General’s Gown Chapter 9

Chapter 9 Yaocheng’s crazy nightmare Part 3

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There was no need to fret or think about why this Xue Rubi Gu became unstable after the attack. The woman sent to Hundred Cliff Stronghold was treated as a plaything. Being given a Gu was nothing more than making things more entertaining for the bandits.

Knowing the ins and outs of the matter, many onlookers finally shook their heads and sighed. Some had lingering fears, but they all left with a sense of satisfaction. The boss touched the purse hanging on the clothes of the unconscious man, and carefully checked its weight, then hurriedly invited a doctor. Only the woman in red held on to Xue Rubi and wept silently. When she saw everyone walking away, she knelt in front of Yan Changqing and Helian Rongchuan with a thump. She said: “Please, two knights, save A Li’s life.” 

Helian Rongchuan thought to himself: “As expected.” 

Yan Changqing, “I didn’t leave because it seemed like you wanted to say something but stopped. There must be something else. Let me ask: you are dressed in red, is it for marriage?” 

The woman in red was tearful. She nodded gently. 

It turns out that this woman was not only a cousin of Xue Rubi but also had a similar destiny. A Li’s family was jealous when they saw Xue’s family exchanging a jade vein for their daughter. Although they didn’t live in Yaocheng, they sent people on a journey of thousands of miles to escort their biological daughter to the Hundred Cliff Stronghold.

It’s a “pity for the parents of the world”! 

A Li banged her head three times on the ground. She said: “A Li sees that the two people in front of me have martial arts skills above any mortals, so A Li wants to ask you two to help me escape! I don’t want to get married! I don’t want to be like A Jie (older sister; affectionate call). And become…become a lunatic!” 

Yan Changqing glanced at her lightly, then said, “I can’t help you with this.” 

A Li couldn’t help being stunned when she heard this, but Yan Changqing went on to say, “Just helping you escape by yourself, what’s the use? In a few days, someone will send another bride over.”

As long as the root cause was not removed, Xue Rubi’s tragedy will be repeated countless times. 

But what should be done to wipe out Hundred Cliff Stronghold in one fell swoop? Write a memo to request soldiers? It takes one month at the earliest for it to go and come back. At that time, who knows how many more girls are going to be sent into that demonic cave. 

Right now, the only strategy was to take a risk. 

As for Yan Changqing, taking risks was something he excelled at.

Early the next morning.

In the early hours, four bandits from Hundred Cliff Stronghold stood at the entrance of the inn. They were lined up, all in black, with knives around their waists, and hats on their heads. None could see their faces. A dark red sedan chair next to them showed their clear intention of escorting a bride. However, the sombre clothes of these people and the damp and cold white fog in the morning made people shudder. 

At the usually deserted entrance of the inn, many men and women gathered to watch in excitement. When people saw these four men, they didn’t dare to come out. They just silently stretched their neck and huddled their feet, hoping that the bride would come out soon for them to see. After seeing her, they would go home to have breakfast and take care of the children.

The door of the inn squeaked. People held their breath one after another, then their eyes widened. They watched as a man in red, wearing a groom’s hat stepped out the door, smiling at everyone. 

People muttered in disappointment amongst themselves. There was only one little girl holding croissants, happily pulling at the corner of her mother’s clothes: “Mother, look, the bridegroom is really good-looking!” 

The child’s mother glanced over intently. The bridegroom had amber eyes, slightly curly hair, and an unrestrained look. He was of rare beauty. But what good is it? No matter how good looking, they still had to smile and give their bride to another. How shameless.

While thinking about it, the child’s mother snipped fiercely: “Bah! An embroidered pillow (pretty outside but just fluff on the inside), they’re never as good as your father!” 

“A Niang, what is an embroidered pillow—” 

“Hush—don’t talk, listen. Let us see if the new bride is crying about the marriage.” 

It was not surprising for the bride to cry on their wedding day as it has been a custom of its own since ancient times. It’s just that the women crying in Yaocheng were particularly interesting. Destined to go to the bandit’s bed, the bride still struggled unwillingly before stepping into the sedan chair. People stretched out their heads and perked up their ears, looking forward to today’s show. 

After listening for a while, they couldn’t hear any crying. Only the sound of quiet footsteps was heard. The footsteps approached, and the door opened again with a creak.

