Heart Like Brilliant Words Chapter 26

Chapter 26

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The next day, Lin Yuyan woke up on time.

He opened his eyes and realized he didn’t know where he was. He was in an unfamiliar room. He looked at the time and found out it was 10:30 in the morning. He raised his hands to open the curtains, vaguely remembering what had happened yesterday; but his memories were too confusing for him to understand anything. He shook his hungover head and stepped out of the door wearing a pair of slippers on his feet. 

After walking around on the second floor a few times, he still had no impression of what happened last night. He couldn’t even remember how he got up and changed into his pajamas. 

He only remembered that he drank a little bit of wine yesterday. He thought that his throat was uncomfortable, was it because he drank too much yesterday? 

Gu Yaoyang had already left, it was obvious from how the bedroom opposite him was wide open. Lin Yuyan leaned on the door and looked in before going to the bathroom. He brushed his teeth and washed his face before changing his clothes. 

He came here recklessly, so he didn’t have any plans for himself even though he came here to play. Although Gu Yaoyang wasn’t at home, he still wanted to go shopping at the nearby market. 

As soon as he stepped downstairs, he saw a bag of toast and a small bread machine on the dining table. 

It wasn’t here yesterday, Gu Yaoyang had probably bought it this morning to allow Lin Yuyan make breakfast himself. 

It was simple. No matter how rich young master Lin was, he could still bake a few slices of bread according to the instructions. Although his first slice was burnt and was barely edible, he remembered he bought some milk yesterday and opened a box of milk and warmed it using hot water. He didn’t like drinking milk before, but after he came back from Wenchang street, he had been drinking a cup every day. After all, he was a growing boy.

After Lin Yuyan finished eating, he received a call from Gu Yaoyang, who asked him, “Are you sober?”

Sure enough… 

 Lin Yuyan was a little embarrassed, “Last night, did I cause you any trouble?”

Gu Yaoyang: “No.”

“Okay… Then, I didn’t do anything weird, right?” Although he couldn’t remember clearly, he knew that some people who drink too much could go crazy, cry, make trouble, and even run around butt naked.



Gu Yaoyang replied, “You can drink pretty well.” 

Lin Yuyan immediately relaxed and wanted to end the call, but then Gu Yaoyang continued, “It’s just that you cried a bit and made a little bit of a fuss. You also dangled around with your bare buttocks.” 


“!” Lin Yuyan was bewildered and felt as if the sky was collapsing. 

He paused for a while, he didn’t quite believe it. After all, Gu Yaoyang had always lied to him, so maybe he was teasing him this time? 

After thinking about it, he was still not relieved. When it was almost afternoon, he put on his coat and grabbed his backpack and walked to the club. 

Light3 only accepts 50 players for special training every year. In addition to boxing, there are other series of martial arts events such as judo, sanda, and taekwondo. 

Lin Yuyan didn’t have the chance to come in yesterday, but now he was standing inside the first-floor lobby looking around. It was a little different from what he had imagined. He thought that this place would mostly be made out of reinforced concrete and iron. He didn’t expect the many different styles of art hanging on the walls. A romantic oil painting style felt somewhat familiar to him. It reminded him of Mr. Zeng, who he had met not a long time ago, but it wasn’t exactly the same. There was a slight difference if one looked closely. 

Still wanting to take a closer look, he was about to step forward and observe it when the beautiful lady at the front desk smiled and said, “G is on the third floor, the elevator is on the left, you can just go straight up.”

Lin Yuyan thanked her and glanced at the painting on the wall before getting in the elevator. 

The third floor was very large, having four or five arenas on it. Some sandbags and soft rubber pads were hanging around which should be to prevent the players from falling. 

Gu Yaoyang was teaching the contestants a lesson, still in his close-fitting vest, overalls, and black half boots.

Lin Yuyan didn’t come forward so as not to disturb him. Instead, he took off his coat and stood by and waited quietly. He had seen Gu Yaoyang numerous times, but this was the first time he’d seen him acting so seriously. 

He looked really fierce. Although his face was expressionless, one look could make a player dare not speak out. Lin Yuyan had also experienced it once, but he still thought it was much gentler than this.

He thought for a while, tried to copy Gu Yaoyang’s expression, and glanced at the mirror on the wall. Before others were shocked, he made himself laugh.

The training ground was going through a one-on-one lesson. Suddenly a tall and buff-looking contestant walked up to Gu Yaoyang and challenged him. 

The player was nearly two meters wide and twice as wide as Gu Yaoyang. Without saying a word, he directly waved his fist at him.

Lin Yuyan immediately stood up from the rest area, his heart practically stuck in his throat as he watched. Fortunately, Gu Yaoyang dodged in time, kneed the man’s jaw, and kicked the player out.

