General’s Gown Chapter 2

Chapter 2 – The Silver Masked King of H*ll Part 2

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“Ah!!!” The screams abrupted. 

In hindsight, the Beirong troops resisted the sudden attack. However, before they had time to get in formation to fight, they were immediately rushed by the aggressive Yan army into disorder unable to cooperate. 

“Kill! Kill! Kill!”

The Yan army’s roar resounded in the cold night. In sharp contrast, Beirong soldiers were crying out in a sorry state.

Seeing that the soldiers around him fight less and less, Zhu Wutu was afraid that even the soldiers around him would fold and almost peed his pants. Turning his head, he saw Helian Rongchuan coming out leisurely at some unknown time. He instantly acted as if he saw a life-saving straw.

Dongyun Kingdom did not intervene in this battle between the Yan Kingdom and the Bei Rong Kingdom, but only mixed with both sides of the battlefield by doing some exchanges with soldiers, horses, and provisions. Dongyun Kingdom’s national strength was strong and they were far away from the chaos of war. They were a hegemon that no one dared to easily provoke. So if one wanted to survive, one can only get on this Dongyun prince’s side. 

Zhu Wutu moved over with a smile on his face: “Your Royal Highness! Good brother! Big Brother! You are a neutral country, and the Yan army would not dare to attack. So, Ben Wang was wondering if you could allow Ben Wang to join your team and retreat?” 

“Oh?” Helian Rongchuan seemed to have just recovered from a splendid drama. He folded his arms over his chest and looked at Zhu Wutu with some bewildered and even innocent eyes: “Why?” 

“Why—?” Zhu Wutu was speechless for a while. 

Just like what he said, Dongyun Kingdom behind Helian Rongchuan was a neutral country in this battle. This time he came to the battlefield to do nothing more than do business with soldiers, horses, and provision. It was not worthwhile to risk saving him and offending the other country. 


Seeing that Helian Rongchuan was about to go far, in the split second between the spark and a flint, Zhu Wutu was enlightened. He quickly grabbed his life-saving straw: “Based on the 8,000 carts of provision you sold to me! I will add another 10% to the price!” 

Helian Rongchuan kept walking without glancing sideways. 

“20%! 20%——30%!” Zhu Wutu chased after him. But Helian Rongchuan turned on his horse neatly, and did not stop to pay attention to him. 

“Forty—— five percent! Fifty percent!” Zhu Wutu hugged Helian Rongchuan’s calf tightly, completely lacking the manners of a commander-in-chief. He was almost crying. 

Helian Rongchuan lowered his eyes and looked at the shivering Zhu Wutu indifferently. 


Zhu Wutu’s eyes widened. He looked at Helian Rongchuan with some surprise. The other party’s cold, unsentimental dark brown eyes, for the first time, he felt it foreign and utterly cold. 

Between the spark and the flint, he realized that the second prince who usually laughed and wandered around, turned out to be a scheming wolf.

Zhu Wutu swallowed hard, clenched his fist, and made up his mind: “Okay…double!” 

“Contract?” Helian Rongchuan lazily stretched out his palm. 

Zhu Wutu was anxious, but it was more important to save his life. He gritted his teeth and took out his inseparable seal in his arms: “This is the contract!” 

Helian Rongchuan unfolded a bright sunny smile, but in the eyes of Zhu Wutu, it made his blood run cold. With a wave of his hand, a fast horse rushed in front of him. Zhu Wutu was in a hurry, and flipped over to get on the horse. 

Helian Rongchuan smiled contemptuously. It’s no wonder that Bei Rong’s national power had declined in recent years with such a greedy cowardly idiot as commander in chief. 

Not far away, Yan army had rushed over like a vigorous beast. Helian Rongchuan smiled triumphantly. Tonight, from the moment the prisoner entered the camp, he knew that this person was not simple. There was an 80% of them being a spy from the Yan Kingdom. He didn’t remind Zhu Wutu, just to take advantage of his misfortune. 

He was really grateful for this sneak attack. 

The magnificent Dongyun royal banner raised high was his protective umbrella. This time, he was able to retreat completely. 

Helian Rongchuan smiled contemptuously at the helpless Yan army, and turned his horse’s head to leave—— 


The sound of breaking air! 

A silver light flashed in front of Helian Rongchuan’s eyes——

“Ah!” Zhu Wutu screamed, and fell straight down from his horse. His eyes widened in terror, but it was no longer an expression of a living person. 

A silver arrow pierced through the back of his heart, penetrating through him. With unabated energy, the arrow plunged straight into the solid snow that was stepped on, almost all of it went in. 

Who shot this arrow? The direction was so accurate, the force was so strong, and the speed was so fast.

“Your Highness… Your… Your face…” The voice of the guard beside him was shaking horribly. 

Helian Rongchuan felt a bit of a tingle on his cheeks. When he reached out his hand, he saw blood. 

It was scratched by the arrow just now. 

The people around were stunned by this horrible scene.

Everyone looked towards the opposite hillside. 

The moon peeked out of the dark clouds, and the silver light poured down like a silver waterfall through the shallow clouds. On the top of the hillside, they saw one man and one horse standing under the moon. The battle armor and the steed was white, while his face was covered with a silver ferocious mask. Only a red cloak was flying in the cold wind like a phoenix spreading its wings. 

