General’s Gown Chapter 78

Chapter 78 Feng Qi Yun Yong* Part 3

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A few days ago, Helian Rongchuan was busy drinking pots of medicine to remove the residual poison in his body, and was worried about Yan Changqing’s illness every day. At first, he really had no distracting thoughts, but as his illness and Yan Changqing’s illness gradually improved, the fire that was about to stir in his heart started to burn again. 

Facing each other day by day, Helian Rongchuan looked at Yan Changqing’s handsome face that was gradually returning with colour and his black eyes that were clear and bright. He only felt that the person in front of him, whether he was eating or reading, was meticulous, cold and upright. Helian Rongchuan wanted to strip him naked and put him on his bed, looking at him being embarrassed and annoyed. He tried to restrain himself but had no choice but to succumb to a lustful expression.

Thinking of this, Helian Rongchuan felt like he was holding a hundred cattails enticing him, and he was going crazy! 

But itching returns to itchiness, dryness returns to dryness. Helian Rongchuan was very clear in his heart, Yan Changqing was a person who is amenable to coaxing and not coercion, and it was impossible for him to force himself on him – if Yan Changqing was really anxious, if he made a move, he really couldn’t beat him.

Force him to drink alcohol? That won’t work. Although Helian Rongchuan was very fond of Yan Changqing’s obedient appearance after being drunk, since the incident of Jiao Lu River, Yan Changqing hasn’t drank a drop of alcohol.

Drug him? Helian Rongchuan thought about this idea for a long time, and even secretly went to Wei Jin to get the medicine. But after rubbing his palms for a long time, he put it down. 

A drug will have some parts of it poisonous, and he can’t bear it. 

What’s more, Helian Rongchuan’s “famous reputation” in Dongyun had spread far and wide. When he walks on the street, proper ladies would blush, turn around and run when they saw him, while unscrupulous ladies would rush up when they saw him. Yet, no one knew that Helian Rongchuan’s inner heart was very conservative. 

In his heart, he would be happy with the person he loves and it must be mutual affection, at least half willing and half unwilling (yielding after a show of resistance). If a drug is used, it will be forced. It would be fake and he would despise it. 

He was reluctant to have Yan Changqing’s first time given to him in a muddled way. 

So after thinking about it, Helian Rongchuan could only think of one move: to consolidate at every step. 

Don’t be in a hurry. Step by step, subtly nurture Yan Changqing, let him slowly know that there was a kind of happiness in this world that he has never experienced… 

For several days, Helian Rongchuan had been enduring these little schemes in his heart. Looking at Yan Changqing’s eyes in the daytime, it was like his tail was wagging while he sat by the sheep pen, waiting for the lamb to grow fat slowly. This made Yan Changqing’s heart a little scared.

Between him and Yan Changqing’s room was only separated by a thin wall. In the dead of night, Helian Rongchuan even felt that he could hear the sound of Yan Changqing cleaning and rinsing, the sound of thin cords undressing, and uncontrollably began to imagine some erotic/sexy images in his mind.     

Thinking about it, he couldn’t fall asleep anymore. He sat up abruptly, and stared straight at the white wall, thinking that it was quite a hindrance.

Early the next morning, Helian Rongchuan had dark circles under his eyes, and asked someone to dig a hole in the wall of Yan Changqing’s room and insert a glass mirror that was half a person’s height. When Yan Changqing saw it, he was a little puzzled. He was not a woman. Even if he needed to dress himself, why should he hang such a big and precious mirror?     

However, living in Helian Rongchuan’s for a few days, he has gradually come to know Helian Rongchuan’s extravagant style: a white tiger skin worth a thousand taels of gold would be thrown by Helian Rongchuan under his bed as a foot pad. 

The famous night pearl in the South China Sea, Helian Rongchuan would put hundreds of them on his roof in one breath, and say happily: “Hey, Changqing, you no longer have to be afraid of the candlelight dazzling your eyes when you read at night. It will also save me money on lamp oil! Killing two birds with one stone!”     

