General’s Gown Chapter 7

Chapter 7 Yaocheng’s crazy nightmare 

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After three consecutive days of the bitter decoction, Helian Rongchuan was refreshed and flowing with health and vigor. On the fourth morning, before Yan Changqing could speak, Helian Rongchuan took the initiative to say that his minor illness had been cured and he could leave the border immediately and take the journey to transport the temper snow stones.

This delivery was not a trivial matter. The distance was far and the problem of provisions was still something to be resolved. It’s just that the temper snow stones were the treasure of forging weapons. It was bound to be coveted by neighboring countries and green forest bandits along the way. In order to avoid people’s attention, Yan Changqing and his party did not use the name of royal envoy, but disguised themselves as merchants who went to the border to take thr goods. 

Out of the imperial city, they travelled for several days in a row. Although they didn’t use the royal name, Yan Changqing and his party still had someone shouting to open the way and people surrounding them for protection, very pompous. With several pairs of eyes staring at him, Helian Rongchuan kept his eyes down during the daytime, and was very honest. It was only at night time did his evil intentions reveal themselves. He wanted to sneak into Yan Changqing’s room to take advantage of him at night. However, after Yan Changqing had found out the evil taste of Helian Rongchuan, a pair of sharp “double-walled” swords tempered under the moonlight was stuck in the head and foot of the bed. Helian Rongchuan after eating a few losses, badly battered, lamented: “This man is really boring.”     

Eastward, though the terrain was rugged, it was fairly smooth. Finally, they arrived in a small town that day. This city was called Yaocheng. It was rich in jade and quite affluent. The jade and temper snow stones were of the same origin, so this place was not too far from the border of Yan Kingdom where the temper snow stones were transported.     

When the group entered the city, they looked for an inn to rest. Helian Rongchuan swayed and watched the team. Then, he suddenly said “Huh”.     

Yan Changqing turned his head, “Your Royal Highness has some suspicions?”     

Although it was a question, Yan Changqing had a well-aware expression.     

Helian Rongchuan smiled: “As expected of the general, thinking the same as Ben Wang.” 

It seemed that he was praising others, but he was actually praising himself. Yan Changqing knew this man’s temper. The more he dealt with him, the more presumptuous he turned, thus he ignored it.     

The attendant on the side didn’t understand the dumb riddle the two were playing. He rubbed his head and asked, “Your Majesty, do you think something is wrong?”

Helian Rongchuan slapped the head of his attendant who couldn’t understand, “Are you still a Dongyun person? This king has heard about it in Dongyun. Yaocheng is quite rich because of its abundance of beautiful jade. It is said that even the plaque at the gate of the city is carved from fine white jade. But when you looked at the scene in front of you, does it look like the rumor?” 

The little attendant realized that Yaocheng was indeed a bit weird. To call it dilapidated didn’t seem to fit because as far as one can see, on both sides of the street were mostly towering corridors and pavilions. But to call it gorgeous, if one looked closely at these pavilions, none of them were painted, they were mottled, had crooked doors and slanted pillars. What’s more, it seemed to have been burnt, the black walls were ruined. There were also very few pedestrians on the street. It stands to reason that a foreigner in the city would cause a few curious glances, but the people in this city all bowed their heads, cowering and not daring to look up. The clothes were also shabby. The whole city was like a phoenix turning into a bald chicken.

What happened to Yaocheng? 

They asked a few passers-by in a row, and the answers they got were mostly hesitant, not daring to say a word. When they arrived at the inn, the inn attendant also looked secretive.

The night was getting dark and the room was extremely quiet. The night breeze opened the window, bringing some coolness. Yan Changqing opened his eyes. He suddenly heard a woman’s mourning faintly coming from the next door. 

The voice was strong and weak, as if it was trying to endure it, but it couldn’t bear the pain. Yan Changqing listened a few times, only to feel that the voice was becoming more pitiful. He couldn’t help but wonder, is it possible that the female guest next door suddenly fell ill but was unattended? 

Presumably, the inn attendant was asleep, and did not hear the sound. 

Yan Changqing left the room and went to the neighbouring door. Although it was very inappropriate to knock on a female guest’s door in the middle of the night, life was at stake, so he couldn’t care too much. 

After hesitating, Yan Changqing raised his hand and was about to knock on the door. Unexpectedly, before knocking, a hand suddenly stretched behind him, and tightly covered his mouth. 


Yan Changqing was startled. He turned around to see that it was Helian Rongchuan! 

When did this man come over! 

Helian Rongchuan smiled and let go. He whispered in Yan Changqing’s ear: “So Master Yan also has this hobby?” 

Yan Changqing said, “What hobby? I just heard that there was a woman groaning here, as if she was sick, so I came to ask.” 


Helian Rongchuan was taken aback. He almost couldn’t help laughing out loud. A chick was truly a chick, really interesting. 

Helian Rongchuan was about to suffer from internal injuries. He gently opened a gap, pretending to be mysterious, and said: “Come and see by yourself.” 

From one look, he was immediately stunned. 

Where was there a sick female guest? It was a male and female on top of each other on the bed. The sound or groan was the female not being able to bear the continuous fierce movements and was crying out lustfully. 

He could only blame his inexperience and the voice of this couple being too intense.

