General’s Gown Chapter 67

Chapter 67 The Storm Puts a Strong Grass To The Test Part 4 

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Ra, rabies? 

The little guard was obviously taken aback. He grew up in the inner part of the capital since he was a child and when he was a child, he had seen a neighbor’s child suffering from rabies because of being bitten by a wild dog. 

He still vividly remembered the tragic state of the child before he died. 

It was obviously summer, but even though the child was wrapped in three layers of winter quilts, he was still crying and shouting it was cold, and there was no wind at all. 

Water was clearly on his lips, but the child kept struggling and howling. No matter what, he refused to drink the sip of water, as if it were poison. 

Finally, the child died in less than half a month. 

The little guard looked at Yan Changqing lying beside the bed in disbelief, tears welling up in his eyes instantly. He said, “Sir, don’t talk nonsense, I’ll go find a doctor for you again to take a look.” 

Yan Changqing waved his hand: “This disease can’t be cured.” His eyes slowly swept across the copper basins and buckets in the corner, and said, “Pour out all the water, I won’t last long and won’t need them.”

“Sir!” The little guard cried anxiously. He didn’t know what to do, and said: “How about I’ll go and call His Highness Helian back! I heard that there are many exotic flowers and plants in Dongyun Palace. He is from Dongyun, and is so kind to you, there must be a way to save you!”     

“Don’t!” Yan Changqing shouted decisively: “Don’t you understand? I must hide this from him!”     

“Sir…” The little guard was both anxious and aggrieved.     

Yan Changqing slowly closed his eyes.     

He had no idea that he would contract rabies, let alone that the disease would break out so quickly, disrupting all his plans. He can only insist on completing the “Eighteen Principles of Earthquake and Epidemic Prevention”, and leave the actual operation to be handed over to He Li, who was most familiar with the local situation in Qinchuan.

If Helian Rongchuan knew about his illness, he would definitely take him everywhere to find a doctor and ask for medicine, but how could he leave the affairs of the people of Qinchuan at will? On that day on top of Baicang Mountain, he had already discovered that more and more caves were eroding the foundation of Qinchuan City. Before long, Qinchuan City will be destroyed by a bigger earthquake. Therefore, time was urgent and the stakes were very important. He must watch everyone move safely in order to feel at ease.     

Maybe he really can’t live for a few more days, so these few days must be spent on the most valuable place, protecting the lives of tens of thousands of people in Qinchuan is his most important mission as a general of the country.     

As for the rest…     

Yan Changqing’s chest was filled with grief and guilt that almost suffocated him. He was ruthless, forced it down, opened his eyes and said, “Go and tell Helian Rongchuan that you want to ask him a favor…”     

“Whip bamboo shoots?” Helian Rongchuan looked at the little guard who came to deliver the letter: “Why does your master suddenly want to eat this?”     

Most of the twelve counties in Monan were in the desert. Only the southernmost corner had a rare wetland with gurgling water. The land was moist and fertile, with a lush patch and green bamboo forest. This was the midsummer season, which was a good time to dig up whip bamboo shoots.     

According to Yan Changqing’s instructions, the little guard said honestly: “My lord heard that the whipped bamboo shoots are the best now, and had muttered it to himself several times. But he is busy moving people now, and he is embarrassed to trouble others, so he had no choice but to do so. 

The little guard looked up at Helian Rongchuan’s face, and added: “Look, it will be the Lord’s birthday in three days. If you hurry up, you can make it for his birthday and the Lord’s little wish will be fulfilled…”     

Helian Rongchuan was worried about what gift to give for Yan Changqing’s birthday. Gold and silver were common things and he must give him something uncommon. It was rare to hear from the little guard what he wanted to eat, so no matter how difficult it was, he would definitely get it.     

Hard-won mountain game, really a good choice.     

Helian Rongchuan smiled slightly and said, “Isn’t it just whip bamboo shoots? If he wants to eat it. I’ll dig a few big baskets for him no matter how troublesome. But I have to go and check on his illness again, then I’ll leave.”

The little guard quickly stopped Helian Rongchuan and said urgently, “Your Highness, that wetland bamboo forest is more than three days’ journey away from Qinchuan City. Look at the sun? If you don’t hurry up, you won’t be able to make it for the birthday of my Lord! ” 

Helian Rongchuan looked up at the sky. It was just noon, and Yan Changqing had not woken up yet. If he waited for him to wake up before leaving, it would be too late. 

