Han Shan’s Sword Unsheathed Chapter 5

Chapter 5: Endless Sky

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“Elder Meng, please accept my condolences. Take care of yourself.”

“Ji Xiao Zhenren has passed away. We mourn his departure together, hoping he find peace.”

As Meng Xueli paid his respects with incense, representatives from other sects approached one after another, offering condolences to the only living relative of Ji Xiao.

Facing a group of elders who were ten times his age and whose cultivation level was unknown, Meng Xueli showed no signs of fear. He exchanged pleasantries with those he knew and discerned the identities of those he didn’t by their attire and demeanor. His manners were impeccable, and his words faultless.

The members of the Han Shan Sect secretly breathed a sigh of relief, finding Ji Xiao’s Dao Companion somewhat pleasing for the first time. The Sect Leader felt deeply gratified and transmitted to him, “You’ve worked hard.”


Meng Xueli was taken aback, wondering what was there to find hard about this situation. Perhaps the real challenge had yet to begin, and the story he had been observing for three years was not in vain.

His gaze shifted to the lofty memorial tablet of Ji Xiao, but it was blocked by someone.

The newcomer wore a saffron monk’s robe, with a gentle expression on his middle-aged face. “Elder Meng arrived at an opportune moment. This humble monk has a matter to inquire about.”

Meng Xueli nodded slightly in respect. “I am honored. Please, go ahead, Master.”

The monk spoke slowly, “After the passing of the Sword Sovereign, where is his ‘Endless Sky Sword’?”

As soon as the words fell, the whole hall fell into silence.

Regardless of whether they were hosts or guests, everyone present knew that today, in the Han Shan Sect’s ancestal hall, the topic of the ‘Endless Sky Sword’ was inevitable. Yet, it was unexpected that such a straightforward question would come from the peaceful Nanling Temple.

Meng Xueli remained composed. “This is indeed a legacy left by my Dao Companion and naturally resides within my Changchun Peak.”

A hundred years ago, when the demonic forces invaded the human realm, the six major sects joined forces to forge an unparalleled divine weapon, which they offered to Ji Xiao, urging him to wield the sword to maintain peace in the mortal world.

The celestial iron from the Mingyue Lake served as the raw material, the fire stones from the Beiming Mountain ignited the forge, the divine wood from the Songfeng Valley fueled the flames, and the spiritual spring water from the Nanling Temple tempered the sword. The sword’s blade bore the array symbols of the Wuyin Sect, and the elite of each sect gathered at the Han Shan to witness Ji Xiao personally overseeing the forging process.

At the time of its completion, amidst the chaos of war and uncertainty, no one had considered what would become of the sword if Ji Xiao were no longer present—where it would go or whose hands it would fall into.

In the realm of cultivation, there’s a saying: ‘Ji Xiao stands before Han Shan, three feet and three inches from the heavens,’ signifying his unparalleled cultivation. His sword, named ‘Endless Sky,’ has a length exactly three feet and three inches.

In the conventional understanding of people, Ji Xiao would always possess it, much like the sun hangs forever in the sky and rivers flow eternally into the sea.

The atmosphere in the hall subtly shifted, and Meng Xueli sensed a sharp gaze upon him. Turning to look, he saw a tall, slender middle-aged man staring at him intently. “Meng Elder, you may not be aware, but this sword was jointly forged by the six sects. It cannot be considered your Dao Companion’s legacy.”

The man was dressed in a deep blue sword robe, carrying an ancient sword on his back, his expression cold.

Meng Xueli bowed respectfully. “So, you are the Sword Elder of the Mingyue Lake.”


The people of Han Shan were slightly angered by his words. The Sect Leader said lightly, “When we forged the sword for the mortal realm, Ji Xiao fought with a sword for humanity until his death. What is there for you to contest?”

The elder from Mingyue Lake showed no sign of yielding, proudly stating, “The deceased is gone. I respect Ji Xiao but not Han Shan.”

Behind him stood disciples of Mingyue Lake, dressed in blue robes, subtly opposing the disciples of Han Shan in white.

But Han Shan Sect Leader spoke coldly, “With the master gone, Han Shan has no interest in coveting treasures. Since there is no one worthy of this sword, it is better to destroy it!”

In an instant, the expressions of the people in the hall changed.

The monk from Nanling Temple chuckled, “Endless Sky has followed Ji Xiao for many years and has long developed a spirit that recognizes its master. It would not willingly be controlled by others. If other sects were to obtain it, it would be of no use. In my opinion, our temple can melt down this sword and forge it into six magical instruments, distributing them among the six sects. Everyone would be pleased.”  

The monks around him all chanted Buddhist sutras, repeatedly saying “Excellent, excellent.”

Many young disciples were puzzled, and someone whispered to their companion, “What does Nanling Temple mean? They were the first to challenge, yet the first to speak up for Han Shan?”

“The ownership of the sword has nothing to do with the Buddhist cultivators, but they don’t want the six sects to fight over the divine weapon and cause chaos in the mortal realm. That’s why they intervened to mediate. They hope that both sides can compromise… But people are often selfish, while Buddhist cultivators have few desires. I’m afraid others may not be willing to agree.”

“Master’s words are mistaken,” said the elder from the Wuyin Sect. “Once the divine weapon is forged, it is a gift from the heavens. We spent all our efforts in forging the sword, so how can we easily destroy it? Recasting it would also be a waste. Even if Endless Sky remains sheathed, it is still a divine artifact. With it on the battlefield, the power of any formation can be increased tenfold…” 


Wuyin Sect was known for its expertise in formation symbols, and everyone knew that what they said was true.