A figure in red stepped over the high threshold without haste. The scarlet veil covered their head and face, and only half of the waterfall-like green silk could be seen hanging over their waist. 

It was an extremely simple action, but elegant, it made them feel as if the bride was very calm. 

However, isn’t this bride a little too quiet? 

Also, so tightly covered, that no one could even see what she looked like. 

Hey! That’s boring! 

The nosy onlookers couldn’t see or hear any crying and were a bit disappointed. But the little girl with croissants saw the bride for the first time and was curious. She squirmed down from her mother’s arms, tilted her head and peeked under the veil. At the same moment, the wind blew from the ground. Then, like a curious urchin, it gently lifted the bride’s red veil. The angle was so small that only this short little girl could see anything. 


The little girl’s eyes widened. She even forgot to eat the buns in her hands. 

This bride was really… special! 

Although she had small eyes, a low nose, and the most common appearance of a woman, somehow, the little girl felt that this bride was very different. Especially… 

The little girl scratched the back of her head, thinking for a long time, but couldn’t think of a description. She only thought that the bride was very good-looking, but somehow not good-looking at the same time. It was a kind of inner beauty. 

The little girl was afraid that she would be scolded again, so she didn’t dare to tell her mother of this discovery. Thus, she had to chew on her meat buns and was aggrieved and silent. 

Helian Rongchuan, dressed in the bridegroom’s suit, leaned slightly, and gently stretched out a hand to the bride: “Wife, please.” 

Even though the crowd was close, all the actions of the bride, in the eyes of others, hadn’t even the slightest flaw. 

No wonder this man can penetrate an enemy’s army lines time after time without anyone being aware. General Yunhui – Yan Changqing’s, disguise skills are truly unique in the entire world.

Perhaps only Helian Rongchuan could see that although the bride’s waist was as slender as a woman’s, the lines were clean and neat, with vigour and uprightness that did not belong to a woman. Although his facial features were covered up, his whole body was stiff and arrogant. There was nowhere to hide this temperament that stopped strangers from approaching.

Yan Changqing nodded slightly, hesitated, then finally put his hand lightly on the palm of Helian Rongchuan. However, before he could react, Helian Rongchuan suddenly hugged him by the waist. Easily, he seized him and carried him horizontally, then walked towards the sedan chair. 

“Oh! A princess carry! The bridegroom is carrying the bride!” 

The crowd of onlookers roared. Yan Changqing was horrified, and said stiffly: “What is this!” 

Helian Rongchuan’s face didn’t change. He whispered: “If you’re putting on a play, you must go all the way. Of course, the bridegroom must carry the bride into the sedan chair.” 

Yan Changqing did not expect Helian Rongchuan to act like this at the moment. His whole body was shaking with anger, but with these people watching, he could only hold his arms stiffly against Helian Rongchuan’s chest to keep a distance from him.

However, in the eyes of bystanders, this action was nothing more than a bride’s shyness. 

The four bandits pretending to be the sedan chairmen lifted the sedan, while Helian Rongchuan guarded it. The group proceeded to Hundred Cliff Stronghold outside Yaocheng in silence like this. 

There was no small window in this sedan chair, and as soon as the curtain was lowered, nothing could be seen. Yan Changqing didn’t know how long the sedan chair had been going up and down before he suddenly heard a voice outside: “Here!” 

The curtain was lifted. Helian Rongchuan stretched out a hand and said, “Wife.” 

Yan Changqing was rendered speechless. His companion can be calm and casual at any time, fully immersed in his role. 

He had to put his hand over. Helian Rongchuan took Yan Changqing’s hand, gently squeezed the palm of his hand, then went close to his ear. He said, 

“You can count on me for everything.” 

For the first time, hearing this person’s words being so serious, Yan Changqing couldn’t help being taken aback. 

According to the plan, Helian Rongchuan was responsible for taking care of the guards and then posing as a bandit to find the place where Gu was raised. He was also responsible for capturing the Stronghold master and rescuing the brides who were poisoned by the Gu technique.

The matter was urgent and manpower was in short supply, so Yan Changqing had no choice but to trust the volunteer Helian Rongchuan. 

He hoped he made the right decision. 

The bandits nearby yelled impatiently: “Hurry up and put her in custody. After tonight, if there is time, you two can whisper sweet nothings to each other.” There was another stream of laughter around him. 

