General’s Gown Chapter 71

Chapter 71 The Storm Puts a Strong Grass To The Test Part 8 

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Helian Rongchuan’s smile slowly solidified on his face. Covered in blood, he slowly fell down. The ground behind him suddenly cracked into a dark ravine, which immediately engulfed Helian Rongchuan. 


Yan Changqing screamed in disbelief, and rushed forward recklessly—— 

A dazzling light. 

With clean bedding and simple window lattices, Yan Changqing opened his eyes, only to feel that the world was spinning, sweating, and his chest heaving violently. 

Was it… a dream?

 The cold pain all over his body reminded him to return to reality. 

Wei Jin, who had been waiting on the side, rushed over and was a little incoherent with excitement: “Awake? Good, good, I thought, I thought…” 

Wei Jin’s face was full of wet tears. The always refined, neat appearance of his now had his clothes stained with mud splashed by the crowd during the day. They looked dirty. 

Yan Changqing looked behind him. He Li and several of the little bodyguards were also in a similar sorry state as Wei Jin. Their faces wanted to laugh and cry, and the one with the least courage even wiped away their tears. 

In order to wake up Yan Changqing, Wei Jin attached several silver needles to him. At this time, Wei Jin helped him with the needles, and said: “It’s good that you are up. Once the needles are out, drink some medicine…” Obviously Dongyun’s youngest and most promising imperial doctor, but his hand that pulled out the silver needles trembled at this time. It was so powerful that he couldn’t hold the silver needle several times.     

When he heard the word “drink”, Yan Changqing’s throat choked slightly. He can’t remember when he last drank water. His throat was extremely thirsty, but every time he saw water, or any fluid, his body wanted to twitch uncontrollably. After going through the absurd farce of “catching a Drought Demon”, his condition seems to be even worse now.     

Yan Changqing looked at the dark night outside the window: “How long have I slept?” 

“It’s been more than four hours. It’s past the Choushi (1-3am).” Wei Jin looked at Yan Changqing’s terrifying complexion, and comforted him, “Sir, just wait, presumably my highness will be back at dawn. Let’s go together, back to Dongyun, that method will definitely work—”

Yan Changqing was silent for a while, before slowly nodding his head. How did Wei Jin know that he deliberately sent Helian Rongchuan away because he was worried about the only feasible way to save his life. 

Helian Rongchuan’s smile that was frozen in a pool of blood again clearly appeared in Yan Changqing’s mind. 

Yes, Helian Rongchuan will be back soon. Everything must go according to the original plan. 

Yan Changqing pulled out a faint smile from the corner of his mouth: “Okay, then I’ll wait for him.” Then he laid down again, looking a little tired: “You all withdraw, I’m fine, I want to be alone for a while.” 

Wei Jin was a little worried: “I’ll stay here to guard?” 

Yan Changqing shook his head: “I can’t sleep when someone is watching.” 

As he crossed the threshold, he heard Yan Changqing clear his throat hoarsely, and said softly, 

“A doctor’s benevolent heart. The plague in the city has not yet been eradicated, the women are weak, sick and disabled, and everything will have to trouble you.” 

Wei Jin’s eyes were hot. When Yan Changqing was in a coma, he thought over and over for a long time. Seeing Yan Changqing almost sacrifice his life for Qinchuan, suffering such humiliation, the more he thought about it, the angrier he became. He wanted to throw away the large pot of medicine. He didn’t want to save this ignorant mob. 

But at this time, when he heard Yan Changqing’s exhortation, he felt ashamed for a while, and he replied, “Don’t worry, sir.” 

There was no more movement behind him, only the silence of darkness remained. 

Wei Jin closed the door and walked away cautiously. 

In the stagnant night, Yan Changqing slowly opened his eyes.

Shuang Zhui was grazing quietly in the stable. Seeing Yan Changqing’s figure, it snorted affectionately, leaned over and gently rubbed Yan Changqing’s hand. 

Yan Changqing climbed onto the horse’s back with some difficulty, and walked out slowly and silently, one person and one horse. 

After experiencing the chaos in the daytime, the people in Qinchuan believed the reason for Yan Changqing’s move, and rolled up their bedding one after another. Even in the middle of the night, there were still many people dragging their families, pulling cattle, sheep, horses and mules, carrying their burdens, and rushing to the new place of relocation. 

Yan Changqing mixed in the crowd and left Qinchuan City. 

The silent immigrant team winded and grew into a long line in the desert. Suddenly someone blew a Qiang flute out of nowhere, and the sound was desolate and tearful. Pedestrians on the road turned back to look at the city of Qinchuan, where they were drifting away. 

They did not know who blew the reed pipe, but it recruited more people to look at the city. 