Yan Changqing’s neck all the way to his face was bright red. When he turned to leave, Helian Rongchuan was faster than him by one step. Two long arms were extended blocking Yan Changqing’s escape.





Helian Rongchuan smiled and said: “If you don’t accompany Ben Wang here to learn and appreciate this delight, Ben Wang will immediately call out to catch the peeping tom. Then we will let all your subordinates come out to see their majestic general peeping at someone’s door in the middle of the night!” 


Yan Changqing was speechless. His face changed from red to white, then from white to green. His finger joints turned white due to the force. Helian Rongchuan stepped back guardedly, worried that Yan Changqing would splatter his blood up three feet in anger. 

After a long while, Yan Changqing finally turned around stiffly, as if he had made up his mind. He faced the crack of the door that had the scene of spring light again. 

Helian Rongchuan couldn’t help feeling very good. Proud and arrogant people care about face the most. This time, he really caught his achilles heel. He was about to tease him a few more words, but saw Yan Changqing take a deep breath, then close his eyes. 

Eyes lowered, out of sight, heart was pure.

Do you think it’s fine just not seeing? He wanted to tease him again. 

Helian Rongchuan sat cross-legged, stared at the scenery inside the door with relish, then using a voice that only Yan Changqing could hear, he described the “spring scene” he saw: “Ah, oh, it’s so wonderful, I’ve never seen this position!” 

“Tut tut, really exciting. Why not f*ck a bit more?” 

“This position is also good, oh, Yan Daren, why aren’t you rushing to learn?” 

“Oh yo, again, again, the little lady has not arrived yet ……” 


Lewd words kept coming into his ears, and Yan Changqing’s eyebrows trembled. He just felt that he couldn’t bear it anymore. He wished to hit Helian Rongchuan away with a palm. Suddenly, he heard Helian Rongchuan say a “Not good!”, then kicked the door abruptly. 

Both of them were stunned by the scene in front of them. 

On the bed, a man struggling naked fell to the ground. He was deeply pierced in the back by the woman holding something. Helian Rongchuan strode forward and slapped the woman with a palm. The man suffered severe pain and his face was hideous. He fainted after screaming a few times. 

It turned out that the man’s back was deeply pierced by the long sharp blade of a candlestick, and blood was continuously flowing from the wound. The wound was not deep, and it didn’t hit a vital spot, so he should be able to keep his life.

Yan Changqing gave Helian Rongchuan a stern look. 

Helian Rongchuan gave an innocent look. 

Who knew that this woman would be holding a candlestick not to add something new but to kill someone? What they were doing was something happy, so who knew they were going to fall out suddenly?!

The woman didn’t care about her body being covered with blood. She smiled miserably “Hoho”, looked up and saw two unsuspecting guests. Her complexion remained unchanged, and she rushed at Helian Rongchuan in a daze. 

What is this situation! 

Helian Rongchuan was taken aback, he quickly avoided her. The woman rushed into the air and rolled to the ground, and landed exactly at Yan Changqing’s feet. Yan Changqing never expected that this woman would suddenly go mad. He couldn’t dodge, and was hooked by the woman. He saw the woman smile tenderly. Her bare snow-white calves pressed downwards. Using only the strength of her legs, she stood up in an unbelievable posture. Then, joint by joint, her delicate jade foot hooked on, and her whole body fell softly on Yan Changqing. She actually was in heat! 

Although the woman looked petite, she had great strength. Her arms and legs hooked on Yan Changqing’s body, like iron hoops, it was extremely difficult to break free. Yan Changqing’s eyes darkened. A dagger was already at the woman’s throat, and the snow-white neck was even marked with a light red by the sharp knife. However, surprisingly, the woman seemed to feel no threat or pain at all. She did not even move her brows. She just twisted her waist for joy! 

Is this a human being? 

Helian Rongchuan’s face was as cold as ice. He flashed a knife light onn his palm without hesitation. He spread open his palms, bent over and slowly withdrew, but his eyes were staring straight at the woman without blinking. His deep voice said: “Come, come here.”

“Ho! Ho! Ho!” The woman’s head turned stiffly, as if attracted by blood. She finally let go of Yan Changqing and staggered towards Helian Rongchuan step by step. Taking this opportunity, Yan Changqing swiftly took the bloody sheets off the bed, then pelted it down to cover the woman’s face. Helian Rongchuan understood. He took out his belt and tied the woman’s waist fiercely. Finally she couldn’t move a single step.

There was a panic of footsteps outside the door. The inn attendant hurriedly entered the door. Seeing this scene, he immediately sat on the ground and couldn’t speak. When the other residents in the inn heard such a big movement, they all put on their coats and came over to watch the excitement. 

In the crowd, a woman in red looked at the mad woman tied up like a zongzi timidly. Then her eyes widened. She pushed everyone away and rushed forward, and said in pain, “Sister! Why is it you?!” 

However, the crazy woman didn’t hear her. She looked at the woman in red with empty eyes, and just raised her head and giggled. 

In the flickering candlelight, several people in the crowd recognized the mad woman. 

“Oh, isn’t this the little lady who was sent to Hundred Cliff Stronghold half a month ago!” 

“Really!? That’s strange, didn’t she love the prosperity and wealth of Hundred Cliff Stronghold and refused to come back? How did this little lady run out?”

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