General’s Gown Chapter 45

Chapter 45 Snow Wolves Without Tears Part 2

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The wealthy business woman looked at Helian Rongchuan, who was in pain, and said, “A twenty-year-old virgin boy has a special name, they are called Chunyi Shengzi. That is a rare top prize that cannot be bought even with thousands of gold offerings. If this was given to the White Wolf King, one would definitely have the good fortune of three lifetimes. However, a Chunyi Shengzi has only been heard of, and is very hard to find. You can only think about it in your dreams.”

Speaking of this, the topic of conversation was changed by the  wealthy business woman. Her tone was a little ambiguous. “But I think, if there really is a Chunyi Shengzi, they must be…” 

The wealthy business woman smiled meaningfully, and she stretched out her middle finger and made a drooping gesture. 

Yan Changqing had always been annoyed by people talking of things half stated and half-hidden, making him not able to understand. With a serious face, he sternly asked the wealthy business woman, “What do you mean?” 

Helian Rongchuan looked at Yan Changqing’s serious face and suddenly realized Yan Changqing might really not understand what the wealthy business woman was referring to, and quickly wanted to stop it, but it was too late.

“Ah, this little Langjun is really bad~ you already know but you still want to ask others~~” The wealthy business woman smiled pretentiously, covered her mouth, and whispered a few words to Yan Changqing. 

Yan Changqing was stunned when he heard the words, his ears instantly turned red like fire, and he looked at the wealthy business woman in disbelief. 

Helian Rongchuan hurriedly came up to relieve the siege and pulled Yan Changqing aside. 

Helian Rongchuan tried his best not to laugh, and was almost suffocated to death. He said solemnly, “Don’t believe her nonsense. I have experience, and I know at first glance that you will definitely not fail to lift it up.”

It’s okay not to say it, but when this sentence was stated, Yan Changqing blushed to the root of his neck, and said angrily, “Don’t say it! Shameless!” 

Helian Rongchuan wanted to continue teasing him. A smirk lifted at the corner of his mouth. “What’s the shame of this? We are all men. If you are still worried, I can try it for you personally. Don’t worry, my technique is really good.” 

He emphasized the word “technique” very hard, and moved closer as he said it. Then, he patted Yan Changqing’s buttocks very casually. 

Yan Changqing was angry and anxious, he kicked out without hesitation. Helian Rongchuan couldn’t dodge, and he bent down with a cry, this time holding his left toe. 

Yan Changqing looked at Helian Rongchuan angrily. If it weren’t for the crowd, he would really have beaten this person up to relieve his anger, and see if he dared to do it next time! 

Helian Rongchuan grinned in pain, and said, “Why is your move so heavy? If you trample me, your lower body’s happiness will be lost!” 

This time Yan Changqing finally understood. He hurried over to cover Helian Rongchuan’s mouth, but he didn’t expect the heat under his palm. It turned out to be Helian Rongchuan carefully kissing the palm of his hand. 

Yan Changqing immediately closed his hand, wishing to cry yet had no tears. 

He really lost to him. 

“Stop it. Look there.” Yan Changqing pointed at the high platform not far away, frowning. In the animal cage, the little girl named Little Liu Er they saw in the day has been auctioned off for five taels of gold. Xiao Liu Er squatted in the corner of the high platform, her eyes widened in fear and helplessness, and she was shaking. 

Yan Changqing silently clenched his fists. He looked at the sky and calculated the time when Wei Jin and Xiang Yu could break through the siege and enter here.

A few more children were brought out. The tallest seemed to be a 13- or 14-year-old boy who was given a bid for the highest price. The price had been increased to 80 taels of gold, but there were still many wealthy businessmen raising the prices. 

The little boy was finally auctioned at the price of one hundred fifty taels of gold. Yan Changqing looked at the remaining children and knew that this little boy would have the highest price in the audience. 

The great witch doctor seemed to realize it too. He nodded in satisfaction, and clapped his hands to finalize it. A fat rich businessman with a big belly and a gorgeous Monan-style top hat came to the high platform. In front of everyone, he cut off the hair of the rich businessman and himself. The hair was woven into a round collar and wrapped around the boy’s neck, marking the sacrifice. 

“The most loyal sacred disciple. In the name of the White Wolf King, I wish you away from disasters, and blessings to continue–!” 

The fat and wealthy businessman scanned the audience triumphantly, as if showing off his treasure. Several wealthy businessmen in the audience heated up with jealous eyes and couldn’t help but sarcastically say, “The older age of the sacrifice is not necessarily a good thing. If it is a rotten product with a broken body, the White Wolf King will have disasters descend. Everyone quickly leave him. It’s not good to be implicated.”     

Everyone in the audience suddenly began discussing it. Some were envious, jealous, and more were full of mockery, it was hard to listen to. The fat businessman’s face couldn’t hold it in, and quickly went to the edge of the stage to his own servant and violently yelled, “Quickly get the holy water for examination. I will personally test it in public to beat those faces of jealousy.”

The servant hurriedly held up a thin-necked white porcelain bottle and handed it to the fat wealthy businessman.     

“Sacred holy water for examination?” Yan Changqing couldn’t help wondering about the strange things that were unheard of before. Helian Rongchuan smiled slightly, and explained, “This is a water-soluble Gu. It is non-toxic. If a virgin touches it, a red bean-sized mole would appear between the eyebrows, and in a stick of incense, it will disappear. If he was not a virgin, then there will be a black mole between the eyebrows and it will never go away.”

