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The plan to go out was cancelled because Yi Hui took out two dozens of red underwear from his bag.

“You can’t buy them by yourself, you have to be given them by others.” There was no one else at home; Yi Hui unwrapped the new underwear and spread it out on the bed, “It’s the size you usually wear, it should fit right?”

Zhou Jinheng stretched out his hand and took one: “I’ll just try it on.”

After speaking, he began to unbuckle his belt. Yi Hui jumped up from the side of the bed and was about to slip out, but Zhou Jinheng held him down: “What are you running for? What haven’t you seen about me?”

Yi Hui turned his head and closed his eyes, looking like a gentleman under an indecent assault: “Okay, I haven’t seen many things.”

Thinking about Yi Hui always asking to turn off the lights when playing games, Zhou Jinheng curled his lips in a smile: “Even if you haven’t seen it, you’ve touched it, right?”

The two lived together for a total of four years, and Yi Hui still couldn’t adapt to Zhou Jinheng’s teasing. In the past, this kind of situation happened infrequently, but now the frequency was getting higher and higher. He felt that he would get sick if he continued like this. As soon as he heard Zhou Jinheng speak, his face would feel hot and strange.

“No, I haven’t touched it all.” Yi Hui’s eyes flashed, “Don’t talk nonsense.”

Zhou Jinheng pressed his hands hard, pulled him tighter, and pressed his chest to his back: “Then… isn’t it a good time to touch it more?”

Yi Hui refused, his face and ears flushed. He heard Zhou Jinheng snort against his shoulder, dissatisfied: “Today is my birthday.”

Yi Hui couldn’t stand Zhou Jinheng’s coquettishness the most. A tall and big young man pouted in front of him and spoke in the tone of a child begging for candy. He couldn’t help but raise his hands and surrender immediately.

But it was still daytime and the sun was shining brightly in the sky outside the window. It was too shocking for him to do it in broad daylight. Yi Hui thought for a while and took a step back: “It’s not dark yet, shall we do something else first?”

“Then you draw my portrait.” Zhou Jinheng immediately became energetic, “You haven’t painted me for a long time.”


On the day they received the certificate, the sky was clear. Zhou Jinheng didn’t wear sunglasses and a mask. He drove his red sports car proudly and took Yi Hui to the Civil Affairs Bureau.

The process went smoothly. They filled out a form, stamped a seal and read an oath. They got a fresh and hot certificate in less than half an hour.

When he walked to the door, Zhou Jinheng was more than satisfied, spread out the two little red books in his palm and looked at them: “That’s it?”

Yi Hui said, “If you don’t think it’s enough, you can get a divorce.”

This joke was not funny at all. Zhou Jinheng shook his head like a rattle, put the marriage certificates in his pocket, took Yi Hui’s hand and walked out.

On the way back, they received a call from Jiang Yimang. She heard that they received their certificate today. Jiang Yimang howled on the phone and then demanded to know who proposed the marriage.

It was Yi Hui who answered the phone. He turned on the hands-free but hesitated to say that it was Zhou Jinheng.

Jiang Yimang asked again how the proposal was made. Was it particularly grand and unforgettable? Zhou Jinheng, who was driving, coughed a few times. Yi Hui couldn’t say anything and said foolishly: “This is a secret. I can’t tell you.”

Enjoying their rare free time, they went to the restaurant first.

The dazzling, pompous decorations had not been removed yet. After hearing from the clerk that they were prepared for the proposal, Yi Hui held back for a long time and still laughed out loud: “Do you think I am a child who likes these bells and whistles?”

Zhou Jinheng touched his nose, then realized that he felt a little embarrassed, and asked insistently: “Don’t you like them?”

Yi Hui didn’t deny it. He picked up a bunch of ribbons hanging from the window and put them on Zhou Jinheng’s head, squinting his eyes in a smile: “These look much better than a green hat.”

It took half a month to think and three days to arrange the scene, but in the end, he proposed in bed, and actually got an answer.

Zhou Jinheng always remembered the way Yi Hui looked at him and said “okay” at that time. It felt extremely unreal, as if he was dreaming.

Ye Qin also called to inquire about the progress. Enduring his dislike of Zhou Jinheng for Yi Hui’s sake, he was still furious when he heard that the proposal was so casual.

“What are you doing, you didn’t even give him the ring? ……Forget it, don’t give it, let HuiHui pack up and wait for me at home, I will pick him up.”

Zhou Jinheng: “Where are you going to pick him up?”

