General’s Gown Chapter 88

Chapter 88 The north wind sweeps the earth Part 1

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Helian Rongchuan led Yan Changqing down a clean stone path. There was no rain in the mountains, but the green bodies were wet. The lush green pines, green bamboos and green leaves on both sides of the road were green and dripping, and about to wet people’s clothes.

As they walked, they heard the sound of children reading a book from afar. Yan Changqing was a little surprised, how could there be such orderly reading in this deep mountain? Helian Rongchuan smiled but didn’t answer, and just continued to walk forward. After walking for a while, after a few turns, a neat white wall and black tiles came into view amid the beautiful green bamboo. With the high threshold and the lifted eaves, it was actually a large-scale academy with a bit of elegance and simplicity. The further you went, the louder the reading sounds. Helian Rongchuan lightly walked to the window edge outside the lecture hall, and hooked his fingers proudly, motioning Yan Changqing to look inside.     

In the extremely spacious and bright lecture hall, there were sixty or seventy little scholars sitting neatly in rows, shaking their heads and reading. The oldest was around eleven or twelve, while the youngest barely exceeded five or six. There were boys, as well as girls, all wearing the same white and blue robes, all of them childish, but serious.     

How can there be so many children here? ! How could Helian Rongchuan run an academy? !     

Helian Rongchuan smiled without saying a word, motioning Yan Changqing to continue watching. He saw the same white-clothed and blue-shirted outfit on a master with a gray beard in the hall. He had his hands behind his back, holding a ruler, slowly pacing the lecture hall step by step. He was at least in his sixties or seventies. He was thin and tall. At first glance, he looked like a powerful master who was full of knowledge and unsmiling. The eagle-like sharp eyes swept over lightly, and a few little babies who wanted to be lazy immediately shivered and re-engaged in their studies.     

Yan Changqing looked at the profile of this master, and felt that this person seemed familiar. Just as he was thinking, the old master turned around and faced Helian Rongchuan outside the window. The old master nodded slightly and greeted Helian Rongchuan first.

Yan Changqing was stunned. He suddenly remembered. Isn’t this person Master Zhou who was famous in the world, a dragon that one can only see the head but not the tail! He was the most prestigious and most learned master in the world. Princes and nobles would gift out countless rare treasures, eager to be his students. Even the emperor of the dynasty admired his knowledge. But this Master Zhou had a very strange temper and an arrogant personality. His lectures were neither for the sake of fame nor for profit. He only talked about fate and was dependent on his mood. More than ten years ago, the first emperor of the Yan Kingdom exhausted his mind, went to his door, and spoke until his face was blue only to have this person come to the palace and teach him for only half a day. Yan Changqing had a chance to meet him back then, and he still cherishes it to this day. 

But this Master Zhou, who didn’t even care about the emperor, actually took the initiative to say hello to Helian Rongchuan? ! And looking at the appearance of this master, it is obvious that he had been lecturing in this deep mountain academy for a long time. What method did Helian Rongchuan use to keep this saint? ! 

And what is the story behind this academy? ? Where did these little kids come from? Why study in the deep mountains? 

Helian Rongchuan had a proud smile on his face and put his arms around Yan Changqing’s waist lightly: “Curious?” 

Yan Changqing nodded and asked, “Did you use this academy and Master Zhou’s reputation to make money?” 

As soon as he said the words, he knew that the question was wrong, and he frowned, “Master Zhou has high boundaries, but I don’t? Telling you the truth, I do not earn money with the academy. It’s actually the opposite. I use this academy to spend money. Walking so long and seeing the library, polo field, garden, do you think it is only for me? Actually, these children in the academy are orphans. I invested my money in this deep mountain, not to build a villa for pleasure, but a Salesian center.”

Helian Rongchuan looked into the lecture hall as he spoke. His eyes were both solemn and gentle: “Everyone knows that we, Dongyun, are rich. However, they don’t know how many Dongyun Kings in all the dynasties, for the sake of wealth, have sacrificed and killed who knows how many people, especially my *sshole father. Even my mother died like this…”

Helian Rongchuan paused and continued: “Don’t look at Dongyun appearing rich and luxurious and the layers of gold stacked high, he has crushed the flesh of many people at the bottom, and has made it smell rotten. I was born in the poorest bottom of Dongyun, but was raised in the richest palace. I know best what happens to these children if their parents die from mining and hard labor. If they are lucky, they can rely on others’ charity or be bullied. If they are unlucky, they can only quietly starve to death and die of illness. Those who are lucky enough to grow up, because of lack of education and a bad atmosphere, may still harm others. If I didn’t have a king as a father, I would be the same as them.” 

