General’s Gown Chapter 62

Chapter 62 Tan Hua Dream Part 11

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When Yan Changqing saw Helian Rongchuan’s smirk with narrowed eyes like a sly fox, he knew that he must had bad intent behind his words, so he gave him a warning look. Although he was still confused about the medicine Wuyi bought, he refused to ask any further questions. 

In the fantasy world, after Wuyi showed off the colorful gadgets in the bag, he followed behind Feilan. When Feilan was cooking, he squatted on the small bench to choose vegetables. Feilan went to the flower field to water the Meng Xiantan, and he took a small hoe to loosen the soil. Wuyi always likes to say something witty, dance, and deliberately try to make Feilan happy, but he always made himself laugh first, clutching his stomach and laughing. Feilan stopped what he was doing, and his face showed a bit of a smile. A helpless and doting smile.     

Such a warm scene was the most realistic detail in all the fantasy realms, as if it had been repeatedly described countless times. It took a long, long time before the colors finally changed again.

Wuying carried a familiar small package and went down the mountain again. It was still stop-and-go like before. In the evening, Wuyi found a restaurant and sat down, and soon found that the guests in this restaurant were very strange. They didn’t eat or drink, and they were all crowded on the second floor by the window. They all craned their necks and scrambled to look at the outside avenue.     

“Hey, don’t push me! What are you looking at, I’m speaking to you!”     

“Hey, you, who wants to push, did you even see your own conduct!”     


Wuyi couldn’t help but lean over curiously: “What are you looking at?”     

“Oh, this guest, don’t you know? Today is the Dragon King Festival.” The shop assistant on the side had a grey veil on his shoulders, and said while cleaning up the tableware, “The second floor of the tavern is the best place to see the new Water Dragon King!”     

“Dragon King Festival? Water Dragon King?” Wuyi looked blank. No wonder he saw many more people on the street today than in the past, and many shops were decorated with lanterns and ribbons. 

“Hey! Are you from the outside? This Dragon King Festival is the most important day for us in Qinchuan. It is to pray for water and safety. During the Dragon King Festival every year, the person who has contributed the most to the people of Qinchuan will be selected. Giving commendations, dancing dragon lanterns, floats, not to mention, it’s super majestic and lively!”

“I heard that this year’s water dragon king dug three deep wells for our Qinchuan city, and there is actually water! It is really the reincarnation of the water dragon king. I don’t know what the county government will reward him!” A guest was a little excited. 

“I heard a big house!” 


Just then, suddenly, he heard deafening gongs and drums downstairs and several more sharp sounds. The original dark streets were instantly illuminated by gold-red flares. He saw the firelight rush into the air, blooming with a “bang”, turning into a golden star. It dragged it’s long silver tail, and disappeared into the night sky. The gongs and drums sounded more enthusiastically, and the dragon dance team appeared along with the noisy crowd. Each section of the dragon body was made of paper flowers, and candles were lit inside. It was constantly twisting. The dragon head was even more delicate, chasing the fireball lamp in the hands of the dragon dancer. It looked colorful at night, it was really beautiful. 

Behind the dragon dance team, a float was slowly approaching. A man in a gorgeous robe stood at the highest point in the center of the float. He was waving to the spectators on both sides with a smile, and his eyes were full of pride. 

“Water Dragon King! The Water Dragon King has reincarnated!” 

The surrounding people burst into cheers, and many people were excited and held the prepared red silk and flowers in their hands and threw it towards the Water Dragon King. What’s more, some even got down on their knees excitedly and kept kowtowing. 

This scene made Yan Changqing think of the scene he saw in the cave in the black market of Qinchuan before. It seems that the superstition of the people of Qinchuan had a long history. 

Wuyi’s eyes flashed with envy without concealment, and asked, “Where is he going?”

“Going to the newly built Dragon King Temple.” The shopkeeper continued: “Because of the three wells he dug up, the people donated money to build a statue of him!” The second shopkeeper rubbed his hands in embarrassment suddenly: “I also donated some money to ask for good luck.” 

“What! There is such a good thing as statues!” 

“Oh, why didn’t I think to donate money to ask for good luck!” 

The guests were discussing. 