Yan Changqing frowned. What a strange gu, how bored and senseless must these people be to develop this!

Suddenly thinking of something, Yan Changqing turned his head and looked at Helian Rongchuan. “How did you know?”     

“I was bored when I was a hostage prince in Nanyao, so I read a lot of weird books and I learned a lot.” Helian Rongchuan smirked. “I also know something else, do you want to try it?” He rubbed his hands enthusiastically.     

Yan Changqing turned his head away. This person is even more senseless!     

On the high platform, the fat and wealthy businessman eagerly poured the sacred water on the little boy’s face. The little boy cowered in fear, and refused to look up. The fat rich businessman grabbed his face, like a fierce beast showing off his prey, and rudely showed it to everyone in the audience: “You guys take a look–” 

Before the words were finished, the fat rich businessman was stunned. There was an uproar, and many people burst into laughter.     

The fat and wealthy businessman looked at the mole between the little boy’s eyebrows and eyes in disbelief. He grabbed the back of his neck, like a chicken, and threw it in front of the great witch doctor. 

“I dug out so much gold, yet you gave me such cr*p goods!?” The fat rich businessman was flustered and exasperated, and his respect for the great witch doctor collapsed in an instant in front of a hundred taels of gold. 

The great witch doctor looked at the shivering little boy coldly. He leaned down and stroked the mole between the boy’s brows with his fingertips, but his tone was very gentle. “Tell me, kid, did someone really touch you?” 

The little boy had already been caught. Frightened, trembling, and crying, he said, “I don’t know…I don’t know…I only know that the person who came to grab me wanted to kiss me and take my clothes off–” He pointed to the guard at the side of the cage. 

Yan Changqing felt bad at once, and wanted to make a move, but it was too late. 

Before the boy spoke, he stopped crying suddenly, leaned forward, rolled off the high platform, collapsed on the ground, and stopped moving. 

There was a sharp short knife stuck in his skinny chest. 

The wealthy businessmen near the edge of the stage sidestepped, as if avoiding something dirty and unknown. 

Next to the golden beast cage, the wretched-looking guard who had just been identified by the little boy was so frightened by this sight that his legs became weak. He tremblingly tried to escape, but was grabbed by the great witch doctor. “Speak! Which few have you touched?!” 

The guard’s face was white as a finger, and he trembled. “Only…only this one.” 

A green light flashed from the eyes behind the Great Witch Doctor’s mask, and another stab was directed at the guard’s chest. 

With a scream, the guard also rolled off the platform and died. 

Suddenly, the audience erupted. However, these wealthy businessmen were experienced and their minds were careful. They immediately calmed down and asked loudly on stage. “You are killing to silence the people! I don’t believe that this daring thief only broke the body of one sacrifice! If we give dirty goods to the White Wolf King, disasters will descend upon us!

“Yes! Covering up just makes it worse! There is definitely a problem!” 

“Everyone, quiet.” Standing on the stage, the great witch doctor said solemnly. “This accident is indeed my fault. If you can’t believe it, you can take the sacred water to see if it is true or false.” 

Helian Rongchuan folded his hands against his chest, disdainfully said, “Fake benevolence and righteousness.” 

Under the high platform, the men of the great witch doctor began to distribute small white porcelain vials. The wealthy businessmen took it suspiciously, but worried that the sacred water was also fake, he hesitated. Fortunately, a few wealthy businessmen had just spent a lot of money to bid for virgin boys and virgins and didn’t care about their dignity, so they sprinkled sacred water on their foreheads first. Others saw moles appearing between the eyebrows of these wealthy businessmen who tried to test it, so they were relieved and boldly picked up the virgin boys and girls they had just bid to test the truth. Seeing a red mole between the child’s eyebrows, they were overjoyed. One or two saw a black mole and suddenly became angry. They caught the child’s thin arm, then went to the stage to talk to the great witch doctor. 

All of a sudden, there was chaos on and off the stage. Without the solemn atmosphere at the beginning, it was like a noisy and dirty market. The virgin boys and girls with their necks picked up without dignity were like livestock being picked by buyers to check their teeth in the market.

Yan Changqing’s eyes were sharp, and he took a deep breath. Helian Rongchuan held his clenched fist, shook his head inaudibly, and whispered, “It’s not time yet.” 

Yan Changqing raised his head to look at the moonlight above the hole, and suddenly felt that time was difficult to endure. 

“Big brother help!”

A little girl in a red dress suddenly broke free from the grip of the wealthy businessman behind her, and ran towards Yan Changqing desperately. It was Little Liu Er who they had rescued before. 

A wealthy businessman from Qinchuan followed Little Liu Er closely, with a fierce look in his eyes. “You dare to run! There must be a problem, I must examine it carefully!” 

He said that regardless of the consequence, and threw the entire body of the sacred water splashing towards Little Liu Er. 

Yan Changqing had quick eyes and quick hands, and subconsciously hugged Little Liu Er, but he could not escape the water in the rich businessman’s bottle. Although it was covered by a veil, his forehead was splashed a lot. 

Yan Changqing didn’t react for a moment. He wiped his face smoothly, raised his head, and suddenly found that the surrounding area became quiet. 

With a clash, the bottle in the hands of the wealthy Qinchuan businessman fell to the ground and was smashed to pieces. He pointed to Yan Changqing’s face, his eyes rounded, his face in disbelief, and his voice filled with uncontrollable joy. 

“Look, everyone! The Chunyi Shengzi is here!!”

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