Heart Like Brilliant Words Chapter 10

Chapter 10

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Th- Then why did he drag him and run?! 

Lin Yuyan jumped in anger. He raised his imaginary hands and tore off the other’s image inside his mind. 

Gu Yaoyang had already gone ahead, leaving him to sit angrily in the small alley near the street. 

It wasn’t that he didn’t want to follow the other, it’s just that he got too tired from running around just now and had to catch his breath. 

Lin Yuyan sat on his knees with a pathetic face, and for the first time in his life, he felt that he had poor physical fitness. It’ll take at least an hour for the driver to arrive. The sun was too hot outside, so he stayed here and waited while furiously scolding Gu Yaoyang in his mind. He could only think about it though, since, after all, he couldn’t beat the other party. 

A “meow,” sounded as a kitten slipped inside the narrow alley. Its glossy brown eyes stared at Lin Yuyan. 

Is that Grandma Hu’s cat? Did it run away again?

Lin Yuyan stretched out his hand toward the cat. The kitten probed him for a while before slowly walking to him. Indeed, The kitten’s front legs were injured, tied up with gauze. A simple bow tie was tied to keep the gauze in place.  

Lin Yuyan silently stared at the bow. He couldn’t understand why Gu Yaoyang was so attentive to a small animal, yet so cruel to him…

“Big Brother Yuyan? Why are you here?” At this moment, someone called out to him. Lin Yuyan raised his head and saw Hu DongDong running towards him. 

He didn’t know how to explain to Hu Dongdong how he got here, so he only said, “I’m just here to enjoy the shade.” 

“Oh.” Hu Dongdong continued to say, “I’m here to look for Xiao Huang! Grandma said that he wanted to find a wife recently, so he’s always running around!”

Lin Yuyan laughed as he handed over the kitten to him. Hu Dongdong didn’t leave, saying that he wanted to accompany Lin Yuyan to enjoy the shade before sitting on a stone on the ground.

The little boy probably often ran around in the sun. His skin was a little dark, highlighting his pearly clean white teeth as he smiled, which Lin Yuyan found very cute. Lin Yuyan was fond of the little boy. He also liked to chat with him. After talking for a while, he came to the topic of Gu Yaoyang.   

The little bunny had been bullied by him for a long time, and had begun to hold some grudges against the other party. Not just today’s grievance, but also all of his previous ones. He wanted to avoid the other party, but it was useless to avoid him. 

Lin Yuyan asked Hu Dongdong, “Since you know Gu Yaoyang, do you know anything he is afraid of?” 

Hu Dongdong tilted his head as he pondered his question before answering, “Big Brother Yaoyang is really strong! I don’t think he has anything he’s afraid of.”

“Then, is there anything he likes?” 

Hu Dongdong thought again before blankly saying, “I don’t think there’s anything he likes in particular. Does smoking count? He always smokes.”

“Well…” Gu Yaoyang likes smoking, but he can’t afford to buy all of the cigarettes in the store, which makes him unable to smoke, right?

Lin Yuyan felt distressed. Lin Yuyan didn’t know anything about Gu Yaoyang. He didn’t know what the other party liked and disliked, and his weaknesses as well. If he wanted to take his revenge on the other party at this exact moment, then he wouldn’t stand a chance. 

Hu Dongdong said, “If Big Brother wants to know, you can just ask Big Brother Yaoyang in person.”

Lin Yuyan was frustrated as he replied, “He probably won’t tell me.”

“Then you can just follow him every day!”


Hu Dongdong explained, “If you want to understand someone, you have to be a part of their lives and buy off their friends!”

“Is this… Is this okay?”

“Well, why not? Otherwise, how can you understand him?” 

Lin Yuyan thought about his suggestion for a while before he suddenly stood up and pulled Hu Dongdong in a hug as he excitedly said, “Hu Dongdong, you really are a genius!” 

Hu Dongdong giggled as he said, “Big Brother Siyan taught me that and he always bribes me too.”

Before the driver arrived, Lin Yuyan sent him a message, saying that he would not go back home for the time being. After doing so, he followed Hu Dongdong to the small supermarket at the intersection. He bought a few toiletries and a charger before returning to Gu Yaoyang’s house.  

