Flying Ash Chapter 6

Chapter 6

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Zhou Jinheng also failed to get through to Yi Hui’s phone, so he went back to S City overnight.

There was still no one at home. The cup that he used when he came back last time was still at the head of the bed as he had left it, half-full of cold water.

He opened the address book again, flipped through it up and down two or three times but couldn’t find a number that could be dialed.

He didn’t know where else Yi Hui could go.

However, this situation was not unfamiliar. Zhou Jinheng remembered another one, although he’d almost forgotten the cause. Anyway, it was nothing more than standing him up and not keeping promises. In short, it just made the little fool unhappy. The little fool ran away from home in a bad mood. He didn’t go to the capital to find his brother and he didn’t go to other houses in S City. His phone was turned off and no one knew where he went.

Zhou Jinheng was attacked from both sides by the old b*stard and his brother-in-law far away in the capital. He was overwhelmed and asked his friends to check and monitor. After getting the news, he drove to a department store in the city center in the middle of the night. Sure enough, the little fool was squatting on the steps, pitifully shrunk into a ball, holding his Doraemon in his arms.

Later Zhou Jinheng asked him what he was doing there, but Yi Hui turned away and refused to speak. He didn’t have the patience to ask again and just put it behind him as a childish tantrum.

In any case, how can one guess what’s going on in a fool’s mind, God knows what he is thinking about.

Of course, you couldn’t let him get used to it. Zhou Jinheng could foresee that if he went out to find him again now, the little fool would dare to do it again next time. That’s where the word “emboldened” comes from.

So he took a bath with peace of mind and prepared to sleep. Early tomorrow morning, the little fool would turn on his phone and receive a call from his brother-in-law. He would hear that he was at home and he would definitely be back by himself.

Lying in bed and touching the smirking Doraemon, Zhou Jinheng pinched its big face and kneaded it flat and then round again, venting his emotions. When he felt comfortable, he let it go. He threw it on Yi Hui’s pillow, turned over, pulled up the quilt and fell asleep.

Zhou Jinheng had a dream.

It was a spring dream. The picture in the dream was blurred; it was vaguely discernable that there was a man lying on the bed in front of him. The man was slender, with just enough flesh on his bones, his skin bathed in a luminous white light against the dark sheets.

He couldn’t help but stretch out his hand to touch. It was delicate and silky under his touch, and a soft, quiet hum reached his ears. With the body trembling under his palms, his mind exploded and he thought of nothing else. He lifted up the man’s legs and leaned over.

After waking up, Zhou Jinheng panted and pushed away the quilt. His face became extremely unsightly the moment he saw the mess under him.

Facing the mirror in the bathroom, he found countless reasons for what happened to himself. For example, he was too tired from filming and didn’t have time to relieve his tension. For example, he hadn’t gone to bed so early for a long time. Deep sleep was the most likely cause of strange dreams.

However, looking at the dripping face of the man in the mirror, at his slack eyes that seemed to to be still reverberating with memories under the steamy water, Zhou Jinheng had to force himself to admit that he was fascinated with Yi Hui’s body.

In the past three years, he has returned home a few times and had done it with Yi Hui a few times.

At first, Yi Hui took the initiative to seduce him. Who knows where the little fool learned this botched method from. After taking a shower, he crawled onto the bed before his hair dried. When Zhou Jinheng threatened to kick him out of bed, he hugged the quilt and looked at him with red eyes.

When Zhou Jinheng grew impatient and picked up the pillow to go to sleep in the next room, the little fool was anxious and crawled to the side of the bed to grab his clothes. Only then did Zhou Jinheng see that there was no scrap of cloth on his body under the quilt. The little fool didn’t wear anything; his narrow waist was half-covered by a thin quilt and there was a crimson blush spreading from his face to his chest.

Since it was delivered to your door, there was no reason not to eat it.

What’s more, Zhou Jinheng had just been forced into marriage and was in a bad mood, so he urgently needed someone to vent his anger.

Making love with the little fool felt both fresh and wonderful. The little fool was clearly a few years older than him but so jerky in bed that one would think Zhou Jinheng was bullying a child.

This child was covered in thin skin and tender flesh and would almost cry from the slightest touch of his hands. He didn’t dare to cry out. He bit his lips and breathed through his nose. When he felt uncomfortable, he clung to his shoulders and whispered: “Husband… Slow down, slow down, HuiHui hurts.”

As everyone knows, such words can only be used to liven things up in bed. The little fool was ruthlessly played with, his legs up and tears dripping silently down his cheeks past brightly coloured lips, like shiny cherries freshly plucked from the tree, making Zhou Jinheng want nothing more than to swallow him up in one gulp.

The scene was obviously an enticing one, but the innocent eyes of the little fool added a touch of purity to it. It was this natural innocence of the little fool that lured Zhou Jinheng to indulge in it several times.

The man in the mirror noticed from his darkened eyes that he had reacted again, and became angry again.

He picked up his mobile phone. The screen was empty and there was no call from the little fool. The door downstairs was closed and everything at the door was as quiet as usual. No one came back at all.

