General’s Gown Chapter 89

Chapter 89 The north wind sweeps the earth Part 2

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Yan Changqing took a deep breath, turned around and left. 

With a bang, the door was kicked open by him. The two servants in the room who were busy cleaning up saw Yan Changqing’s expression, and hurriedly knelt on the ground without daring to lift their heads. Helian Rongchuan, who was catching up with a few steps, shouted in a deep voice, “Why aren’t you leaving!”

The servants hurriedly bowed and ran from the room.

The room suddenly became extremely quiet, and in the sunlight, golden dust swirled and slowly fell to the ground.     

Yan Changqing didn’t look at Helian Rongchuan at a glance, as if he regarded him as air. After neatly packing up his luggage, he turned around to get his sword.     

Helian Rongchuan knew that what he was most worried about had finally happened, and he couldn’t care anymore. He stepped forward and hugged Yan Changqing with both hands, and said solemnly: “You are not allowed to go!” 

Yan Changqing did not say a word and swung his elbow to struggle free. This time, it hit Helian Rongchuan directly in the left abdomen. Helian Rongchuan groaned, his brows knit together tightly, but he held Yan Changqing’s arm even harder.     

Yan Changqing shouted angrily: “Why aren’t you letting go!” 


Helian Rongchuan’s brute force has always been great, Yan Changqing couldn’t break free even after a few tries, and suddenly thought of a question.     

Wasn’t this person still wearing gauze on his arm yesterday, pitifully saying that his injury has not healed and still needs him to take care of himself?! How can his arm be so strong, he must have been pretending! !     

It’s all lies, a scam! !     

Yan Changqing was so furious that he raised his hand and slashed down towards Helian Rongchuan’s face. This palm was full of strength, wrapped with the wind. Yan Changqing knew in his heart that as long as Helian Rongchuan turned around to dodge, he could avoid it. However, Helian Rongchuan did not dodge at all. Yan Changqing was startled, but he didn’t have time to stop.    


Helian Rongchuan’s right cheek instantly turned purple, and the corner of his lips even oozed blood. 

The bright red blood was particularly dazzling, Yan Changqing trembled in his heart and closed his eyes. 

“You can beat me as you want.” Helian Rongchuan used his right thumb to smear the blood from the corner of his mouth and said word by word, “You will have to beat me to death to leave.” 


Yan Changqing pursed his thin lips sharply, struggling even more intensely. Helian Rongchuan, on the other hand, used the brute force of his whole body to endure Yan Changqing’s hit several times. No matter how Yan Changqing struggled, he would not let go.

The two were panting and fighting for a long time, and Yan Changqing’s strength was almost exhausted by Helian Rongchuan, however his anger became more and more intense. In a moment of desperation, at the end of his straw, Helian Rongchuan was smashed to the ground with a throw over his shoulder.     

This time he fell quite heavily, and although the floor was covered with carpet, Helian Rongchuan still didn’t get up. Yan Changqing’s heart trembled again, but he immediately forcibly suppressed the thought of wanting Helian Rongchuan to get up, and stopped looking at him.     

He deserved it!     

Turning around, he took a pair of silver swords that had been idle for a long time, still spotless and sharp.     

There was a voice behind him.     

“This villa is heavily guarded with many traps and mechanism. You can’t go out without my edict.”     

With a click, the sword was unsheathed.     

“You dare to stop me?” The icy black eyes contained surging anger.     

The cold metal pressed against his chest. Helian Rongchuan lowered his head and looked at Yan Changqing’s unsheathed silver sword. He suddenly stretched out two fingers and pulled it hard – 

The silver sword was unsheathed, and the shining blade pointed directly at his chest.    

“Kill me and I will let you go.”     

Yan Changqing was stunned for a moment, and the frost on his handsome face was even worse. 

Once upon a time, he was also persecuted by this man with a sword in a cave. The man had sworn that he would never deceive him again. But this time he was cheated even harder. 

When the emperor was besieged for more than a month, his life hanging by a thread, if there was a slight mishap, the whole Yan Kingdom would be in chaos. And as an important general of the country, he was kept in the dark and didn’t know about it, he only cared about his own happiness! 

The hand holding the handle of the sword clenched sharply, and his knuckles turned white. 

One drop. 

Two drops.

The tip of the knife was too sharp, and when it touched it with a little force, the thin skin was pierced, and the small opening slowly dripped blood. 

Yan Changqing came back to his senses and hurriedly wanted to withdraw the sword. But he was held down by Helian Rongchuan and was pressed against his naked chest. 

The razor-sharp sword that could slice a single piece of, as long as it moved an inch forward— 

The hand holding the short sword began to tremble violently uncontrollably. 

“Kill me, then I will let you go.” 

Kill me… 

Kill me…! ! ! 

With a clanging sound, the silver sword was thrown fiercely by Yan Changqing. 

Yan Changqing’s shoulders trembled, angry, desperate and unwilling to stare at Helian Rongchuan. 

“You are concerned about the world, the king, the people, these things fill your heart; but when have you ever cared about yourself?” 

The warm and familiar aura was close at hand. Helian Rongchuan was already close to him. 

“Changqing, tell me, what do you really like in your heart? Is it the blood-soaked battlefield or the past few months of freedom?” 

