General’s Gown Chapter 57

 Chapter 57 Tan Hua Dream Part 6

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Having been with Helian Rongchuan for a long time, Yan Changqing instantly understood his pun and had to look away speechlessly. 

At this moment, Helian Rongchuan and Yan Changqing suddenly felt an extremely refreshing, cold air coming from their mouths and noses. They saw a swift strong wind blowing from the originally quiet small courtyard, and everything in front of them became distorted, then shattered into countless pieces and dissipated with the wind. 


“Your Highness!” 

A familiar voice sounded. Yan Changqing slowly opened his eyes in dizziness, Xiang Yu and Wei Jin were looking at him anxiously. Helian Rongchuan, who was beside him, also opened his eyes and stood up. 

They saw all around them, big blooming Tan Hua, each one the size of a bowl. The layers of petals were like the tulle of a fairy, white as snow, trembling timidly with the breeze. But, the stamens were dazzling scarlet, like coagulated blood beads. 

Meng Xiantan! 

When did they fall into such a strange sea of ​​flowers without knowing it? 

Wei Jin held a few small porcelain vases in his hand, exuding a strong refreshing air. He shook his head and said proudly, “Did you fall into the dream of Meng Xiantan? Fortunately, I was prepared!” 

Yan Changqing saw that the two of them were safe and sound, but Wei Jin’s calf was wrapped in a bandage, and he couldn’t help but breathe a sigh of relief: “How did you escape from danger and find us here?”

“The child has no mother, so it’s a long story.” Wei Jin glanced at Xiang Yu with a smile. Xiang Yu smiled honestly and scratched the back of his head, revealing his big white teeth. 

“Hey, Your Highness, what’s wrong with your face?” Wei Jin suddenly asked. 

Didn’t they say that the fragrance of Meng Xiantan flowers will make people fall into a very realistic fantasy? But why did the second prince of his family seem to have been beaten up in his dream? 

“No, nothing.” Helian Rongchuan rubbed his face with lingering fears and stood up from the flowers. With Wei Jin’s Qing Feng San, the influence of the strong fragrance of Meng Xiantan had been greatly reduced. There was only an occasional feeling of dizziness. 

The four of them, each with a bottle of Qing Feng San, walked carefully through the flowers. The further the four of them walked, the more intense the fragrance of the flowers became. There was even a hint of fishy sweetness in the rich aroma. 

One drop. 

Two drops. 

Three drops. 

It seemed that water droplets fell from the top of the underground palace, Helian Rongchuan wiped his face and suddenly stopped. 

Wei Jin pointed at Helian Rongchuan’s face, startled: “You… your face…” 

Yan Changqing also wiped his face unintentionally, and he opened his palm.

A sticky scarlet. 

The four looked over their heads in shock. 

In the faint bloody atmosphere, from the sky above the underground palace, dozens of children with tattered clothes and pale faces were hung up by red ribbons. Each had their four limbs tightly tied, drooping powerlessly.

Every child had dozens of large or small wounds, and it was from these wounds that blood fell and dripped into the soil, nourishing each Meng Xiantan. 

In the strong, bloody fragrance of flowers, every child closed their eyes tightly, but their expressions were extremely intoxicated. There was a happy smile on their bloodless face. Obviously, they were still indulging in the illusion of the Meng Xiantan.

No wonder the four of them couldn’t hear the child’s cry for help. 

A silver light flashed, and Helian Rongchuan’s machete slashed open the red silk that bound the children one by one. Yan Changqing and Xiang Yu rescued the children one by one. Finally, they slowly opened their eyes and looked around in fear, feeling weak and shivering and crying. 

Yan Changqing checked them one by one. Fortunately, although these children lost a lot of blood and were very weak, they were not critically injured. 

All four took a breath. The effect of the Qing Feng San was limited, and it could only resist the temporary effects of Meng Xiantan. They had to leave this weird underground palace as soon as possible. 

Who would have guessed that at this moment, in the darkness around the underground palace, dozens of pairs of green eyes appeared, looking at them.

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