Forced to Become My Amnesiac Arch-Rival’s Fake Dao Companion Chapter 3

Chapter 3: Yunhai Brings Opportunity (3)

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In the morning, Bai Chunsheng saw himself drop to the second position and was so scared that he thought he was having a nightmare worse than the resurrection of Yan Jingqiu.

After inquiring with someone, he learned that during the few days he was asleep, the inheritance of the Lian Guang Daoist was inherited by an unknown rogue cultivator who appeared out of nowhere.

As for this Lian Guang Daoist, it was nothing special. Although his small sword technique was interesting, in the eyes of cultivators with complete cultivation techniques, it was at most an additional skill to learn.

The key is that on that day, this unknown rogue cultivator, with only the cultivation base of the Nascent Soul stage, was able to contend with several Dao Stage cultivator cultivators.

On the incense table lay another booklet, the Immortal Spirit Register, which updated automatically without any wind, functioning similarly to the Heaven’s Pride Board.

Only the core members of the three major sects and ten major families in the Grand World could possess it. Once something significant happened, specialized personnel within the major sects would update it in real-time, and those with the Immortal Spirit Register could see this shared information. The news leaked from the Lian Guang Secret Realm that day spread so quickly because of this. However, the only information that could be revealed was a conversation between Yan Yi and Yang Hong and the rumor of him contending with four Dao Stage cultivators.

The shadows on the booklet fluctuated, depicting a recorded scene.

At that moment, it was said that a single sword shattered myriad techniques, but that was just about it.

The crowd dispersed in fear, leaving him alone to step forward.

Apart from this person, the closest to the inheritance barrier was another individual, Yang Hong, the direct disciple of the Taixu Sect.

Lian Guang Daoist was originally a cultivator of the Taixu Sect, and for this time, the Taixu Sect had invested a considerable amount of resources and effort to “retrieve” the inheritance. Although Yang Hong was inferior in skill, he still couldn’t accept it. With a face flushed red and tears in his eyes, he demanded of him, “Who exactly are you?!”

Turning back, the man had been wearing the black mountain ghost mask provided by the Lian Guang Secret Realm all along, and simply replied, “Yan Yi.”

That night, the Heaven’s Pride Board changed again, with “Yan Yi” rising to the top.

Besides Yan Jingqiu, no one else could cross realms to challenge their opponents.

Since Yan Jingqiu had died, it was only natural for Yan Yi to take the first place.

Yan Yi’s origins were unknown, and his whereabouts were mysterious. After seizing the inheritance in the secret realm, he quickly disappeared from everyone’s attention.

Several days passed, and no one could track down Yan Yi.

Some suspected that Yan Yi was from the Yan family. After all, as a prestigious sword cultivation family, Having the former Grand Ancestor of the Tribulation Crossing Stage and the later Little Immortal Sovereign Yan Jingqiu, it wouldn’t be surprising for another sword genius like Yan Yi to emerge.

But despite this news spreading throughout the cultivation world, there was no response from the Yan family. With the Grand Ancestor of the Yan family approaching the end of his life and the unexpected demise of Yan Jingqiu, the Yan family, which had relied on these two powerhouses for many resources in the cultivation world, was now left without support. Facing such a precarious situation, if the Grand Ancestor of the Yan family were to pass away, the Yan family would undoubtedly become a target for wolves. In this context, the ambiguous attitude of the Yan family towards Yan Yi was sufficient to prove that either Yan Yi had no relation to the Yan family at all or their relationship was extremely strained.

The recorded fragment of Yan Yi and the previous encounter with the sword cultivator that Bai Chunsheng saw in Mu Liushuang’s memory had some similarities. However, because the individual was wearing a mask frequently distributed as a reward in the Lian Guang Secret Realm, Bai Chunsheng dared not assert that the person was indeed Yan Yi. Nevertheless, based on the information revealed, regardless of the identity of the sword cultivator, Yan Yi was definitely not to be underestimated.

Bai Chunsheng felt a bit agitated, and from the golden birdcage hanging beside him, a white mist suddenly appeared out of nowhere. In a moment, it transformed into a round, chubby bird that resembled a duck.

