Han Shan’s Sword Unsheathed Chapter 1

Chapter 1: Prologue

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During the era of peace, the three realms were without disturbance.

Ji Xiao Zhenren embarked on a journey to the vast realm of Tianhu in search of medicine. What he sought was a divine elixir capable of reshaping his flesh and bones.

Note: Zhenren is a title applied to someone of profound status, some books count it as a title for Sages, or Transcendents or Immortals.

Tianhu was concealed within dark clouds, with surging clouds resembling the sea, monstrous waves floating in the sky, obscuring the sun and concealing the glow.

Ji Xiao rode the wind to arrive, and in an instant, the clouds parted, revealing the sunrise. The lakeside was adorned with colorful clouds, and celestial music filled the air.

The master of the vast realm of Tianhu was none other than Ji Xiao’s senior brother from the same sect. After mastering divine powers, he established his own sect, elevating the entire lake to hover above the South Sea, shrouded in dark clouds and protected by formations.


The two had known each other for over two hundred years, and their friendship was deep. Ji Xiao personally visited, which should have been a simple matter. However, he sought medicine not for his own salvation but to save a demon

A wounded and dying great demon.

Upon hearing the cause and effect, the master hesitated, saying, “This demon has committed grave sins, and its wild nature is hard to tame. It’s not appropriate for you to get involved with him.”

“He has promised me that he won’t harm anyone in the human realm,” Ji Xiao replied coldly, thinking silently to himself that besides, the demon was gentle and clever, lively and optimistic.

The two sat facing each other in silence at the teahouse on the island in the center of the lake.

As the tea cooled and the green smoke dwindled, the master of the realm knew that the situation was irreversible and reluctantly offered the elixir.

“How do you plan to treat him?”

Without hesitation, Ji Xiao replied, “Provide clothing, food, and a warm cage for him, and change his name and identity.”

Seeing the guest off to the lakeside, the master suddenly asked at the parting moment, “Have you thought of a name?”

Ji Xiao Zhenren pondered for a moment. “Meeting on a snowy day, past lives like a dream. Let’s call him Meng Xueli.”

The master was unimpressed. “Too common.”

Ji Xiao explained, “Choosing a common name makes it easier to sustain a living.”

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