General’s Gown Chapter 62 Teaser

Chapter 62 Tan Hua Dream Part 11

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Chapter Teaser Below…

When Yan Changqing saw Helian Rongchuan’s smirk with narrowed eyes like a sly fox, he knew that he must had bad intent behind his words, so he gave him a warning look. Although he was still confused about the medicine Wuyi bought, he refused to ask any further questions. 

In the fantasy world, after Wuyi showed off the colorful gadgets in the bag, he followed behind Feilan. When Feilan was cooking, he squatted on the small bench to choose vegetables. Feilan went to the flower field to water the Meng Xiantan, and he took a small hoe to loosen the soil. Wuyi always likes to say something witty, dance, and deliberately try to make Feilan happy, but he always made himself laugh first, clutching his stomach and laughing. Feilan stopped what he was doing, and his face showed a bit of a smile. A helpless and doting smile.     

Such a warm scene was the most realistic detail in all the fantasy realms, as if it had been repeatedly described countless times. It took a long, long time before the colors finally changed again.


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