Yan Changqing’s heart moved and he couldn’t help but stop his horse and look back. 

The silver moon emerged from the dark clouds, and in the moonlight, the rolling desert was like an endless silver-white ocean. In this silver-white “ocean”, the towering city of Qinchuan turned out to be so small, like a boat in the sea that could capsize at any time, and the people slowly emerging from the city were just floaters. 

Yan Changqing let out a long sigh, feeling tired again. 

Qinchuan City, Qinchuan City, this city carried too many memories for him. Worrying, thrilling, joyful, and humiliating. For Qinchuan city, he had done his best and had a clear conscience.

Now, it’s finally time to say goodbye. 

During the farce during the day, Yan Changqing endured the pain to conceal his symptoms, but he only temporarily clarified the rumor of the “Drought Demon”. Even if Wei Jin didn’t say anything, Yan Changqing knew very well that his condition was rapidly deteriorating. He didn’t know how long it would take him to lose consciousness and become a complete lunatic. At that time, no matter how hard he persisted, it would be difficult to hide it. The people of Qinchuan City will completely believe that he was a Drought Demon who wanted to harm the city. 

Yan Changqing was not afraid of death, but he was afraid that because of his illness, the plan to move the city would fall short. So he must avoid everyone’s sight while his consciousness is still there. 

But he left quietly, not just for the people of Qinchuan. 

It was more because of Helian Rongchuan. 

After Wei Jin told Yan Changqing the only way to treat rabies, he had a decisive plan in his heart. Now was the time to implement this plan. 

Yan Changqing lowered his eyes, his slender fingers clenched the reins, trembling slightly. The reins of his horses were very special. The most frequently held places were wrapped in a very soft cotton cloth. Even if the reins were pulled hard for a long time, the rough reins would no longer wear his palms. 

This was what Helian Rongchuan secretly did for him. 

This person, who looked reckless and slick, always protected him in inadvertent places. 

Yan Changqing gently rubbed the reins of the horse, and under the moonlight, his black eyes faintly flickered. 

He was not without hesitation. 

If they could say goodbye at that time, if they could meet again… 

But parting was like this in the world. Many times, there was no chance for you to say goodbye solemnly. A seemingly ordinary goodbye often became an eternal farewell.

For his safety, Helian Rongchuan has sacrificed a lot. This time, he would never allow Helian Rongchuan to be dragged down by him again. 

For what Helian Rongchuan was looking forward to, and everything that had not yet begun, he could only say sorry. 

He was doomed to be in debt. 

Thinking of this, Yan Changqing pursed his lips and forcibly suppressed the emotions in his heart. He was so weak that he could hardly sit still, so he could only lie down on the horse’s back, close to Shuang Zhui’s ear, and say something in a weak and hoarse voice. 

Shuang Zhui turned around very obediently, left the resettlement team, and walked towards the depths of the desert.


For the people of Qinchuan, and also for Helian Rongchuan, he needed to go to a place that no one knew about, and quietly wait for death’s arrival.

Monan Border Pass, 30 miles away from Qinchuan City, was a small town. Because it occupied the main road to Qinchuan, there were many business trips and travels, so many inns and tea stalls have gradually developed. It was not prosperous, but one can also make a living. 

For a while, the sky was still gray and about to light up. The Lady Boss of Manfu Inn got up early, swept the ground with a broom, twisted a wet handkerchief, and swiftly set up the twenty-odd tables and benches in the store.

There was a lot of wind and sand in Monan. It was obviously a case where everything was carefully wiped before closing last night. Yet, after the wind blew overnight, a thin layer of white ash fell. In recent days, due to the relocation of people from Qinchuan, there had been fewer people on the road, and business had deteriorated. The Lady Boss was so anxious that she wanted to clean up the inn and attract a few more guests.     

After finishing the work at hand, the Lady Boss rolled up her sleeves and wiped the window lattice outside the inn. She worked for a long time before resting. Having a bold and a somewhat unrestrained personality, she didn’t care about anything. She sat on the threshold, using her sleeves to fan the sweat on her head.     

Fanning and fanning, the Lady Boss suddenly stopped. She blinked and looked towards the official road outside the inn.     

Did she see wrong? Why does it seem as if at the end of the official road, there seemed to be a figure on a horse?

It was not surprising that there were people on the official road, but it was at this time that was strange. Before dawn, unless there was an urgent matter, no one would ride on horseback. First, the wind and sand was strong, and secondly, wild wolves and snakes often attacked people and animals in the dark. 

What’s the urgency for this person to travel all night? 

The Lady Boss was curious when the man came to her: tall and straight, with a handsome face with a bit of unruly wildness, and a pair of deep, dark brown eyes that seemed to hide a bit of edge. The Lady Boss only glanced at it, and she couldn’t help thinking, oh, what a handsome young man! 