Elder from Beiming Mountain said, “If the Sword Sovereign has a disciple to inherit his mantle, of course, this sword would be passed on to his disciple. Even if he doesn’t have a disciple, as long as he has stated who should own this sword, our sect would acknowledge and accept it without question! But has the Sword Sovereign ever made such a statement?”

Despite holding the advantage of being the host, Han Shan was reluctant to antagonize many sects simultaneously. Other sects, while feeling that they were in the right, were also unwilling to bear the reputation of disturbing the spirit of Ji Xiao.

The entire hall felt like a taut bowstring, with arrows poised, as the two sides faced off. Suddenly, someone spoke up, “Hold on a moment.”

The voice was clear and melodious, catching everyone’s attention. It turned out to be the frail Dao companion of Ji Xiao.

No one expected him to dare to speak up in the face of such a standoff.

The young man in fine clothes was stared at by various eyes, his face pale, seeming somewhat afraid. “My Dao companion, he did say… after his ascension, this sword would be gifted to outstanding successors in the mortal realm. They are the hope and future of humanity. The sword is to be bestowed upon a hero, regardless of sect or faction.”

Some wondered if Han Shan had already made arrangements. But the Sect Leader’s expression was one of astonishment. “Is this true?”

“Of course, I swear by the integrity of my Dao companion.”

Meng Xueli thought to himself, “Sorry, Brother Ji, I’ll borrow your name for now.”

Before he could finish speaking, someone responded loudly, “Since Zhenren has spoken, regardless of sect, we shall obey his command!”

Meng Xueli added, “My Dao companion once said that when he established the rules of the Hanhai Secret Realm, he had the intention of selecting successors.”

The expressions of the Han Shan disciples were complex. The Sect Leader sighed, “Ji Xiao’s heart embraces the world, and these are indeed words he would say.”

The six major sects, initially at odds, now found another path before them: to decide the ownership of the sword in a fair and just manner.

A hundred years ago, after the turmoil between humans and demons ended, Ji Xiao didn’t want internal conflicts among humans. He established the Hanhai Secret Realm as a battleground to be opened every twenty years, where each sect would select outstanding young disciples to participate.


In the end, according to the rankings in the Hanhai Secret Realm competition, the distribution of resources for cultivation for the next twenty years was decided. This included the allocation of many unclaimed celestial treasures and earthly treasures, as well as rights to mine spiritual stone veins and more.

Due to Ji Xiao’s prestige, no one objected, and conflicts among humans decreased significantly. Thus, the “Hanhai Secret Realm Competition” has continued to this day.

The Han Shan Sect Leader declared loudly, “Everyone, the next competition will be held in the early spring of next year. At that time, Han Shan is willing to offer the ‘Endless Sky Sword’ as the prize for the champion!”

The solemn atmosphere was broken, and the various sects erupted in excitement.

“Is this not too hasty?”

“Is Han Shan really willing to give it up?”

In the past, to motivate young disciples to participate in the competition, sects would offer some treasures and elixirs as rewards. But today’s matter was of great significance. The champion would inherit Ji Xiao’s divine weapon, the unparalleled Endless Sky Sword.  

“Husband!” Suddenly, Meng Xueli stepped forward, kneeling before Ji Xiao’s memorial tablet. “Your wishes have been fulfilled. Rest in peace.”

Seeing his sorrowful expression, tears in his eyes, and his frail figure trembling, the crowd fell silent.

Meng Xueli thought to himself, “Fortunately, Qiao Xianming isn’t here. Otherwise, he would surely mock me.”

“Ji Xiao, before you left, you said that you would give me a gift when you returned this time. Who would have thought that it would be a farewell forever, separating us in life and death? I don’t need a gift anymore; just leaving me with a memory would be enough…”

Though his words sounded childish, his youthful innocence moved everyone present.


The elders of Han Shan sighed inwardly, and even the Sect Leader felt a pang of sadness. Today, many old friends of Han Shan  gathered, and each elegy soared with eloquence. But if you were to ask who felt truly sorry for Ji Xiao without any other ulterior motives, it would be few and far between. Among them, Ji Xiao’s incompetent Dao companion, Meng Xueli was the most sincere and pitiful.

Then they heard Meng Xueli say, “I am willing to participate in next year’s Hanhai Grand Competition. If I can win back your sword, it wouldn’t have been in vain for our companionship.”

A stir rose again, and the Sect Leader hurriedly took a few steps forward to help Meng Xueli up, saying in a low voice, “Don’t be foolish. The Grand Competition is not as simple as you imagine. It’s a matter of life and death.” Immediately, a Han Shan elder attempted to clarify, “Meng Xueli was just joking. He shouldn’t be taken seriously.”

Meng Xueli gave a wry smile. “My Dao companion has passed away. What does it matter if I follow him?”

Guests began discussing animatedly, even forgetting to transmit their thoughts. 


“He had humble cultivation, yet his temperament is unexpectedly so resolute. It’s not in vain that the Sword Sovereign treated him with great favor.”

“Why throw your life away for no reason? I heard he hasn’t left Changchun Peak in three years. It’s no wonder he’s so naive and foolish.”

Meng Xueli remained unmoved, standing tall and firm, gazing steadily at Ji Xiao’s memorial tablet. “If you have a spirit in heaven, please bear witness for me!”  

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