“I guess he can knock this person down in a few seconds?” At this moment, someone was talking beside Lin Yuyan.

Lin Yuyan didn’t turn his head, fearing that Gu Yaoyang would get hit or make a mistake. Even if he knew that the other was good at fighting, he still clenched his hand and broke out in a cold sweat as he worriedly looked at the other.

Fortunately, that player was not Gu Yaoyang’s opponent. In just four or five seconds, he was thrown to the ground with a neat over-the-shoulder, and he couldn’t even get up.

Lin Yuyan sighed in relief once it was over. He turned his head to look at the man standing next to him when he nearly collapsed on the ground in shock. 

“Zeng- Mr. Zeng?!”

The person who talked to him was Mr. Zeng, the painter he met at the exhibition some time ago. He also glanced at Lin Yuyan before saying with a smile on his face, “What a coincidence.” 

Ten minutes later, Gu Yaoyang finished the class and went to the lounge to change clothes before walking to Lin Yuyan’s side. He waved his hands at him and said, “Hey.” Lin Yuyan abruptly grabbed Gu Yaoyang’s clothes and excitedly said, “You- Do you know who I just saw.” 

Gu Yaoyang asked, “Who is it?”

Lin Yuyan happily ran to him as he exclaimed, “It’s Mr. Zeng! He’s a famous painter, do you know that?” 

“Oh.” Gu Yaoyang said lazily, “Yes.”

“And he’s actually the boss of light3!”

“Ah.” Gu Yaoyang plugged his ears and perfunctorily said, “How amazing.”

“Yeah! I like him very much. He’s one of my favorite painters. I met him once in China before, but I forgot to ask for his signature.” Lin Yuyan stopped and pulled Gu Yaoyang’s wrist away from his ears and continued to excitedly say, “This time, I’ll definitely get it!” 

Gu Yaoyang asked, “Where’s the signature?”

Lin Yuyan took the schoolbag off of him. He grabbed something, brought it to Gu Yaoyang, and pointed at a string of big characters, “Here!” 

Gu Yaoyang took out a cigarette but didn’t light it, and asked, “Are you this happy to get the autograph?”

Lin Yuyan nodded, again and again, the corners of his mouth cracking to the back of his head.

Gu Yaoyang looked at his useless appearance, raised his eyebrows, and asked, “Then why don’t you ask him to teach you how to draw?”

“Wait, what?” Lin Yuyan’s eyes widened, and he hurriedly lifed his schoolbag back, “But, is it alright? “

“He should be free, I could ask for you.” 


Lin Yuyan asked, “Are you familiar with Mr. Zeng?”

Gu Yaoyang said, “I guess? He is more familiar with me unilaterally.”

With a foul face, Lin Yuyan raised his head and asked worriedly, “What if he doesn’t agree? He’s so famous, and it looks like he never accepted an apprentice. I want to learn from him, but I’ll probably get rejected.” 

Gu Yaoyang said, “Then hit him.”

Lin Yuyan was stunned: “This- This is not a good idea.”

Gu Yaoyang knew he was going to say that, but he didn’t admonish him. He seemed to think for a while before saying in embarrassment, “Then… You could just hit him lightly… Mr. Zeng is in his fifties. If he got hit too hard, it’ll be bad if he couldn’t recover.” 

Gu Yaoyang glanced at him. Seeing how eager he was to try, he almost laughed out loud. He poked him in the forehead and said, “B*stard.” Then he asked, “What are you doing at the club today?”

“Ah, that…” Lin Yuyan remembered his purpose for coming before being star-struck. His ears started ringing as he loosened his hold on Gu Yaoyang, he cautiously asked, “Did I really cry, make trouble and run around naked yesterday?” 

Gu Yaoyang answered, “Yes.” 

“You- do you have any evidence?” 

Gu Yaoyang said, “Of course there is.”

Lin Yuyan was horrified, “You didn’t record videos, did you!?”

Gu Yaoyang asked, “What am I? A pervert?”

Lin Yuyan boldly said, “You don’t have any evidence, so why did you say I ran around naked?”

“Hah.” Gu Yaoyang put his hands in the pockets of his coat and wanted to tease him when he saw his expression of not knowing to cry without seeing the coffin.

He curled his lips into a smirk, leaned into his ear, and whispered something.

 Lin Yuyan was stunned after hearing this, and immediately straightened his body and covered his butt. Gu Yaoyang had already walked back, but he was still stunned. He exclaimed as he hurriedly chased after him, asking with a pitiful face, “You- Could you please forget it?” 

Gu Yaoyang waved his hand and refused indifferently, “It’s too late, it’s already engraved in my mind. “

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