This feeling of being threatened and restrained by something made Zhou Jinheng irritable, no less than the sense of depression and restraint brought to him by the restriction of his personal freedom.

He thought fiercely, “Don’t come back here if you dare,” and at the same time, using actions to dispel his frustration, he kicked the flower pot by the door.

Who could imagine that the flowerpot was so fragile that it shattered to pieces with a single touch? The mud inside was scattered on the floor, and the thin stems fell into the mud, even breaking two leaves.

About a quarter of an hour later, Zhou Jinheng received a call back from his assistant Xiao Lin: “I’ve arranged it. Someone will come in two hours.”

Zhou Jinheng was dissatisfied: “Two hours? No, they must be here within an hour.”

Xiao Lin said helplessly: “It’s hard enough to buy a flowerpot at this point. You don’t know the species of the flowers. Different species require different soils. The man said that he would wait for the flower market to open to buy a few more before coming.”

Zhou Jinheng gave a tut, squatted down, frowning in disgust, and touched the stems and leaves that were barely inserted back into the soil: “It is a kind of white flower with five petals and white stamens… It should like to be in cool and humid places but is afraid of the cold.”

He remembered that when he was at home, the little fool watered this pot of flowers every day and moved it into the house as soon as it got cooler. He felt annoyed seeing it, so he told him to throw the flower away. The little fool shook his head like a rattle, saying, “Only with flowers and plants does it resemble a home.”

This thought made him even more exasperated. Why don’t you hurry back if you know this is home?

Xiao Lin responded, saying that he would call the man as soon as possible and show the revolutionary spirit of saving flowers as you would save a person.

After hanging up the phone, Zhou Jinheng picked up a piece of broken porcelain from a flower pot and fiddled with a pile of soil in the middle, unable to stop worrying that the squeamish flower would not survive.

He was impatient and irritable. He had never raised any flowers and his knowledge about caring for plants was close to zero. If the housekeeper was still there, this flower might be saved in time.

Why was the housekeeper fired?

Zhou Jinheng frowned, searching again for answers to the neglected trivialities.

It seemed that it was because he felt that the housekeeper took too much upon herself and thought that she had been bought over by the little fool. That day he learned that his former assistant had contact with the little fool in private, so he fired the assistant first and then went home to drive the housekeeper away. The little fool had been with the housekeeper for a long time and got attached, so he shed a few tears.

Now as he thought about it, what big waves could a housekeeper who only washed and cooked make? At that time, he was so angry that he didn’t even care about the little fool’s mood.

Even though his face became obviously more and more unsightly, Zhou Jinheng still didn’t want to admit that this emotion was called regret.

It was okay, save the flower, call the little fool back, and you’ll be fine.

Zhou Jinheng picked up his mobile phone and took a photo, then posted it to his circle of friends on Weibo.

After posting, he sat down and leaned back in the seat, waiting for someone to rush back into his arms, glancing at his mobile phone from time to time.

The little fool paid the most careful attention to his every move, he would never believe he didn’t see the photo.

Today in the capital, like in S City, was one of the rare sunny days since the start of autumn.

In a mobile phone shop, Yi Hui inserted the phone card into the phone and Jiang Yimang exclaimed: “Ah, HengHeng has posted on Weibo!”

Yi Hui’s hand shook when the mobile phone vibrated while being turned on. Jiang Yimang leaned over to look: “What’s wrong with you, you haven’t used the mobile phone for too long so you can’t hold it?”

She helped with the settings, added her and Jiang Xuemei’s numbers and excitedly wanted to send Yi Hui a Weibo.

“No, no need.” Yi Hui hurriedly grabbed his new mobile phone, “I don’t know how to use Weibo, so I can just make a phone call.”

Jiang Yimang curled her lips: “Yes, your crappy mobile phone will probably get stuck on Weibo. It’s not like Mom didn’t give you money, why don’t you choose an expensive one?”

Yi Hui smiled and said, “I don’t need it to be too good, it’s just for calling.”

On the way back, Jiang Yimang kept chattering like Jiang Xuemei, saying that it was not okay to refuse to socialize like that. Even online socializing was better than being bored alone, all his ailments came from boredom.

It had been a long time since someone had shown such disapproval and concern for him, so Yi Hui nodded again and again and said yes. When he returned to the hotel, he opened the browser and searched for information on the Internet.

He searched for the news of the Yi Group first and just clicked on the most recent one. He caught his brother’s name at a glance in the dense text. The whole article reported that the young master of the different surname was managing it well and the Yi family’s business was flourishing.

Then he searched for the name of his sister-in-law. Despite being called his sister-in-law, he was actually a boy of the same age as him. The news said that he was filming in seclusion in a remote area of southwest China. According to visiting fans, everything was fine.

Yi Hui was relieved and for fear of accidentally seeing other entertainment industry-related news, he hurriedly closed the page after reading.

At noon, Jiang Xuemei called and asked if Yi Hui was feeling better.