Anyways, since Changqing had an appetite and wanted to eat something, he thought that most of his illness had been cured. When he comes back holding a basket full of fresh bamboo shoots, that person will definitely be very happy. 

Helian Rongchuan wanted to help Qinchuan’s relocation of the city, but he knew that he was from Dongyun. If he intervened too much at this time, he would only be summoned by Yan Changqing to be criticized for helping him. Therefore, he can only do some errands and try to help Yanchang clear his worries. 

After coming down from Baicang Mountain, Yan Changqing was in a heavy mood and was frowning a lot. Helian Rongchuan knew that he was heartbroken by the death of Wuyi’s brother and the matter of Qinchuan. 

The more he was like this, the more distressed Helian Rongchuan was, and the more he wanted to make him happy. 

However, due to his status, his help was limited and he could only be anxious. 

So now, isn’t it a good opportunity? 

So Helian Rongchuan, who had just been running around for a day and a night, rode on his horse again. 

But before taking a few steps, he suddenly turned around catching the little guard off guard. 

The little guard thought he had revealed something, and was shocked, “Your Highness…?”

Helian Rongchuan raised the whip in his hand, and added with some worry: 

“Remember to remind your Lord to take his medicine on time, and even when he has gotten better to drink it a few more times to consolidate it. In addition…” 

Helian Rongchuan took out a bag of crystal sugar candied fruit that he had just bought in a small shop and planned to give it to Yan Changqing himself. He handed it to the little guard: 

“Remember to give him a few pieces after drinking the medicine. I saw him frowning after drinking the medicine, so it must be because you have boiled the medicine too bitter?” 

Helian Rongchuan rambled on and instructed him for a long time and the little guard had no choice but to nod his head timidly. 

Finally, like a waft of smoke, he sprinted away. 

The little guard held the bag of candy dumbfoundedly, watching Helian Rongchuan’s figure disappear into the sky, and finally couldn’t help crying. 

————————————————– —— 

The gate of Qinchuan City. A row of white paper with big black characters with the relocation notices were posted on the city wall and being scorched by the sun, making the paper become very brittle. 

He Li, holding a thick pile of notices with the scent of ink floating on them, kept running along the city walls, and took the trouble to instruct the soldiers over and over again: 

“This, this, oh yes, post it here. And here, hey! Why are you posting it so high, it’s hard to look up at the notice! Post it lower. This wall is full, so post it over there, so that everyone can see it!”


After being busy a long time, a few young soldiers finally couldn’t bear it anymore. They put down the heavy paste bucket, rubbed their sore arms, and complained profusely with sweat: “Official He, do you plan to use the entire city wall as a notice?”

“Yeah, Official He, there are so many posted, anyone who is not blind can see it!” 

He Li wiped the sweat from his forehead and looked towards the city gate not far away. The quaint and heavy city gate was opened wide, and figures in twos and threes leaving the city of Qinchuan were crying. 

The relocation notices were posted for two days, but only a hundred people left the city as required. 

He Li clapped the dust on his hands, put on a stern look, and said, “Don’t think I can’t see that you new recruits are trying to be lazy. Posting a few notices will tire you out? Hurry up and stop talking!” At the end, he paused and pointed to the last few lines of the notice on the wall. “We need to relocate the citizens by the allotted time and the citizens who are refusing may show signs of the epidemic. So, circle that part for me so it’s more striking!”

The soldiers could only grumble, but He Li’s brows were still furrowed. 

He had sent three teams to persuade the people to relocate one after another, going from house to house to explain the essentials of the “Eighteen Principles of the Earthquake and Epidemic Prevention”, trying to persuade the people to relocate. Why was there no movement? This was the first big task that Lord Yan gave him, and he had to do it well no matter what! 

He walked anxiously towards the city. He didn’t go very far, only to hear a shrew yelling at the street:     

“F*ck! I won’t move! I won’t move even if I have to die!” 

The soldiers were driven out, all with disgraced faces, and two of them still had rotten food on their bodies, which was quite funny. 

He Li: “What’s the matter? Didn’t I tell you to explain to them in a calm manner, why were you kicked out?”

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