“Take him back to his parents’ house, and then divorce you!”

“I didn’t force him to marry me.” Zhou Jinheng said with confidence, “As soon as I asked, he agreed.”

Ye Qin was so angry that he dropped the phone.

Although he recovered some lost ground, Zhou Jinheng was not happy. The ring was still clutched in his hand and now that Yi Hui clearly saw his routine, it was difficult to surprise him.

After some thinking, he decided to take Yi Hui to ride the ferris wheel.

Yi Hui liked the ferris wheel, so he nodded and agreed without any objections.

It was evening when the car drove to the suburban amusement park; they caught the last wave of the admission into the park. There was a sparse line under the ferris wheel. Zhou Jinheng, who had not taken any protective measures, stood in line and quickly attracted the attention of people around him. After a while, a bold girl raised her mobile phone and ran over to take pictures. 

The two stood side by side, and Yi Hui whispered, “Xiao Lin will call again later.”

Zhou Jinheng didn’t care on the surface, but his hand in his trouser pocket was holding the ring tightly, and his palms were already sweating.

What he was afraid of was not being discovered, nor was he afraid of Xiao Lin asking questions. He was afraid to believe it. Even if he had obtained a certificate and everything was legal, it still did nothing to make him feel sure and confident.

When he stood outside the door last year and watched Yi Hui throw out the things he gave him, the box was overturned and the ring rolled on the ground. This scene was a big blow for Zhou Jinheng and he still had lingering fears.

Their turn arrived in less than half an hour. After entering the cabin, Zhou Jinheng sat down unconsciously and remained quiet until Yi Hui touched his arm: “What are you thinking?”

The ferris wheel turned very slowly. The cabin they were riding in had just taken off. Seeing that it was still some distance from the highest point, Zhou Jinheng replied, “It’s nothing.”

Halfway up, he started to panic, and his brain was running fast, wondering which hand to use to hand the ring, whether to kneel down on one knee, and what to say.

Yi Hui would definitely accept it, but the proposal was already so simple and casual, the part of giving the ring at least had to be a little special… Maybe it was better to just hold the wedding, do it in the presence of friends and family.……

“Do you have something to say to me?” Yi Hui asked again.

Zhou Jinheng was taken aback and subconsciously retorted: “No, no.”

Great, the courage he had been plucking up for a long time suddenly disappeared. The cabin slowly rose and the ring in his pocket was about to burst into flames. Zhou Jinheng gave up helplessly, and even began to wonder where he should arrange it next time.

On the contrary, Yi Hui was in a good mood and joked: “Your acting skills are so bad, how did you manage to get best actor?”

He meant Zhou Jinheng’s expression changing from seeing death unafraid to dejected.

Yi Hui reached towards his pocket, pulled Zhou Jinheng’s clenched hand out, and opened his fingers.

Zhou Jinheng knew that his secret was revealed, but if he sincerely wanted to hide it, he could guarantee that Yi Hui would not be able to unclench his fingers. But he didn’t want to, so he let Yi Hui open his fist, revealing the ring lying in his palm.

“When filming it’s not like this…” Zhou Jinheng breathed a sigh of relief and felt annoyed at the same time. “Besides, I’m relying on my face, don’t you know that?”

Yi Hui took out the ring from his palm and gently brushed the names of two people engraved on the ring with his fingertips. He couldn’t hide his smile anymore, and put the ring back into Zhou Jinheng’s palm with a grin: “Then can I ask the handsome Film Emperor Mr. Zhou to help me put the ring on?”

The prepared script was forgotten and Zhou Jinheng could not tell for a moment whether the impact of another easy success was greater, or whether Yi Hui’s initiative to wear the ring had a higher level of impact.

After finally recovering, Zhou Jinheng carefully pushed the plain white ring to the root of Yi Hui’s ring finger. Zhou Jinheng looked at his white flawless hand for a while, then lowered his head and kissed the back of his hand reverently.

Wearing Zhou Jinheng’s ring, Yi Hui also took his hand and kissed it, just where he had been burned.

After kissing, he sighed and said like an experienced man: “You’re a husband now, so don’t do stupid things in the future.”

The cabin crossed the apex and began to descend. It was still not close to the ground when they saw a group of people waiting for it. Most of them were young girls who came to see the star when they heard the news.

In the past, Yi Hui was proud of Zhou Jinheng’s high popularity and many fans and now was not an exception. He just had one worry: “If they know that you are married, will they stop being your fans?”

