled and nodded: “I know that you are an old friend, an old friend who often makes trouble.”

In fact, there was nothing much to talk about during the visit. Jiang Xuemei sat for a while, told Yi Hui to take good care of Mr. Zhou, and then got up to leave.

When Yi Hui went to see her off at the door, Jiang Xuemei took his hand and said, “There are not many people in this world who can give up their life for another, especially young people like him. Mom doesn’t know what happened in the past and she is not defending him, the decision is up to you, just think about it clearly.”

Only Jiang Yimang knew his and Zhou Jinheng’s story, but even if Jiang Xuemei didn’t say anything, she must have noticed something. She said this to reassure Yi Hui and let him know that she was on his side no matter what.

Yi Hui was touched and a little melancholy again. Being Jiang Yihui was already frightening enough; but if he had to live with two identities, the unknown road ahead made him even more confused.

But this was his own choice, he himself could not resist the temptation to move forward again. Regardless of mountains of daggers and seas of flames, he wanted to go on.

Yi Hui stood at the door for a while. Just as he was about to go back to the ward, Yang Chengxuan suddenly stumbled from around the corner of the corridor, grabbed him and dragged him away.

“Where are you taking me?”

“To go and see Tang Wenxi.” Yang Chengxuan’s face was dark and his expression solemn, “He said he doesn’t recognize me.”

Listening to his description, Yi Hui thought that the situation was seriously out of control. When he went downstairs to Tang Wenxi’s ward and saw him sitting on the hospital bed with a pencil and a sheet of paper quietly drawing, he was so confused that he didn’t know what to say.

“Classmate Jiang, why are you here!” Tang Wenxi looked up and greeted him, his surprise unmistakable, “Didn’t you drop out of school and move to the south? This is S City, hey, are you here to travel too?”

Yi Hui, who was confused, was pulled aside. Mother Tang wiped the tears from the corners of her eyes with the back of her hand and whispered: “The doctor said his brain suffered a violent collision, blood clots pressed memory nerves resulting in temporary memory loss. He still recognizes people, just does not remember what happened in the past few years.”

Yi Hui took some time to digest this information and made a relaxed expression when turning to face Tang Wenxi: “Classmate Tang, do you recognize me?”

“How can the art geniuses of our class not recognize each other?” Tang Wenxi smiled cheerfully, “But what’s the matter with you? You used to be cold in class and didn’t care about anyone. Now you actually come to the hospital to see me? I thought you didn’t even remember my name.”

“In class? What class?”

“Our oil painting class,” Tang Wenxi said as a matter of course, “Have you lost your memory, Classmate Jiang?”

Tang Wenxi was in his second year of graduate school this year. During summer vacation, he was sketching outside. The oil painting class was his undergraduate class.

After asking for some more details, Yi Hui and Father and Mother Tang had to accept the fact that he had forgotten all these years and his memory stayed in the period when he had just entered his sophomore year.

The people in the room were full of sorrow, only Tang Wenxi was as happy as ever: “Forget it, never mind. Look at the painting I just drew, all these years of practice have not been in vain, I have developed muscle memory. Skipping the process of hard practice directly to get the result, wow, you can only dream of such a good thing.”

Yang Chengxuan, who was silent all the time, stepped forward suddenly, holding Tang Wenxi’s shoulder: “What about me? Do you remember me?”

Tang Wenxi was so frightened that he stared at him blankly with nothing in his eyes but horror: “You, who are you?”

Yang Chengxuan gritted his teeth and said his name. Tang Wenxi was even more scared, shrank his shoulders and wriggled back: “I don’t know you, I haven’t heard this name, Mom, who is he?”

Mother Tang shook her head and said she didn’t know him. Tang Wenxi suddenly became emboldened: “My mother knows all my friends but you, where are you from? Go away, go away.”

Yang Chengxuan refused to leave. He was pulled away by Father Tang, who was eager to protect his son, took a few steps back and stopped. As if he didn’t believe it, Yang Chengxuan sneered: “Heh, didn’t you want me to come back? I’m back now. What tricks are you playing here pretending to have amnesia?” He said to Yi Hui, “Tell him who I am.”

Under Tang Wenxi’s confused gaze, Yi Hui hesitated for a long time. It seemed difficult to give an accurate definition of the relationship between the two.

