General’s Gown Chapter 91

Chapter 91 The north wind sweeps the earth Part 4

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Yan Changqing widened his eyes in surprise. He suddenly remembered. Isn’t this person Doctor Song from Qinchuan City? He was one of the leaders in besieging the county government that day. How could he be wearing Beirong people’s armor and be dying here? ! 

Yan Changqing stepped forward to ask the two soldiers carrying the corpses. However, he was not wearing his armor and neither his mask. The two soldiers didn’t know him, so they just walked away with the corpse. 

Yan Changqing had more doubts in his heart, and slipped out of the city with an ordinary token. The moon was dark and the wind was high, and the city was still full of blood after the battle. Countless corpses in Beirong armor were piled up under the city, crows squacking, fighting for territory and to feed on the corpses. Black smoke billowed everywhere, and the Yan soldiers stepped on the stumps, broken arms and muddy blood, numbly digging holes to bury these corpses.     

Yan Changqing was among the Yan soldiers, quietly examining the corpses of these Beirong people. He had a strong memory and never forgets. Therefore, although these faces were bloodied and even broken, but after looking at seven or eight in a row, he saw another face that seemed familiar.     

They were the people of Qinchuan City.     

Yan Changqing’s head buzzed as he stared at this pale face in disbelief. A few months ago, in the city of Qinchuan, he clearly remembered that this person took a bowl of relief porridge from him and drank it impatiently. Because the porridge was too hot, the man was in tears, but he still held the bowl and drank it with relish.     

How could he wear Beirong people’s clothes and die here? ! Shouldn’t the people of Qinchuan be placed in Ningcheng according to his plan? !     

No one answered Yan Changqing’s question, there were only cold corpses. The corpse’s eyes were wide open. The blue and white eyes that had long since died looked at Yan Changqing’s face motionless, as if in fear, but also as if he was cursing.     

They clearly annihilated Beirong’s enemy army, but why were the corpses he saw now all the people of Qinchuan? !     

Why? ! ! 

Why? ! ! !

“Ahhh don’t kill me–woo! Mmm! Mmm!” A sharp scream rang out suddenly, but was immediately cut off by something viciously. 

Yan Changqing stood up abruptly and ran towards the open space behind the city. He saw that there was a large earth pit that was more than ten feet deep and more than twenty feet wide. 

In the pit, there were more than a dozen corpses of prisoners of war lying there, all of them bleeding profusely. There were several rows of prisoners of war kneeling beside the pit, all of them gagged and tied, shivering like lambs to be slaughtered. 

Killing prisoners! 

Yan Changqing was surprised. The army he led had always treated prisoners of war preferentially. Why would anyone dare to kill the prisoners? ! ! 

A familiar figure was standing in front of these captives with a numb and cold expression. Under his supervision, the two soldiers pulled back the hair of a prisoner, ignored the prisoner’s terrified eyes and muffled screams after being gagged, and raised the knife in their hands – 

There was a clanging sound. The handle of the knife was shot down. The small soldier was startled, and hurriedly asked for help from the person behind him: “Sir…” 

Zhang Jian turned around unhurriedly, looking at the figure walking out of the darkness, with a stiff smile on his face: “Yan… …General Yan, why are you here?” 

Yan Changqing’s face was ashen, his whole body was covered in frost and he walked towards Zhang Jian step by step without saying a word. His aura was too strong and Zhang Jian felt that his ribs were beginning to ache again. He quickly made a look at the guards who were running errands beside him, and hurriedly stepped back: “Yes… If you have something to say, General Yan, let’s speak nicely. I am an old bag of bones and I can’t bear it anymore…” 

Yan Changqing didn’t look sideways, didn’t even glance at him, and walked straight to the rows of prisoners. Yan Changqing looked at the faces with gray faces and frightened eyes, his steps became heavier and heavier. His face became more and more pale, and the hand holding the sword even began to tremble.