Zhou Jinheng said indifferently: “Let them stop, I rely on my strength to earn money. I only rely on my face in front of you.”

He felt relieved and his tone was full of arrogance and pride, very different from Zhou Jinheng who was so nervous that he didn’t dare to take out the ring.

Yi Hui wanted to laugh again, suppressed a smile and said, “Oh, they are so lucky to have a handsome and powerful idol like you.”

It was rare to be complimented by Yi Hui, but Zhou Jinheng didn’t cock his tail. He moved forward without warning, clasped the back of Yi Hui’s head with one hand, and kissed his lips.

The colourful lights of the ferris wheel suddenly lit up. Amidst the brilliant lights and exclamations of the crowd on the ground, Yi Hui heard Zhou Jinheng say in a voice that only the two of them could hear: “I have you, but they don’t.”

I am the happiest person in the world.



A little theater about the “emotional test”:

On a certain reality show, Yi Hui, who was invited as a guest for one episode, widened his eyes after listening to the director’s description and said, “Isn’t this cheating in public?”

Director: “Just call and make it clear after filming. It’s all for the effect of the show.”

Yi Hui was still uneasy: “He is impatient, and his temper is not very good ……”

Director: “We have seen many guests with bad temper, so we are not afraid.”

Hearing that other guests had done this, Yi Hui reluctantly agreed.

When the phone rung at night, his eyelids pulsed and he felt that something unexpected would happen.

The actress was well versed: “Hey~~HuiHui is taking a shower~~You can call later~~”

Zhou Jinheng: “Who are you?”

The actress giggled: “Guess~~”

“F*ck guessing.” Zhou Jinheng was impatient, “give the phone to him.”

Actress: “He’s taking a shower~ can’t answer the phone~~”

Zhou Jinheng asked, “Did you two share a room?”

Actress: “Yes.”

“Are you sure?”

Zhou Jinheng’s voice sank, and the actress was a little scared. Under the director’s frowning eyes, she bit the bullet and said, “Of course, he said he would paint a portrait of me later, just like in “Titanic”…”

Before she finished speaking, Zhou Jinheng suddenly reported the address: “XX Hotel, Room 2203, right?”

Actress: “Huh?”

Zhou Jinheng: “Let him wait for half an hour, and I will immediately strip naked and lay down on the sofa for him to draw.”

Yi Hui: “!!!”

All the staff present: “!!!”

Later, the director often talked about this episode, because only this pair of four pairs was not caught and achieved the desired effect.

Zhou Jinheng sneered at this: “I knew it was a show, so I cooperated casually.”

Yi Hui observed him: “Really?”

Zhou Jinheng raised his eyebrows: “Don’t you believe it?”

Yi Hui didn’t believe it very much, but he didn’t dare to say it, for fear that the irritable actor would say something shocking to the world.

“But… you still can paint.” Zhou Jinheng leaned closer and whispered, “They painted on the ship, let’s go paint in bed, okay?”

A little theater about “Double Eleven”:

In order to facilitate contact and promote family harmony, Zhou Jinheng organized a chat group. In addition to himself, the members of the group were: wife, brother-in-law and sister-in-law (the above are all WeChat remarks).

Yi Hui is building buildings every day: Brother and sister-in-law help me build buildings! 【Doraemon goes in circles】

Ye Qin: Big brother, help me click this! And that too!

Yi Hui: Brother, also help me click this! And that too!

Zhou Jinheng: ??? Calling me?

Ye Qin: Big brother, big brother, you haven’t used your work number for build building, have you? Be a newcomer, help me click!

Yi Hui: I want it too, brother! 【Doraemon sprinkles flowers】

Ye Qin: Does that person also have another number?

Yi Hui: Is there any? Is there any? 【Doraemon starry eyes】

Zhou ‘that person’:……

Ye Qin and Yi Hui were not in the same team. Every night after building the building, the two of them had to summarize today’s results and encourage (pan first tone) each other (bi third tone) a little.

Zhou Jinheng didn’t play himself, but he didn’t want to see Yi Hui lose, so he secretly bought a building for him at the end of each day.

Zhou Jinheng: My wife must win!

Zhou Jinheng also chatted privately with Cheng Feichi: Brother-in-law, do you want to buy it, I will give you the link?

Cheng Feichi: No need, you guys play.

Then he turned his head and sent Ye Qin a red envelope, doing his best.

Ye Qin: Why did you send a red envelope? Quickly look at the group, help me click on that coupon, we need to gather ten people!

Cheng Feichi:……

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