“You know, the descendants of the Helian royal family were all in the business of soldiers, horses and forages and most of the money was in their own hands. It’s just that they are busy building houses and raising concubines. But I am not interested in this – I have invested nearly half of my money in this Salesian center. I want to gather all the orphans in Dongyun, provide them with food and clothing, and teach them. In order to atone for the sins of my b*stard Father, in recent years, I have set up seven such Salesian center in various parts of Dongyun. That Master Zhou came to help without being paid a cent for this Salesian center.”     

Yan Changqing remained silent. He only took a deep look at Helian Rongchuan. He had long understood that Helian Rongchuan was not what he showed to everyone. Although he was indeed a rogue and shameless, he was pretending to be a pig to eat the tiger. He was always plotting something in his stomach. It was only today that Yan Changqing understood Helian Rongchuan’s plan – it was for those poor orphans! He was fed up with the hardships of life when he was young, so he didn’t want to have children go down his thorny road again.     

It turned out that Helian Rongchuan was better and kinder than he thought.     

Helian Rongchuan squinted and touched Yan Changqing’s face: “What, are you so moved by my deeds that you can’t speak?”     

This man was obviously serious just now, but as soon as he gets started, his rogue character would reveal himself again. He pinched his face and did not give up. His hand wrapped in gauze wanted to go somewhere else, forcing Yan Changqing’s words of praise and admiration back down his throat.

Yan Changqing pressed down his chaotic hand and asked, “But where did you get so much money? It’s not a small amount to set up so many Salesian centers.” 

Seeing how Helian Rongchuan spends money, these Salesian centers must not bring him too much financial burden. 

Helian Rongchuan chuckled softly: “Oh, checking the debts? Anyways, you will be mine sooner or later – hey, if you have something to say, use your words, why are you kicking me again – I’ll tell you. The businesses involving soldiers, horses, rations, I have rarely done them now. Four or five years ago, I began to quietly set up my own business in Dongyun. I searched for several inns, pawnshops, restaurants and pharmacies with the most development potential in Dongyun, and invested a few times. As the years went by, these shops got better and better, and more and more shops opened. Even Nanyao and your Yan country have my branches. With the bonuses each year, aside from setting aside some for the Salesian center, there is still a large amount of money left over.This money, I have no use for it, so I continued to open the Salesian centers and continued to expand the storefront…” 

Helian Rongchuan led Yan Changqing. While visiting the academy, he explained the process of how he purchased property in detail with him. For a while, he showed off his own resourcefulness, and for a while he lamented a few words about how difficult it was for him to get to where he was today. Going around in circles, the topic gradually led to one place… 

Yan Changqing stopped and said, “So you brought me here today because you wanted to keep me to accompany you to run the Salesian centers with you?” 

Or maybe not from today, but since he came to this Dongyun residence, Helian Rongchuan had this thought. 

Helian Rongchuan didn’t expect that Yan Changqing would directly undermine his purpose, so he simply didn’t hide it: “That’s right. Ever since I knew that you almost lost your life because of Qinchuan’s terrible citizens, I’ve always had such a plan. Changqing, I don’t want you to go to war anymore. Wouldn’t it be great for you and me to do good deeds for future generations in this green mountain and beautiful river?” He said this while holding Yan Changqing’s hand tightly for fear that he would escape: “I know that you are dedicated to serving the country and the people. But I want to ask you, are you really happy when you are fighting for the country and the people, fighting the enemy, dying, and soaked in blood? What if I told you there is more than one way to help the country and the people besides going to war. This path of mine, you can walk this way more steadily and happier. Would you like to join me?”

The amber-like eyes were shining brightly in the sunlight, staring earnestly, making Yan Changqing’s heart tremble slightly. 

At the age of fourteen, he went into battle to kill the enemy, and made great achievements in battle. Everyone praised him for being so majestic, but no one ever cared about him or asked him if he really was happy? 

When he first entered the battlefield, it was not that he was not afraid of the bloody cruelty of killing people. Whether it’s the enemy’s army or his own army, after a fierce battle, blood was everywhere. Horses’ hooves would step on stumps and broken arms, and people’s heads would fall. Even after washing away the blood, the young Yan Changqing would have terrible dreams at night.     