As expected. 

They all turned out to be… all of them… 

The raised knives fell, and a few “captives” were freed from their restraints. They immediately rolled and crawled on their knees and kowtowed at Yan Changqing’s feet: “My lord, my lord, please save us! You are our savior!!!” 

“Sir, please save us again…” 

“Sir, help me woo woo woo…” 

Yan Changqing felt that he was about to lose his breath, and after a long pause, he mustered up his courage. He lowered his head, trembled, and asked, “You are all from Qinchuan?”     

“Yes, yes!!”

The captives all nodded and spoke in unison.

Yan Changqing began to tremble all over, struggling to squeeze a few words out of his teeth:     “No…it’s impossible…” 

The “captives” thought that Yan Changqing was trying to determine their identities, and hurriedly scrambled to speak more: “I belong to the Chen family in the southwest of Qinchuan City!”

“I belong to the Xu family in the north of Qinchuan City, and the Xuji Silver Shop belongs to my family!” 

“I’m Shopkeeper Liu from the north!” 


Yan Changqing very slowly knely down. It was clear that he was like a sharp and cold sword just now, but now facing these “captives” who were crying bitterly, his whole body fell apart. He suddenly collapsed.     

He covered his ears tightly, and didn’t want to hear another cry, but the voices of those crying became louder and louder in his ears. Each sound scratched his heart and lungs like iron hooks and iron claws.     


It turns out that everything was in vain, everything was a scam? It’s a shame that he thought he had made great achievements a few hours ago, but he didn’t expect to have killed all the wrong people! ! ! !     

The people who died under his sword were not Beirong enemies, but innocent people of their own country. It was the people of Qinchuan City that he spared no effort and sacrificed his life to protect! ! ! ! 

He reluctantly bid farewell to Helian Rongchuan and summoned all the black armoured troops to travel thousands of miles to rescue his people. So this is the case? 

He killed wrongly. 

Everyone was killed wrongly.

The joints all over his body seemed to be rattling. Yan Changqing knelt on the ground in pain, and suddenly he raised his head to the sky and let out a long, heart-piercing howl. 

Why! ! Why? ! ! 

There was a startling red in his eyes. His hands were red, others’ faces were red, the sky was red, the ground was red, everyone was splashed with blood. Was it raining blood? 

The world seemed to be spinning, spinning, until a voice sounded behind him. 


Murong Xiu walked to Yan Changqing, who almost collapsed. Step by step, he took off his cloak, and carefully covered it over Yan Changqing. 

“It’s cold at night, brother, come with me.” 

Yan Changqing raised his head, his voice soft like a gossamer: “You… still think I’m your brother?” 

Murong Xiu nodded, showing an innocent smile: “Of course. But if you want to be something else, I’m willing—” 

Slap! ! ! 

A loud slap on the face made Murong Xiu turn his head away. Zhang Jian and the surrounding attendants were all stunned. 


It was disrespectful to dare to attack the emperor! ! ! 

Murong Xiu was not angry at all, he seemed to have known for a long time that he was going to get this slap in the face and there was not even a hint of surprise in his expression. He waved his hand slightly, signaling the people around him to step back. When he turned around again, he still had a smiling face. 

The corners of his eyes and brows resembled his biological mother, Concubine Xian, especially the pair of long and slightly sloping Ruifeng eyes, which were elegant and noble with a touch of melancholy. The only difference was that the older Murong Xiu grew, the more yin in his eyes, even if he laughed, the corners of his eyes curved into crescents that couldn’t be washed away. 

Especially now, Yan Changqing’s slap in the face made his cheeks red and swollen, and Murong Xiu’s smile seemed even more bizarre, even a little mad. 

“I didn’t want you to know, so I killed them. But my brother is too smart. Since I allowed you to find out, I’ll tell the truth. That’s right. Those Beirong people who besieged the city were actually the people of Qinchuan.”

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