General’s Gown Chapter 31

Chapter 31 Qi Yue Wu Yi Part 3

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Murong Xiu grabbed Yan Changqing’s hand, and greedily used his hand to rub his profile, as if there were still the bright red five-fingerprints left by the previous emperor. 

“Your answer to Father reflects the courage and loyalty that one is willing to fight for the people of the world. This is the most desirable quality of a general. But I am different from you.”

Murong Xiu murmured, “Father used that one slap to teach me the truth, that is, the “weight” of a monarch. As a monarch, it is more important to guard the name “Murong”. If one can replace the soldiers with water, to use the lives of thousands of people in exchange for the country staying forever, isn’t it a very cost-effective exchange?” 

Yan Changqing drew his hand back fiercely, 

“Exchange?! Hundreds of lives and in your opinion, it is just an exchange?” 

“Isn’t it?” “Murong Xiu asked back and laughed. 

“In order to guard against the harem from gaining authority, one would set up their son to kill the mother. My mother and her clan, 72 lives, in exchange for my throne. Isn’t that an exchange? And Qixia Village is just ordinary people, and their lives are far inferior than the noble family of my mother’s. Using their lives to save your future and stop the mouths of those seniors, isn’t it perfect? ” 

“You ……!” 

Yan Changqing looked at Murong Xiu incredulously. What happened to his little brother? Why did he become such a stranger to him? 

“Are you not afraid that once this happens, you will be scolded by the world and become a tyrant king?” Are you not afraid that you will hear grieving ghosts crying every night, and your conscience will no longer be peaceful? !”

As if he heard something extremely ridiculous, Murong Xiu laughed. His shoulders shook constantly, and he said: “Those ghosts, if they want to cry by my pillow, then they can cry. I can still hear my mother and her clan cry every night and I have long been tired of listening to it. It will be just changing the tune, why not?” 

There was a sharp pain in Yan Changqing’s heart, and he suddenly felt extremely tired and powerless. 

He did not approve of the sovereign’s weighing of things, let alone understand why the lives of the entire Qixia village and the lives of fifty-three followers were used as the price to save his future. 

“Compared with those hundreds of lives, I am not that important…I am not worthy…” 

He had always been noble and proud, and had never been a self-conceited person, but he could not agree with Murong Xiu’s choice. 

“No! You are worth it!” Murong Xiu interrupted him suddenly, staring at Yan Changqing with piercing eyes. There seemed to be flames within his eyes, “One Qixia Village is but a few hundred lives. Even giving up the whole country is fine, not even mentioning my own life. No one can have plans against you. No one can snatch you away from me, no matter who it is!” 

Murong Xiu’s expression showed a little bit of fierceness and craziness in his last few sentences. Fierce and crazy, Yan Changqing was shocked and suddenly understood the scene on the cliff. Why did Zhang Jian and the Qilin guards know that Helian Rongchuan was the Dongyun Prince and still want to take his life?

Yan Changqing looked at Murong Xiu without blinking: “So you had to kill Helian Rongchuan? Have you ever thought that if this matter is made known to King Dongyun, the consequences—”     

Yan Changqing was interrupted again. Murong Xiu’s fierce stern gaze flashed quickly, and he suddenly grabbed the back of Yan Changqing’s head, and without hesitation, he kissed him hard.     

No! He would never allow his Brother Changqing to say this name!     

The name of the Dongyun man was like a poisonous snake entrenched in Murong Xiu’s heart. Every time that name was mentioned, the poisonous snake would suddenly open its bright green eyes and spit a bright red snake in Murong Xiu’s heart to bite down hard.     

Murong Xiu trembled with anger every time he heard news of Yan Changqing and Helian Rongchuan from afar. After learning that they were getting closer and closer, Murong Xiu even almost killed the messenger who came to deliver the letter to vent his anger. He really regretted why he didn’t discover that Dongyun person’s thoughts towards Yan Changqing right from the beginning.     

And Yan Changqing, actually dared to say that name in front of him? ! And he was even sad because of that person? ! 

If he could, he couldn’t wait to pick up a knife and cut that name out of Yan Changqing’s heart. He couldn’t stand it anymore!

Over the years, all his scruples and restraints completely collapsed in a moment. What about a monarch and a minister, what about brothers? He didn’t care. He knew that from a long time ago, he wanted to have Yan Changqing. 

He wanted him every second and every moment of the day. From the soul to the body. 

He desperately wanted to announce to the world that his Changqing can only belong to him! 

The moment their lips touched, Yan Changqing’s eyes widened in surprise, and the muscles all over his body seemed to freeze for an instant. 

Was he dreaming, or was Murong Xiu crazy? ! 

But that obsessive kiss, eyes intertwined with deep love and turbulent desire, rushed into his eyes so bluntly. It couldn’t be clearer, that intention full of love and possessiveness! 

Why? Why is this happening? The shock was too great, causing Yan Changqing to sway uncontrollably, and a dazzling, flying white silk suddenly appeared in his mind. 

Concubine Xian, dressed in a snow-white mourning gown, draped like a waterfall of green silk, joined the hands of him and Murong Xiu firmly together before leaving. 

