General’s Gown Chapter 60

Chapter 60 Tan Hua Dream Part 9

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Yan Changqing couldn’t help covering his eyes with his elbows. When he lowered it again, he could still seethe vast snow-capped mountains. Hundreds of ice coffins were neatly stacked, but the great witch doctor was nowhere to be seen. 

An illusion again? 

Wei Jin looked a little panicked and said, “It’s over, we’ve fallen into the illusion of the great witch doctor.” 

Helian Rongchuan said, “Where’s your Qing Fengsan? Take it out quick.”

Wei Jin was sullen. “I have been holding onto it this entire time, but the fragrance of the flowers was too strong, so the Qing Fengsan is useless.” 

Yan Changqing said, “Wouldn’t Meng Xiantan make people see what they miss most? Why do we enter other people’s illusions?” 

Wei Jin said, “My master didn’t tell me this. I don’t fully understand the medicinal properties of Meng Xiantan, but I guess it may be because the great witch doctor used his own blood to urge the Meng Xiantan to bloom. His obsession is too strong, so it affects other people.” 

Helian Rongchuan nodded, crossed his arms against his chest, and said, “Let’s first look at the situation, maybe there is a way out.” 

It was Xiang Yu’s first time in the dream fantasy land, so there was inevitably some curiosity. When he looked around, he suddenly said, “Hey, who are those three people?” 

Looking in the direction he pointed, they saw three figures slowly walking out of a mountain pass not far behind. 

The one at the head, who was the tallest, was still carrying a baggage on his back, and was waving goodbye to the other two slightly shorter teenagers. 

Wei Jin exclaimed and widened his eyes. “Aiya! Isn’t that my master?” 

Xiang Yu said, “Your master? Isn’t he some kind of immortal doctor who travels all over the world? What is he called? Yun Bugui? How could he be in the illusion of the great witch doctor?” 

Wei Jin carefully identified the man’s face without blinking. He hadn’t seen it wrong, although this man was much younger than his master, his handsome face and pale eyes were as indifferent as ice and snow. If it was not his master, Yun Bugui, who else could it be? 

The young Yun Bugui was walking down the mountain. Not long after he walked, there was a sound of hurried footsteps from far behind him. 

Yun Bugui turned around and looked at the boy who was chasing him. 

This young man seemed to be only sixteen or seventeen years old. His face was as pure and beautiful as ice and snow. With a pointed chin and black eyelashes, his face appeared to be fairer, but the corners of his eyes and brows were still somewhat childish. 

Wasn’t he the boy who just laid in the ice coffin? Although he looked younger. 

“Big brother!” Perhaps it was because he was running too fast, the young man was slightly panting, and his snow-white face was slightly red. He carefully took out a small purse from his white robe, and said, “For you.” 

Yan Changqing noticed that the young man seemed to have deliberately wrapped his fingers with his long cuffs. 

What happened to his hand? 

Yun Bugui took the purse and poured the contents into the palm of his hand. It was a few round, snow-white seeds. 

Yan Changqing wasn’t sure if he saw wrong, but Yun Bugui’s face seemed to show a hint of impatience. He said to the young man, “I said this already, Meng Xiantan can’t be planted at all.” 

“We are on Baicang Mountain, so it’s true that it’s not viable, but maybe it’s possible in a different location.” The young man raised his head slightly, looking innocently and expectantly at the man half a head taller than him.

“Feilan, you know the purpose of me going down the mountain.” Yun Bugui said, “I want to travel around and look for good medicine to save our clan. How could I have the time to raise some flowers and plants?”     

“But…” The youth named Feilan lowered his head. “But according to legend, if we are able to achieve Meng Xiantan, watered by the purest snow water, we can resurrect the dead? Once this Meng Xiantan blooms, can’t it —?”     

Yun Bugui smiled. “You know it’s just a legend.” 

Saying so, he poured the Meng Xiantan seeds in his palm back into the purse, returned it to Fei Lan, and turned away.     

