Heart Like Brilliant Words Chapter 21

Chapter 21

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Lin Yuyan held his chair and sat back down again. Although his actions were somewhat similar to what Zhuo Hang did, he definitely didn’t like Gu Yaoyang. 

They were both boys, and they’ve only been friends for a short while. They’re also not familiar with each other, so how could they have feelings for one another? 

Lin Yuyan felt that his thoughts were right and looked at the time again, thinking that Gu Yaoyang should have gotten off his plane. 

Sure enough, within a few minutes, Gu Yaoyang sent a reply to his message last night. He sent him the information he sorted out yesterday. It didn’tMay  matter whether Gu Yaoyang already knew about it or not, it’s all useful information so it doesn’t matter if he reviewed it again. 

After deciding that he’ll go out to play the day after tomorrow, Lin Yuyan went home and slept for a while in the afternoon. After the nap, he got up and started painting again. 

He reviewed some drawings and techniques for a while, but because he wanted to try every style, he couldn’t draw any of them well. At one point, he used to have a teacher who taught him how to draw. Because of the relationship between his parents, the teacher never said a single harsh word to him. Occasionally, he might write a few pointers for him. One day, he heard the teacher speaking on the phone with his friend. On the call, he said that he wouldn’t dare mess with the rich brat. Even if he painted like a piece of sh*t, he would still praise him to the sky. He also said to his friend how his mother was a famous designer, so he spared some time to teach his son, and that he could’ve taught him better, but Lin Yuyan was just a paycheck for him, so he didn’t care if he improved at all. 

After he finished speaking with his friend, he turned his head around and saw Lin Yuyan sitting on the stairs. He hurriedly hung up the phone and started clarifying himself in a panic. Lin Yuyan listened to him carefully and just smiled awkwardly, but since that incident, he never asked for a teacher again. 

He wasn’t afraid that other people would laugh at him for his horrible drawings, but he was afraid of embarrassing his mother. 

Sitting in front of the drawing board, he sketched Gu Yaoyang’s appearance on the paper and improved it bit by bit according to the mistakes he picked out yesterday. 

When he drew his eyes, he stuck his tongue out at him, and when he drew his mouth, he put a seal on it. 

In the early morning, Lin Yuyan hadn’t fallen asleep. He would occasionally glance towards his phone as he yawned several times. 

Two hours ago, he sent a message to Gu Yaoyang, asking if he was going to arrive at his destination soon, but he hadn’t gotten a response. If the flight hadn’t been delayed, he would’ve arrived by now. He thought of waiting for the other to reply, but after waiting for another hour, Gu Yaoyang still hasn’t replied to his message yet. 

He was so sleepy that he couldn’t even open his eyes. He placed his paintbrush aside and sent another text message, “Are you there yet?” 

He didn’t wait for too long this time to get a reply. The moment he sent that message, Gu Yaoyang called him and asked, “You haven’t slept yet?” 

Lin Yuyan tiredly rubbed his eyes and answered, “Waiting for your response.”

“You…” said Gu Yaoyang before falling silent for a long time. When he spoke again, he shockingly said, “I’m sorry…” 

“I thought you were already asleep.”

“So you were afraid that you’d wake me up by calling me?” The sentence sounded very novel and he suddenly regained some energy to talk to the other. He asked with a smile, “Have you arrived yet?” 

Gu Yaoyang responded with an “En”, but he didn’t refute his previous words. 

Lin Yuyan asked him, “Is it cold over there?” 

Gu Yaoyang said, “Fortunately, it’s snowing.” 

Lin Yuyan said, “It’s not unusual for the city to snow, but it’s unusual if it doesn’t snow.” before asking him, “Have you visited the club?” 

Gu Yaoyang replied with a short, “Yeah.” 

Lin Yuyan asked him, “I forgot to ask you this yesterday, but what’s the name of the club you’re going to?”


“Ah, I know it!” Lin Yuyan had already checked this club out, it was said to be the top and most authoritative fighting club in the area. The name means “Light and sun”.  He heard that the ancestral home of the person in charge was also in Linzhou City. Nobody knew why the location of the headquarters was located in such a remote foreign snow village. 