Wu Yi said: “It’s just three wells dug, is it enough for you to worship him as a god?” 

“Ha? Are you kidding me!” The second shopkeeper was stunned: “That’s three wells! Our Qinchuan has always been dry. There are not many wells in the whole city. When water is at its worst, a bucket of water can cost up to ten copper coins, which is worth more than mutton and ghee. With these three wells, I don’t know how many people can be fed!” 

Wuyi disagreed and said casually: “If someone digs a river for you, do you have to kneel and call that person your father? It seems that my brother is right, you are really a backcountry group of people, even drinking water is difficult.”     

His words were rather blunt, and a guest next to him who had never spoken looked him up and down, holding a wisp of beard on his chin, and said with a smile, “If someone can really dig a river and there is water to drink, what’s the harm in calling you Dad. I can even give him my county magistrate’s black gauze hat.”     

It turned out that this thin-bearded man in a green shirt and a gentle smile was actually the county magistrate of Qinchuan.     

The shopkeeper sighed and immediately added a pot of good tea to the magistrate eagerly.     

Wuyi said: “Hmph, talking big.” 

The county magistrate looked at Wuyi’s slightly childish face, and his eyes slowly fell on his dress that was out of tune with everyone.     

Old white robes, blooming Tanhua, dark green eyes.     

“I once heard that there is a lake on Baicang Mountain called White Wolf Lake. The water of White Wolf Lake is cool and sweet. Just take a sip and you will wake up sweetly in your dreams. It’s really fascinating,” the county magistrate said.

Yan Changqing thought in his heart: Sure enough, this county magistrate was not simple, he probably guessed Wuyi’s identity and wanted to probe. 

Wuyi didn’t notice it at all, and while watching the lively water dragon king team, he said: “Hey, I don’t know if the water in White Wolf Lake is sweet, but it is much better than your water. Your water, not only is it unpleasant to drink, but there is always sand in it!” 

The magistrate held the tea cup, still smiling: “We don’t want it either. If someone can lead the water from White Wolf Lake down that mountain, I think Qinchuan, the common people in this world, will definitely regard that person as the savior, be grateful, and never forget it!” 

Wu Yi was slightly startled: “You mean it?” 

“Of course it is true.” The county magistrate restrained his smile and took out the the official seal and said: “It’s a pity that the mountain roads in Baicang Mountain are crisscrossed, rugged and difficult to walk, and there are many white wolves and beasts. I have tried to go up the mountain several times to find water sources, but there is no way.” 

Wuyi thought without hesitation: “How is that a problem? I’ll take you up the mountain for a walk–” After a sudden pause, he hesitated: “If I help you find the water source, what’s the benefit?” 

“You can enter the Dragon King Temple, receive a sculpted golden body, and enjoy the worship of the crowd.” 

Wuyi thought for a while, and said, “Then…is there a beautiful big house with warm and clean beds?”

 “Of course.” 

“Are there flower fields? I’m going to help my brother grow Tanhua…” 

“Wait until there is a water source, then you can choose from thousands of acres of fertile land in Qinchuan!” 

“Then can I bring my white wolf and snow deers over here, they are all very close to me – I’ll just bring two!” 

“This…” The County Magistrate hesitated for a moment, then immediately said: “Of course there is no problem!” 

A shining light flashed in Wuyi’s eyes. Yan Changqing knew Wuyi’s thought process. He had always wanted to surpass his older brother Yun Bugui and be recognized by others. The temptation thrown by the Qinchuan magistrate was too great. 

What’s more, the reason why Wuyi bought countless things for Feilan every time he went down the mountain was to share the happiness of the world with him. He was very eager to go down the mountain with Feilan, away from the boring cliff, away from the vain exhortation left by Yun Bugui. 

But will his brother, Feilan agree? 

Wuyi frowned, pursed his lips and thought for a moment: “I-I want to discuss with my second brother, I can’t promise you anything right now!” He picked up his bag and hurried away. 

Behind him, the magistrate of Qinchuan twitched his mustache on his lips and smiled lightly. 

Helian Rongchuan folded his arms and shook his head: “It’s over, this magistrate is not simple, he will definitely keep an eye on him.”

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