Promise me to always be his brother and his courtier forever. 

There was a spirit in Yan Changqing’s heart. With all his strength, he suddenly pushed Murong Xiu off the couch. 

Murong Xiu got up from the ground, eyes full of puzzlement and anger, almost roaring, 

“Why can he treat you like this and I can’t?!” 

Yan Changqing solemnly knelt on the ground, without raising his head. He said every word clearly: “This minister is guilty and deserves to be punished!” 

He couldn’t fail Concubine Xian’s will, and must not let Murong Xiu cross that boundary for him. 

“Minister” again? 

Murong Xiu let out a cold snort, grabbed Yan Changqing’s shoulder, and forced him to raise his head.

This beautiful and stubborn person was simply a gem that was brighter than any star. He must be muddleheaded to actually believe that a hideous mask would cover all the light of this person. Why should he allow such a gem to be seen by others and to be coveted by others? 

It should be hidden, hidden in the deep palace, belonging to him alone! 

“Yan Changqing, you are guilty.” Murong Xiu straightened up suddenly and looked at Yan Changqing condescendingly. 

Since you must be a courtier, don’t blame me for obtaining you by my kingly status. 

“Zhen will punish you. I will think about it behind closed doors here, and you can’t leave this palace gate for half a step without an edict!” 

Yan Changqing raised his head in astonishment. 

This was the emperor’s harem, he was a general, an adult male, how can he be here–? ! 

At this moment, the voice of the little eunuch suddenly came from outside. The great eunuch Liu Quan cautiously came forward with a secret letter. Murong Xiu unfolded it and took a look, then his face suddenly changed color. 

He gripped the secret letter tightly with his fingers, almost tearing it apart. 


How can he be alive! 

Murong Xiu waved his sleeves and strode out of the threshold, leaving only a meaningful sentence: 

“Zhen will come see you every day.”

The Vermilion door slowly closed, and Yan Changqing stared at Murong Xiu’s distant back. There was a deep panic and powerlessness that he had never experienced before. 


He can never. 

In the narrow and towering Rancui Canyon, a caravan of ornately decorated horses were marching in an orderly manner. There were about fifty people in this team, but half of them were women. They were all dressed in light, yet noble red uniforms, riding with their heads upright on high horses. After traveling for who knows how long, there was a faint sound of water in the Rancui Canyon. In the most magnificent and spacious carriage in the middle of the convoy, a soft female voice came out softly, and the whole team stopped immediately. 

A boneless, soft white slender hand gently pulled aside the colorful tassels and gold butterflies of the hanging screen. A horseback female guard immediately approached and respectfully asked: “Princess?”     

The curtain was lifted by the person, and the woman in the carriage raised her head, leaned out half of her body gracefully, and looked at the scenery outside. The fog in the mountains in the early morning was very heavy, and the white mist lingered around the carriage. The moment the female guard looked up, she was in a trance, as if she saw the heavens descending on the earth.     

The woman in front was dressed in elegant and noble blue feather gauze clothes, while a waterfall of fine black hair was pulled into a cloud updo, and only a white jade hibiscus flower embellished with South China Sea snow pearl swayed slightly in her hair, making it even more beautiful. The woman was like a flowered tree in piles of snow, she looked like an immortal.     

This woman was Nan Yao’s first beauty, Princess Xuanji.     

Xuanji glanced outside, a pair of glorious eyes full of joy. She turned her head towards the handsome man who had their eyes closed and was sitting cross-legged in the carriage and softly said: “Your Majesty, there seems to be a clear spring ahead. Let’s stop and do some touch up, okay?”     

Her tone was rather intimate, and her voice was soft and sweet. Helian Rongchuan slowly opened his eyes, and the smiling beauty in front of him was reflected in his amber-like crystal eyes, without any emotion. The corners of his mouth was slightly curved.


The two of them got out of the carriage. Helian Rongchuan’s feet seemed to float, and his figure couldn’t help but sway slightly. Xuanji’s eyes quickly noticed and she went over to support him, but she was not strong enough to support him. She reached out backwards, then fell into the arms of Helian Rongchuan.     

A faint red glow rose instantly on the delicate face. “Your Royal Highness?” 

Helian Rongchuan held up Xuanji silently and said, “Be careful princess.” 

“It’s all my fault.” Xuanji slightly frowned, and said with some guilt. “Who actually shot you with that arrow? They must have a very poisonous heart to even smear poison on the arrow. I searched so many doctors and still couldn’t find the antidote.” 

“How can I blame you?” Helian Rongchuan looked at Xuanji’s eyes, with a faint smile on the corner of his mouth: “You saved this prince’s life. This prince doesn’t know how to repay you, so how could I blame you?” 

Xuanji lowered her face, pursed her mouth and smiled, a little shyly. “In fact, I thought of a way of repaying me. I’m just afraid that your Highness will dislike it and refuse to agree.” 

“Oh?” Helian Rongchuan said, “The princess is smart and quick witted, how can this prince dislike it? There is no harm in saying it.” 

With the words spoken, Xuanji’s face turned red, and she was about to open her mouth when she suddenly heard a rush of horseshoes not far away. 

Who would come here to the wilderness?

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