Seeing him return, Gu Yaoyang lightly asked, “Forget something?”

Lin Yuyan held the plastic bags in his hands as he shook his head before flashing a smile to the other party and saying, “Can I please stay at your house for a few more days?” 


Lin Yuyan had already thought about it as he walked back here. He was afraid that the other party wouldn’t agree, so he stepped one foot inside Gu Yaoyang’s house and said, “I saw how you drew very nicely last time, so I want to ask you for some advice.” 

Gu Yaoyang snorted before bursting into laughter. He ignored whether the other’s reason was reasonable for him to stay at his house or not and staggered as he let the other person inside.

Now that he found his excuse, Lin Yuyan earnestly asked for advice. He was a little afraid that Gu Yaoyang didn’t have any drawing paper at home, so he bought some at the small supermarket earlier, but he didn’t have a drawing board…

“Have you learned how to draw before?” Lin Yuyan proactively asked. 

Gu Yaoyang stood behind him as he answered, “It took me a few days to learn.”

Lin Yuyan was surprised, “Only a few days?”

“Two or three months.”

Lin Yuyan was a little envious. It was already outstanding that he was able to draw well in a mere two or three months. As for him? He was nothing compared to Gu Yaoyang. For a long time, his progress had been slow, and he always felt self-defeated because of this. He always felt like he was still painting terribly under such good learning conditions, which made him more discouraged.  

He lightly sighed as he fiddled with the blunt pencil using both of his hands, feeling a little bitter.

“It’s actually pretty simple.”


Gu Yaoyang took the pencil in his hands and took a pencil sharpener from somewhere as he said, “If you can’t draw the Miniature Pinscher yet, try drawing a fawn dog.”

Lin Yuyan lowered his eyes as he dully said, “You’re mocking me again…”

Gu Yaoyang bluntly said, “No.” He handed him the sharpened pencil after a while before lightly saying, “Fawn dogs are also cute.” 

Lin Yuyan probably understood his intentions. Although he didn’t want to admit it, he really wasn’t able to paint the dog. 

Maybe he should draw something else. Would it be better if he tried a new style of drawing? He hesitated for a while before raising his pencil. Just as he was about to draw, his stomach began to growl. He only ate some noodles last night, and he was already hungry.

He abruptly stood up and asked Gu Yaoyang. “Have you eaten yet?”

Gu Yaoyang answered him, “No.”

“Then I’ll cook.”

“You will?”

“Yeah!” Lin Yuyan ran into the kitchen ahead of him and said, “I’ve learned how to cook. There won’t be any problem for me to do it now, after all, I can’t live in your house without doing anything.” 

Since he was so eager to cook for him, Gu Yaoyang excused him, letting the other rummage around his kitchen. There weren’t any tomatoes today, no vegetables in the fridge, no kitchen knife, so naturally, he wouldn’t have any chances of hurting his hands. That is, unless he’s an idiot, there won’t be any problem.

Obviously, Lin Yuyan was quite clever. He came out, holding two bowls of noodles in his hands after spending ten minutes in the kitchen. 

One bowl was placed in front of Gu Yaoyang, and the other was reserved for himself.

“Try it,” he said, looking a little awkward.

Gu Yaoyang didn’t move.

He urged him again.

Gu Yaoyang hesitantly picked up his chopsticks. Lin Yuyan’s eyes flashed as he had an urge to feed the other party himself.

It wasn’t until Gu Yaoyang dangerously narrowed his eyes that Lin Yuyan realized that his thoughts were shown on his face. He hurriedly lowered his head as he pretended as if nothing had happened.

But his unusual behavior was still discovered by the other party. 

Gu Yaoyang raised his eyebrows as he thought to himself. He was really pitiful just now, I’ll let him be happy this time. 

He then picked up his chopstick as he took a bite of the noodles. 

Lin Yuyan immediately put on his usual face as he asked with a grin, “So? How’s the food?”

“Ah…” Gu Yaoyang swallowed with great difficulty, and said, “It’s so salty.”

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