General’s Gown Chapter 98

Chapter 98 The long dream paid in full Part 4

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Under the straw mat, there was an extremely handsome face covered with frost. Itwas the face that appeared in Helian Rongchuan’s dreams countless times. Under the soft winter morning light, Yan Changqing looked like he was asleep, his long eyelashes casted a small fan-shaped shadow on his eyelids, and he seemed to be shaking slightly with the morning wind. 

But his face was so pale and so cold. The fluttering snowflakes fell on his forehead and ears, and there was no sign of melting. Several layers of pure white silk yarn were wrapped around his neck, covering the fatal wound. 

Helian Rongchuan wiped his hands again at a loss, leaned down, and hugged Yan Changqing in his arms with extreme care, as if he were dealing with a fragile porcelain doll. 

“Ningcheng’s matter is not your fault. Wake up quickly, and I’ll take you home, okay?” 

In the silent graveyard, only the north wind whistled, but there was no response from anyone. Helian Rongchuan bit his fist and tried to restrain himself, but the big tears still fell on Yan Changqing’s icy cheeks drop by drop, and they condensed into ice in an instant. 

His body was so cold, how long has he suffered underground?

Helian Rongchuan’s mind suddenly lit up. He raised his head, looked at Yan Changqing without blinking for a long time, then suddenly said to the tomb robber beside him: “How many days have it been since the burial?” 

The tomb robber was shaking his head and sighing. He didn’t respond immediately: “How many days?” 

“I asked you how many days have passed since he was buried as a corpse!” 

“Ten, eleven or twelve days?” The tomb robber was confused and responded: “Those who were buried here at the end of the month, within two days of being buried, faced the chaos of Yan Kingdom.” 

“11 or 12 days…” Helian Rongchuan’s fingers lightly caressing Yan Changqing’s face suddenly paused. His originally sad and gray eyes flashed. A strange light appeared: “Have you ever seen a person buried underground for more than ten days, like him?” 

The tomb robber was taken aback for a moment, boldly glanced at the figure in Helian Rongchuan’s arms, and suddenly understood what he was referring to. 

He has seen many dead people from digging graves, but he has never seen someone like this one who has been stuffed in a coffin and soil for so long, but has not yet stiffened and showed signs of corruption. If it weren’t for the lack of ups and downs of the chest of breathing, at first glance, this person really looked like a sleeping beauty carved from ice and jade.

But why this was the case, the tomb robber guessed it after thinking about it. He once heard the ancestors of tomb robbery say that there was a kind of rot-changing pill in the world. The dead person can be immortal and not rot for thousands of years. However, this kind of pill was extremely rare and precious, and ordinary nobles cannot afford it at all, only the tomb of an emperor might see it occasionally.     

The tomb robber thought about it and couldn’t help sighing. The General Yan in front of him, he had witnessed his burial more than ten days ago, and that battle was truly a grand event that was unprecedented. The emperor of the dynasty was so grief-stricken that he personally placed him into the burial and helped the coffin, his mind seemed unclear. It is not uncommon for such a person to be valued by the Son of Heaven to offer a pill.    

“Why aren’t you speaking?!” Helian Rongchuan’s tone was flustered and urgent, as if he was eagerly waiting for a positive answer: “Do you think he is asleep? Doesn’t he seem to be not dead yet!!”     

“This… ” Looking at Helian Rongchuan’s expression, the tomb robber thought that he couldn’t tell him the truth at this time so that this man would not be distraught and go crazy and chop himself up. He rolled his eyes and bowed in a pretense of surprise: “Similar! It’s very simliar! This adult has an extraordinary face, and at first glance, he looks like a rich and noble person. Maybe he can drink a few decoctions and he can really turn it around!”     

Helian Rongchuan heard the words, and the light in his eyes suddenly became brighter. He lowered his head and gently rubbed Yan Changqing’s face. Big tears dripped on the blood on his fingertips, but there was a smile at the corner of his mouth.

“Yes, you must not be dead, you must be waiting for me to save you, right? I will not disappoint you.” After he finished speaking, he blew a whistle, and the black horse not far away came running. Helian Rongchuan carefully carried Yan Changqing behind his back, and secured him with the soft belt around his waist. When he whipped the whip, the horse carried the two of them away.


Four days later. Dongyun. 

The exquisite garden on the outskirts of the capital was busy, and dozens of small temporary stoves had been set up from the back kitchen to the corridor to the entrance. All the most precious medicinal materials that could be found in Dongyun were used as if they cost no money. They were poured into the purple sand medicine pot on each stove, and boiled. The white smoke with the fragrance of medicine permeated the entire backyard, and the servants were all sweating profusely, holding the medicine, needles and other items, coming in and out of the thick white smoke. 