Feilan was holding the flower seed and wanted to catch up and say a few more words, but he was a little hesitant.

Yun Bugui took an unhurried pace, and before he walked very far, a soft object hit the back of his head lightly. It turned out to be the purse just now, and the flower seeds fell out of it and scattered on the ground. 

Another young man in a snow-white robe was standing beside Fei Lan. He seemed to be two or three years younger than Fei Lan, and he was shorter. Although his face was full of childishness, his clear, green eyes were not as quiet and warm as Fei Lan, but inexplicably revealed an air of paranoia and sternness. 

That purse was exactly what he smashed towards Yun Bugui. 

Helian Rongchuan folded his arms around his chest, looked at the boy carefully, and said, “Hey, this child looks like the great witch doctor.” 

Yan Changqing nodded. 

Although there was a big difference in age, from the perspective of facial features and temperament, this young man was indeed the great witch doctor when he was young. 

“Wasn’t it said that Meng Xiantan will let people see what is in their heart?” Helian Rongchuan asked, “Why are we seeing the memories of that great witch doctor?” 

Wei Jin was also a little puzzled. The knowledge about the effects of Meng Xiantan he got from his master was too limited, so he could only try to guess and explain: 

“Look at the madness of the great witch doctor just now, maybe it was because of his temporary mental confusion that he was caught by the Meng Xiantan and had his memories drawn out?”

Xiang Yu nodded as if he understood.

“It is also possible that these memories show his deeply cared about things.” Yan Changqing added: “Memories, dreams and reality, sometimes it is not so easy to separate them.” 

“You do not know anything, or care about anything!”

After arguing for a few words, the young man stepped forward to slightly block Fei Lan, and shouted at Yun Bugui in a childish voice: “This is the seed that second brother dug out with his hands and took a lot of effort to find. It’s good if you want it, but it’s fine if you don’t. I’ll just throw it there and you can do whatever you want!”

Saying that, he turned and grabbed Fei Lan’s hand angrily: “Second brother, let’s go! Let’s never see him again!” 

Fei Lan’s hand came out from the cuff, and sure enough, all ten fingers were bandaged, with some faint blood coming out. 

The two teenagers walked away one after the other. Fei Lan wanted to turn back several times, but was dragged away by the little great witch doctor. 

Yun Bugui looked at the little backs of the two teenagers, and remained silent for a long time. Finally, when the two figures disappeared in the vast snow-capped mountains, Yun Bugui bent down and picked up the Meng Xiantan seeds scattered all over the place one by one. 

“Tsk tsk tsk, what kind of person is he to only accept what others have painstakingly sent after being scolded?” Helian Rongchuan couldn’t help saying. 

Wei Jin shook his head: “In fact my master was right. To plant a Meng Xiantan able to resurrect the dead is indeed very difficult. Master later planted it for many years to only have one, but it still hasn’t bloomed yet.” 

As they spoke, the scene changed. 

In the brightly lit underground palace, the two teenagers have obviously grown up. The great witch doctor rolled around among the gold and silver jewels all over the floor, with excitement in his tone: “Second brother, there are so many treasures, why did you only tell me now?”

Feilan looked at the bright-eyed great witch doctor, who was at the side. He smiled and said, “Big brother explained that I can bring you here only when you are sixteen years old.” 

When Feilan mentioned the word “big brother”, the corners of the great witch doctor’s mouth twitched, showing a disdainful look. But in a blink of an eye, he was filled with laughter. Throwing his handful of coins, he said:. “We’re rich, we’re rich. Let’s bring it down the mountain, I heard it’s loads of fun down there!”

Feilan changed his face slightly and said, “These treasures are all left by our clansmen for future generations. Elder brother explained before he left that we must guard these things, and we can’t take a single cent of them before we save the clan.” 

“Big Brother said this, Big Brother said that… After such a long time, it turns out that you let me see these treasures, just to let me give up going down the mountain.” The great witch doctor muttered a few words in disappointment, and said: “It’s not fair. Why can big brother go down the mountain, but I can’t?” 