As for the snow lotus, which blooms only once in thirty years, and the top-level ginseng that only grows in fifty years, Helian Rongchuan casually carried a sack over and forced Yan Changqing to drink it like tea, and eat it like radish.     


Yan Changqing silently supported his forehead.     

Yan Changqing knew that Helian Rongchuan was frightened by his serious illness. The more he refused, the sadder Helian Rongchuan felt in his heart, and because of this, Helian Rongchuan would reflect on whether he was not doing well enough, and then intensify.

After several rejections, Yan Changqing finally saw Helian Rongchuan’s terrifying financial resources and unstinting profligacy. He was really frightened, so apart from being filled with ginseng and snow lotus, he didn’t stop anything else. 

Faced with this expensive glass mirror now, Yan Changqing had no choice but to shake his head in disbelief. 

But Yan Changqing never imagined that the reason why this glazed mirror was expensive was not only because of it being inlaid with gold and silver, but also because of its unique function – this mirror is a double-sided mirror. 

Every night, Helian Rongchuan crossed his legs and watched Yan Changqing’s every move through the mirror. 

Seeing Yan Changqing lying on the bed soundly asleep without defense, with his chest rising and falling gently, his hands on his stomach in a regular manner, his posture not upright, the quilt kicked on the ground by him, Helian Rongchuan sighed and sneaked in to help him cover himself again. 

Seeing Yan Changqing being curious for a while, playing with his strange antiques, but almost accidentally breaking them, he was in shock. It was as if he was a child doing bad things and was scared of being discovered.  

Helian Rongchuan couldn’t help admiring the skilled craftsman who cast this glazed mirror. He was really talented, innovative, and had no strange skills at all! 

It was because of this mirror that he was able to see Yan Changqing’s free appearance after removing all his burdens. What famous general of the Yan Kingdom, a famous family of several generations, the pillar of the country? It sounds great, but in Helian Rongchuan’s view, they were all heavy shackles, and they were exhausting and not worth their lives! !

After each title, there was endless pressure. These titles were too tiring for his Changqing. Who will notice that, even if he was invincible on the battlefield, the silver-faced King of H*ll, who was invincible in Qinchuan City, saving all the people from water and fire, he was actually very young.     

He would also catch a cold from pushing the quilt at night, and show a childlike interest in novel gadgets. He would also be tired, afraid, sad, and happy.    

Perhaps in the eyes of tens of thousands of people, Yan Changqing is a lofty and cold god of war. But in the eyes of Helian Rongchuan, Yan Changqing was a living person with flesh and blood. 

A man he swore to protect for a lifetime and cling onto for the rest of his life. 


In the west wing, the sun was just right outside the window. The pomegranate flowers were in full bloom, and when the breeze blew, the bright red petals blew into the window and fell on Yan Changqing’s black silk-like hair. But he didn’t notice it at all. 

At this time, all his attention was on the Art of War book spread out in front of the table. 

And separated by a wall, Helian Rongchuan was surreptitiously looking at Yan Changqing in the double-sided mirror. The more he looked at him, the more itchy his heart became. In fact, Helian Rongchuan peeped at Yan Changqing’s serious and focused appearance every day. But today, the heat in his heart was particularly strong. 

Because Yan Changqing had just taken a shower. 

The honey-colored, firm skin still had a bit of water that had not evaporated, and a few crystal water droplets slowly slid down Yan Changqing’s collarbone, sliding down to his firm and beautiful abdominal muscles… Helian Rongchuan felt his throat thirsty. 

However, Yan Changqing had no idea that someone was staring at him without blinking. There was no one else in the room. After casually taking a bath and after drying his body generously, he put on a white robe. While wiping his wet long hair, he concentrated on Helian Rongchuan’s collection of Art of War books. 

It seemed that he had encountered some intractable problem, Yan Changqing frowned slightly. His slender and fair index finger touched his lower lip slightly, thinking about the answer. After a while, as if he had come up with a solution, he turned the page. Seeing that the book was in line with what he thought, the corners of his mouth were slightly upturned, and a faint smile appeared in his black glass-like eyes.

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