Later, as he grew up, he became hard-hearted, and he no longer went soft when he swung his sword. However, this doesn’t mean that the disgust for the battlefield has disappeared, it’s just that the terrifying feeling that had penetrated into his bone marrow was wrapped in thick cocoons that have been tempered layer by layer, and can’t be seen.     

Can he really escape?     

Yan Changqing looked into Helian Rongchuan’s earnest eyes, and shook his head very slowly for a while.     

Helian Rongchuan’s heart sank instantly.     

“The path you talked about is very good, but I can’t bear it now. As a general of a country, I should take the protection of the common people as my responsibility, and worry about the world’s worries first. In the face of my country’s responsibilities, it doesn’t matter whether I are happy or unhappy.”     

“Why can’t you bear it?” Helian Rongchuan was anxious and grabbed Yan Changqing’s shoulder suddenly, “You haven’t been in Yan Kingdom for the past few months, and isn’t Yan Kingdom still alright?” A flash of light suddenly flashed through his mind as he spoke: “Yes, didn’t you say that your worry is about the world? Then I want to ask you, if the world is peaceful, would you like to be with me to experience the joy of tomorrow?”     

Yan Changqing’s heart skipped a beat for no reason.     

Was he willing to “be happy in the future” with Helian Rongchuan? In fact, as soon as this question was asked, Yan Changqing immediately had an answer in his heart.     

He was. Of course he was willing.     

Even longing.     

Can he really look forward to the day when the world will be at peace and there will be no more wars?

Yan Changqing’s gaze swept across the green bamboo, white walls, and black tiles one by one, and finally landed on Helian Rongchuan’s face. 

“If there is such a day,” Yan Changqing said, “I am willing—” 

The end of this sentence disappeared in Helian Rongchuan’s fierce kiss. The sudden kiss made Yan Changqing stunned for a moment, then he suddenly began to struggle violently. 

“This is the academy! What are you acting crazy for?” Yan Changqing tried his best to lean back, trying to avoid Helian Rongchuan’s sudden madness. But it just happened to expose his slender neck. Helian Rongchuan took Yan Changqing’s adam’s apple in one mouthful, biting lightly in a mischievous manner. Then he travelled all the way up, biting Yan Changqing’s lips lightly, forcibly penetrating with his tongue, lingering, overlapping. 

Helian Rongchuan’s breath became a little rough: “I’ll wait with you. That day must not be far away.” 

Yan Changqing finally struggled out of Helian Rongchuan’s hot kiss, his ears blushing, and he bowed his head and walked away in a bad mood. 

Helian Rongchuan followed behind him. He already had an idea in his mind. Didn’t Yan Changqing say he was willing to be with him if the world was peaceful? That would be too easy. As long as Yan Changqing didn’t return to Yan Kingdom, he had a way to make this “peace in the world”. 

He had already burnt up the request for help from Yan Kingdom, and he had already sent someone to arrest the several spies of Yan Kingdom who were trying to follow them along the way. Since entering this deep mountain and old forest, he had not seen any trace of the Yan people.     

In order to appease Yan Changqing’s concern for Yan Kingdom, he secretly sent people to forge several letters stating in the letters that Yan Kingdom was in a peaceful and prosperous age. It was signed by Xiang Yu, the deputy general of the Black armoured troops of Yan Changqing.     

Now that Yan Changqing said “he was willing”, he can continue to deceive him. As for the besieged Emperor of Yan, it would be best if he died. He had long had a displeased look for the dog emperor. Change the emperor, maybe the world can really be at peace.     

And Yan Changqing will no longer have to be born and die for the monarch as a minister, and bear the responsibility of his family and country. He can really live his life.

That general robe was too heavy. He was reluctant to watch Yan Changqing being overwhelmed, and even nearly losing his life. Therefore, since seeing Yan Changqing dying in the desert, he has already settled on this idea. 

As another prince, he was destined not to be able to fight side by side with Yan Changqing, and could not shield him from the sword. So he can only use this method to protect Yan Changqing and pave the way for him in the future. 

Helian Rongchuan stared at Yan Changqing’s back and let out a long sigh. 


I hope you don’t blame me. 