According to the rules of Hundred Cliff Stronghold, the bridegroom was to be “invited” to have a glass of wedding wine, while the bride was to be sent to the stronghold master’s room to receive “the blessing of the mountain god.” 

Two bandits with big swords brought Yan Changqing to the main camp in the stronghold. Through the veil, Yan Changqing could still see the extravagance of this Hundred Cliff Stronghold. Under his feet was a magnificent carpet embroidered with various insects and large flower pillows piled up everywhere. Scarlet curtains covered walls, and a sweet fragrance slowly wafted from the incense burner. 

Gorgeous and extravagant, it was the style advocated by the Nanyao people. 

Not far away, there was a woman’s chuckle. Someone was approaching from the direction of where the laughter came from. 

It was a man. 


Yan Changqing calmly touched his belt. Hidden inside was a soft sword, gleaming silver. 

The man stopped beside him and rudely tore off Yan Changqing’s veil. 

“Tch, it’s another so-so one.”

The man in front of him was tall and strong, with high cheekbones, thick black eyebrows, and a pair of deep concave eyes that were particularly fierce. 

This person was the Master of Hundred Cliff Stronghold, Dayan. 

With a dissatisfied sneer, Da Yan, who had a graceful woman dressed in tulle on each side of him, sat in the middle of a wide cushion. The two women immediately filled his luminous glass with wine, vying to be the first person to touch the wine to Da Yan’s mouth. The slender white fingers holding the rosy, crystal-clear wine in the sheep white jade cup – there was nothing more beautiful. But Dayan took it impatiently. He was about to drink when the cup stopped at his mouth. 

The fragrant wine was splashed on the gorgeous carpet without hesitation. Da Yan rushed to Yan Changqing, raised his chin, and his eyes were a little more playful: “Come here.” 

Yan Changqing got up leisurely. He walked over slowly, seemingly fearful, but he carefully measured every step. If he was not mistaken, the two women next to Da Yan seem to be no different from ordinary people at first glance. But after careful observation, each of their movements was slightly stiffer than those of ordinary people, their expressions were also a bit dazed. They were just like Xue Rubi, who had been poisoned by Gu. 

So where are the other robbed brides?

Yan Changqing arrived in front of Da Yan. He lowered his eyebrows, narrowed his eyes, and poured a glass of wine without a rush. 

Now getting closer, Da Yan reconsidered the bride in red. Somehow, although the bride’s face was normal, it seemed that her whole body was covered with a touch of arrogant aura. The more it pushed everyone away thousands of miles, the more one wanted to get closer. 

Entering this Hundred Cliff Stronghold, even if it was an agile falcon, it cannot fly out of his palm. 

What is with this arrogance? 

Da Yan, “Come here, get closer, and help me take off my boots.” 

Da Yan’s feet swept over. 

Yan Changqing’s eyebrows frowned slightly, he was very disgusted. But there was a sudden movement in his heart. 

A chance! 

Yan Changqing raised a hand as if he was adjusting his belt, but the soft sword at his waist was ready to go. The other hand was about to grab Da Yan’s leg. As long as he pulled it—— 

However, the moment when he grabbed Da Yan’s right leg, Yan Changqing was shocked. 

This leg was a wooden artificial leg! 

Not good! 

Between the spark and flint, Yan Changqing suddenly thought of something. He flipped over on the spot, and the silver sword was unsheathed! 

The flying scarlet clothes were like burning petals. Among the petals flying, a silver sword-like dazzling lightning reached Da Yan’s face! 

Da Yan smiled slightly but didn’t mean to dodge in the slightest. Seeing that the sharp sword was about to pierce his chest– 


The silver sword fell, and Yan Changqing landed on the ground with a thump. He raised his trembling hands, his eyes widened in disbelief. 

He tried to exert any force but he couldn’t move. It was as if he was suddenly shackled tightly by a hot trickle. The trickle was so hot that as long as he moved, it would be embedded in his flesh and blood like a soldering iron. 

What?! Before leaving, he made sure to sprinkle Gu repellent powder on his clothes. This was impossible?!

Da Yan walked up to Yan Changqing and looked down at his sprawled-out form. Next, he said the following words: “Back when you took your knife and cut off my right leg, did you think that you would live to see the day when you would take off my shoes?…

Silver Masked King of H*ll!”

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