However, the conditions and treatment should be good. Lin Yuyan asked, “Is the environment in the dormitory okay?”

Gu Yaoyang hung up the call and switched it to a video call. Lin Yuyan immediately waved to him and said with a smile plastered on his face, “Good evening.” 

Gu Yaoyang stared at the screen for a few seconds before asking him, “You’re still in the studio?” 

“Yeah.” Lin Yuyan said, “I’ve been painting and I lost track of time.” 

Gu Yaoyang should be outside, he had a black coat wrapped around his body and a down jacket with its fluffy collar stained with freshly fallen snowflakes. He really likes black, all his clothes were black, both on the inside and the outside. 

Lin Yuyan asked, “Have you arrived in the dormitory yet?” 

Gu Yaoyang took out a key and flipped the camera to show him the house in front of him. It was a two-story villa with thick snowflakes on the roof and a doorway with a hanging wall lamp with a hollow spire. 

Looks alright? Lin Yuyan tilted his head from side to side and looked at the house for a long time. He really wanted to go there and visit the other, but he was afraid that it would be a collective dormitory, and it would be bad for him to spy on a stranger’s privacy. 

Gu Yaoyang knew what he was thinking and raised his eyebrows as he asked, “Wanna come here and take a look?”

Lin Yuyan said, “It won’t be polite of me to do so if there are strangers…” 

“There won’t be any strangers, I live alone here.” 

Lin Yuyan blinked before asking, “You’re living by yourself? Are boxers treated so well?” 

“I’m special.” 

Lin Yuyan suspiciously asked, “How are you special?”

 Gu Yaoyang turned the camera back at him and said with a sneer on his face, “I’m not a stranger.” 

“You’re so immature.” Lin Yuyan was stunned for a few seconds before understanding what the other meant. He quickly changed the subject and urged him to enter the villa. 

Gu Yaoyang said, “Go wash your face and brush your teeth first, then go back to your bedroom.” 

But Lin Yuyan wanted to see the house first.

Gu Yaoyang replied with a short, “No.”


“I’ll hang up.” 

“Okay, don’t hang up, I’m going now.” Lin Yuyan said as he rushed to the bathroom with his mobile phone. He hurriedly finished washing and immediately jumped on his bed before asking, “Could you open the door now?”

Gu Yaoyang gave him another order, “Lie down.” 

He obediently laid down and waited for the other to open the door. 

Although he was prepared to see the interior of the house as he looked at it from the inside, Lin Yuyan couldn’t help but sigh as Gu Yaoyang opened the door and walked into the villa. 

 Dark coffee-colored floor, warm yellow lights, a thick blanket thrown on the classic leather sofa, there was also a fireplace placed in front of the sofa. Although it had a simple design, it should ensure that the room wouldn’t be cold. Lin Yuyan continued to scrutinize the room as Gu Yaoyang took off his coat and placed it aside.

Lin Yuyan asked him, “Are you really the only one living in this villa?” 


“Why? According to the information I got yesterday,  players usually live together.”

Gu Yauyang didn’t tease him this time and said, “I’m not here to be a player.” 

 “Huh? Then, what are you going to do?”

“Guess.” Gu Yaoyang took him for a walk around the house. Lin Yuyan became more and more energetic, he didn’t want to miss any corner. Gu Yaoyang glanced at him. Looking at the time, it was already three in the morning in his country.

But a certain somebody didn’t want to sleep and kept asking things, practically curious to death. He poked at the huge dark circles on the screen and walked over to an old-fashioned gramophone.

Lin Yuyan asked, “Can this also be used?”

Gu Yaoyang said, “It should be possible.” before picking up a record and playing a slow and gentle melody. 

Lin Yuyan listened to it for a few minutes, he wanted to look around upstairs but he was so sleepy he couldn’t open his eyes. He asked in a daze, “Is the second floor your bedroom?” 


 “Can I visit it? “

Gu Yaoyang said yes, but he kept lingering beside the gramophone. The song he just played was a famous local good night song.

At this time, he was leaning the microphone into Lin Yuyan’s ear, coaxing him with a strong mindset until he fell into a deep sleep.

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