“He is someone you like.” Seeing Yang Chengxuan’s slightly surprised smile, Yi Hui paused for a moment, and then said, “He is also the man who left you and hurt you the most.”

At night, Yi Hui was still in a daze thinking about Tang Wenxi’s amnesia.

According to their previous conversations, Tang Wenxi and Yang Chengxuan met four years ago, in Tang Wenxi’s sophomore year, the year when his memory was cut off.

Although the point when his amnesia started must have been purely coincidental, Yi Hui still couldn’t help but associate it with Tang Wenxi’s choice. Why did it happen to be that time? Why did he only forget everything that happened after his meeting with Yang Chengxuan?

If he were Yang Chengxuan, he would probably have doubts.

However, from the perspective of a friend, Yi Hui felt that forgetting was not entirely a bad thing.

During the incomprehensible relationship between the two, he watched Tang Wenxi become depressed day by day. He liked him so much but did not admit it, afraid to burden the other. He was abandoned but was forced to smile and pretend not to care.The relationship that started with “just for fun” as an excuse was destined to end in trouble.

Therefore, Yi Hui did not hide the relationship between the two, told the truth, and left it to the two of them to choose. Just as his close relatives did not interfere with his plans and safely put the decision in his hands.

Yi Hui rolled over on the sofa bed in the ward. Rhe mobile phone under the pillow vibrated and he touched it to see that it was a message from Jiang Yimang: Brother, are you with him now?

Yi Hui raised his head and glanced at Zhou Jinheng, who was lying on the bed with his eyes closed, and replied: En

Jiang Yimang had already learned on the news that Zhou Jinheng was almost stabbed to death while saving someone, and she also knew that the person who was rescued was Yi Hui. She texted: I’m lying on the bed and thinking about it. I think this chat history should be sent to you to see. Although his methods are a bit different, I think he is sincere.

Yi Hui did not reply immediately and she wrote again: I can swear that I’m doing it as your sister and not as a former fan of Zhou Jinheng! I just think you should know this……

Yi Hui took a deep breath: You can send it

Jiang Yimang quickly posted a screenshot of her mobile phone and the background of a private chat on Weibo. As soon as he read the beginning, Yi Hui remembered that night of the typhoon, both terrifying and warm, and those gifts that he loved so much.

– The things you send ah, to be honest I have a feeling that I am lying to my brother every time …… the brewing cycle of this surprise is too long, I cannot hold it in anymore!

-Wait a little, now is not the time.

-Can I ask a question?


-What did you do to my brother before that you don’t even dare to reveal your identity? It’s just that my brother is stupid and doesn’t suspect anything at all, if it were someone else …………

Yi Hui remembered that when he got there he didn’t look any further.

At that time, he was angry and suffering, his mind full of the word ”lie”. He only knew that he had been deceived again. This feeling made him creepy and dizzy. The double psychological and physical oppression left him no time to think about anything else.

Now that he was still a little nervous, Yi Hui couldn’t guess what Zhou Jinheng would say. At least he didn’t tell the truth, otherwise Jiang Yimang wouldn’t listen to him and wouldn’t continue to help him.

If he scrolled down, he would get the answer, but Yi Hui couldn’t make this step. He put down his phone and rolled over again.

“Can’t sleep?”

At the sound of this low voice, Yi Hui flinched, frightened. He sat up, looked in the direction of the hospital bed in the night light at the bedside, and made a random excuse, “No, I want to drink water.”

Yi Hui slipped on his shoes to pour water and, along the way, asked the patient if he wanted a sip. Zhou Jinheng shook his head: “No, you drink it.”

On the first day after waking up, Zhou Jinheng expended too much physical strength to deal with the visitors. When the doctor came to check him in the afternoon, he saw blood seeping from the wound. He seriously warned that any movement might pull the wound. It was forbidden to get out of bed and walk around. It was forbidden to talk, laugh, and allowed to eat only when fed by someone. Yi Hui was so scared that he almost gagged him and didn’t give him his hand to hold, letting him just lie down and breathe.

Poor Zhou Jinheng couldn’t do anything when he woke up, couldn’t even say much. He was silent for the whole afternoon and half a night under Yi Hui’s gaze, and he was not sleepy at this moment at all.