The usual cynicism in those tea-brown eyes disappeared and looked at him seriously and stubbornly. 

It seemed to see through everything. 

Yan Changqing lowered his eyes suddenly, the corners of his stubborn and graceful lips pursed tightly, and his heartbeat was flustered. 

Yes, what does he really like? 

What appeared in front of him was the poplar tree in the depths of the desert, the poisonous snake coiled in the black altar… It was also the big boat running smoothly on the blue waves, the colorful lanterns of the Qiqiao Festival, the basket of sweet and sour oranges, and the lush greenery in the deep mountains, the faint wind… 

It was the dazzling beam of light suddenly projected into the darkness, the gratitude and guilt after his desperate situation. 

It was resentment, frustration, joy, and curiosity. 

It was reluctance, impossible to let go. 

It was a pair of dark brown, crystal clear and affectionate eyes. 

It was love. 

Helian Rongchuan grabbed Yan Changqing’s hand and pressed it against his heart. Through the thin and flexible skin, Yan Changqing felt a heart beating. 

“Stay. As long as you stay, we can continue to live like this. Ten years, twenty years, thirty years… a lifetime.” 

The deep whisper and the affectionate eyes made Yan Changqing’s heart beat wildly. 

“You like days like this, don’t you?” 

“You like me, don’t you?”

Yan Changqing suddenly raised his head and looked at Helian Rongchuan firmly. 

Finally, he made up his mind. 

Thin lips trembled slightly, decisively. 


Everything suddenly fell silent. Two pairs of eyes looked at each other. One pair was full of unbelievable surprise and ecstasy, while the other pair was unwilling and just wanted to avoid it. 

But there was no way to hide. 

The next moment, Helian Rongchuan kissed his lips passionately. Yan Changqing desperately leaned back and resisted, a fierce struggle! 

“Changqing, forgive me…” 

The majestic young general was never afraid of swords and shadows, but at this moment he was defeated. 

“I just want to make you happy.” 

Unprecedented, extreme tenderness, dragged Yan Changqing into monstrous waves, struggling to stay afloat. 

“What country, aren’t those things just weighing you down? Sooner or later they will take your life if you stay. We can do things that will shine in the annals of history…” 


No matter what, we can’t escape, we can’t escape… 

Since this is the case, since this is the case… 

His chest rose and fell violently. Yan Changqing gasped, suddenly summoned up his courage, and clasped Helian Rongchuan’s neck. 

Helian Rongchuan was taken aback by his unprecedented initiative. 

“Changqing, you…?” 

Yan Changqing was silent, only raised his head and touched Helian Rongchuan’s lips very lightly. 

The wordless answer shocked Helian Rongchuan. The emotion in his eyes was complicated and difficult to discern, but it was finally ignited into a raging fire by Yan Changqing’s jerky and active kiss. 

“If you regret it, it’s still not too late.” 

Yan Changqing breathed heavily and glanced at Helian Rongchuan, suddenly as if he had made up his mind. He turned his head and covered his face with a soft pillow without saying a word. 

Helian Rongchuan laughed softly, pulled the soft pillow that was in the way, and forcibly straightened Yan Changqing’s face. 

“Let me take a good look at you.” 

“I will make you happy all my life.” 

Time seemed to be frozen at this moment.

The golden-red sunset was slowly sinking, and the slanting light was projected on Helian Rongchuan’s sleeping profile. His eyelids trembled a few times and he slowly opened his eyes. 

Standing up, there were more than a dozen shallow bloodstains on his naked back. Helian Rongchuan frowned slightly. It’s weird that he didn’t feel any pain at all. 

A general was a general. 

Helian Rongchuan gave a wry smile. Compared with the insignificant stinging pain on his back, the more intense pain came from the back of his neck, a quick and accurate hand knife from Yan Changqing that slammed into the back of his neck. 

It made him fall into complete darkness the moment he reached the top. 

When he woke up again, he was the only one left in the room. 

There seemed to be a commotion outside the house. Helian Rongchuan put on his clothes, and was about to open the door when Jiu Jin led two servants hurriedly tumbling in. The three faces, each one more interesting than the other, had its own unique bruises and swells on their face.     

“Your Royal Highness , it’s not good!!! Master Yan had to go out, and the servants couldn’t stop him!” 

“Master Yan also took the Yan person away!” 

“This servant deserves to die! This servant deserves to die! I beg Your Highness to think of a plan!”

“Your Royal Highness?” 

“Your Royal Highness???” 

Jiu Jin raised his head in fear, thinking that he would be greeted by a frantic roar, but he didn’t expect to see Helian Rongchuan’s incomparably calm face. 

Calm like a deep pool, all the heartbreaks and sorrow sank silently at the bottom of the lake. 

“Your Highness… Your Highness, what’s wrong with you?” Jiu Jin was frightened by Helian Rongchuan’s abnormal behavior. 

“I know.” Helian Rongchuan smiled lightly, a little sad. 

How could he not know, such a stubborn, thin-skinned person, why would he take the initiative uncharacteristically? Even after taking the last step, his teeth were clenching slightly, but he still held back and did not resist him? 

From the start of that light kiss, he knew.

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