Everyone was stunned for a while. The soldiers from Bei Rong who had fought with the Yan army, seeing that their commander in chief was shot to death with an arrow, had early on turned into chaos. Seeing this person was like seeing a ghost. The dispositions of the troops that had not yet assembled turned into a violent commotion.

On the bloody battlefield, there was a terrifying, legendary rumor. Yan Changqing, the general of Yan Kingdom, had extraordinary strength and was incomparably powerful. At the age of seventeen, he was conferred to become a third rank Yunhui general. At the age of eighteen, he chased away the invading Beirong army commander in chief Hun Hushi and his army. He commanded eight hundred black cavalry. Sleepless in the wild Gobi, he travelled straight without stopping for hundreds of miles, eventually cutting down the exhausted Hu Hunshi, and captured more than 5,000 people. 

Because it was too legendary, people secretly rumored that General Yan was actually a monster, with an ugly appearance that had a face full of black hair, and a mouthful of blood. Anyone who saw his true face would be scared to death. So he always wore a silver mask. And because his surname happened to be Yan, which was the same as “Yan” (H*ll), people privately call him the The Silver Masked King of H*ll. 

The person in front, wasn’t he that guy?

Many people instantly covered their heads and fled, but even more threw away their helmets, and kneeled down shouting: 

“We surrender, please do not kill us! King of H*ll, mercy! King of H*ll, please have mercy!” 

At the moment of the words, “we surrender, please do not kill us”, came out, suddenly all Beirong soldiers had given up their resistance. They kneeled down and their hands clasped their swords, crying:

“King of H*ll mercy!”

“King of H*ll mercy!” 

The mercy sounds filled the fields, it was quite a spectacular scene. The war drums that represented the attacking orders abruptly ended. The well-trained Yan Kingdom black armored troops stopped the attack. 

The Bei Rong army was on the verge of an amnesty. Only the Dongyun people who were surrounded were left. 

There was trouble for the black armored troops. The surrendered Beirong soldiers were easy to deal with, but the Dongyun people who appeared out of nowhere left them with barely any choice. They couldn’t fight or let them go, thus they surrounded them. Everyone’s eyes were focused on the commander in chief of the black armored troops of Army A. 

Yan Changqing directed his horse forward. 

He looked condescendingly from his war horse at the Dongyun people surrounded. Under the magnificent Dongyun imperial banner, the man was calm without any embarrassment. The eyes he used to look at himself were no different than the look he used to appreciate a dancer. 

Every soldier in the Yan army knew that the eastern part of the Yan Kingdom had the same national strength as Dongyun Kingdom. Yan Kingdom’s national strength was built up from the blood that fell from the horseback of generations of Yan ancestors. But Dong Yun was like a biased grace from God. Dongyun’s natural resources were abundant, especially the temper snow stones that can forge the world’s top weapons. The terrain was remote, and had always been far away from the chaos of war. But Dongyun was unwilling to do so. The Helian royal family had always sold scarce strategic resources to the warring two countries throughout the dynasties. They were a notorious, unbelievable royal family.

Yan Changqing squinted his eyes. He, Yan Changqing, was full of nationalism and he despised lawless fellows that relied on the grace of God and their ancestors the most. 

But there was no alternative. 

Yan Kingdom and Dongyun Kingdom had never infringed on each other’s water. Although Dong Yun Kingdom provided Bei Rong Kingdom with provision, soldiers, and horses, how could he, Yan Changqing, not know how many of his weapons and horses came from Dongyun? 

Yan Changqing’s slender fingers gripped the purple longbow, and his arrows flashed coldly under the moonlight. Under his hideous mask, no one knew his thoughts. 

A long while. 

Then with an order, the black armoured troops put away their swords one after another. 

But Helian Rongchuan didn’t mean to retreat quickly. He hugged his chest and smiled: “General must remember who rescued you tonight.” 

Now that he was close, he noticed that a section of Yan Changqing’s neck with beautiful lines was exposed under his battle armor. It was extremely white against the red cloak. 

Sure enough, it was this famous young general who turned into a prisoner tonight and burned the Beirong provision camp. 

It was a clever plan, his imitation was almost perfection. If it wasn’t for him being suspicious, reaching out and probing before he was ready, he was afraid he would be deceived as well. 

The people around didn’t understand the whole story, and couldn’t help being surprised and curious. This person was so courageous. It was obvious that the Silver Masked King of H*ll intended to let him go, so why is he trying to get a foot once given an inch?

How could the invincible General Yan need someone to rescue him?

A chill came, and everyone around him shivered. 

Condescendingly, Yan Changqing glanced at Helian Rongchuan coldly, as if he hadn’t heard Helian Rongchuan’s words. Then, he turned around and left. 

The west wind started, the flag flew, and the horses stepped across the dead Zhu Wutu. The dark green and gold Yan army banner danced in the night breeze, then gradually disappeared. 

Helian Rongchuan raised his hand and gently wiped off the remaining blood on his cheeks. He looked at the tall and straight back that gradually faded away, with a smile on the corners of his mouth. 

Silver Masked King of H*ll we will meet again.

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