The road back to the villa was a lot more idle than when they came, and the two of them had different things on their minds, but the pace was much faster. The two servants who were guarding the door were dozing off. They were shocked to see the two coming back so quickly. One of them even ran inside and was grabbed by the collar of Helian Rongchuan. 

“What are you running for? You are not new here, are you afraid that I will fail? Why don’t you open the door?” Helian Rongchuan said strangely. 

The doorman was about to say something, but what he was about to say was stifled when he heard a shrill cry from the villa, as if someone was being whipped. 

“I want to see General Yan! I want to see General Yan!” 

This scream was like a thunderbolt from the blue. Helian Rongchuan suddenly realized that something was wrong, and immediately wanted to stop Yan Changqing’s footsteps. However it was too late. 

Yan Changqing rushed into the house with a single stride, and saw a man lying on the ground covered in blood, bound on all 5 limbs in the open space beside the veranda. The two burly guards were about to continue whipping the person with the whip when they saw Yan Changqing suddenly rushing in and they couldn’t help being stunned. 

“What did you call me?” Yan Changqing’s expression changed slightly.

In Dongyun, in order to avoid unnecessary trouble, he withheld his identity as a general. No one knows. 


The man slowly raised his head, and through the dirty blood, Yan Changqing recognized a familiar face. 

“He Li?” Yan Changqing was shocked. Isn’t this the head of Qinchuan City, He Li? He made a great contribution to Qin Chuan’s relocation, and he should have been promoted. How come he was here? ! 

“General Yan, I have found you!” He Li struggled and kowtowed on the ground: “I beg you to go back to Yan Kingdom, it’s bad-” 

“Nonsense! Quickly drag this person out!” Helian Rongchuan shouted violently. He stared at He Li’s figure, wishing he could stab him to death with a sword. There was a panic in his heart that he had never felt before. 

The two burly guards immediately stepped forward, one held He Li’s arm, and the other was about to gag his mouth. 

“Wait!” Yan Changqing turned around and looked at Helian Rongchuan, his tone was a little stiff: “I want to hear him continue.” 

He Li bowed his head and said, “General Yan, within two days of your disappearance, the emperor personally took the entire imperial hospital and quietly came to Monan to look for you. Who would have thought that the emperor had not found you, but the Beirong’s spies would find out about the emperor’s patrol. The Beirong people brought thousands of soldiers and horses to surround the emperor. General Yan, please go back and save him!” 

“Nonsense!” Helian Rongchuan’s forehead burst with blue veins, and he stepped forward and grabbed He Li’s collar: “Yan Kingdom doesn’t only have Changqing as a general! Why does he need to save him? If you dare speak nonsense again, I will cut you!” 

“I have the emperor’s personal token here, if there is a false statement, the sky can strike me down!” He Li struggled and from his chest he took out a piece of white jade pendant stained with blood. Yan Changqing took it, his fingers trembling slightly. He recognized the delicate shape of the group of dragons. It was Murong Xiu’s personal object. 

“Lord Yan, the life-saving amulet for deploying troops, except for the one held by Taishi Pang, the other is in your hands. You know that Taishi Pang has always been against the emperor. Now the only one who can save the emperor and Yan Kingdom is you, only you!!!” 

Helian Rongchuan silently closed his eyes. 

Yan Changqing’s lips trembled slightly: “How long have the Beirong people been surrounding them?” 

“It’s been a month!”

A month? ! ! ! 

How is this possible? In the past month, the news he has heard had always been that all is well in Yan Kingdom? ! 

He Li raised his head, he was covered in blood, in a sorry state, and looked at Helian Rongchuan with resentment in his eyes: “Actually, as soon as Ningcheng was surrounded, I secretly wrote a letter to report to you. After a lot of hard work, I finally sent the letter to the Second Highness’s residence, but there was no movement. The emperor even wrote two letters himself, but they sunk like a rock thrown into the sea. Only later did I find out that the general had been tricked into this deep mountain! I desperately slipped out of Ningcheng, and found this place after a lot of hard work. Who knew that I would be tied up as soon as I came to report. Dare to ask Your Second Highness, why is it that your subordinates hearing that I am from Yan Kingdom would want to beat me to death?” 

Yan Changqing turned pale and looked at Helian Rongchuan very slowly. 

Helian Rongchuan looked at Yan Changqing’s face motionless, and wanted to explain a thousand words, but after a long while, he only choked out: 

“I’m sorry.”

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