Jiang Yimang leaned to the microphone and interjected: “Okay, I took him to buy a new mobile phone, now don’t worry about him getting lost.”

Jiang Xuemei chuckled on the other end of the phone: “Don’t worry, as long as you two siblings are well, Mom is very relieved.”

They originally were going to Yi Hui’s alma mater to find the art teacher who recommended him to participate in the competition. Who expected that Yi Hui would catch a cold last night, develop a low fever in the middle of the night and keep coughing. Jiang Xuemei was so scared that she didn’t dare to take him out again. In the morning, she went to see the teacher and asked Jiang Yimang to stay and take care of him.

When she heard that Jiang Xuemei was inviting the teacher to dinner and had to go elsewhere for some business in the afternoon, Jiang Yimang rolled around in bed: “Ahhhh, so boring, if I knew, I would’ve brought my cross-stitching to pass the time.”

Yi Hui had seen her half-embroidered cross-stitched portrait, smiled reluctantly and said, “You can go out to play, don’t worry about me.”

Jiang Yimang did not forget what her mother entrusted her to do and resolutely stayed to take care of him. Holding the mobile phone, she sat cross-legged in the corner of the bed and giggled, chatting with her friends on WeChat and QQ.

After chatting for a while, she suddenly jumped up: “Really? Didn’t he just return to the capital from S City? Staying at the Garden Hotel? The one in the west of the city?”

After receiving a positive answer, Jiang Yimang jumped out of the bed, threw on her coat and shoes hastily and ran to the door in a frenzy. She slapped her forehead, then came back to pull Yi Hui out with her: “Go for a walk, accompany me to help, it only takes half an hour!”

Yi Hui was dragged all the way and in less than ten minutes, he was standing in front of a magnificent hotel among a group of chattering girls.

Jiang Yimang was chatting with the girl next to her: “I live in a nearby hotel, a block away from here. Don’t you think it’s a coincidence? When the group said HengHeng would come out later, I just ran here straightaway!”

As soon as he saw the hotel signboard from the other side of the road, Yi Hui’s heart was already beating in his throat. Now that the name of that man was constantly mentioned by the girls around him, he felt even more panicked. The first thought that came to mind was to leave quickly.

“Hey, where are you going?” Jiang Yimang grabbed his arm, “Don’t run around, he will be out soon and we will go back in a while.”

As soon as she said that, a black business car drove by and slowly stopped at the entrance of the hotel. Several security guards rushed out of the hotel.

The crowd was suddenly abuzz, except for Yi Hui.

Once he saw the familiar business car, he knew what would happen next.

As if realizing that danger was approaching, he desperately retreated, wanting to evacuate, trying to get as far away as possible, but he was involuntarily pushed forward by the crowd. He said something to Jiang Yimang, but the surroundings were boiling and all that could be seen was his mouth opening and closing.

In the end, he failed to squeeze out of the crowd.

Yi Hui’s eyes were full of panic, his gaze crossing the crowd as he watched the man stride out of the hotel. Obviously, there were many people around, security guards, assistants and agents, a vast group of them, but he saw him at once.

He was wearing a black coat and black pants, dressed in a low-key manner, but his cold strong temperament was unique, making people involuntarily focus on him.

He held a mobile phone in his right hand and pressed it to his ear, his expression gloomy, as if he was angry with the person on the phone.

His breath caught in his throat. Yi Hui was dragged back by a hand to a time where he didn’t want to recall and he couldn’t break away from, and then he couldn’t help but think…

I’m already gone, who would make you angry?

He exhausted the last bit of his strength just by moving his gaze away.

The enthusiastic fans flocked forward and finally left the only person who was out of place to stand alone.

Yi Hui closed his eyes weakly as if blocking his vision could make him forget the sight he had just seen.

But that man, that face, he traced it inch by inch with his fingers and drew it religiously with a brush. Its every outline and every subtle expression were deeply imprinted in his mind and he couldn’t erase them or cut them out.

Jiang Yimang was still overflowing with excitement when she came back and wished the whole world would share her joy of meeting her idol for the first time: “HengHeng is so handsome. He is better-looking in reality than in the photos. He is also tall. He looks good when he smiles, but even more so if he doesn’t… My God, how could there be such a perfect man!”

After talking for a long time, Jiang Yimang didn’t get an answer, so she grabbed Yi Hui’s shoulder and turned him to face her: “Did you see him too? The one who is all in black. Today, HengHeng’s clothes are really stunning, especially for him…”

Her voice stopped abruptly and the smile on Jiang Yimang’s face froze. She was stunned for a while and asked, “You, what’s the matter with you?”

Yi Hui shook his head, trying to say it was nothing, but his throat was dry and blocked and he couldn’t make a sound.

Following Jiang Yimang’s surprised gaze, he raised his hand to touch his face but before he touched his chin, a drop of transparent liquid fell on his palm.

He realized that his face was wet with cold tears.

The author has something to say: Don’t worry, it will be soon. Before learning the truth, this is the necessary path to go.

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