General’s Gown Chapter 82 Teaser

Chapter 82 Feng Qi Yun Yong* Part 7

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Chapter Teaser Below…

As soon as the letter was burnt, Yan Changqing stepped into the door. He just practiced swordsmanship in the open space in the back garden, and it seemed that he felt hot because he had pulled his collar slightly open, exposing a small half of his collarbone, the sunken neck socket, all with a thin water gleam. It looked very sexy in the morning light. 

As he put away the sword, he asked, “I think I saw Wei Jin’s back just now. Did he come to see your illness? Why didn’t he stay for breakfast?” 

Helian Rongchuan calmly moved the candlestick and the ashes in front of him were wiped away. He turned around, and said with a smile: “The little imperial doctor is a busy person. How can I keep him? What’s more, at this hour, only the two of us are left without having breakfast.” 

Yan Changqing was stunned, then he realized that it was really late. He had been ill for too long and was worried that his swordsmanship was unfamiliar, so he got up early in the morning to practice. Unconsciously, so much time had passed. When he thought of this, he felt a little hungry in his stomach. 

The two sat and ate together.


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