Since Helian Rongchuan came back with the lifeless man in his arms yesterday, they had been busy all day and night. 

“Get out!!!” 

An angry roar, accompanied by the cracking of porcelain, resounded in the backyard again. The roar became more and more hoarse, and every time it became more and more desperate. Waiting at the door, the medical officers of the imperial Hospital shrank their necks like a conditioned reflex. They looked at each other, all helplessly stroking their beards and sighing. 

“Master Wei, your relationship with His Highness is the best. I think you should persuade him again.” A middle-aged medical officer finally couldn’t help saying. 

“Yeah, it’s a problem just to waste our time here. Who has the ability to heal the dead?” 

“Be quiet, if the one in there heard the word ‘death’ now.” 

As soon as the voice fell, there was another loud shout from the house: “Why can’t you swallow it, why… What did you say? Dead?! Nonsense! It’s obviously your medicine that is wrong or the recipe is wrong! Try again, there are so many recipes, there must be one that will be effective, there must be! You are not allowed to be lazy, try again!”

A little servant was scolded and ran out of the room crying. 

Several medical officers shivered again. 

“Hey, that person is obviously dead. No matter how good the medicinal herbs are and no matter how wonderful the recipes are, it’s useless when met with a dead person. Mr. Wei, you should persuade His Highness to mourn and let us go.” 

Wei Jin, dressed in white and blue, squatted in front of the medicine stove and was silent for a while, then finally stood up. “Okay, I’ll go.” 

Wei Jin pushed open the door of the house, and he was greeted by an even more intense bitter medicinal fragrance than the yard. The ground was full of broken pieces of porcelain, chaotic prescriptions, and concoctions. On the side of the bed, which was covered with heavy curtains, a tall man was sitting on the ground in a dejected manner, his hands wrapped around his head. 

Hearing the sound of someone coming in, he slowly raised his head. 

“Wei Jin? Are you here again? Did you think of a new recipe?” Helian Rongchuan’s hoarse voice revealed a bit of joy. 

Wei Jin’s heart trembled, and he stared sadly at this tall man with blood-red eyes, dark circles, and stubble on his jaw. 

“Your Highness, you haven’t slept for a few days. If it goes on like this, you will definitely collapse.”

“So what if I haven’t slept for a few days?” 

Helian Rongchuan twitched and smiled, looking down at the man on the bed with his eyes closed and his face as pale as snow. The house was in a mess, but the bed was neat and tidy. Yan Changqing’s long black hair was neatly combed and meticulous, and the quilt was covering him. Everything looked like usual, like when he slept beside Helian Rongchuan. 

Helian Rongchuan leaned down and carefully tucked Yan Changqing’s quilt.

“But Changqing has been sleeping for so many days, and I don’t know when he will wake up.” 

Wei Jin also followed Helian Rongchuan’s gaze. He finally sighed and said in a hoarse voice, “Your Highness, why are you trying to deceive yourself?”

“Deceive?” Helian Rongchuan paused: “What do you mean by that?” 

Wei Jin said: “You have read a lot of books and have a lot of experience, so how could you not know about this thing? General Yan, he is obviously… he is dead, but he had taken a rot-changing pill, so he doesn’t look like a normal corpse. You clearly know better than anyone else, why are you lying to yourself!” 

“You are speaking nonsense!” 

Helian Rongchuan suddenly became irritable: “What kind of rot-changing pill, there is no such thing in the world! Changqing is not dead, he has been waiting for me to save him! You are the most talented medical officer in the imperial Hospital, you must have a way! Please don’t hide it, find a way to save him!” 

After Helian Rongchuan roared, he suddenly realized something. He rushed over and clenched Wei Jin’s arm, and said anxiously, “You, you want money. Isn’t that right? I’ll give you all my property, all the fields, shops, everything! My brother is the best to me, I’ll go and ask him to make you a Marquis! Just tell me how to save him, okay? Ok?” 


Gold mountains and silver mountains, marquis and nobles? 

Wei Jin looked at Helian Rongchuan for a long time, and two lines of clear tears finally shed. 

He should have understood earlier and should not be delusional. 

Wei Jin laughed at himself, took a deep breath, and said quietly, “Your Highness, do you still remember my master, Yun Bugui?” 

Helian Rongchuan suddenly raised his head and looked at him blankly. 

“Mengxian Tan”. Wei Jin nodded and smiled desolately: “My master, Yun Bugui, has the last few uncontaminated Mengxian Tans in the world. It’s just that the method of returning to life with Mengxian Tan is against the heavens, and is extremely dangerous. My master has never been successful.” 

“If you are not afraid, I will accompany you to gamble.”

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