This bird was Bai Chunsheng’s Yuan Ying, the condensed form of a demonic beast’s essence. Yuan Ying of demonic beasts was quite special; it was the true form of the beast proportionally shrunk down. Moreover, it represented the most direct thoughts of its owner and couldn’t lie. Capturing the Yuan Ying of a demonic beast was more effective than administering truth serum to the original body.

…Likewise, this was also why Bai Chunsheng never revealed his true form in front of outsiders.

For hundreds of years, the number of people who had seen his true form could be counted on one hand. No one could have imagined that behind the graceful and beautiful appearance was actually a small duck with a white and pale-yellow body, a flat beak, and round black eyes. His feet were still soft and ginger-yellow.

The mutation of the White Phoenix bloodline came as a surprise to all those who were aware of it.

Unlike powerful mutants, after years of research by Bai Jianghan, even if she refused to give up hope, she had confirmed that her precious grandson, apart from looking cute, had not gained any additional abilities.

Since reaching the Nascent Soul stage after his spiritual transformation, he could let his Yuan Ying leave his body.

Bai Chunsheng had already reached the early stage of Nascent Soul stage, so achieving this was as easy as pie.

His grandmother said she used to have a birdcage like this, and when she was bored or alone, she would release her Yuan Ying to argue with herself and alleviate boredom. However, in the process of refining the soul to reach the Mahayana Stage, the most critical step in breaking through the Nascent Soul stage was for the Yuan Ying to return to the soul, so her cage has been empty since then.

In Bai Chunsheng’s imagination, his Yuan Ying could be as elegant as his grandmother’s, standing gracefully on the perch.

But in reality, even his Yuan Ying was chubby and could only squat there.

He closed his eyes, and the white duckling Yuan Ying in the cage helped him organize his thoughts, but when it spoke, it was still Bai Chunsheng’s own voice: “Yan Yi… Hmph, just hearing the name, you know he’s not a good guy, still wearing a mask. Bah, too ashamed to show his face, ugly thing.”

He was clearly scolding himself, yet he pretended to agree, nodding slightly: “Still surnamed Yan, same surname as Yan Jingqiu.”

Bai Yazi Yuan Ying said, “Really, now he’s the number 1. Any sword cultivator who has some connection with Yan Jingqiu is quite annoying, it’s really troublesome.”

“Say can he rival a Dao Stage cultivator in ability? Who knows if Lian Guang Daoist placed restrictions on people in the secret realm, allowing his heir to perform exceptionally? It’s hard to say.”


Suddenly, the sound of the white-feathered bird in the golden cage stopped.

The window in the southwest direction of the attic was still open, and from a distance, a green paper kite flew in, its flight urgent, almost crashing into the Starview Pavilion. Bai Yazi Yuan Ying whispered in alarm, “Someone’s coming.”

It promptly transformed into white mist and, accompanied by the increasingly cold autumn wind of Moonfall Lake, gradually dissipated back into Bai Chunsheng’s body.

With a casual gesture, Bai Chunsheng transformed the green paper kite into a hastily written letter: “Yan Yi, Yunhai Small World.”

A few moments later, the bottom of this letter spontaneously ignited with flames of red and yellow, soon turning into a pile of ashes.

The address of Yan Yi at that moment was recorded on this letter. Having seized the inheritance of Lian Guang, Yan Yi had offended the three major sects of the Middle Realm and was being hunted all over the world. Even before Bai Chunsheng summoned Mu Liushuang, he had received information that Yan Yi had appeared in the small world teleportation array community in the Greater World. However, at that time, it was still unknown which small world Yan Yi had gone to.

Bai Chunsheng instructed the person from the Ten Thousand Demon Sect to wait there and immediately send an urgent message when his teleportation information emerged.

Though Bai Chunsheng didn’t think Yan Yi would stay at the top for long, Yan Yi’s appearance did indeed leave him feeling quite displeased.

Compared to Yan Jingqiu who Bai Chunsheng recognized him, but who exactly was this Yan Yi?

Before paying respects to Yan Jingqiu, Bai Chunsheng planned to first meet with Yan Yi in the Yunhai Small World.

He wanted to see if the rumors about Yan Yi being able to rival a Dao Stage cultivator in the Nascent Soul stage were true or false.

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