Because he was still young, the great witch doctor’s tone and expression were a bit coquettish to Feilan. 

Feilan smiled tenderly and said, “Big brother is a very powerful and talented doctor. He went down the mountain to be the best doctor in the world and come back to save our people. And my brother Wuyi, although he is also very talented—” Fei Lan stretched out his index finger and gently tapped the boy’s nose: “But he is still a child who gets dust on his nose every day.” 

Wuyi? It turns out that the name of the great witch doctor is Wuyi? Wei Jin couldn’t help being a little surprised. It turned out that his master also had brothers, but why had he never heard him talk about it? 

Whether it was Wuyi or Feilan. 

Wuyi was stunned for a moment, quickly wiped off the dust on his nose, and vowed: “I’m no longer a child. Just wait, I will definitely be more powerful than big brother!”

“Okay, I’ll wait, I’ll wait. ” Feilan smiled and shook his head. 

The scene changed again. Feilan was still wearing an old white robe, holding a small water ladle, and was carefully bending over to water the ground. Wuyi came over at some point, and he also took a water scoop and watered the seeds of Meng Xiantan that had never sprouted in the soil. One scooped too much, and one scooped too little. It is estimated that even if there were seeds to germinate, they will be killed by drought and waterlogging by his watering method. 

“It still hasn’t bloomed.” Feilan’s eyes were a little disappointed. 

“It’s been planted for so many years. If it was going to bloom, it would have already done so.” 

There was a bit of sarcasm in Wuyi’s tone, but Feilan just turned around and glanced at him. Wuyi immediately smiled and leaned forward. He raised his head, motioning Feilan to wipe his sweat: 

“It’s so hot!” 

It was only then that Yan Changqing noticed that although Wuyi was a few years younger than Feilan, he was already taller than Feilan at this time. 

Feilan smiled helplessly: “How old are you, why do you still want to act like a spoiled child?” He carefully wiped the sweat of his willful brother in his eyes. 

However, Wuyi grabbed Feilan’s jade-white fingers, and clenched them firmly in the palm of his hand, and said, “I’m already sixteen years old.” 

Feilan looked at Wuyi’s dark green eyes, full of determination. His eyes narrowed, and he was slightly taken aback: “What do you mean by saying this?” 

“I’m not a child anymore. I can protect you.” 

Wuyi said: “All the white wolves are willing to listen to me now. With the white wolves here, we can go down the mountain, and no one will dare to bully us.” 

Feilan said, “You still want to go down the mountain? No, I won’t allow it.” 

“Why? After waiting for so long, none of the Meng Xiantan flowers have bloomed. Big Brother has had no news. Are we going to stay here for the rest of our lives?” Wuyi was anxious.

“This is our mission.” Feilan said: “It’s also the order of Big Brother.” 

“It’s Big Brother again!” There was frenzy and jealousy in Wuyi’s eyes: “What’s good about him? He didn’t care about anything and just went down the mountain to live life free and easy! Are you going to trap yourself here for the rest of your life because of his instructions?” 

Feilan didn’t understand Wuyi’s sudden outburst of madness, and said, “What’s good at the bottom of the mountain? I heard that under the Cangshan Mountains, there is no grass in a radius of thousands of miles. There is only a small Qinchuan city. It is gray and lacks water and food. There is neither cool and delicious water to quench your thirst, nor smart white wolves and snow deer to play with you. There are no beautiful cedars and lakes. If you go there, you will definitely regret it.”     

Helian Rongchuan couldn’t help laughing: “This Feilan looks so proper, how can he deceive people without even thinking it through properly. Qinchuan City was the capital of the twelve counties in Monan, a famous desert pearl. How can it become a barren place where dogs don’t poop and birds don’t fall to the ground?” 

Yan Changqing shook his head slightly: “What he said is actually correct.” 

“I have read the county annals of Qinchuan. More than ten years ago, Qinchuan City was indeed a poor and dilapidated small town.”

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