After drinking the water, Yi Hui planned to turn off the lights and continue to sleep. Zhou Jinheng stopped him: “Don’t turn it off yet and talk to me.”

“You can’t talk more now.”

Zhou Jinheng helplessly patted the empty place next to him in the hospital bed: “Then you stay here and let me take a closer look.”

Yi Hui hesitated, thinking that the action of “seeing” should not cause damage to the wound, so he took off his shoes, climbed into the bed slowly and laid down carefully.

The ward was a single person ward where Zhou Huarong had transferred his son in the afternoon. It was spacious and had a large bed, enough for two adults to sleep on and still have some space between them. Yi Hui laid on his side with his hands under his cheek, and looked at Zhou Jinheng who turned to look at him.

It was okay at first, but after a long time, Yi Hui felt uncomfortable and murmured in a low voice: “Don’t keep looking at me.”

“You don’t let me move, can’t I look?” Zhou Jinheng said.

Yi Hui was soft-hearted; he tried to suppress the heat on his cheeks and blinked his eyes in acquiescence.

Looking at each other like this, it was too strange not to say a word, so Yi Hui started talking about Tang Wenxi and Yang Chengxuan. He told what happened in the past, what happened today, what he knew in bits and pieces, and finally he asked for advice: “Do you think they still have a chance to get together?”

Peace needs to be persuaded but discord doesn’t. Yang Chengxuan rushed back from abroad for thousands of miles. It was impossible not to be affected by this situation. Yi Hui didn’t know how Tang Wenxi would react if he didn’t lose his memory; Yang Chengxuan came back for him, at least he should be happy, right?

“That depends on whether your friend is willing to forgive him.” Zhou Jinheng said.

Yi Hui frowned: “He has amnesia… But, do you think it is possible for him to pretend…”

The bed shook violently a few times, and before Yi Hui could finish speaking, Zhou Jinheng beside him suddenly turned over and pressed his arms on both sides of his body: “Then what about you, are you willing to forgive me?”

Yi Hui’s eyes widened in shock and he first checked the needle stuck in the back of Zhou Jinheng’s hand, then raised his hand to push him: “Lie back down and be careful of the wound.”

“Answer me.” Zhou Jinheng resisted, his eyes getting sharper.

After waking up, he learned that he had been in a coma for five days, and he was already anxious, but with the people visiting and the doctor coming, he couldn’t find a chance to talk to Yi Hui. It was dark at this moment, there were only two of them in the room and Yi Hui was still thinking about other people’s affairs, which made Zhou Jinheng’s sense of crisis even more serious.

Perhaps because he had been unconscious for too long, he didn’t remember much about that day, and he was not even sure if Yi Hui promised him something at that time.

Did he stay here to take care of him because he felt he owed him? Because he saved him?

Zhou Jinheng didn’t want this to be the case and was eager to confirm that it was not like that. The man who was calm and collected during the day became flustered and confused.

He realized that he looked a bit fierce now and hurriedly suppressed the involuntarily emitted aura, his voice softening: “I was careless. I thought it would be safe to keep you by my side. I did not expect to let that thieving guy take advantage of the opportunity, I know that there is more than one mastermind behind this matter, I will ……”

Yi Hui raised his hand and covered his mouth.

In fact, he only used two fingers to press on his lips. Zhou Jinheng immediately stopped talking, looking at him intently, and in addition to anxiety, there was something like anticipation spreading in his eyes.

Yi Hui did not answer, but asked instead, “Doesn’t it hurt?”

He meant his current position and the many words said in one breath.

This is how it used to be. Yi Hui thought he was older and it was his responsibility to take care of him. Every time he saw him injured he felt distressed.

It was now or never. Film Emperor Zhou frowned and cried hoarsely: “Ah – it hurts.”

Yi Hui looked at Zhou Jinheng from beneath him, his eyes gradually filling with surprise, and then he grinned.

His eyes curled up when he smiled, and specks of light shone between his eyelashes. Zhou Jinheng loved seeing him smiling the most. He hadn’t seen him smile at him like this for a long time, and he was stunned for a while.

“So stupid.” Yi Hui pushed his shoulder again, barely exerting any strength, “I think you are the stupid one.”

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