Helian Rongchuan got off the horse and walked into the store with the bamboo basket in his arms, while casually saying: “Lady Boss, if you keep staring at me like this, I’ll be embarrassed.” 

Then the Lady Boss realized that she was being rude. She blushed, but didn’t feel embarrassed. She asked with a smile, “Sir, stopping for a snack while travelling?” 

Helian Rongchuan gave a “En” and said, “What’s the fastest thing to eat at your place? I am in a rush.”

The Lady Boss showed a shy look on her face: “I’m really sorry, you came too early, the steamed buns have just been steamed, and it will take a while to cook. Only yesterday’s ghee naan cake… But the milk tea is ready-made. It’s hot, do you want to have some?” 

Helian Rongchuan looked at the sky outside the window and said nonchalantly, “It’s all good, as long as it’s fast.” 

The Lady Boss hurried to serve him. When she placed it beside Helian Rongchuan, she glanced curiously from the corner of her eyes, and finally saw clearly what was half-covered with cloth in his bamboo basket. 

Whip bamboo shoots! 

The lady boss rolled her eyes. She has heard that these whip bamboo shoots were only found in the small wetland bamboo forest in the southernmost corner of the desert. Because the numbers was scarce and it was extremely difficult to transport long distances, it was extremely valuable food in places like Monan. She has opened an inn for so many years, and had occasionally seen dried bamboo shoots in the hands of business travelers. Seeing it so fresh and tender, like bamboo shoots that had just been dug out, it was the first time she had seen it. 

Tsk tsk, with such a big basket, she was afraid this young man dug up the entire bamboo forest.

The Lady Boss couldn’t help rubbing her hands: “Sir, how much are you going to sell for such good bamboo shoots?” The Lady Boss thought to herself, her baby son who was just over six years old would love such tender bamboo shoots. If the young man gave a fair price, she would grit her teeth and buy two for him to try. 

Helian Rongchuan seemed to be starving. He ate a few mouthfuls of hard cool naan cakes, and then poured a few mouthfuls of milk tea before saying, “Not for sale.” 

“Not for sale?” The Lady Boss was extremely surprised. She looked at Helian Rongchuan’s dusty appearance, and at the tender whip bamboo shoots, and knew in her heart that this young man must have stayed up all night and was in a hurry. Spending so much effort, if it was not for making money, then what was it for? 

Helian Rongchuan smiled: “These things are meant to make a person happy.” 

The Lady Boss thought she had heard it wrong. After being stunned for a while, she realized what Helian Rongchuan meant by coming here, and couldn’t help sighing: “Hey, she must be a great beauty to have such a blessing!” 

Having such a handsome man work tirelessly to deliver bamboo shoots just to make her happy? It must be their life’s blessing. 

There was a gentleness in Helian Rongchuan’s eyes, and his smile deepened: “You are only right in the first half of what you said.” 

It should be his blessing to be able to meet Yan Changqing. He suffered ups and downs since childhood and lost his mother when he was a child. Later, he entered the palace and became the prince, but he had to face his father, the king, whom he hated the most in his life, and the Dongyun Dynasty, which looked glamorous but was actually corrupt. In the deep palace of intrigue, in order to protect himself, he was forced to hone himself into a two-faced person who seemed to be sloppy and romantic, but was actually sharp. 

For so many years, only one person had looked at him with the purest and most simple eyes, never hiding any intention of exploiting or scheme. Although that person sometimes looked at him with disgust and sometimes helplessness, Helian Rongchuan was happy with it.     

It was because of meeting Yan Changqing that Helian Rongchuan felt for the first time that there was a light shining in his life. It was a beam of moonlight, which seemed to be very cool, but it was very soft, very bright, and very beautiful. Helian Rongchuan sometimes even thought that the reason why God made him go through so much hardship in his childhood was to save his luck to allow him to meet Yan Changqing. 

That God was really kind to him, Helian Rongchuan. 

The Lady Boss didn’t understand what Helian Rongchuan meant. Seeing that he was thinking, and no longer answering, she had to shut her mouth wisely. She prepared to bring another pot of tea from the small stove at the door. 

Who would have thought that as soon as she walked to the door, she saw five or six people, dressed in official uniforms, looking anxious. They stopped her and asked, “Lady Boss, we want to ask you about someone!”

“Who are you asking about?” 

“From last night to this morning, have you seen a man in his early twenties?” The leading officer gestured above his head: “He is this tall, dressed in black, and looks very handsome. He is like a fairy, riding a white horse, what’s its name… oh yes, it’s called Shuang Zhui?!”

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